Journey Through the Gold Plains - Guide for Breath of Fire 4

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        Once you enter the Plains, confusion could possibly begin to set in.  "Where 
do I go?...North, or maybe South?"  I had the same problem too.  Follow these few 
steps and you'll find your way in no time.  
        ****You'll find that the Nut Mage and a few other friends are waiting for 
you in the Gold Plains.  They can be a real pain, but just zap 'em with a spell like 
Burn or Eddy and your pest problems will be eliminated.
        Enter the Plains and begin you journey by moving forward.  Notice the 
compass needle turned so that you are facing east.  continue heading east until you 
reach a large rock.  
        *****Note that if you see birds, you are going the correct way.  There are a 
lot of birds near Tarhn's camp
        Once you reach the major outcropping of rocks, stop and face northeast.  
Continue on this path.  As you get closer, you'll see as I said before many birds.  
Keep following and in the distance you'll see the small thin billows of smoke from 
her camp fire.   You've made it!
        As soon as you make it to the camp, Tarhn welcomes you and you talk for a 
while.  After talking, she tells you to go visit a smith who lives in Mt. Glom so a 
copy of the king's sword can be made.  But the problem with that is you have to go 
back to Worent to find out how to get there.  Go to Worent and talk with the 

        First head east, then turn to the south when you reach the large stone.  
You'll see a mountain w/ a plume of smoke coming out of it.  Notice that when you 
enter the Plains, you no longer have your trusty Whelk.  But you'll reach your 
destination with out any trouble.  

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