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         |        /\       |------- |  /     -------- |   | |-------
         |       /  \      |        | /         |     |   | |
         |      /    \     |        |/          |     |   | |
         |     /      \    |        |\          |     |---| |-----
  |      |    /--------\   |        | \         |     |   | |
  |      |   /          \  |        |  \        |     |   | |
   ------|  /            \ |------- |   \       |     |   | |-------

-----------  --------- |---------| |---------| |-------- |----------|
|         |     |      |         | |         | |         |          |
|         |     |      |         | |         | |         |          |
|         |     |      |         | |         | |         |          |
|----------     |      |-------- | |---------| |-----    |----------|
|    \          |      |           |           |         |    \
|     \         |      |           |           |         |     \
|      \        |      |           |           |         |      \
|       \    --------  |           |           |-------- |       \

Author’s Note:  I would like to thank the Adventure Company for providing me with 
the strategy to beat this complicated yet fun game.

Welcome, dear gamers.  If you are reading this guide then that means you have 
decided to take on the challenge of finding out the identity of one the most famous 
serial killers in history: Jack the Ripper.  This game will challenge your wits and 
smarts, and in the end, you’ll probably have a better understanding of who this 
mysterious killer was at least 100 years ago.  Before we start the game, I will 
familiarize you with what you’re expected to do in this game, introduce you to the 
cast, and go over the actions and a few other things.


- 1st off, you’re going into a game of cat-and-mouse with the Ripper, and he is 
smart!  It’ll be a match of wits vs. wits if you intend to catch this madman.

- Whenever you see a pushpin on your map, you know that a new area can be opened to 
you.  You must drag a document or item over that pushpin to open the area.

-  All paper clues you pick up will be stored in a blue folder that has your name 
and Jack’s name.

-  In order to progress, you must end the day some how.  It’ll be tricky, but I’ve 
got all the ways, so don’t worry.
-  Your character is a reporter, and you must investigate a lot.  Ask questions and 
check every nook and cranny in every area.

-  The year here is 1901, and you’ll have to use all old traditional reporter 
methods.  There are no e-mails, faxes, computers, etc.



JAMES “JIMMY” PALMER- Your character.  Jimmy works for the New York Today.  He has 
smarts and wits, making even a small time reporter like him a challenge for Jack.

ABIGAIL- Known as the Irish Nightingale, Abi and you become fast friends (maybe 
even more!) and is a good source of info.  If you want to hear a little music, she 
works at the Red Chapel and sings at night.

PAUL ISLAND- The entertainment writer for the NY Today, and your best friend.  
He’ll stick by you, offer you info, and do all the things a friend should.

BUR- The editor-in-chief of the NY Today; so he’s your boss!  He’s not one for 
personality, but he’ll give you an item that can stop the Ripper.

CHIEF CARTER- Chief of the Police Department.  He’s a good cop, but even he can’t 
catch the Ripper.  He’ll give you autopsy reports about the Ripper’s victims and 
gives you some info.

PATRICK- Patrick is the newsboy and a small friend to Jimmy.  He sees and hears a 
lot of things and is a good source of info for the Low Side Districts.

FAGGIANO- The Italian owner of the Red Chapel and Abigail’s boss
WILLIAM SILK- The murder scene investigator for the Daily Illustrated; he’s the 
Today’s competition.

PINKERTEN- Owner of the Pinkerten private eye agency.  His building is a good 
source of info about the Ripper.

DR. TUMBLETWO- A doctor in the Low Side shelter and hospital, who is rumored to 
construct crazy experiments.

JEFF- a deputy police officer

JASON- a hobo from the Low Sides.  He appears either at the Blue velvet or the Red 
Chapel.  He’s a bit kooky, but he does say some useful things. 

GILDA- a prostitute who works at the Blue Velvet.  She tries to seduce Jimmy each 
time they meet, but she’s a nice gal and is able to provide you with a new location 
for your map.

JACK THE RIPPER- the mysterious killer who stalked the Low Side of London in White 
Chapel.  He murdered and horribly mutilated five to six prostitutes, for reasons 
kept to him.  He disappeared in 1889; yet, for some reason, he has returned and 
came to New York to stalk its Low Side.  Who was this mysterious madman that always 
seemed to disappear into the mist?  What’s his purpose?  How was it he was never 
caught?  It’s up to you to find out!


