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Here are the only moves that I know Jirachi can learn:

Lv.5: Rest, Wish, Psychic (Psychic, Normal, and Psychic, respectively)
Lv.10: Swift (Normal)
Lv.15: Refresh** (Normal)
Lv.20: Cosmic Power** (Psychic)
Lv.50:Doom Desire** (Steel)

*I don't know that attack yet. **Came from others' information.
I'll report more moves later when I know them.
P.S. Did you notice that Jirachi learns a move every 5 Lvs.?

Ability: Serene Grace: Doubles the chance that a move's added affect works.
Example: W/O: Psychic: 10% chance of lowering Sp. Def.
With: Psychic: 20% chance of lowering Sp. Def.

Nature: Any at random. Types: Steel/Psychic. Met: Lv.5 Fateful Encounter 

I think that Jirachi learns Double-Edge at Lv.30. If not, then it's most likely at 

I'll update this memo when I have more infomation.

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