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King Arthur Walkthrough (PS2)

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Just do the right thing and use this guide to help you get threw the game. Anyone can post it on their site to help anyone out there looking for help. Just please give credit where credit is due. Don’t be a loser and take this guide and say you wrote it when you have not. That is all I ask. I can be E-mailed for any questions on the game at [email protected] I have rented the game to play it and I did not purchase it so I will do my best to try to help you out with any questions about the game that I can remember. Just follow the guide and I promise you that you will not get lost. I can’t promise you that you will not die. That is in your control and not mine. So Happy fighting guys and gals.

Well since I could not find any walkthroughs for this game on the Web I decided to make one. This game is typical in nature to most games made from a movie. It is not the greatest of games in my opinion like most movie created games aren’t. I will say that it is a good way to past the time away though. The graphics are OK but nothing spectacular. The Controls for the most part are easy to use. I just wish they had used the right analog stick as the camera movement for the game.

The goals are pretty straight forward throughout the game. You can get a great idea of exactly what you need to do in each level and Chapter by opening up your Mission Objectives. I have taken the time to give you a pretty good basic step by step guide to help you move threw the game without being confused. I will not waste your time with filling up this walkthrough with Controls and character names and all the other BS that are in most of the walkthroughs I find on the web today.

You can find the Controls in the game manual and everything you need to know on how to play the game. I hate when walkthroughs are slammed with so much unnecessary BS that by the time you get to the last page you have wasted about half of the pages in unwanted and no helpful crap about the game. I don’t know about you guys or girls, but when I break open a new game I want to get started right away and all I need is a little helping guide to steer me in the right direction. That is what I have created for you here. So without waiting any longer. Dig in!

The Dark Woods

Fighters: Roman Commander.

Mission Objectives: The Roman Convoy Is Under Attack From Woad Rebels. Ensure                   The Safe Passage, Of The Carriage, And It’s Occupants.

You will suddenly awaken from asleep on the ground. Well at least that is what it looks like you were doing…Taking a nap. You will have to protect the Bishop who is riding in the Carriage. Your job is to take out the Woad Rebels who are attacking you and your men. They are trying to stop the Carriage by attacking it.

You will see a green health bar below the Carriage Icon in the upper left hand screen. You do not want the green bar to empty before you escort the Carriage all the way across the trail. You can use the (X) button as a fast attack but it does the minimal amount of damage. You can use the ([]) button to attack, which does medium damage. The attack the does the most damage is the (Triangle) button. It does a lot of damage but is the slowest attack speed. When you have knocked a rebel on the ground you can use the L1 button to do a finishing move on the fallen rebel. L2 is your special attack that you get to use once you have it charged up. It is great to use when you find yourself surrounded.

Ok the first wave of attacks you just need to remain fairly close to the carriage at all times. Just make your rounds going completely around it guarding it the best you can. As Woad Rebels slip past your men and reach the carriage your job is to kill them as quickly as you can to not let them do too much damage to the Carriage. Just keep a close eye on the health status of the Carriage at all times to keep it in the green or at least the yellow. Keeping the Carriage safe here is going to be your bread and butter to completing this mission with a satisfactory score and ending. If you check out the stream you will find that you can walk into it and find an Experience upgrade. There will also be up a bit in the stream a defense shield upgrade as well.

The Rebels will come after you from across the stream and from above the rocks. Just stay on your guard.

OK after the 1st wave of Rebels are eliminated, you will get a Cut Scene leading into the 2nd wave of attacks. The Rebels will start cutting down trees to help them get across the stream to where you are and attack but in greater numbers. Same technique as before. Stay close to the Carriage and protect it and the bishop at all cost. Don’t worry as much about the rebels that have not made it up the carriage yet. Your guys will handle them and if they slip threw them then you just take them out. You just need to stay with the carriage at all times until this mission is over.

You will get a 3rd wave of attacks after you survive the 2nd wave. You will get a Cut Scene Of Rebel’s shooting arrows at a cart being pulled by a horse. They are shooting Fire Arrows which will cause the explosive barrels to explode. Now you will get attacked by even more rebels this time. They are a bit harder to bring down but they are still manageable. Just stay glued to the Carriage to protect it and slash away. You will eventually protect the carriage long enough to where you will see it go out of the picture to finish this level. Not so hard eh?

You should have enough points to upgrade 1 Strength spot. I concentrated on the strength first because that causes the more damage to you foes the greater the upgrade is.


Fighters: Arthur

Mission Objectives: The Roman Convoy Is Threatened. You Must Race To Their Aid And Help Them Defeat The Woad Rebels.

You will be on a Horse during this level. If you press the (Triangle) button you horse will stomp on rebels with it’s front legs. If you Hold down the (Triangle) button and then release it, it will do a charged up leg stomp doing more damage. If A rebel sneaks up behind you just press the (O) button and your horse will do a pretty powerful back kick to bring rebel’s down. If you press (X) you will use your blades to slice away at the rebels while you are still on your horse.

OK you will need to get threw 4 wood Gates in total that block your path to the  Carriage which it your ultimate goal. You will see a yellow hour glass that lets you know how much time you have to reach each Wood Gate to break down. So you need to kill any Rebels that get in your way as you try to reach each Wood Gate. After you get threw each Wood Gate the yellow Hour glass will start over again as you move towards the next gate. 

As you move threw this level you can alter between using your Swords as your weapon or if you press R1 you will switch over to using your Bow & Arrows as your weapon of choice. They are both good in the own ways. I personally like to use both of them when the time is right.

OK, so move along going threw the stream and land fighting the Rebels until you reach the first Wood Gate that you need to bust down. You will be attacked by quite a few Rebels as you try to break down the Gate. You partner in crime will help out some, but not much. What you have to do to get threw the 1st gate is repeatedly press the (Triangle) button over and over again until the horse busts open the Gate. Once you do this you will get a Brief Cut Scene showing the Carriage under attack. That is your goal in this mission. It is to reach that Carriage to give it support. Well you have already gone threw 1 gate and now you need to make it threw 3 more. So once the Cut Scene is over continue fighting the Rebels until you make it to gate number 2. A long the way your fights will get a little bit tougher. What I mean by that is that it will take more hits to bring the rebels down than the 1st part. Once you make it to the 2nd gate do the same thing you did in the 1st one. Bust it open using your horse. You will get attacked while doing this by even more rebels than the 1st gate. I have faith in you so just plug away until the gate is toast.

You will get another Cut Scene here showing the Carriage being attacked by fire arrows. Well I guess you could say the heat is on eh?

OK now we need to get to the 3rd gate. Same technique as the first 2.  This time there will be a lot more rebels after you threw the path to the 3rd gate. You will also see the Rebels cutting down trees and knocking them in to the path you are on. So watch out for them. Just move around the trees and continue down the trail. You will finally come to the 3rd gate. Do the same thing to get threw it. You will get another Cut Scene showing a Knight being killed by arrows while trying to protect the Carriage with the Bishop in it. You need to get a move on it so it seems. You only have 1 more gate to get threw so lets carry on.

OK now to the last Gate. Just move a long like you did to get threw the 1st 3 gates. You will have more rebels coming after you and It is more of the same thing. Just ride and slash until you come to the last gate. Then bust threw it to end this Level. You will see a small Cut Scene as well.

