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Welcome to the Jade Cocoon Story of the Tamamayu FAQ please note that this is 
my first FAQ and if there are any problams please let me know and i will fix 
 Levant(or whatever you named him) is forced by tradition to be a cocooc 
master like his father riketz he uses his fathers flute to capture minions and 
control them to fight for 
Mahbu where would you be without your wife without her you wouldnt be able to 
purify your cocoons to fight for you she must go through a painful ordeal the 
cursed brandings are the side effects for purifying your 
Phio your mother she has sworn not to do another purification without your 
father by her sideshe has waited for him to return ever since levant was a     
Riketz your father he left when you were a boy mahbu dislikes him to the fact 
he left your mother                                                            
Kelmar he is jealous of you because he loves mahbu but he can never marry her 
because he is destined to be a 
Garai a high priestess in Syrus you will learn more about her later in the 
Grotta chieftan of your village hes just there to annoy you with his ugly 
Jibara an annoying old woman that hates garai and she states that very clearly 
Koris the blue cocoon master that lives in the forest and teaches you and 
gives you your very first minion                                               
Ni a nagi man who gives you advice later in the game                           
The two nagi twin maidens one will sell you supplies the other purifies 
cocoons for you                                                                
The Chosen One of Darkness you will see who he is and you must fight him Cause 
you are the chosen one of light                                                
Beetle Forest                                                                  
Alright here the real walk through of the forests walk forward after you talk 
to koris then make a left to fight kill or capture a wasp like creature 
shortly after you will fight another paitalchu i suggest killing this one 
unless you killed the other then capture this one go forward and fight the 
first humanoid creature youve seen and capture him then continue forward to 
master koris' cottage                                                          
Boss Battle                                                                    
Dont worry about the boss its lui in disguise(who does he think hes fooling) 
use your minion to beat him so it can level up 1to2 levels he will point you 
to master Koris' cottage but go inside the hut lui was in and you will find a 
really coll weapon called an Aquazor then head towards the cottage BEWARE of 
the dog-like creatures they are pretty strong unless your minion is level 3 or 
higher i dont reccomend fighting this monster....yet 
HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOORRRRAAAAYYYY you made to master koris' cottage after a brief 
cutscene you will end up back in garais home                                   
To Be Continued......

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