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FAQ history
First Created: 2001-13-2
Last Updated: 2001-21-2
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1. Updates
2. Character Profile
3. Character Moves
   - Basic Attacks
   - Jumping Attacks
   - Special Attacks
   - Quick Moves
   - Back-Facing Attacks
   - Throws
   - Taunts
   - Tag-Team Attacks
   - Miscellaneous Moves
4. CPU Opponents
   - Ayane
   - Bass
   - Bayman
   - Ein
   - Gen Fu
   - Helena
   - Jann Lee
   - Kasumi ALPHA
   - Lei Fang
   - Leon
   - Ryu Hayabusa
   - Tengu
   - Tina Armstrong
   - Zack
5. Kasumi Goodies
   - Costumes
   - Tag-Team Rating
   - Best Combos
   - Victory Calls
6. Review For DOA2
7. Credits/Acknowledgements
8. Contact Information
9. Final Words
   - Author's Note
   - To Webmasters

* Take note that if you cannot find what you are looking for or if
my guide has not been worked deeper into the game, chances are I
am much further ahead in the game than this guide. I don't update
EVERYDAY, so if you can't find it here, e-mails are always welcome.


Version 0.5: Added a couple more combos. Changed some stuff.
Version .45: Started with the combos. Corrected many errors.
             Added general info. to the Character's profile.
             Small update, all in all. (2/17/01)
Version 0.4: Corrected some grammar and spelling errors. As well
             as some in-game errors. Finished CPU Opponents
             section. Whew! Just a few more things to complete.
Version 0.2: Just started working on the FAQ. Can't expect too
             much done. Finished Move List and other minorities.
             Not everything's done, but it's a start. (2/13/01)


Home: Japan
Nationality: Japanese (duh!)
Occupation: Ninja/Assassin
DOB: February 23rd 19??
Age: 20, logically. Ayane was 16 when Kasumi was 17. But now Ayane
is 19, so Kasumi must be 20! Holy mother of doodies! I'm a rocket
scientist! Or she could just be 17, who knows. It's confusing!
(although it says N/A in PS2 Version)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 106 lbs.
Fighting Style: Mugen-tenshin Ninjutsu/Tenjimon
Family: Brother, Hayate (aka Ein); Father, Shiden; Half-sister,
Measurements: Bust 35", Waist 21", Hips 33"
Hobby: Fortune Telling
Favorite Food: Strawberry Mille-Feuilles
Friends: Tina Armstrong, Lei Fang
Background: Kasumi is a true bred "Shinobi" (female ninja) of the
Mugen-Tenshin style. Kasumi's brother, Hayate, was next in line to
succeed as the 18th master of the Mugen-Tenshin Acacdemy. This was
until one ominous day, when an assassin left him marred and crippled
in forest in Germany. Her father Shiden was left bitter and refuses
to mention the details surrounding the attack. Kasumi's vindictive
behavior will boost her determination to succeed as 18th master of
the school and get revenge for her brother. In an attempt to settle
her brother Hayate's vendettas, she became a runaway shinobi.

Shortly after her participation in the first Dead or Alive World
Combat Tournament, Kasumi was captured by the Super-human Development
project. While held captive, they were able to create, from splicing
Kasumi's DNA with some other unknowns, Kasumi ALPHA.


Reading the guide is quite simple (like that's needed to be said).
I have classified each and every one of Kasumi's attacks according
to the category given. For example, "Deadly Attacks" would have
Kasumi's...deadly moves and in "Basic Attacks," it would list her
basic skills. Lost you yet? And instead of your daily press of low
kicks, high punch, and tap Up-left to perform (insert move here),
I'll just simply tell you the PS2 controller buttons as it makes
life easier for both of us. I'll assume that you already know the
basic moves like jumping and what have you.