Gold dot- nothing is available at the moment.  It you move it over someone, they 
may say a comment

Arrow- you’re able to go that direction
Back arrow- goes back the previous screen or get out of something
Conversation cursor- allows you talk to someone, usually someone important 
Eye- allows you to look at something more closely
Hand- allows you to move an item, door, or pick up something
Map- allows you to access your map, but you rarely see it
Ear- allow you to eavesdrop on someone


TALKING:  When you are talking to someone, a notepad will appear on the top left of 
the screen.  Your two main topics are MISSION and COMMUNITY.  A third subject will 
appear sometimes, and they are either ILLISTRATOR, SHELTER, or JACK.  You’ll finish 
a conversation when you’ve selected and talked over everything.

DYING:  Yes, there are some spots where you can die, but I’ll point them out so 
you’ll be safe.

BUGS:  There are a few bugs in the game, nothing that’ll harm your computer.
SWEARING:  I will occasionally swear, so don’t offended.

That should be everything, so let’s start the game!

NEW YORK, 1901

The Low Side of New York is not a stranger to crime and poverty, but even the shady 
denizens of this district are aghast when the mutilated bodies of two prostitutes 
are discovered in dark alleys

The killer is not satisfied with merely stabbing his victims repeatedly, but also 
horribly mutilates them, leaving their grisly blood-stained bodies strewn about as 
a public display of his malevolence.

These terrible crimes are reminiscent of the 1888 “White Chapel affair” where the 
infamous Jack the Ripper used similar means to murder five prostitutes in London.  
Both victims were employees of the Blue Velvet, a brothel in the Low Side.

Now James Palmer, a newspaper reporter for the New York Today, is about to find 
himself embroiled in the story of a lifetime.  But is it he who is tracking the 
Ripper, or is the Ripper stalking him?

The game opens up with a picture thing of New York, 1901.  It’ll stop for a while, 
so just click and you’ll see the Ripper about to kill one of his victims.

DAY 1:  NOVEMBER 16th, 1901


You start the game in front of your desk.  Your boss, Bur, is calling for you.  
Click when you see the arrow to stand up.  Then, make your way to Bur’s door, push 
it open, and enter.  Bur gives you a paper from the Daily Illustrated about another 
murder, saying the Ripper is here!

Burr wants you to investigate the murders so talk to him about it.  When he’s done, 
leave his office and chat with your friend, Paul, who is hunched over his desk.  
He’s more worried about the World Series than Jack.  Now, you may leave by going 
down the stairs till you see the Map icon, or you may click the right mouse button, 
to access your map.  Drag the newspaper to the pushpin so you may go the police.


Go up to the desk and speak to Jeff, the officer, and he’ll tell you to go to Chief 
Carter’s office.  Go through the double doors, and turn right till you see the door 
with “CARTER.”  Open it and talk with Chief Carter.  He thinks it crazy that Jack 
the Ripper is in New York.  After you’ve finished talking to him, take the 
preliminary report and read about the victim, Lizzie.  Also, take note that one of 
Lizzie’s fingers was missing from her hand.  Access your map; you’ll see two 
pushpins.  Drag the report to either pin; now you may visit either the crime scene 
or the Blue Velvet, where Lizzie worked.  Let’s go to the murder scene.


When you arrive, look at the ground to your right.  You’ll see a piece of paper; 
pick it up, and you’ll see it’s a picture of when the police found Lizzie.  If you 
look up, you’ll see a raven.  Climb the fire escape, and when you look at the 
raven, you’ll see flashes of images that hurt you (no, you won’t die).  When the 
raven leaves, you’ll see another piece of paper.  Pick it up and it’s another 
picture, this time of the murderer leaving the scene.  It’s kind of odd that these 
pictures were left.  Oh well, go to the Blue Velvet.


There is a lot to explore in this place, but for right now, walk up to the door of 
the building and knock.  A man will bluntly say they’re closed.  Knock again, and 
the guy will think you’re the police and let you in.

The man is a giant, so quit gawking and walk up to the counter with a woman.  After 
you explain yourself and talk to her, she’ll say she knew Lizzie, but has nothing 
good to say about her.  She also says to talk to her friend at the Red Chapel.  
Turn left and you’ll see a counter.  Take the Red Chapel flyer; access your map and 
drag the flyer to the new pin.  Go to the Chapel.


When you come into the Chapel, you’ll immediately be accosted by Jason, a hobo.  He 
says he knew Lizzie, and he tells you of an illustrator, which opens up a new 
subject for your notepad: ILLUSTRATOR.  When Jason leaves, go up to the Red 
Chapel.  The front doors are locked till tonight, but if you go into the alley near 
the building, you’ll come across a door.  Go up and ring the bell, and you’ll be 

You’re greeted by Faggiano, the owner.  Lizzie’s friend is the singer, Abigail, and 
he’ll let you talk to her, but she’s sensitive.  Go straight ahead to find Abi at 
her make-up desk.  Talk to her.  She says she saw Lizzie just minutes before she 
was murdered and she carried a hat box; just like in one of the illustrations you 
picked up!  She also says she’ll try to find out about the illustrator.  You’re 
done here, so leave for the New York Today.