Cavalry Crusade

Fighters: Bors

Mission Objectives: You Arrive At The Carriage Amidst Heavy Fighting. Defeat The Woad Attackers.

I picked Bors for this level because I love how cool his blades are to fight with. Any ways you just need to stay around the Bishop’s Carriage so you can protect it against the rebels. They will come in swarms and they are certainly getting tougher to bring down as the levels carry onward. Pay attention to the Bishop’s Carriage Health level. You do not want it to go down to nothing or it’s level over and you will have to do it again until you get right.

After the first wave of Rebels are kept at bay you will get a Cut Scene showing the Carriage take a arrow right next to Bors. Now it gets a bit tougher to protect the Carriage. Now you have to fend off the Rebels who physically attack the Carriage and worry about the Rebels who are taking shots with their arrows. This wave of the fight will be a bit longer than the 1st wave. They send a lot more Rebels this time as well. Just keep plugging away and you will eventually get another Cut Scene. It will show one of the Rebels blowing a horn and some Rebels will retreat off into the woods. Bors will follow off into the water and the next part of the level will begin with Bors being surrounded by Woad Rebels.

For this last part of the fight you will tasked with having to eliminate 5 of the Woad leaders. They will be obvious buy the green Health bar above their heads. You really need to search them out and focus on them when you find them. They are not easy to bring down but they are not that hard either. Just keep killing the regular Rebels as you hunt down the leaders and kill them all. After you kill the 5th and final Leader, that will end this level.

Knights’ Retribution

Fighters: Arthur

Mission Objective: The Woads Have An Encampment Deep In The Forest. You Must Seek It Out.

This Level will start out with you seeing Bors Drowning one of the Leaders. You will see Lancelot and Arthur ride across the water in the distance. Now you must find the Encampment. Head down the path and you will come across a lot of rebels to kill. Lancelot’s double blades are cool. You will have to kill around 7 or 8 rebels in the 1st wave. Once they are dealt with just continue down the path until the game goes into a Cut Scene and Arthur tells you to use your Bow. Well…use your Bow.

If you want to take out as many Rebel’s at once as you can shot the pile of logs on the left and they will roll down the hill into some of the Rebels. After you have killed this 2nd wave of Rebels move forward a little farther and you will be attacked by 4 or 5 more Rebels. Kill them. You will come across 2 more Rebels as you round the corner who are shooting at you with Arrows. Return the favor and kill them with Arrows.

As you move forward you will have 3 Rebels come at you from behind as 2 Bow wielding Rebels attack from the front. Make mincemeat out of them. After this if you continue on the trail you will see a Rock hut up a head. As you venture closer you will be attacked by more Rebels. Just do your thing. After they are dead go and pick up the Maximum Archery enhancement that you see just past the Rock Hut. As soon as you do this you will be attacked by some more Rebels. Just shoot them with you arrows. Continue taking out any Rebels that are hiding in any bushes as you continue down the path.

As you continue forward you will see a green health jar in the path. If you collect this it will restore your health. You will also see a big spiked log swinging back and forth in the middle of the path. You will have to get past this in a minuet. 1st kill any Rebels you see in the distance so you will have a clear path to get past the Spiked log. What is hilarious to me is that if any Rebels see you from the other side they will be dumb enough to run right into the spiked Log and get killed. Idiots…I swear.

Any way…just time your way past the spiked log. It is so easy so I sure hope you don’t need me to hold your hand by it. Once you pass it you will come across more Rebels to kill so just keep killing and taking names as they say. You will see a big Tree turned over on top of a big Rock. Just past that you will have to kill a few more Rebels. Now you will see an  Experience scroll in the path. Pick it up for some experience and shoot the 2 Rebels down the path with a few arrows.

As you continue forward Lancelot will say the he has a bad feeling about this. It is a bit quiet isn’t it? Well as you approach the big log that is being used as a bridge to get to the other side you will get a Cut Scene. It will show that it is a trap and Lancelot and Arthur are now surrounded by angry Rebels. Show them who is more pissed off and end there lives for them. You will have to take out a dozen or so Rebels and Arthur will tell you that you must be getting closer.

Go straight some more down the path some more and you will have to take out 4 more shield wielding Rebels here. Move forward some more and you’ll need to kill 5 more Rebels. A little further down the trail and you will need to kill 2 Bow wielding Rebels. Kill them from a distance with you Bow to make it easier. You will have to kill 3 more as you get near the green health jar. Arthur will say that you must be near the camp. You will see4 more Rebels coming down the trail towards you off in the distance. Kill them.

You will come to another big Log being used as a bridge again. Same crap happens here. You will get attacked from both sides again. Kill all these maggots and cross the log to the other side. You will be attacked by more Rebels and once you clear this last set out of the way the Level will end. Good Job.

The Dark Woods

Fighters: Arthur

Mission Objectives: You Have Discovered The Man Who Led The Attack On The Bishop. Destroy Him!

OK well this Scene starts off with Arthur being surrounded by Rebels. You will see the Big Bad Leader enter the picture. He is holding one hell of a stone sledge hammer in his hands. Arthur looks concerned and you should be too. Well This is Basically your 1st BOSS Fight. This Bad Dude has a very big stone hammer he swings around to hit you with. He is on the slow side. So he is not real hard to avoid. Problem is throughout the whole fight you will have to deal with regular Rebels getting in your way as well. I find that it is easier for me to slowly pick away at the Boss guy by using the Bow. That way you can keep your distance and not risk taking a hit by the big hammer which shells out a hurting. You will see on the right and left of the screen a red barrel. If you shot one of these you will get an adrenalin upgrade and if you shot the other you will get and Exp upgrade as well. Just keep killing the pee on Rebels and focus on the Boss by slowly chipping away at him until he is gone.

OK now that the Boss guy is dead you will get a Cut Scene of Arthur slaying the big guy and the other pee on Rebels will crap in the drawers and flee looking for mama. You and Lancelot will mount back on your horses and leave which ends the Boss fight. 

**Beating this Boss will unlock some new Bonus Material. You will the Movie: Making Of Chapter 1. You will also get the Arena Battle 1. You can access these from the Extras option on the title screen.

Behind Enemy Lines

Fighters: Lancelot 

Mission Objectives: Merlin And His Woads Have Ambushed The Knights. With The Horses Spooked, You Must Find Them And Keep Your Party Alive.

The first Party member under attack that you need to rescue is Bors. Kill all the Rebels who are attacking him and he will join you and Arthur/Lancelot on your quest. Now if you look in the upper part of the screen you will see Bors Horse standing there. Head in that direction and you will be blocked by a type of vine stretched across the path. Start to slash at it with your sword and it will start to cut some of it down.  As you get half way threw it another set of Rebels will attack so make sure you stop and go and protect Bors from getting hurt and kill this wave of  Rebels. 

After they are dead go back and cut threw the rest of the vines. Once you cut threw them completely you will be attacked once again by more Rebels. You should know what to do by now. Kill them and protect Bors. You will then get a Cut Scene showing Bors wandering off after his Horse. Well you will be blocked off from Bors at the moment by a wood and Vine gate that you cannot get past. You will have to find another way around to get back to Bors.