NOTE: Some moves require an action like, Up-left, Down-right, Up-
left, and so on. You must press both buttons simultaneously to
execute the attack correctly. All moves will appear in no particular

|                           |
|                           |
| Tri=Triangle  Cir= Circle |
| Squ=Square    Cro= Cross  |
|     + = Simultaneous      |


MOVE                 COMMAND                    DAMAGE
High Punch           Tri                        10
High Kick            Cir                        27
Low Kick             Down, Cir                  10
Low Punch            Down, Tri                  5
Middle Punch         Down-right, Tri            20
Middle Kick          Down-right, Cir            24


MOVE                      COMMAND                         DAMAGE
Jumping Forward Punch     Jump Toward Opponent + Tri      15
Jumping Forward Kick      Jump Toward Opponent + Cir      30
Forward Landing Punch     After landing from jump + Tri   22
Forward Landing Kick      After landing from jump + Cir   25
Vertical Jumping Punch    Jump straight up + Tri          15
Vertical Jump Kick        Jump straight up + Cir          30
Vertical Landing Punch    After landing from jump + Tri   22
Vertical Landing Kick     After landing from jump + Cir   25
Backward Landing Punch    After landing from jump + Tri   22
Backward Landing Kick     After landing from jump + Cir   25
Tenryu                    Up-Right, Cir                   30


MOVE         COMMAND                                 DAMAGE
Hiryu        Up, Cir                                 25
Futen        Up, Tri                                 12
Hiten        Left, Tri                               11
Getsurin     Up-left, Cir                            45
Tenyu        Up-right, Cir                           30
Rengou       Tri, Tri, Cir, Cir, Cir                 94
Osen         Tri, Tri, Tri, Tri                      47
Renji        Tri, Tri, Cir, Down, Cir                69
Renjin       Tri, Tri, Cir, Down-right, Cir          71
Gessai       Tri, Tri, Up-left, Cir                  55
Tenshu       Tri, Tri, Right, Tri, Right, Cir        68
Genraku      Tri, Tri, Right, Tri, Down, Cir         62
Engetsu      Tri, Tri, Right, Cir, Cir               74
Getsuro      Tri, Tri, Right, Cir, Down, Cir         68
Goyaku       Cir, Cir, Cir                           74
Jinyaku      Cir, Down-Right, Cir                    51
Jikyaku      Cir, Down, Cir                          49
Muei         Right, Right, Tri, Down, Cir            45
Geshu        Right, Cir, Cir                         54
Roshu        Right, Cir, Down, Cir                   48
Roga         Right, Right, Cir                       30
Sen          Tri + Cir                               26
Sitten       Squ + Cir, (pause) Cir                  64
Sitsuro      Squ + Cir, (pause) Down, Cir            60
Fukasen      Down, Squ + Cir                         25
Senka        Down-Right, Squ + Cir                   24
Mugen        Down-Right, Down-Right, Tri             22
Nagi         Left, Squ + Cir                         30
Busen        Down-Right, Down-Right, Cir             26
Hakuro       Left, Cir, Cir                          62
Tenbu        Up-Right, Tri, Cir                      40
T. Rengou    Tri, Cir, Cir, Cir                      84
T. Renjin    Tri, Cir, Down-Right, Cir               61
T. Renji     Tri, Cir, Down, Cir                     59
S. Rishu     Right, Tri, Cir, Cir                    82
S. Kyosho    Right, Tri, Cir, Down, Cir              78
S. Tenshu    Right, Tri, Right, Cir                  48
S. Genraku   Right, Tri, Down, Cir                   42
K. Osen      Down-Right, Tri, Tri                    40
K. Ogen      Down-Right, Tri, Down, Cir              44
Kyoshu       Tri, Tri, Right, Tri, Cir, Down, Cir    98
Rishu        Tri, Tri, Right, Tri, Cir, Cir          102