Speak with Paul, and he’ll say he’ll ask Patrick, the newsboy, about the 
Illustrator.  Paul’s a little upset cuz he lost his ticket to the World Series.  Go 
over to your typewriter and click it so you can type your first daily article.

Night falls, but there’s still work to be done, so go to the Blue Velvet first.


Before you go in, look at the guy in the ticket booth.  You can eavesdrop on him.  
It seems a bookmaker and a ticket scalper.  Knock on the door, and the giant will 
let you in.

Go left past the main desk that leads in to the parlor.  Climb up the staircase to 
the second floor.  Talk to the girl there, who’s a prostitute by the name of 
Gilda.  She tries to seduce Jimmy, but after you talk with her, she’ll be scared 
that Jack might come after her.  Access your map and go to the Red Chapel.


The front doors are open this time and go through them.  Ignore everyone there and 
go up to a small booth near a small curtain.  Go through the curtain and you’ll see 
Abigail about to go on stage.  Talk to her; she’ll tell you meet with her after the 
show.  Faggiano then comes and prevents you from seeing the show.  He’ll say you 
can talk to Abi again, if, and only if, the Today will write an ad about the Red 
Chapel.  Exit, and walk the streets.  If you look up at the sky, you’ll see the 
moon getting a little full and the day will end.

DAY 2:  NOVEMBER 17th, 1901


Speak with Paul; he’s still upset about losing his ticket.  Ask him about writing 
the ad for the Red Chapel.  He’s a little reluctant, but Jimmy says if he does, 
he’ll get a Paul another World Series ticket.  Paul also says Patrick left a copy 
of the Daily about the first murder.  Go to your desk and pick it up.  Access your 
map and drag it over to the new pin so you can access the crime scene.


When you arrive, walk north and turn around to a pump.  There’s another raven, and 
you get more flashing images.  Go to the police station.


Talk with Chief Carter, and he’ll give you a copy of the autopsy report on the 
murders.  Now go to the Blue Velvet.


The lone person outside is Patrick, the newsboy.  Talk to him; Palmer will thank 
him for the paper and ask about the ticket guy last night.  His name is Patson; 
follow the alley behind Pat.  At the end of the alley, turn left and go down the 
stairs to the door with a 36.  Knock, but there’ll be no response.  Take the iron 
bar near by and use it.  It’ll do no good, and Patrick will come and give you the 
secret knock.  Jimmy will use it and Patson will answer.  
Ask him about the World Series tickets, and go down the stairs.  There’s a one-arm 
bandit machine.  Go into the other room and wait till you hear Patson’s footsteps.  
Go over to the bar, where he’s at, and he’ll say he wants $12 for the ticket, and 
you have only $4.  Go over to the one-arm bandit, save your game, and play the 
machine till you get $12 or more.  Once you have the money, Patson will leave the 
ticket on the counter.  Pick it up and go back to the Today.


Give the ticket to Paul, and he’ll give you his business card.  Take it off his 
desk and go to the Red Chapel.


Ring the door to the back door and give Faggiano the card.  Abi is on the stage 
memorizing her next song.  Talk with her; she’s nervous about Paul coming, but she 
mentions the illustrator’s name is Silk.  Head back to work.


Speak with Bur in his office and ask him to set up a meeting with Silk.  He’s a 
little unsure, but since it’ll help Jimmy and the Today, he’ll do it.  Go over to 
your typewriter and type your article and bring night.  Look at on Bur’s door, and 
you’ll see he left a note saying Silk will meet with James tomorrow.  Go to the Red 


You’ll meet Jason the hobo again, and he mentions something about a dragon.  Turn 
around and you’ll see a brightly lit building.

If you want to, go inside the Chapel.  Paul is in the booth hear the stage curtain 
and says Abigail is fantastic.  Relax and listen to Abi’s song, “Three Ravens.”

Head to the Blue Velvet.


You’ll notice, on the wooden doors, that a man is putting up something.  You can’t 
see it, so go inside the Velvet.  Go to the main desk; just as you leave, the 
Chinese gentleman will come in.  Go outside and go see what he put up.  It’s an ad 
for a laundry boy or girl.  Off to the Red Chapel.