OK now head down the path to the left of this gate you cannot get threw. You will be attacked by more Rebels. Kill the A.S.A.P. because al the while Bors is being attacked as well without your protection. Once you get a breather if you look to you right you will see another tree that has some more Vines stretched across it preventing your passage. Cut them down with your sword and get up there to where you see Bors being attacked to protect him. If you wait to long Bors will die so keep a close eye on his health bar at all times.

What a complete moron Bors is. Once you finally do reach him again and save his ass he will run off after his Horse again. Of course you will get another Gate that will pop up preventing you from following him. OK find another way to get over to the dork to help him from getting killed again. To do this If you look to your immediate right you will see the now famous Vines pulled across the trees that you need to cut down in a hurry to get over to Bors. Start cutting and killing at the same time to get over to Bors now.

As you finally get past the Vines you will now have a bit of a run that you need to do going down the trail to reach Bors. You will be Attacked quite a bit on your way as well. Bors seems to not get attacked as much in this section as in the first but you sure do! Well you will catch up to Bors yet again and you guessed it…He takes off again. Don’t you just wish you could shoot him instead to but the poor soul out of his misery. When He runs off another Gate pops up preventing your passage.

Head straight past the gate down the path and you will have to shoot Rebels off tree stands and take some out on the ground as well. You will reach a section where the game will show a Rebel behind a boulder who will try to push it on top of you. Once the game gives you back control, just make sure you avoid the boulder. Now kill a few more Rebels and cross to the other side threw the water. Make sure you grab the Exp Scroll on the other side of the bridge before you continue forward.

Also if you look down in the water you will see 2 Swords floating above the water. Grab them for a Maximum Melee Award. Once you snag that continue down the only path you can take until you come once again to more Vines blocking your way. Cut them off and take out all the Rebels that attack you and continue forward looking for Bors. You will have to travel a good ways down the trail until you will come to the Rebel Camp on your right hand side. Enter the camp and you will start a good fight in here. Clear out the camp of all Rebels and keep protecting Bors.

Once all the Rebels are cleared from the Camp Bors will run off towards the top of the screen down another trail. This time you can follow him until he reaches 2 Horses. This will finally end the Level. Few, what a pain in the arse eh? Actually it was Bors who was the pain.

Home Field Advantage

Fighters: Tristran

Mission Objectives: Woad Archers Are Defending The Trail Through The Highlands. Defeat The Archers To Ensure Safe Passage For The Rest Of The Knights.

This level will start off showing Arthur and Tristran and clan all getting attacked by Archers. Tristran will tell Arthur to go on ahead and he will take car of the Archers.

You will see an Icon showing 40  Archers in the upper right hand corner that you will need to eliminate as you move threw this level. You will start off with 2 Rebels that you can get out of the way right away.  As you move down the path you will have 2 more to get rid of. Then as you round the 1st corner in the path you will be attacked by 2 more.

Now you will notice that as you kill the Rebels the count on the Archer Icon does not always go down. The reason for this is because It will not decrease when you kill regular Rebels. It only decreases when you actually kill Archers. The ones that are up in the trees and on the stands. As you round the 1st corner you will see some Archers up in a tree hut. If you shoot the barrel on the left it will explode and cause the tree hut and Archers to come down with it. It’s cool so blow it up. By now you should be down to about 34 Archers that still need dealing with.

Continue around the next corner in the path that was close to the tree hut. As you round the corner you will see another tree hut off way in the distance. It also has a red explosive barrel. When you arrive at it remember to use the barrel to help bring down the hut and some more Archers. Continue forward now towards the hut in the distance. You will have to deal with around 8 rebels here. Once the hut and Archers and Rebels are all down your Archer count will be around 28 now.

Now as you continue down the trail you will have to kill a couple more Archers and regular rebels. You will have to be careful because there will be a spot where a big boulder will come rolling down the hill to try and hit you. A lot of time the Rebels are stupid enough to get hit by it themselves. The AI in this game is really bad in my opinion. Continue past the rolling boulder and you will get to take out several more Archers in this stretch. You will also have another Boulder come rolling down so keep your eyes and ears out. You will probably be at around 20 Archers left to kill by now.

You will move down the trail killing more Archers and Rebels until you see the Waterfall flowing across the path. If you get close to it another Boulder will come rolling down so be prepared for it. Now cross over the waterfall to the other side and kill a few more Archers and Rebels. As you round the corner by the torch you will get to kill 4 more rebels. You should by this point in the level be down to 15 Archers to kill still.

As you move onward you will see a Master Archery Icon you can claim to improve you Archery skills temporarily.  After you pick it up you will be attacked from behind so turn around and kill the rebels. Continue forward down the trail taking out more rebels and a couple more Archers. You will be around 12 by now. You will also have to watch out for yet another Boulder that rolls down at you by 2 torches and more water in the distance.

After the boulder rolls down approach the stone bridge but do not go across it because it will fall down if you step on it. Instead let the Rebels across from it come and head across the bridge to attack you and they will fall to their grave and not you. You will see one more Rebel come at you from up the slope by the bridge. Kill him and follow his route to get to the other side safely and be able to enter a hard to see cave. Go into the cave now and take out more Rebels and Archers as you proceed threw it. Follow your way threw the caves by following the torches until you reach the exit back out to the outside.

Turn right as soon as you exit the cave to pick up an EXP reward. Now turn left and continue forward down the trail. You should be at around 8 more Archers to kill before this level is over with so keep chugging a long. As you approach another Torch here by the trail you will have another boulder come down to try to lay the smack down on you. Just keep an eye out for it and avoid it quite easily.

By the time you reach the swinging spiked log you should only have around 2 more Archers to kill to complete you goal. You will see Health jars off in the distance beyond the spiked log if you need them. Now run past the spiked log just like you did in the previous level earlier. Up on the ledge past the swinging spiked log is a EXP reward you can pick up as well. Now you should have cleared out all the Archers by now once you get past the spiked log. After doing this you may still have to kill 1 or 2 more Rebels before the level will end. Good job.

High Road

Fighters: Arthur (On Horse)
                 Lancelot (On Horse)

Mission Objectives: In Order To Guarantee Safe Passage Through The Forest, You Must Find And Kill The Leaders Of The Woad Menace.

You will start this mission on another woodsy trail on your Horse. Your goal here is to find and kill 10 Woad Leaders throughout this level. You will know that you have found some when you see the little green health bars above their heads. Just kill them and any regular Rebels along the way as usual.

To start this level off you will see 2 Woad Leaders right at the beginning as well as some annoying regular rebels. Just kill them as usual and continue moving forward up the trail. As you round the corner you will be attacked by a pretty good size pack of rebels here. You will see a tree being cut down by the rebels up ahead and dropped off in the middle of the trail. What a waste of trees and paper eh? LOL.

As you get near the 1st fallen tree you will get attacked by more rebels. Fight them off and  wait until lightening hits the tree to smash it out of your way and carry on forward.  Now continue forward and another pack of rebels will attack so kill them and notice that a 2nd tree will come down in the distance. Just keep killing the Rebels until lightening smashes that tree out of the way as well. You will get a Cut Scene with the game showing a Woad Camp off in the distance. The Cut Scene will end with you at the entrance to the camp.  You will see 2 more Woad Leaders guarding the gate to the camp. Kill them first and then get ready to be really attacked by a crap load of Rebels here. They will come at you from all angles so just rotate around on your horse and kill them as best you can and as quickly as you can. I find it easier to have my bow in my hand and charger myself up with L2 and fire away with the arrows. This takes most of them out fairly fast.