MOVE         COMMAND                                 DAMAGE
Genraku      Tri, Tri, Right, Tri, Down, Cir         62
Getsurin     Up-Left, Cir                            45
S. Rishu     Right, Tri, Cir, Cir                    82
S. Genraku   Right, Tri, Down, Cir                   42
K. Osen      Down-Right, Tri, Tri                    40
T. Renjin    Tri, Cir, Down-Right, Cir               61
Geshu        Right, Cir, Cir                         54
Roshu        Right, Cir, Down, Cir                   48
Roga         Right, Right, Cir                       30
Senka        Down-Right, Squ + Cir                   24
Sitten       Squ + Cir, (pause) Cir                  64
Muei         Right, Right, Tri, Down, Cir            45
Nagi         Left, Squ + Cir                         30
Hakuro       Left, Cir, Cir                          62
Busen        Down-Right, Down-Right, Cir             26
Tenbu        Up-Right, Tri, Cir                      40
Rishu        Tri, Tri, Right, Tri, Cir, Cir          102


MOVE                 COMMAND                       DAMAGE
Getsuei              Up, Hold Cir                  35
Rising Twist         Down, Tri                     38
Riren                Hold Cir, Hold Cir            55
Turn High-Chop       Tri                           10
Turn Low Chop        Hold Down, Tri                14
Turn High-Kick       Hold Cirle                    30
Turn Middle-Kick     Down, Hold Cir                25
Turn Low Kick        Hold Down, Hold Cir           24

  » THROWS «

MOVE           COMMAND                                   DAMAGE
Kahen          Hold Squ + Tri                            40
Kegon          Right, Squ + Tri                          42
Tenryu         Left, Squ + Tri                           45
Hien           Down-Right, Down-Right, Squ + Tr          68
Ibara          Up, Squ + Tri (pause) Left, Squ + Tri     119
Rogai          Down, Down-Left, Left, Squ + Tri          60
Tsuzumi-Guruma Down, Down-Right, Right, Squ + Tri        55
Oboro          Right, Right, Squ + Tri (pause)Down, Squ + Tri  60/70

Opponent's back against wall...
Youshi         Right, Hold Squ + Tri                     55

You back against the wall...
Adachi         Left, Hold Squ + Tri                      55

Opponent's back facing you...
Hakkato        Hold Squ + Tri                            50
Urahien        Up, Hold Squ + Tri                        57
Hiryu          Right, Squ + Tri                          55

While opponent crouching...
Himatsu        Down, hold Squ + Tri                      55
Enshu          Down-Left, hold Squ + Tri                 60

  » TAUNTS «

MOVE               COMMAND
Matoi              Left, Right, Left, Hold Squ + Tri + Cir


MOVE               TEAMMATE    COMMAND                      DAMAGE
Oborofutae         Hayabusa    Right, Right, Squ+Tri+Cir    70
Double Twist Kick  Ayane       Right, Right, Squ+Tri+Cir    70
Sweep Smash        Ein         Right, Right, Squ+Tri+Cir    70
Piggyback Crush    Helena      Right, Right, Squ+Tri+Cir    70
Oboro 2            Any         Right, Right, Squ+Tri+Cir    64


MOVE             COMMAND                           DAMAGE
Uragake          Up-Left, Tri                      N/A
Tenbu            Up-Right, Tri                     N/A

Opponent Down Moves:
Oga              Up, Hold Tri + Cir                20
Kawara           Down, Hold Tri                    10

Kyoka            Up-Left, Squ                      58
Shiraha          Left, Squ                         58
Shigure          Left, Squ                         45
Momiji           Left, Right, Down, Left, Squ      58
Madoi            Right, Left, Up-Right, Squ        0
Mayoi            Right, Left, Down-Right, Squ      0
Soken-Gari       Down-Left, Squ                    72
Mai-Goromo       Left, Squ                         87


Fighting some opponents can be difficult, but that's what I'm
here for!