Instead of going into the Chapel, go to the building that is lit.  It’s the Chinese 
laundry; go through the alley and you’ll find a door to the back entrance of the 
shop.  There are two curtains to your left and right.  Look at the left, and open 
it to find two knobs with Chinese symbols.  Turn the one on the left four times 
till you reach a dragon.  Turn the other knob seven times to reach the bull, cuz 
this year’s the bull in China.  You’ll hear a click and you can go in.

The employee doesn’t like you being here, so he knocks you out, ending the day 
rather badly.

DAY 3:  NOVEMBER 18th, 1901

Your head is throbbing, but you still make it to work on time.  Go over to Bur’s 
door and knock.  You can eavesdrop and hear Bur and Silk talking.  Bur then opens 
the door and lets you in.  Talk to Bill Silk; he seems a little reluctant about 
some personal info, but he does mention that he totally believes that this is all 
the work of Jack the Ripper.  Paul then calls out that you have a package.

Go over to your desk and open the package.  There is a little item wrapped up and 
there’s a letter.  Open the letter; it’s from Jack the Ripper himself!  He says you 
have caught his interest and he’s giving you a present.  Open the small package, 
and it turns out to be a finger from one of the Ripper’s victims!  You pass out 

DAY 4:  NOVEMBER 19th, 1901


Speak to Bur.  He typed your article for you and says Paul left a note.  Read the 
note on your desk.  Paul wishes you good health and says he’s interviewing Abigail; 
he also suggests you go talk to the police.  Go to the Police Station first.


Speak to Jeff, who says Carter is in his office, through the doors and the first 
door to your right.  Carter says the finger was Lizzie’s and that they’ve arrested 
the Chinese gang, thinking they’re the murderers.  Something isn’t right… go the 
Red Chapel.


Go through the back entrance, ring the bell, and go through the small curtain.  Abi 
and Paul are talking.   Talk to them; Abi says that the Chinese are good people and 
couldn’t have done this.  Paul also agrees with you that the police closed this 
case too quickly, and suggests you hire a private eye.  Take the card on top of his 
paper; access your map, drag the card to the new pin, and go to your new area: The 
Pinkerten Private Eye Agency.


Look at the small sign.  There is a buzzer bellow the eye.  Ring it; Mr. Pinkerten 
himself will greet you.  He is well aware of the case and the London case with 
Jack.  He says you’re free to use the file room to learn more and says you may ask 
any of the specialists for help.

Go to the small service window and ring for the forensic (evidence) expert.  Go 
into your blue notebook and take the autopsy report you got from Chief Carter.  
Give it to the expert and he’ll give you the results tomorrow.

Enter the file room.  There are several books with years in front of you.  Open the 
1888 book and pull up and read about Jack in London.  Put it away and go over to 
the desk with a locked cabinet.  Next to the cabinet is a bookcase.  Open up the 
book about the White Chapel affair.  The last person to loan the book was an Agent 

Across from the bookcase is a luminous board.  This board can be used to compare 
things.  Take out your letter from the Ripper from your notebook and put it on the 
board.  Exit and look in the file cabinet to the right of the board.  Open the “F” 
shelf and look in Freeman’s file.  You’ll find a criminal index card with the 
London Ripper’s victims and a letter from the London Ripper.

Put the new Ripper letter on the luminous board.  You’ll start with the first page 
of it.  Move the letter until the “Dear” greetings on the letters match.  You’ll 
then get the second half of the London letter.  Match the signatures up.  Your 
hunch was right; the London Ripper is indeed the New York Ripper!  Go back to work.


Go to your desk and type your daily chronicle to bring night.  Go to the Red Chapel.


Jason greets you and asks for some change.  Give him some and he’ll let you in on a 
shelter and hospital that has a strange doctor who everyone calls “Dr. 
Frankenstein.”  A new subject for discussion comes up: SHELTER.  Today is Abi’s day 
off, so go to the Blue Velvet.


Go past the main desk and up the stairs.  Gilda is there, and she says she too had 
heard strange rumors about the shelter.  End your day by looking up at the night 

DAY 5:  NOVENMBER 20th, 1901


Stop in Bur’s office.  He’s a little uneasy about you hiring the Pinkerten, but he 
understands that it was for business.  Go to Pinkerten’s now.


Ring the buzzer at the front, and then ring for the Forensic Expert.  Your results 
are in and he gives them to you, saying that Jack is an expert.  Indeed, the 
similarities to the London Ripper murders are amazing.  According the report, the 
killer processes:

Great physical strength
Dexterity with knives
Efficient modus operandi (he knows where to cut)
Intimate anatomical knowledge

We need some more info, so go to the Red Chapel.