Once they are dead the Camp gate will come down and you can go threw. You will get another Cut Scene showing you crossing over the stone bridge and then you will be attacked by a lot more rebels. Use the same tactics as before to take them down as quickly as possible. Once they are dead don’t forget to pick up the Exp reward here before you move onward. Before you can go any further though you will have to fight and wait for another to tree to be cleared out of the way for you.

Once that is cleared proceed forward and be attacked some more in packs. Just kill them however you see fit. And carry on. You will round the corner and have to take out a few Archers from tree stands so don’t miss them because I assure you they won’t miss you if left alone. Continue forward until you reach the main entrance to the Woad camp. In here you will 2 more Woad Leaders that you can kill bringing your Woad count meter down to 4. You will have lots of Rebels attacking you in the camp as well.

In the center of the Woad camp make sure you pick up the Strength reward.  Off to the left side of the camp there is an Exp reward as well as another Woad Leader to take out dropping your count down to 3 more. In the center of the camp by a hut there will be another Woad Leader who will come running out. Kill him and now all you need is 2 more to kill. Now if you go over to the right side of the camp you will see that last 2 Woad Leaders that you need to kill to complete this level. Kill away Knight and that will end this level.

**After completing this level you will have unlocked new bonus material. You will unlock the Movie: Making of Chapter 2. You will also unlock Arena Battle 2.

Marius Estate (Revelation)

Fighters: Arthur

Mission Objectives: Marius’ Mercenaries Are Beating The Villagers. Defeat The Mercenaries To Save The Villagers From Attack.

You will be in Marius’ Estates and you will have to go around the town and rescue 10  Villagers from the Mercenaries who are attacking them. You will start off with and Icon in the upper left hand side of the screen showing 10 Villagers that need to be rescued. You will start off right by 3 logs that are tied together in the center making what looks like an area to burn wood or burn someone? Any ways you will be attacked by a lot of Mercenaries so start killing them the same way you have been killing the Rebels throughout the game so far. You will see to the left not far from the covered wagon a section that is outlined by a wood fence. There are Pigs next to it. If you go in there you can kill some more Mercenaries that are attacking one of the Villagers you need to rescue. After rescuing him you still need 9 more to go.

Now if you go a little further in to the left back in the corner where the wood fence is you can rescue 2 more Villagers that will bring it down to 7 more to go. If you are having a hard time finding where I am telling you the Villagers are, all you really have to do is move around in the town and you will see where the Villagers are that need rescuing. I am just trying to give some sense of direction to at least point you in the right direction.

You will eventually get a Cut Scene showing some villagers  pushing a covered wagon off in the corner of town opening up the path to help you get into a previously blocked part of town. Head over there now and kill some more mercenaries. As soon as you go past the wagon into the next part of town, hang a left and in the corner, you will see a EXP reward you can snag. Snag it.

Right past where you just got the Exp reward are 2 Villagers you can rescue from a mercenary. That should bring you down to 4 more that you need to rescue. Now just head right threw the town and you will eventually rescue the last 4 Villagers that need rescuing. This will start a Cut Scene showing Arthur talking to the Villagers. He will tell them that they need to move south to escape a big army heading their way. The wounded and weak will have to go with Arthur and his clan. 

You will now have to protect Dagonet from the mercenaries as he tries to break open the vault closed off by rocks. You will now see in the upper left hand corner Dagonet’s health bar. Keep an eye on it to make sure he is not losing too much health. You will also see the vault icon on the upper right hand screen. This shows how much longer Dagonet has to go until he breaks open the vault. All you really need to right now is keep slaying any mercenaries that go after Dagonet.

The mercenaries will be attacking from the left and right. It is really not that hard. It just seems like it takes forever for Dagonet to break open that darn vault. Arthur will eventually ask what the hell is taking so long. This of course irritates Dagonet with him responding…”Do I look like a battering Ram?”  Finally Dagonet will break threw the rocks. Now he has to get threw the wood door. He will ask Arthur for some more help by being covered against the new Archers attacks. Now you will have to protect Dagonet from the same mercenaries as before but throw in Archers now to make thing a bit interesting. Use the same tactics on the mercenaries but focus on the Archers up on the brick ledge above Dagonet until he breaks threw the wood door. What I find humorous is the fact that the wood door seems to be as strong as the big rocks were. Oh how strong the wood must have been back then eh? Dagonet will finally break down the wood door which will end this level.


Fighters: Arthur

Mission Objectives: Arthur And Lancelot Have Entered The Dungeon Under Marius’ Estate. Release All Of The Prisoners From Their Cells.

Well you start the level off with Arthur and Lancelot entering the Dungeon below. Arthur will discover a disturbing scene with prisoners being abused. Arthur will do some extermination of his own. OK you will now have to release 13 prisoners from this dungeon. They will be in cells. Find them while fighting off more mercenaries.

There are 2 prisoners right up at the top of the screen where you start this level off at. To release them just smash open the cell gates and they will flee to freedom. That should leave you with needing to find 11 more. There is 1 more to your left. Smash open the cell gate and that will leave you with 10 more.

Once you have freed these 3 prisoners you will now gain access to the part of the dungeon that was being blocked by fire. So go threw that passage now into the next section of the dungeon. You will get attacked by a lot more mercenaries as you enter this new area of the dungeon. You will see green health jars about. You can also get some health jars by breaking open barrels down here. Just keep going in deeper into the dungeon. There is only really one way the paths lead you anyways so you can’t really get lost.

You will eventually get a Cut Scene with the game showing some of the mercenaries opening up some cells and throwing in fire bombs. You will regain control again as Arthur says…”I think we are getting closer.”  In this section of the dungeon it appears it is a big section with numerous holding cells. You can free 5 prisoners from here. Do so and keep killing mercenaries along the way.

Once you have freed the 5 prisoners you need to back track half way down this prison section and hang a right into a new section of the dungeon. You will know you are in the right area when you start to get attacked some more by mercenaries. Once they are dead head a bit further into the dungeon and hang a right and you will see another section of the dungeon where there are more holding cells with more prisoners. Free them but be aware that you will be attacked from the front and the rear as you free the prisoners. This will free all the remaining prisoners that you had left. Now the prisoners will go over to the big gate and raise it up and then turn around and flee up to the surface to escape. This will open up another section of the dungeon where more mercenaries will come out to attack you. This section appears to be where they tortured the prisoners.

You can get an Exp reward by smashing open one of the barrels in here. Continue along the dungeon path as there is only 1 way to go. You will eventually get a Cut Scene showing Rats and some mercenaries cutting up a deceased prisoner. You will now have to eliminate all the mercenary guards that come. You will know them by the green health bar above their heads. You will see the count of how many you have to kill in the upper right hand corner. They will all come from the area you just entered this section of the dungeon from. They will swarm the hell out of you. I just found it easier to get my Bow and charge up when I can and shoot them with the arrows. Of course you can’t just keep doing that or you will be slaughtered but it does help when you can. Just hack and slash and use your combos to kill everything in sight. Once all the mercenary guards are dead the level will end.


Fighters: Tristran

Mission Objectives: Clear A Safe Path To Aid The Escape Of The Prisoners From The Estate.