Of horrors of all horrors, Kasumi's the only reason why Ayane even
entered this tournament--to kill Kasumi! With that hint slapped
down, this can be a very tough battle. Ayane's speed and counter
ability outstrips Kasumi's by a tad amount. This can be an
advantage or a disadvantage, you give the call. Ayane will rely on
her Genmu attack, back-facing attacks, many eye-popping combos and
throws. Her combos are not a problem if you have well-timed
counter holds. To escape her throws, avoid close combat with her,
same applies for her back-facing attacks. As for her Genmu attack,
try not to leave big space between the two of them, but if it
happens try blocking.

His prodigious strength and size can be a major disadvantage to
you, but Kasumi's speed can make up for the latter. Bass just
loves his bone-snapping attacks and seems to use them a lot, so
avoid close-combat with him. When he starts to block continuously,
immediately use the Uragake move (back flip), to stay out of his
range. In this battle, think "guerilla warfare," which consists
of hit-and-run attacks. And depend heavily on Kasumi's Tenryu and
Genraku attacks.

I personally haven't had a chance to battle him yet, so I will
leave this as it is until I play him.

Unfortunately for you, he is a pain in the butt. Even though he is
your brother, he won't be too lenient. Ein's Azuma and Fujin
attacks are things to look out for. They can knock you down and
away from him all the while doing major damage. Try not to let loose
your combos until the right moment because he can retaliate quite
well with a devastating 3- or 4-hit combo. If you can tether him
to a wall and keep him there, then you can count on winning this

It is not wise to underestimate him, he is still as deadly as
Bass. Gen Fu may not have the speed, but he sure as hell has the
brains and power to knock you out cold. Although, personally, this
is not a tough battle. Just let him have it with your routine
attacks such as S. Rishu, counter holds, and Tenryu in that order.

She is one tough mama! Her attacks can be somewhat blinding and
nearly impossible to predict. Helena is excellent when it comes
to counter holds. She can read your attacks some how. Try to avoid
close-combat with her and use such moves that can reach her at
relatively far distance. Surprise her with powerful moves such as
Rishu. And move when she does to avoid getting caught off guard.

Damn you, Jann!! Jann Lee is VERY difficult if you fight careless-
ly. First of all, his bloody war cries can really annoy the hell
out of you. He enjoys using his Dragon Blow, Dragon Kick, Dragon
Elbow and any other Dragon attacks. I advise that you not fight him
up-close and personal, but at the same time, avoid staying a distance
away from him. The only thing you can hope for is an opening and
then, unleash your all. Tether him to a wall and keep him there.

Fighting against yourself may provide interesting insights into
Kasumi's weaknesses. Kasumi A doesn't fight nearly as well as the
real Kasumi does (I think it has something to do with her brain
=P). As you may have guessed, Kasumi A has all the same moves,
style, weight, height, and whatever else there is to compare her
to. Now place yourself in your own shoes, and think about which
attacks Kasumi A will be less likely able to block and retaliate.
Or simply mash your buttons until she dies.

She doesn't have any particular advantage over Kasumi-chan.
Although, she loves to rely on counter holds. Lei Fang is slow to
attack and you may be able to detect her next move if you are
vigilant enough. Don't rely on Kasumi's multi-hit combos, or you'd
be countered left and right. Instead deliver a few blows here and
there, then go on the defensive side. And repeat.

Leon tends to abandon traditional punches and kicks, and instead,
relies on knocking you into the air and damaging you with massive
combos. This will be a real problem for you since, when in the
air, it'll be impossible for Kasumi to apply her trusty counter
holds against Leon. Try to keep on the ground, and surprise Leon
with unpredictable attack angles.

His desire to protect you is a horse load of crap. What he really
meant to say was, "Let me kill you first, before anyone, other
than I, can." Hayabusa is very proficient with countering
repetitive attacks and attacking too often can be a real pain.
Kasumi, however, still has that quickness you can look forward to.
So a good thing to remember is to mix up your attack range.

