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                    Mortal Combat V Deadly Alliance

The Story

With the aid of the thunder god known as Raiden, Earthrealm's mightiest heros have
repelled all invasions from other-worldly forces through a tournament known as 
Mortal Kombat. Although there has been relative peace for many years, a new theat of 
has two faces. In an attempt to seize control of the realms, the sorcerers Shang 
Tsung and Quan Chi have joined forces and are prepared to revive the lost army 
of te mythological Dragon King. Should they succeed, they will be unstoppable. Once 
again, Earthrealm's heros must venture to Outworld and kombat the forces of evil. 
They must act now. They must stop this Deadly Alliance.

The Fighters

Blinded by Shang Tsung's trickery, Kenshi vows to slay the sorcerer and redeem 
himself in the eyes of his ancestors.

Bo` Rai Cho
Master Bo becomes a teacher once more and trains warriors to kombat Quan Chi and 
Shang Tsung.

The ninja cyborg, Cyrax, is stranded in Outworld after an attack from a lizard 
creature destroyed his link to Earthrealm. Nitara has offered to return him to 
Earthrealm... In exchange for his assistance. ( Ooze oil)

The Netherealm Oni, Drahmin, Has aided Quan Chi in his escape from the Netherrealm.

Newly recruited to the Lin Kuel clan, Frost aids Sub-Zero in his fight with the 
Deadly Alliance.

Hsu Hao
A slave to duty, the Red Dragon clan member, Hsu Hao, has destoryed the Special 
Forces' ability to traverse into Outworld.

Special Forces Agent Jackson Briggs searches for the one responsible for the 
destruction of the Outerworld Investigation Agency.

Johnny Cage
Dissatisfied with his current movie project, Johnny Cage leaves the set to join 
Raiden in a fight to save Earthrealm.

The mercenary, Kano, has remained in Outworld acting as Shao Kahn's general for many 
years. But now he must decide where his loyalties will reside...with the weakened 
Shao Kahn, or with the newly formed Deadly Alliance.

Princess Kitana leads a preemptive attack on Shao Kahn's forces.

Kung Lao
The Shaolin Monk, Kung Loa, travels to Outworld to learn from an old martial arts 

Li Mei
A native of Outworld, Li Mei has entered the Deadly Alliance tournament to win back 
the freedom of her people.

The Red Dragon leader, Mavado, has been offered a chance to fight Kano in return for 
his assistance in killing a spy in Outworld.

The vampire Nitara searches for the artifart that will separate her realm from 

Quan Chi
Free from the Netherealm, the sorcerer Quan Chi has discovered an ancient army and 
has allied with Shang Tsung in an attempt to revive it.

The heroic Thunder God!

In search of a master, the ever-changing Reptile now serves Nitara.
(Ooze green blood)

Shang Tsung
Desiring eternal life, Shang Tsung has struck a deal with the sorcerer Quan Chi to 
consume limitless souls through a portal to The Heavens.

Sonya Blade
Special Forces Agent Sonya Blade will rescue her men from Outworld at any cost.

Sub-Zero has become the Grand Master of the newly reformed Lin Kuei clan.

Moloch(end boss)
The Oni, Moloch, has ventured from his homerealm into Outworld through a portal 
opened by Quan Chi. His lust  for mortal flesh will soon be awakened.

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