This level will start off with Tristran helping Lancelot and Arthur out of the dungeon. Now you will be in the heat of the battle in the Estate. There will be fire all around you. You will need to clear a path so you can move forward. You need to put out the fire that is right in front of you by shooting the water barrels found by the fire. There will be mercenaries that you need to kill on the ground level of the Estate below. You can also shoot explosive barrels down below to help take out some of the mercenaries quicker. You can pick up some adrenalin as well up here on the wall as you move across it.

Move down the wall until you come to a set of steps that allows you to get off the wall to the ground. Right next to the stairs is a maximum strength reward. Pick it up and also be careful to not fall threw the hole in the ground that is in flames right in front of the steps. As you continue forward another big part of the ground will fall away and go up in flames. At this point a lot of mercenaries will start to pour out of the building behind the hole in the ground. Kill them all and then move to the left of the hole in the ground and follow the safe passage until you are on the other side of the big hole in the ground. You will now get attacked by mercenaries with bows on the roof. Take care of them. Now move past the building the mercenaries poured out of and you will see more fire blocking your advancement. Shoot out the barrels to have the water in them put the flames out. Now you can move on. You will have a bunch of mercenaries with bows attacking you from up on the wall in front of you so kill them.

You can snag a Exp reward next to the building where all the mercenaries poured out of. Now hang a right and go between the bushes near the fire on the left and then hang another right and move into the next section of the Estate by going by the wagon and columns. You will see the columns fall down behind you. Now get ready for a good fight. You will be attacked from the left and the right. You will be attacked from the front and the back. Basically they will come at you from every direction. Just kill them as they come.

As you move forward again, another section of the ground will go up in flames and fall away. Go around it moving on. Just a few step more and more of the ground will fall away in flames. Go to the left of it and you will get another wave of attacks. Bors will tell you that you are almost there. To the left tucked away next to the fence stalls is another Exp reward so grab it. Now continue onward and kill as you go. Once you reach the big wood gate and have killed all the mercenaries the level will end.

** You will have unlocked some new bonus material. You unlocked the Movie: Making of Chapter 3. You also Unlocked the Arena Battle 3.

Fall Of A Tyrant

Fighters: Guinevere

Mission Objectives: The Sound Of Battle Emanate From The Campsite. Hurry Back To Find Out What Is Going On.

Fallow the path to the left taking out any mercenaries you come across as you make your way. You will eventually get the game to have a Cut Scene where the villagers are fleeing in fear of the mercenaries. One of the villagers will be killed right in front of you. This should really piss you off now so let’s go hunting for some mercenaries shall we? Kill the butt wipes. They will come at you from the right and the left and in front of you.

After you have killed that wave of mercenaries move onward. You will come to a cavern that has big rock cliffs on your left and right. You will get attacked some more when you reach this area. You will also come to a section that if you look to the left you will see an old tree that seems to be covered with some snow. There will of course be mercenaries there for you to kill. The reason I point out this tree is because there is an Exp reward  right in front of it so snag it and move on. Now you get to move a good ways down the path without being attacked until the game cut away to a Cut Scene. You will see Marius holding a knife to the young boy’s throat, He will warn to stay back or he will slit his throat. As you shoot him with an arrow he will call his mercenaries after you. Like that has stopped us so far. What a moron.

Ok so I guess you need to get ready to kill some more mercenaries. This is sort of a Boss fight I guess but it is not really that hard in my opinion. You will start to have Marius’ mercenaries come at you from all directions. Your clan will help out some but not much. After you kill each wave you need to turn your focus and your aim up towards the top of the screen where Marius is running from left to right hiding like the little pussy he is. Shoot him as many times as you can until the next wave of mercenaries attack you again. Just keep repeating this technique until the wuss Marius has been dealt with. After that it is over for this level.

** You have now unlocked new bonus material. You have unlocked the Movie: Making of Chapter 4. You also have unlocked the Arena battle 4.

Ice Battle (Against All Odds)

Fighters: Guinevere

Mission Objectives: The Saxon Army Is Approaching From The Far Side Of The Ice. Shoot At The Edges Of The Group To Make Them Break Ranks And Crowd Toward The Center.

OK just like the mission objectives states, You need to focus on the highlighted Saxons in the distance. You need to try to get all the Saxons to crowd together in the center of the ice by steering them with your arrows. This will cause the ice to eventually break. After a few successful hit the game will cut to a Cut Scene showing that the Saxons are within range.

OK what you need to do is focus on where the Highlighted cross hairs are aimed at the Saxons across the ice in the distance. You will see on the top of the screen a circle that kind of looks like a compos that has a big rectangular red bar stretching across and threw the round compos. You need to keep shooting arrows at the Saxons off in the distance until that Red rectangle shrinks all the way to where it fits in the center of the round compos. That will mean that you have forced the ranks of the Saxons into the middle of the ice. This will add to much weight in one spot for the ice to hold all the Saxons up. While you are trying to do this you will be attacked by some of the Saxons that have broken threw to attack you and your knights. They will for the most part keep them busy for you but you will have to deal with them from time to time. Just keep flanking the Saxons until they are all bunched up together and then this level will end. It is not to difficult really.

Desperate Measures

Fighters: Bors

Mission Objectives: Dagonet Has A Plan For Victory. Protect Him While He Breaks The Weakened Ice To Send The Saxon Army Into The Icy Deaths.

Well you will see at the start of this level that the Ice is starting to crack. Problem is though it isn’t cracking all the way like Arthur and his knights had planned. So in comes Dagonet to the rescue. He will run up further to the ice and will start smashing the cracks in the ice to try to help it crack all the way open swallowing up the Saxon soldiers.

So go and get in the area where Dagonet is and to whatever you have to do to keep him safe so he complete his task of smashing the Ice a part. The Saxons will come at you front up and behind and left and right. Just keep killing them as they approach Dagonet. You can keep an eye on the Ice Icon in the upper right hand corner to see how Dagonet’s progress is going. Once Dagonet cracks the Ice here it will spread up a little further on the Ice lake. 

Just follow Dagonet when he goes over to the next section he is going to smash away the Ice at. Here you just have to do the same process as before. Protect Dagonet at all costs as he chips away at the ice. Of course you will start to get more Saxons attacking you now. Keep killing the Saxons until Dagonet completes this section of ice cracking.

Now move further up the ice to another section of ice that needs to be cut. Same old song and dance here as well. It seems to me like with each new Ice smashing section there are more Saxon soldiers that come after you. So stay on you toes. Dagonet will finally crack this one open as well and then he will move on to yet another one.

Ok this should be you 2nd to last one that Dagonet needs to crack open. As before it’s the same technique but even more Saxon butt heads come your way. I just keep slashing or shooting away here. This time they will come at you from the front and both left and right. You will be kept pretty busy here.

Now finally you will come to the last section where the Ice needs to be cracked open. It was starting to get quite repetitious wasn’t it? In this last part the Saxon’s will mainly attacked from the left and the right. You should be a Pro at this by now so do your stuff bro! You will eventually get the closing Cut Scene for this level showing a lot of Saxon Soldiers falling into the cold water. It will also show Dagonet full of arrows which makes me mad because I protected him like the game said. It is just a scene from the real movie but then the game makers should have made the game like the scene because it looks stupid to show him all shot up and dieing when in the game he was just fine. Oh well chock it up for another rushed movie game eh?