Kasumi is a slight disadvantage against Tengu. Tengu is
unbelieveably good at countering, so you cannot lay a finger on
him. Tengu's whirlwind attack can kill you in short order. So
have Kasumi rely heavily on her Tenbu or Tenryu attacks. Tengu's
whirlwind attack can be painful, but takes a while to execute, so
take this opportunity to hurtle toward the dark lord and deliver
a combo of powerful punches and kicks. Make sure he uses that
attack as little as possible by staying a good 2 feet away from

Being the daughter of Bass, one can quickly notice her bulky
contour (well, she is a wrestler afterall!). Tina loves to lift
you off the ground and perform her famous signature moves that
can be a real back-breaker. She likes to mix up her attacks and
counters well when you least expect it. Mirror her every move
and attack furiously when possible.

He is really quick with delivering powerful kicking combos. Zack
tends to knock you in the air first and then attack you with hard-
to-counter-attacks. Try to avoid close-combat. You are probably
better off with Kasumi's customary Tenryu and multi-combo attacks.


You must get the costumes subsequently. By this, I mean that
you cannot get costume 2 before costume 1. Get that clear?

                     /   CONDITION 1    --     CONDITION 2   /
Costume 1          Complete Story Mode    Play as Kasumi 5
                     (any settings)        times w/ UPS on
Costume 2          Complete Story Mode     Complete Story
                 (any settings other than    Mode 3 times
Costume 3          Complete Story Mode     Complete Story
                     Without continuing      Mode 5 Times
Costume 4          Earn 2 million points   Play as Kasumi
                     In Survival Mode     more than 50 times
Costume 5          Complete 50 stages in   Play as Kasumi
                      Survival Mode      more than 100 times
Costume 6          Get the cherry item    Play as Kasumi
                     In Survival Mode    more than 200 times

How compatible is Kasumi with each of the following? Let's take
a look-see shall we? (I'm a natural ^_^)

1- Avoid using at all times
5- Ehh...OK to use sometimes
10- Make it your official attack duo!

AYANE- Both are very quick and can unleash countless attacks at
once. But if they were to spar, Ayane would have the advantage
here. Due to their superior speed and countering ability, they
would be an unstoppable two-some. (9)

BASS- Having a slow and bulky brute like Bass combined with an
agile sweetheart like Kasumi, isn't what you call a good match.
It's almost like flying an airplane without any piloting abilities.
But...if you must experiment...I can't stop you from doing so. (3)

EIN- Ahh, there's nothing like a brother and sister fighting side
by side. With Kasumi's amazing speed and Ein's powerful blows,
you'll have your opponent eating dirt all day. (10)

HAYABUSA- Probably one of the best teg-teams. Haybusa's and Ein's
fighting styles are identical. Hayabusa has a good variety of
powerful attacks and his speed is slightly better than Ein's.
Therefore, Kasumi and Hayabusa would make a perfect 10! (10)


To start super combos, you must first, stun your opponent to prevent
further counters while preparing for your combo. To execute a combo
correctly and effectively, you must have well coordinated fingers
(hands), and well-timed attacks. You can practice these combos in
Sparring Mode if you wish to master them because they can come in
handy when playing with friends, the computer, etc. I have been
experimenting with the below combos for the longest time, and have
been able to perform them from time to time. It's hard! So if there
are any mistakes, please correct me.

NOTE: These are NOT all the combos. I'm still searching and
experimenting. I haven't been playing much. So spare me the complaints
and protests.


- Down-Right, Down-Right, Tri
- Up-Right, Tri
- Up, Cir
- Left, Cir

|  U= Up    |  UL= Up-Left     |  P= Punch  |
|  D= Down  |  UR= Up-Right    |  K= Kick   |
|  L= Left  |  DL= Down-Left   |  F= Free   |
|  R= Right |  DR= Down-Right  |            |

> signifies that you must pause for about 1/2 a second and continue
    your combo.

If I ever put a dash in the # of hits and Damage space. That generally
means that the combo is not finished and continues onto the next line.