Patrick is there and he says you should find Jason.  Go to the Blue Velvet.


Jason and his friend, George, are sitting outside Patson’s booth.  After a bit of 
weird convo, George will tell you that “Dr. Frankenstein’s” real name is Tumbletwo, 
and he gives you the address of the hospital on a card.  Drag the card to a new pin 
and go to the hospital.


Go through the doors to right of the desk.  The doc’s office is inaccessible right 
now, so go to your left to find the cleaning lady.  She says Tumbletwo is not due 
back till tomorrow night.  Next to you is a staircase leading down to the basement, 
so go down.  Turn around and you’ll find a locked cabinet.  Go down the corridors 
till you can go no farther and you’ll find a locked wooden door leading to the 
mortuary.  Oh well, back to work.


Chat with Paul and type your article and night will fall.  Go to the hospital.


The night guard is asleep so go through the doors again.  Go to Tumbletwo’s 
corridor and take the metal grip on the tray.  Go down to the basement, and use to 
the metal grip to unlock the cabinet.  Take these two keys: Tumbletwo’s and the 
mortuary.  Go down the all and use the mortuary key on the locked door.

Just as you open the door, a man will rush past you, almost knocking you over!  
Jimmy will give chase and you’ll get trapped in a slaughter house.


You are locked in here, and if you don’t escape soon, you’ll die!  Before you move, 
save the game, and look to your left.  You’ll see knives and saws.  Walk slightly 
right and you’ll find a table used to cut meat.  There is another door with 55 lbs. 
weight, which you should take note of, and a scale next to the door.  Save your 

Pull the small lever next to door and it’ll open, but it will slowly close, so have 
to act fast (there’s a little bar that show’s you how much time you have)!  There 
is a door on the other side to the room but it’s locked.  Like the other door, you 
need something that weighs 55 lbs. so you can pull the little lever to open the 
door to freedom.  You may take the carcass close to your left, but if you feel like 
a pro gamer, go all the way down to the locked door and the carcass on your right.  
Carry the carcass out of the room and lay it on that table you saw.  

Go over to the knives and saws and pick up a saw.  Cut the carcass and pick up the 
right half of the carcass.  Quickly put the carcass on the scale; if the little 
lever goes over past halfway, it weighs 55lbs.  Take the carcass; if the door is 
half to three quarters closed, you can duck under it.  Go over to the locked door 
and hang the carcass on the hook near the door.  Pull the small lever, and the door 
will open to freedom, and ending the day.

DAY 6:  NOVEMBER 21st, 1901


Paul is in the lobby setting up a camera, so tell him everything that happened.  
Tumbletwo’s not due back till tonight, so now would be a good time to check out his 


Go through the doors and take the right corridor to Dr. Tumbletwo’s office.  Use 
the key in your inventory to enter.

Search his desk and look at the ink bottle.  Open the bottle to find a key, and 
take it.  Open the drawer on the left side with the key.  Inside is a thesis by 
Tumbletwo on xenotransplantation - transplantation between two different species, 
even humans.  No wonder he’s called Dr. Frankenstein!  Put the drawer key back in 
the ink bottle and look near the wall on the left.  There’s a light colored and 
uneven spot.  You can open it to reveal a secret, but locked, panel!  Leave the 
office and go to Pinkerten.


In the file room is the new archivist, Ms. Robinson.  Tell her about the case, and 
she’ll give you the key to the criminal record files next to you.  Open the cabinet 
and pull out the “T” drawer.  It seems Tumbletwo was barred for illegal use of 
medicine and disrespect of the Hippocratic Oath.

Is it possible that Dr. Tumbletwo is Jack the Ripper?  There must be something he’s 
hiding in that secret room of his!  It might hold the evidence you need.  But we 
need a skeleton key to open that lock.  Go to the Blue Velvet.


Speak to Patrick.  He says Patson can give you the key you need, so go over to 
Patson’s.  He’s down at the bar, and he’ll give you the key you need and expects a 
certain payment when you return it.  Better tell Abigail about what you’re doing.


Ring the bell to the back and Abi will answer.  She’s worried for you and gives you 
a hand pistol!  Well, “be prepared,” I always say.  Go back to work.


Talk to Paul; he kind of agrees that Tumbletwo could indeed be Jack.  Type your 
article and go to the hospital.


The night watchman is not there, so go to Tumbletwo’s office via his key you still 
have.  Go over to the secret panel and use Patson’s key to open it and go inside 
the secret room.