A Knight’s Destiny

Fighters: Arthur (On Horse)
                 Tristran (On Horse)

Mission Objectives: While Attempting To Protect The Wounded Dagonet, Bors Has Become Isolated And Is In Grave Danger. Fight Your Way Across The Broken Ice To Their Rescue.

Well this levels opening scene now shows Dagonet dead on the ice with Bors by his side. Well I guess between this level and the last level while the game was loading Dagonet was shot full of arrows. Hoo Hum. Any way you are either Arthur or Tristran on your Horse. You will need to fight your way over to help rescue your friends. 

As soon as you start just move across the Ice killing any Saxon warriors until you come to a section that is blocked by Ice Boulder. Now line up to face the Ice Boulders and press the L2 button to have your horse charge forward and smash threw the Ice Boulders. Now you will have to kill more Saxon warriors.

Fight threw these Saxons and you will reach another Ice Boulder that blocks your way. Use the same maneuver to get threw the Boulders. Now you will need to kill even more Saxon warriors. You will eventually come to a sling platform that has some more Ice Boulders. Just smash threw them as well. You will arrive in a Saxon camp. You will get attacked some more so deal with them as you will.

Now turn left and continue threw the Saxon camp killing plenty more Saxons as they pour out of their tents. Once threw to the end you will see another Boulder section to smash threw so do so now. Now you will go between 2 big ice ledges. You will get attacked big time here so be prepared for a swarm of Saxon warriors. Now to the left there are 2 sets of barrels. If you smash the set you will get a Archery reward. Now smash the 2nd set for an Exp reward. Now turn right and head all the way to the right and you will have smash threw some more Ice Boulders. Now Arthur will say that Bors can’t handle all these Saxons alone. Well you better get a move on it if Bors health bar is in the yellow. If it is not then you are doing great and your timing is great so far threw this level. You more than likely have it in the yellow but that is still not that bad. Just get moving. 

You need to smash threw another of Ice Boulders right up ahead so go threw them now. Hang to your right and kill some more Saxons and smash threw another Ice Boulder and you will be attacked by more Saxons but only this time one of them is using a big mounted crossbow on the Ice. Kill him quick so he does not get to many shots off at you.

Now you will see one more set of Ice Boulders to smash threw so smash threw them now. This will bring you finally to where Bors is. Now you need to kill all the Saxons that are attacking. By now Bors health is probably getting low so keep the Saxons off of him. There are 2 more big Crossbow mounted guns here in camp so take car of any Saxons that mount them. After you clear out this camp that will end this level.

** This will unlock new bonus material. You have unlocked Movie: Making of Chapter 5. You also have now unlocked Arena Battle 5.

Last Stand (Knights’ Charge)

Fighters: Lancelot (On Horse)
                Arthur (On Horse) 

Mission Objectives: Saxon Forces Have Entered The Battlefield And Are Beginning The Attack. Destroy The Saxon Commanders Directing The Battle.

Ok the trail that you will need to start going down is really obvious. You need to get to and kill 5 Commanders of the Saxon Army. You will see the Commander count in it’s usual upper right hand spot. Keep and eye on it and watch it drop as you kill each Commander.

You will eventually reach and area where a bunch of hay stacks are lit on fire. To the left of them are some more burning hay stacks that have Saxon soldiers shooting at you with crossbows. Kill them and go around those burning hay stacks. Don’t get to close to them or you will get burned. Once you make it threw the flames you will get attacked by a pretty good wave of Saxon soldiers to be prepared for them. If you go straight close to the next set of burning hat you can pick up an Exp reward. Now hang a right and go in that direction and hear Arthur yell “This Army numbers in the thousands.” “I swear not for much longer.” Just keep following the obvious path and you will come up to your 1st Commander. He has the usual green health bar above his head. Kill him to bring your Commander count down to 4. To the left near some flames you can grab a Max Strength reward.

Now after you kill the 1st Commander and you move forward just a tad you will get a Cut Scene showing a wagon carrying explosive barrels. The barrels will be shot and the will blow up. After that just keep to the trail until you come to a mounted Crossbow. Kill the Saxon dude there. Now go forward until you have to turn left and move threw the wood fence to the next side.

Hang a quick left and ride forward and grab the Exp reward here. Now go threw the next section of wood fence to get to the next section. Ride threw this fenced in area and kill the Saxons and ride threw to the next section here. By this time you will probably only have 1 more Commander that you will have to kill so just keep killing and moving forward. You need to start heading to the left now and you will come to an area that is fenced in that has 2 mounted Crossbows. Near the fence divider you will see an explosion able barrel. Shoot it and ride into this next section and you can face and kill your last Commander here.

That will end this level.

No Retreat

Fighters: Tristran

Mission Objectives: The Saxon Light Infantry Has Passed Through The Gates. Protect The Villagers While They Close The Gates, Trapping The Saxons.

OK this is pretty simple to explain. You will see a bunch of Villagers who are trying to push the main gate closed. Your job is to keep the Saxon guys off their backs so to speak. Basically there are a bunch of Saxon soldiers already in the village. You just need to park your behind close to the Villagers trying to close the Big gate. Keep them safe long enough and they will get the big gate closed.

Now that the gate is closed you will get a Cut Scene showing that the fight is now moving to the upper wall of the fortress. You will already be placed by the game up on the wall and told to now finish them. You will start having the bad guys flood you from down the stairs below and they will also come at you from up on the higher level just above you. Fight them off and move up the steps in front of you.

You will see 3 barrels to your left. Smash them and you will get an Exp reward. You can also knock over the 2 big gold pots here and they will spill out hot lava from them killing any Saxon guys close by. They will hurt you as well so remember that. There will be some barrels on the right as well that holds a Max Melee reward so grab that as well.

Now just clear out all the remaining Saxon that are up here and the Level will end with a Cut Scene.

Fire In The Sky

Fighters: Arthur (On Horse)
                 Lancelot (On Horse)

Mission Objectives: The Saxons Have A Formation That Is Extremely Effective Against Cavalry. You Must Find A Way To Breach The Shield Walls And Take The Battle To The Main Force.

You will be on Horse here. You will have 8 Saxon Shield Walls that you are going to have to break threw in this level. So, just ride forward and you will have to kill a band of Saxons. You will hear after you kill the 1st band that you need to signal your allies.

Now just ride down into the middle of the road. On your right you will see one of the Saxon Shield walls. You will get a Cut Scene showing Arthur shooting an Arrow to send a signal to your allies behind you. Your allies will use 2 of them swinging mechanisms (sorry I can’t remember what you call them) to smash up the Saxon Shield wall. 1 down and 7 more to go.

Now ride threw where the shield wall was into this little town. You will see directly in front of you another little Saxon shield wall stopping your progress. You will be attacked in here as well. Kill all the Saxon pee on warriors first and then turn to your right and head a ways down the dirt road here. You will get attacked some more but just deal with the annoyances. Now I sent you down here because you can grab a Strength reward here.

OK now go back over to the waiting Saxon Shield dudes. When you are facing them you will see just to the right of them a highlighted pole that you must shoot with an arrow to send another signal to your allies. Once you have done this you will see a couple boulders smash threw the Saxon Shield wall. Now that is 2 down with 6 more to go.