\4- to 10-hit combos\                      ___________________
 ————————————————————                      \ # of Hits\ Damage\
|U, K > K, K > U, K > P, P, P, P            |    8    |   70   |
|DR, DR + P > D + P > P, P, F + P, F + K    |    6    |   75   |
|P, P, UL + K                               |    3    |   70   |
|P, P, F + P, F + K                         |    4    |   78   |
|U+L > P,P > P > DR, DR+P > P, P, F+P, F+K  |    9    |   85   |
|DR,P,P >F,F+P >DR,P >DR,DR+K >P,P,F+P,F+K  |    9    |   87   |
|DR,P,P > F,F+P > DR,P > U+K > P,P,F+P,F+K  |    9    |  106   |
|U + K > P, P, K > P, P, F + P, F + K       |    8    |  102   |
|DR,DR+P > DR,DR+P > U+K > P,P,F + P,F + K  |    9    |  126   |

\10+-hit combos\                           ___________________
 ———————————————                           \ # of Hits\ Damage\
|DR, DR + P > P,P > P,P,K > P,P,P,P         |   11    |   98   |
|DR,DR+P> P,P > P,P > DR,DR+K > P,P,F+P,F+K |   11    |  127   |
|DR,P,P > F,F+P > P,P > U+K > P,P,F+P,F+K   |   10    |  106   |
|P,P,P,> P,P,P,P > D,P > U+K > P,P,F+P,F+K  |   12    |  118   |


Victory calls are expressions the character often displays after a
victorious battle. It's pretty interesting to see what each character
has to say. Here are Kasumi's "victory calls," as I like to call it.
One line will be written in phoenetic spelling of Japanese and the
other will simply be English.

"Gomenasai. Daijobu?"
"Sorry. Are you alright?"


Here's a short opinionate review on DOA2: Hardcore. Just thought I'd
share some of my feelings about this game with the world. =)

Call me bias, but I love DOA2, or any other DOA game for that matter.
Why? It's the characters and the various game play selections. So
many to choose from. I don't know why but if I had to choose either
Street Fighter (anything), Tekken Tag and DoA, I would lean more
towards DoA. I just love it! It's the best fighting game ever!!!
Here's a rundown on the game:

Game Play (9/10)
It's great in every aspect! The only reason why I knocked off a point
was that some moves really hurt your fingers and maybe, hurt your
wrist (^_^) It's not much of a reason, but hey it's my review! There
are so many modes of play to choose from. You have your character's
story line, time battles, sparring, the all-mighty tag-team battles,
team battles and many more! The fun is endless!

Storyline (9/10?)
Can't really mention anything about it, now can I? I mean it's a
fighting game. BUT surprisingly enough, each character has their own
story and it is quite entertaining. Short sequences, but indulging

Sound (10/10)
Perfect! The voice acting is great, especially in Japanese. It sounds
rather forced in English. But other than that, c'est super! The
punching, kicking, head-bashing and back-breaking sound effects are
excellent. Need I say more?

Replay Value (8/10)
With all of its good qualities, even a great game like this one can
get very boring after a while (a long while at that). But the Tag
team battle mode can keep you busy for weeks and weeks to come. Plus,
it's well-worth it to watch all the cool in-game CGs.

Overall View
DOA2 is definitely a must-have game for fighting game fans. I just
don't know what there isn't to like about this game. Sure, it can be
frustrating at times, but what's a game without some madness? This
is just my own perspective of the game. If you find the need to
oppose my little review, oh, go write your own review and such.


Stephanie Lee 
- For taking the time to research all over the net and make this
FAQ possible! Big thank you for saving up enough lunch money to
buy this game! =)

Prima's Official Guide
- For providing me with a lengthy move list and other various
things to add to the guide (I did not transfer everything from
the book to this FAQ, if you suspect.). I used their "damage"
list, most of the move lists, costumes and some additional

- For producing the best fighting game the gaming world has ever
seen (as opposed to Tekken). It is just lovely.

