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TOC- Table Of Contents

             1. Main Plot
             2. Characters
             3. Weapons and Gadgets
             4. Bond- James Bond
             5. FAQ
             6. Walkthrough

            Main Plot

             A man that runs Indenticon Industries, Nigel Bloch, plans to take over 
the world by sending out superclones and take over everyones' lives. The Q-Branch 
breifcase has been stolen by Bloch's men. Bloch has many on his side to help him. 
There is Adrian Malprave, in charge of Malprave Industries and a secret lab called 
Posiedon. Also, he is acompanied by Carla the Jackal. 

             So, you are James Bond set out to beat Bloch and his men--- or women. 
First, you need to retrieve the set of filesnin the breifcase. Then go after Bloch- 
and kill him. Malprave, and the Jackal.

         Remember- you are liscensed to kill. 

        James Bond- The British government spy that has saved the world from 
criminals many times. Bond is experienced with vehicles, weapons, mechinery, and 

       Nigel Bloch- The CEO of Indenticon. He is a shrewd business man, and a 
brilliant engineer. He has resently been released from Whitemoor Prison, and come to 
the attention of Adrian Malprave.

       Adrian Malprave- Twenty-Five years before the recent time, Malprave created 
Malprave Industries, and joined now with Carla the Jackal. She is determined to 
defeat Bond, no matter what the cost.

       Carla the Jackal- A Jackal that if you encounter her, you won't encounter 
anything again. Malprave and Carla are in this scheme with Bloch together. The 
Jackal has been seen in many places, known to escape them all if captured by a 
soldier or marine.

       Q- The man that works at MI6 who provides all your gadgets, weapons, 
vehicles, etc.
       Zoe Nightshade- A CIA undercover agent who works for MI6. A world-class 
driver and a skilled technician. She is to help you defeat Malprave and Bloch.

       M- M informs you of any dangerous or intelligent information and keeps you 
updated on the enemies and villians.

      R- R provides you with the gadgets and helps make them. Keeps you up-to-date 
on some things, so he is like an M and a Q too.

      Moneypenny- The girl at MI6 who helps you with gadgets on your adventures.



          James Bond has many weapons. All include guns, grenades, launchers, 
vehicle shooters, etc. The basic guns are:

        P2K- A standard gun that fire at rapid speeds. Bond frequently uses a P2K.
        Hand Grenade- A grenade that Bond uses to kill a many number of enemies. 
Bond pulls a plug and throws it.
        MC-6- I think that is what is called, anyway you find one in Precious Cargo, 
level 2. It is a standard rocket launcher that destroys a lot at one time.
       Golden Gun- The most popular gun of all, except in Agnet Under Fire it 
doesn't work as well. A shot in the head is fatal. Bullets can be found for this in 
a P2K.
      Dart Gun- A Gun that does not kill the enemy, just stuns them. One hit send 
them to dreamland. Uses standard 7mm darts.

      KA-7??- I forget the rest of the name, but it fires a lot of bullets at one 
time. Found in the rail shooter levels.



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