Wait for the flames to go out and proceed threw the shield wall. You will just past this section and not go very far before you reach the next Saxon Shield wall. You will again be attacked. Just keep killing them until you get a chance to shoot another arrow into the pole on the right by the hut to send your allies another signal.

After your allies get your signal you will again have the way cleared by a couple of boulders smashing the blockade. Wait for the flames to die down again and then move onward. That should make your 3rd Saxon Shield wall destroyed with just 5 more to go.

In this next area you will see the Shielded wall again right in front of you. You will be attacked from your left and your right. They will come out of the bushes. There are not really that many this time for some reason. When they are all dealt with you will find your signal pole to light up on your right. It is not as visible as the others. You will see it just to the right of the Saxon Shielded wall. It is right behind a wood fence. Just turn in that direction and you will see the pole highlight. So press the Triangle button to light up your arrow and fire away Knight.

Once again the same ole story…Boulder comes flying in and breaks up the blockade. Wait for the flames to go away again and you should now have only 4 more Shielded walls to deal with now. Carry on and move forward. As you move past the Saxon Shield Wall that you just had cleared up you will get a Cut Scene showing a huge boulder come smashing into the field in the distance. It creates one hell of a explosion I tell ya. This will cause the road right in front of you to now be blocked by a wall of fire. This will prevent you from passing there.

So I guess we have to go another way eh? Turn to the right of the flames and ride in between the 2 shacks here. You will by no means not get attacked here. So get your sword or arrows ready to do some Saxon cleaning. As you advance you will notice another Saxon shielded wall on your right. Kill all the Saxon in this area and shot another arrow lit up by fire into the pole to the shielded walls right to send your allies another signal.

Now hang back and enjoy the scene until the flames die out and then move onward past the now clear blockade. I guess these Saxons will never learn eh?  That should leave you with just 3 more Shielded walls to go. Now in this next section you will not have to go far at all to see your next Saxon Shielded wall to take out. Use the same Technique as you’ve been doing. You should be a pro at it by now. I’ll just wait here until you get it blown open ok?

Now head threw and hang a left. Over in the corner by the chicken you can pick up a Exp reward. Now go and clear out this little section of the village. You will see the next Saxon wall off in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Same deal here. The Signal to your allies is on the right side by the hut. So kill everything and set off that signal. Once that is done you only have 1 more to blow up. Just wait once again for the flames to die down and proceed threw to get to your last Saxon wall. In this last section you can find a Exp reward on your left by one of the huts. It’s easy to spot. Same deal here as well. Kill all the Saxons and then light the signal marker which is on your left up in the corner. It looks kind of like a flag pole but what do I know. Light her up and enjoy the show.

I bet you thought that would be the end to this level eh? Don’t feel dumb because my 1st time threw I did as well. Well it’s not over yet. Now you have to kill 36 Saxon soldiers that are rushing at you. As soon as the flames die down head into the next section and start picking away at all the Saxon guys that attack you. The counter will be going down as you are slaying them. During this fight you may notice another Saxon shielded wall. You can’t do anything about them so just focus all your time and energy into your Saxon killing spree until you reach the almighty number 0!

Once you kill all the required Saxons here in this section you will see a Cut Scene of 2 more boulders coming in and blowing up the Saxon wall I told you to ignore. Like all the rest wait for the flames to go away and then move threw to the next section. This will end this level finally. Good job if you are still alive. LOL

Fields Of Fire

Fighters: Guinevere

Mission Objectives: Cynric’s Lieutenant, Raewald, Must Be Stopped Before He Inflicts More Damage Upon Your Comrades. Track Him Down And Defeat Him.

You will see a opening Cut Scene of Lancelot killing Saxon soldiers. He will see Guinevere off in the distance and jump over some flames to get in her general area. You will then get told by the game that you must kill Cynric’s Lieutenant.  You are cornered by Saxon soldiers here to start off with so kill them all to get out of the corner. You will see in the upper right hand corner an Icon of the Lieutenant and his health bar.

As you move onward make sure you kill the 2 Saxon soldiers shooting arrows at you from up on the beam of a burned up hut. Now if you go into the right hand corner of the house in this field you are in…Right as you are facing it, You will find in the corner a Exp reward. OK now in order for you to clear a way to get out of here you will need to clear the area where the wagon is with all the barrels on it. To do this you need to go over to the sling shot mechanism and you will see a ([]) square button icon highlighted. Press it to grab a hold of the level on the big sling shot. Now it will show the (X) button as the fire button. What you need to do is hold the (X) button down until you see the lever of the sling shot go back about half way then let go of it. This will sling a boulder in the air and it will smash into all the barrels off in the distance. If you hold down the fire button to long it will over shoot the barrels. OK now that you have cleared away the barrels go over and threw that now open area.

Now in this next field just kill the soldiers that come after you. After they are dead hang a right and go threw the opening in the wood fence and curve to your right taking out whoever gets in your way. Go right by the hut you killed the 2 soldiers at from the beam earlier.

As you enter this next section you hear a voice say…Be quick and destroy the wagons. Shoot ever bad guy that is in this section. You can go over to behind the Dragon looking creature here and shoot out balls of fire if you want to. Well you will by now have seen the explosive barrels being rolled down the hill in the distance. Well we need to get threw that area with out one of the barrels hitting you.

OK all you have to do is time your way around the rolling barrels to the top where the barrels are being released from. Once you get to each barrel wood holder just kill any soldiers that are controlling them and the barrels will stop moving down hill. There ya go!

Now to you left is a bunch of soldiers blocking your path. Approach them and give them a smack and a barrel will cause an explosion to clear the way for you. Now you will see right up a head 3 more holders for the rolling barrels. Shoot any soldiers that come for you and shoot any barrels with arrows as they are released to roll towards you. Just like before, time shooting the barrels just as the are released so they will explode and take out the wood platforms that are holding them and releasing them. Once they are all blown up move into the next section to your right.

In this next section you will see 2 more barrel rolling gizmo’s. Blow them up just like the others. You will be able to pick up a Exp reward to the left of one of the barrel rolling mechanisms. Now to your right you will see another sling shot platform. You need to go and operate this one just like you did the 1st one at the beginning of this level. To be able to reach the lever however, you will need to smash the 2 barrels that are blocking your way to it. Once you have done that use the ([]) button to grab the lever. Now you just need to pull the lever back a smidge. That means hardly at all so the boulder will smash the wagon right in front of you with the red canvas covering it. Once you have accomplished that you can move into the next section. Do so now.

Now this final area has 3 more barrel rolling gizmo’s. Blow them up and now you will find the Lieutenant in this final section as well. Once the 3 Rolling barrels are deactivated you can focus all your attention on your main goal….which is to kill the Lieutenant. Once that is done the level will end.

Face Off (BOSS Fight)
*It’s not that hard really if you use my methods.

Fighters: Lancelot

Mission Objectives: The Saxon Dog Will Pay With His Life For The Death Of Dagonet.

Well you will now have to avenge Dagonet’s death. To start off you need to kill the soldiers in your immediate location. Guinevere will tell you that you will need to smash the wagons. You need to now go and focus a bit on the wagons here. There are 6 of them and it takes a good amount of hits on them to smash them up pretty good. You will get attacked here and there as well while you are trying to smash each one. 