It is pitch black inside, and Jimmy refuses to go until you get some lighting.  
Look down and you’ll see a lantern.  Pick up and it’ll turn on so you can 
investigate.  Go down the staircase; you may either go the left or right, but you 
must investigate the WHOLE room.  On the right, you’ll find a dead body.  Listen 
carefully and you’ll hear Tumbletwo’s voice through the drawers.  Open the center 
and you’ll see Tumbletwo talking to several men.

Just when it seems the jig is up (as I like to put it), the doctor will get a phone 
call.  It’s Chief Carter; there’s been another Ripper victim!  Guess the search 
will have to go on.

DAY 7:  NOVEMEMBER 22nd, 1901


Stop in Bur’s office and get updated on the Ripper case and take the newspaper from 
Paul’s desk.  Read it and continue the search!


Ring the bell to the back and you’ll find Abigail on the stage.  Talk to her, give 
her the pistol, and talk again.  After that, head to the police station.


Speak to Jeff and go to Carter’s office.  Carter believes your theory that Jack the 
Ripper is in New York, but for reasons unknown.  Take the preliminary report he 
gives you and drag it over your new pushpin.  But first, we must go to the Blue 


Patrick is here and he gives you a letter:  



Jack knows you’re getting close to solving who he is.  Let’s go to the crime scene 


Explore the area.  You’ll find another illustration by Silk - it’s strange how he 
sketches the murder right when it’s happening.  Go back to the Today.


Chat with Paul and write your daily article.


The night watchman is finally awake.  He can’t answer any of Jimmy’s questions 
until he can find Tumbletwo’s key.  Jimmy has it and offers to “find” it and get it 
to Tumbletwo.  The guy says he’ll tell you who locked you in the slaughter house.


Abigail is performing again, so stop and listen if you want.  Faggiano is in the 
booth area and says Tumbletwo was here with a large gentleman.  It must be the 
giant from the Blue Velvet.


Stop by Patson’s booth, and he’ll say he needs the key back.  Enter the building 
and the giant says Dr. Tumbletwo is here.  He’s in the parlor giving Gilda a check-
up.  Give him his key back.


The night clerk graciously thanks you and gives you your info.  The man was an 
artist named Silk or Silkner.  Take a walk either at the Red Chapel or Blue Velvet 
to end you day.

DAY 8:  NOVEMBER 23rd, 1901


Talk to Paul; he’s gotten a Moulin Rouge poster and got an extra one for you.  Pick 
it up from your desk; maybe Patson will like this.


Ring the bell, Abigail’s on the stage.  Talk with her; she’s gotten an audition for 
a Broadway show thanks to Jimmy and Paul!  She also says some of her female friends 
posed for Silk.


Speak to Ms. Robinson and she suggests you use the teletype to send a telegram to 
send to the offices across the sea about Silkner.  The teletype is located on the 
desk to the left of the forensic expert’s door.  Click on the teletype to begin 
typing.  To the right is a paper with the codes on what to type.

First, click on the paper in the teletype to insert it into the machine.  You must 
first direct to where you’re sending the telegram to.  The numbers for London are 
3912.  When you finish typing a number, you must press the arrow pointing right.  
The buttons for each letter are:

3      9       1       2
..--   ----.   .----   ..--

When you press the arrow after the 2, pull the lever on the right.  The paper 
should come up with the numbers.  Now you must type your subject.  The combinations 
for SILKNER are:

S     I    L    K   N   E   R
…   ..   .-..  -.-   -.   .     .-.

Pull the lever again, and Silkner’s name should come up on the paper.  Exit the 
view and go to the Blue Velvet.


Talk to Patrick; Patson’s waiting for his key.  Go to Patson’s and give him the 
Moulin Rouge poster first, and give him the key then, calling the deal even.


Type your daily chronicle and go on out.


After you speak to Jason, go into the Velvet and find Gilda in her usual spot.  She 
says her friend, Red Sally, once posed for Silkner, so she’ll leave Red Sally’s 
location with Patrick.  If you wish, you can go to the Red Chapel and listen to Abi 
and then end your day with a walk.

DAY 9:  NOVEMBER 24th, 1901


Not much to do here, so let’s see about our telegram.


On Ms. Robinson’s desk is your answer about Silkner:


Could Silkner really be the murderer?


Patrick is out in the front and says Red Sally is waiting in the alley behind the 
Chinese laundry.  Go there, and she’ll be there expecting you.  She did pose for 
Silkner and gives you his address.  Go to his workshop.


Go left to the alley and go up the fire escape and peek into Silkner’s workshop, 
he’s not home; that’s good.  Climb down and go up the stairs and take the first 
door on the left.  Move the door knocker aside and you’ll find a key.  Use it to 
enter the place.

