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 Welcome to Mario Party 4! I'm going to give you some best things on the board maps 
and tips on the minigames.

 Story Mode Settings
 First of All, you must select a character between Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, 
Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong(DK), or Waluigi. Next, select a difficulty level between 
easy, normal, or hard. There could be a super hard if you beat all three 
difficulties, but I'm not sure. Finally, choose between All or Easy minigames(don't 
worry about custom).

   The Flow
This is how Story Mode goes: 

       Choose a board between:
Goomba's Greedy Gala     Difficulty:**
Shy Guy's Jungle Jam     Difficulty:*
Toad's Midway Madness    Difficulty:*
Boo's Haunted Bash       Difficulty:**
Koopa's Seaside Soiree   Difficulty:**

You'll play the board with 3 random opponents for 15 turns with No handicap and 
Bonuses On. If you win, you challenge the guide character in a boss minigame. If you 
win, then you get a birthday present from them. 

 Board Map Guides:
Goomba's Greedy Gala:This is tough, mainly because half of the time you must rely on 
luck at a huge roulette wheel. Here are your chances of which direction you go:

                      Upper Left:18.75%(3 out of 16)
                      Upper Right:18.75%(3 out of 16)
                      Downward Left:18.75%(3 out of 16)
                      Downward Right:18.75%(3 out of 16)
                      Getting 20 coins and going your own way:25%(4 out of 16)

If you reach a Dice spot, you must roll a higher number that Goomba to get 10 coins 
or go back to start. 

If you land on a Happening Space on top of a board, use the control stick to steer 
to grab coins as you slide. 

Boss:Goomba-Goomba's Chip Flip

This minigame is based on luck- hit A twice on a chip to recieve 20, 10, 5, 3, or 
lose 5 or 10 points. The first to get 50 points wins. 

Shy Guy's Jungle Jam:Shy Guy isn't as brave to go on a real adventure, so he built 
this. Like his name, he's nervous. This isn't very easy. though. Two Shy Guy Wells 
each border 3 happening spaces. Land on one of them, and you must cast a sad or fun 
wish to the well. it could be happy or so upset that he'll flood the bridges. 
There's no telling what's what!

There's a vulture near the Item shop at the beginning of playing this board. Ask him 
for a ride for coins to grab. Use the control stick to lean left or right. For more 
info, head to, then click on Vol. 162 in Archived Editions 
for "Vulture Ride."

 A shy guy wants 15 coins for a raft ride!

Boss:Shy Guy-Archaeologess Match

Five spinning shapes will be making you dizzy (or not). Go up to one and hit A if 
you think it doesn't look like the others. If you guess right, it will go to the Shy 
Guy painting and you'll gain a point. If not, you'll be squished. First to reach 3 
points wins. 

Tip: Look at each shape carefully and quickly.

I'll need to stop soon, but let's go see some of the minigames.

4 player minigames:
Avalauche!-Use the control stick to move up or down and keep on hitting the A button 
to ski down the mountain.
Tips: Remain at the top of the path at all times. Hit all the ramps. Don't hit the 

Bom-omb Breakers:Break blocks by matching 3 of the same shapes. First to 100 points 
wins.Use the control stick to move the blocks and the A button to flip.
Tips: I have no stradegy for this one.

Booksquirm:Use the control stick to find lighted areas of the falling pages to stay 

Domination:Keep hitting A to get as many Whomps as you can for 10 seconds.

  In the next guide, I'll go over Toad's and Boo's board, along with the other 4 
player minigames and Battle minigames.

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