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        Chapter 3: Weapons and Gadgets

              Shotgun- At gun that has to load slow, but does a lot of damage.
SSR 4000- A good Sniper Rifle that can lock on an enemy a mile away. The impact is 
usually fatal if a hit.
D14- A gun that has a powerful lock-on scope like the SSR 4000.
FSR ???- A gun that fires well and shoots nice bullets. The impact is also fatal.
Golden Clip- A clip for a gun that makes an impact with a bullet or rocket more 


    Q-Decryptor- A decrypting device that opens certain doors that are locked.
Q-Claw- Helps Bond reach many places, that have a mesh covering. Bond is fond with 
the Q-Claw because he uses it so much.
Q-Laser- A Laser device that cuts locks on gates so Bond can get through.
Q-Remote- A main device for Bond that steals information from a database or changes 
the way a computer reacts. Can be used to defeat enemy below crates that has green 
circles. Use Q-Remote around any green circles.
Q-Specs- Glasses that help Bond see invisible objects and passages.
Q-Card- A card that steals the lock information from a locked door and decodes the 
lock do Bond can get through doors.
Q-Camera- A camera that photgraphs data from anything Bond needs information from.
Q-Jet- Helps Bond reach higher places. Refuel at a Q-Jet station in certain levels.

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