Take a minute to explore.  Look down and you’ll see a bucket with a red substance 
in it.  You need something to scoop some out.  Go behind the curtain and you’ll see 
a bloody mannequin.  Up on a case of paints is little bottle; perfect for scooping 
up whatever that substance.  Step up on the stool - oh no, a man is coming!  He 
opens the door calling for his master, but leaves when there’s no answer.  Calm 
yourself, damn it!  Pick up the bottle and fill it with that fluid.  Now leave and 
put the key under the knocker.  Go to Pinkerten’s.


Ring for the forensic expert and give him the bottle of red fluid.


Update Paul and type your article.


Go up the fire escape and you’ll see that Silkner’s home.  Go up the stair case to 
his place.  You won’t get far cuz that man you saw will enter his place - there’s 
been another Ripper victim!  So Silkner can’t be Jack.  Wait a few seconds and soon 
you’ll see the notebook icon on the top right of the screen will light up, allowing 
you to visit the new crime scene.


Silk, Jeff, and Carter are there with a body covered up.  Look up above Jeff and 
you’ll see another raven that gives you images.  Silk expresses his surprise of you 
being here, as does Carter.  When Jimmy asks who the victim was, Jeff pulls the 
cover down revealing – Red Sally!  Carter demands to see you at the station 
tomorrow, and the day will end.

DAY 10:  NOVEMBER 25th, 1901


Talk with Bur (a new subject is open: JACK).  The sales for the Today have been 
good, but he’s concerned about you seeing Carter.


Jeff says Carter is busy and will see you later.


Ring for the forensic expert.  The blood is cow blood from a slaughter house.


Take the newspaper from Paul’s desk about Red Sally’s death.  Paul and Abigail are 
at your desk.  Jack the Ripper has sent you another letter:



There’s gotta be some way to stop Jack from killing another person.  There is a 
calendar and James says they should look at it to compare Jack’s London killings to 
his New York killings.  Pick up the calendar; there’s a purple pencil used to mark 
the London killings and a blue pencil for the New York killings.  With the purple 
pencil, mark these days for the London murders:

August 31st
September 8th
September 30th
November 9th

Now use the blue pencil and mark down the New York killings:

October 31st
November 15th
November 21st
November 24th

There’s no connection at all… or is there?  Jack’s letter mentioned season’s 
greetings and Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  Pick up the blue pencil again and circle 
Thanksgiving – that’s it!  Jack the Ripper plans to kill on Thanksgiving!

After you discover this, Jeff calls your phone.  Pick it up, and he says Chief 
Carter’s ready for you.


Jeff says for you to wait a few minutes.  Silkner’s here as well, so talk to him.  
Carter believes he is Jack the Ripper, but both he and Jimmy know he’s innocent.  
Silkner’s impressed that James found out when Jack’s gonna strike again, and 
mentions Jack usually killed his victims around a pub.

Go over to Jeff, who says Carter’s ready for you.  Go to his office and talk to 
him.  He doesn’t believe you about the Ripper, and tells you not to snoop around 
again.  You’re going to have to be extra careful.


Ask Ms. Robinson about how to find a pub, and she gives you the phone book.  Open 
it and turn to the Low Side Districts.  Look at the map on the left.  Use the pins 
to put them on pubs.  If you’re unsure where to put them, wait till the pin 
slightly changes color.  The streets the pins should go on are:

Beckman St.
Ann St.
Pine St.
Dover St.
Exchange St.
John St.
Front St.
Old Slip St.
Pearl St.
Kingston St.

Silkner was right – the murders did occur near a pub!


Type your chronicle.


Stop by to see Gilda.  She’s extremely upset about Red Sally’s death.


Listen to Abigail and then talk to Faggiano, who’s minding the bar.  There’s 
nothing new so look through the streets till you run into Jason.  He’s not much 
help, so walk and look in the sky till the day ends.

DAY 11:  NOVEMBER 26th, 1901  


Jack the Ripper is going to strike tonight and you still need a plan to stop him.  
Talk to Paul and leave.


Ring the bell.  Abigail is looking through her wardrobe and insists you take her 
pistol again, so take it from the stool near her clothes.


You’ll see Silkner’s servant, Harvey, mourning over Red Sally.  He can’t hear you 
right away because of the damn EL train.  The EL train?  Hmm…


Talk with Ms. Robinson, and she’ll give you the key for the maps of the Low Side, 
which are under the luminous board.  Use the key and take all four maps.  On the 
luminous board, put the main Low Side map on first, and then compare the maps.  The 
sewage and electrical maps aren’t much help, but the train map is!  Now you know 
where Jack will strike next, and the area is open to you now, so head there!