- For consuming some of his valuable time to help me with my
FAQs. If it weren't for his generousity, I wouldn't be able to
share my knowledge with you fine people! ;)

- For maintaining the most entertaining website on the net and
hosting my FAQs.

- I took some costume info. from his Secrets FAQ. It's a very
good FAQ and very informative.


If you have any further questions concerning the game, or as to
why stealing is bad contact me via e-mail. I will accept any type
of mail including hate mail, criticism, add-ons, corrections,
tips, suggestions, weird comments, etc. I will NOT accept threats
of any kind and never, never send any perverted comments you
perverts! And as always, you will be credited for your delightful
opinions and such. Please subject your mail so I know what the
deal is. If not, it will be DELETED. Ex:(no subject) or HELP!! =
-Delete- Also please use proper English with correct grammar and
such. It annoys me when people tYpE lIkE dIs. That's a no-no. If
you cannot reach me through e-mail for some bizarre reason, you
can visit the DOA2 message boards. I will occassionally log on and
answer some unanswered questions. If you have AIM, feel free to drop
me a line if I happen to be online. I also have ICQ, but I never use
it. Well, that's about it! Follow my policy and I might e-mail you

   GameFAQs alias: AdrenalineSL
   GameFAQs Board: Adrenaline
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              AIM: reddmaggot
              ICQ: 70967247


To the guy viewers, and girls too...

First of all let me say, since I'm a girl and writing a FAQ/Move
List for Kasumi, this does NOT make me a lesbian! I'm just one of
those gamers who just happens to be a girl. I love the Dead or
Alive series and similar fighting games! And Kasumi happens to be
my favorite character and the next being, Ryu Hayabusa. I know
this stuff is "supposedly" for guys, but does it say somewhere on
the box that it is specifically for men and men only? If so, point
it out, so I can go lynch myself. I'd really appreciate it if you
would keep your head out of the gutter if I say something that can
set you off. I do not want to hear you saying, "ewwww..." or
something relevant to that if I say something like, "...I like
Kasumi..." (which I do, but not in an intimate way!!) I just want
to mention this, in case it ever pops up.

Have any questions? E-mail me. Need help? E-mail me. Suggestions? E-
mail me. Just feel free to speak your mind (excluding perverted
comments and insults)! If you wish to send me anything to add-on to
the FAQ, please do. It must be related to this guide or it will not
be posted otherwise. Only relevant information will catch my
attention. I do not want your life story, or how your dog died. Only
FAQ related questions!!

And remember, any RUDE comments will get your name on my hitlist. I
will take your e-mail address and sign you up for an infinite number
of annoying junk mail! In addition to you being such a jerk, I will
add you to the "Butt-munching, idiotic, perverted, who-can't-get-
none but harrasses-little-girls losers" list if I ever make one.
Aside from that, I would love to hear from you!

I've already received some e-mails from webmasters asking for
Permission to use my FAQ on their site. I will allow this, so long
you ask me (politely) and give the URL of your website. I will not
reply immediately, as I will take a gander at your site first.
Also, to ensure a positive answer your site must be "real." If my
requirements are met, then you are granted the permission to use
my FAQ, BUT do not assume, I will notify you through e-mail as you
have done to ask me. Anything from this FAQ and the FAQ itself
MUST be fully credited to me!  If not, otherwise, I will be forced
to take legal action. And also, the FAQ must remain updated!! Take
note I will be surveiling your site daily to make sure you don't
rip me off. I also ask that if I ever e-mail you requesting that
you remove my FAQ, you will comply. The only site that has the
privilege of not having to ask me is GameFAQs.com. Have a nice

A final word (Really! I mean it this time!) to the viewers:
If you have found this file on a site that you suspect that may
have used this FAQ without the author's consent, please notify
the author immediately!! Thank you!

E-mail: [email protected]

You can find this FAQ at the following sites:

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