Explore this area thoroughly.  You’ll see a prostitute looking for someone.  She is 
definitely the next victim.  There is a two story observation tower that allows you 
to look around.  If you look across, you’ll see and open door, so take note of that 

Stay around and you can watch that prostitute and a guy hit it off, or you can get 
closer if you want… excuse me!  If you wait for the EL train, it’ll make a loud 
sound… that’s it!  When Jack gets a hold of his victim, he waits for the EL train 
to pass so it’ll drown out the screams!


Jeff refuses to let you see the chief and doesn’t believe you about Jack.  He 
suggests that if the Ripper does strike, that Jimmy should get a picture.  Hmmm, 
that’s not a bad idea…


Talk to Paul, and he’ll suggest you ask Bur for the company camera.  Ask Bur; he’s 
hesitant, but when you mention about getting Jack’s picture, he almost shoves the 
camera into your hands.  Pick the camera up from the box and go into the lobby.

Let’s set it up so you know how to take Jack’s picture.  The order goes:

Flash support
Magnesium powder

Once you feel comfortable, type your daily chronicle.  This is it: tonight, Jack 
the Ripper will be stopped!


Climb to the second floor of the observation tower and set up the first three 
pieces of the camera.  Look inside and aim your viewer at the door near the sign.  
That’s where Jack and the prostitute will be.  Exit out; you’ll have to reset when 
you take the picture but don’t worry.  SAVE YOUR GAME!  It’s time…

Set up the flash support and powder and look in again.  If you look at the entrance 
to the building, you’ll see that same prostitute you saw earlier today walk through 
the building and following her is… JACK THE RIPPER HIMSELF!  Quickly aim your 
camera at the prostitute.  Jack will come up to her and they’ll struggle.  You have 
all the time you need to focus in on them, but be sure to snap your picture before 
the EL train comes.  If it does, and girl will die and you lose the game if you go 
up to her body and pick up Jack’s knife.  The flasher is on the far right corner of 
the darkroom.  When you think you have your shot, snap it!  The flash will scare 
the Ripper away, and you have your photo!

Quickly go to where the prostitute is.  Her name’s Fausta and you’ll offer to 
escort her to the Blue Velvet.  You’ll look into the sky and you’ll be at your 
office, writing a new article.  Well done, hero!

DAY 12:  NOVEMBER 27th, 1901


In the lobby, Bur and Paul admire your article.  They’re even more thrilled about 
your photo and want you to develop it.


Mr. Pinkerten will greet you at the desk on the left.  Give him the plate and he’ll 
develop the picture.  Go to the Red Chapel and talk to Patrick.  Then head back and 
the photo should be finished.  Take it from the counter.


Give the photo to Bur.  He’s ecstatic, saying the picture is perfect for the 
paper.  He also says that Paul went to set up a party at the Red Chapel.  Type your 
article.  Let’s celebrate!


Go to the booth seats and into the curtain backstage.  Faggiano thought Abigail was 
with you!  Go to her dressing room and you’ll see a note on her desk.  It’s lyrics 
to the “Three Ravens” song, and it’s signed… JACK THE RIPPER!  Faggiano will pick 
up the note and inform everyone to look for her.  You have to find her too!  As 
soon as everyone leaves, head out the door; you must find Abi before Jack does!


Visit all your locations, the Velvet (talk to the giant), the hospital (talk to the 
watchman), the NY Today Office (talk to Paul), and the police station (talk to 
Jeff).  Then, visit all the crime scenes, but save November 15th for last.


Abi is waiting in the alley.  She thought you wanted her to meet you here, and she 
has a brown box.  Open it, inside is a note:



There’s also a chess piece – checkmate!  You’ll have more images, and the very last 
one is Jack the Ripper with his top hat and his face hidden in shadows…

When you come to, you’ll hear a scream in the alley.  Run into it.  Lying in a pool 
of blood is another Ripper victim, and as you turn to go to Abigail, a man rushes 
past you, glancing at you.  IT’S JACK THE RIPPER!  Follow him!

You come to the docks, but Jack has escaped onto a boat, hopefully leaving New York 
forever.  Your only sign of Jack is a raven that swoops towards you and flies into 
the night…


Well, a year later, Abi’s dream came true and she’s on Broadway.  Someone reads a 
newspaper, and there’s a picture of Jimmy giving her flowers.  

The reader, a man with gloved hands and a top hat says to himself, “Never more…” 
and he laughs maniacally.  Jack the Ripper is not done yet…



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