It is tedious but necessary so you may as well get started.. The reason for smashing the wagons is so you will have a much easier shot at the Saxon Dog Cynric. If you can smash all but one he will be forced to stay on the one wagon. Then you can pump him full of arrows to get revenge for Dagonet. I find it easier to leave one Wagon in tact because I like shooting him from a distance rather than close combat with the sword. It’s your call though. You can smash all the wagons which will force you into a head to head fight with him. Either way is fine just as long as you kill him.

It does not take to many arrows to bring him down and that is why I prefer that method the best. I have use both techniques and they both work. After the Dog is dead the level is over. Good Job!

Saxon Rampage

Fighters: Bors

Mission Objectives: Saxons Have Stormed Into The Fortress From All Directions. Close All The Gates To Stop More Saxons From Entering The Fortress.

You will need to seal off the breach. There will be 4 of them. You will an Icon on your screen showing you have many you need left to seal. There will be 2 levers to pull right where you start this level at. First you need to kill the bombardment of Saxons that are all over you. Once you get them all off your back, run to the levers and pull each one quickly to lower each gate. Now you have 2 more to go. Once they are both down head straight. You will see a little alley you can go threw to the other side but go on past it first. You will need to kill a few Saxons who come around the corner as you approach it.

Once they are dead go left around the corner and you will see some steps off to your right. Kill any Saxons that may still be up there then go up those steps. As you go up them you will pick up a Exp reward. There is a full health jar at the top as well. Just for kicks you can go all the way up the steps onto the walkway above and knock over the big gold pot holding the melted lava onto the ground below. It serves no purpose to do so but it still looks kind of cool.

Now go back down to the ground level. You will notice that you cannot advance past the steps here into the next section because it is blocked off. So in order to get over to the next section you need to go back to that little alley I pointed out to you a moment ago. Go back there now. You may have to kill a Saxon or 2 as you go back to the alley. Right before the alley you will see another healing jar you can use if you did not use it before.

Now as you move threw the alley you will want to shoot the Saxon guard up on the wall quickly before he gets a chance to hit you first. As you move all the way threw the Alley and come out into the open there will 2 Saxon guards up on the roof in front of you and another one to your right on the roof. Kill them fast. After they are dead make sure you pick up the Exp Reward under the awning to the right.

Now walk out to the dirt street and if you hang a left you will see that your path is blocked off here as well. So I guess we need to head right. As you move down the dirt road to the right you will see the last 2 Fortress gates that you need to close. The levers are in their respective places the same as the 1st 2 were. You will get rushed from outside the Fortress by more Saxons. Kill them as they come threw the gates. If you kill the 1st wave fast enough, you can hurry and run to both levers and close both gates before to many more Saxons come rushing in. Also don’t forget to pick up 1 more Exp reward that can be found right behind the last lever on your left. Now go and pull the last lever. 

Pulling the last lever will cause the game to go into a Cut Scene. It will show a Fortress Villager with a wood rake in his hand yelling “Help”!  Well now you have a new objective in this level. Now you must protect the Fortress Villagers. You will see in the lower left hand corner that there are 10 Villagers that need your protection. So I guess we need to get with it then huh?

Go back the way you came and head towards the little alley you just came threw. Now don’t go threw that alley but go threw the new opening right in front of you. It will be to the right of the alley you came threw a moment ago if you are facing it. You can’t miss it because you will see all the action going on just beyond it. You will see one of the Villagers totally surrounded by Saxons. Hurry and kill them all to save the poor useless fellow. That leaves us 9 more to save now.

After saving the 1st Villager hang a left and head down the dirt road taking out a few Saxons as you go down the road. There will be 1 or 2 Saxons giving another Villager a hard time at the end of this road. Kill them and you will now need 8 more to go. Now go and hang a right around the corner where you just saved the 2nd Villager at. As you go around the corner you will see a wagon with bails of hay on it. You will have 2 or 3 more Saxon soldiers come at you from the right around another corner. Kill them and then head down the direction on the right where they just came from.

Down the dirt road at the end here next to 7 ceramic pots there will be 1 Saxon giving 1 Villager a hard time. You know what to do. Kill the Saxon and free your 3rd Villager. That will leave you with 7 more to go. Now go to where that Villager you just saved was. Hang a left here and you will be rushed by 2 Saxons. Kill them. Leave the 7 pots alone because you can’t break them…I tried. 

You will see another Villager out in the road just in front of you off a little to your left. Shoot the Saxon who is up on the roof in front of you and that will save the Villager to your left. That will leave you with needing only 6 more. Now go out into the road and turn left. You will see another Villager in the distance to your left. You will have about 4 Saxons rush towards you from that Villagers spot. Kill them as they approach. Now quickly kill the Saxon who is up on the roof to the right of the Villager. That will save your 5th Villager. Now you need just 5 more to go.

Now head in the direction of where that Villager you just saved was but do not go all the way over there. You will see about half way there and opening to your left you can go to between 2 buildings. Go into that section and you can snag an Exp reward from in there. Now go back out to the road and hang a left and you will see another Villager Cowering in front of you. Go and approach him and turn left. You will see a few Saxon soldiers come from behind a building at you. Kill them and go to where they came from.

Once you round that corner you will see on your left a set of steps with a Saxon soldier on it. Kill him. Down the ways to the right from the steps are 3 more Saxon soldiers. Kill them. Ignore the steps because you can do nothing with them.  Head down the road in the direction of the last set of soldiers you just killed.  Go past the pile of stocked wood on your right and you will see in the distance 2 Saxon soldiers running towards you. Kill them. By now you should have noticed a Villager hunkered down off in the same distance the soldiers just came from.

If you move in that direction you will see 3 more Saxon soldiers come out from around the corner on the right and park themselves right in front of the Villager. As you approach their area 2 of them will charge you so kill them 1st. Now take out the 3rd one. You will tell the Villager to hurry the hell up and get out of dodge. He will run off and that will leave you with 4 more to rescue.

After he flees and the 3 Saxons are dead proceed forward and grab the Max Speed reward by where the Villager just was. Turn the corner by the Max Speed reward quickly and grab another Exp reward as well. Now turn around and head back the way you came going down this long dirt road. Make your first left turn that you can. It will be right after the 4th wood bench you pass on your right and it is also right after the flaming torch on your left. As you turn left between the two narrow walls you will be rushed by 2 Saxon soldiers so kill them. Head out into the road here and the game will take over for a second with a Cut Scene. After it is over you will be bull rushed by 5 shielded Saxon soldiers. I suggest you use your players special move (L2) to help take them out quickly. Now you can focus on taking down the 2 Saxons who are on the roof to your left.

Now with that done turn right and go and pick up a Exp reward by the rocks and the wagon wheel. Now go back to where you just killed the last 2 Saxons on the roof and you will see a Max Archery reward right under the awning here. Snag it. Now continue forward towards the straw hay leaning up against the wall in front of you. Turn right there and you will see another Villager being messed with by 1 Saxon soldier. Take out that soldier now.

You will tell the Villager to run and hide and he will do so. That leaves you just 3 more to save now. After he runs away you will now see 3 shielded Saxons off in the distance down the road. As you approach them they will charge you so just shoot them with your arrows and head in the direction of where they were. Now go down the road as far as you can and then turn right. You will see a Villager in need of rescue who is surrounded by 4 Saxon soldiers. Kill them all and that will leave you with just 2 more Villagers to save.

Continue forward and turn right as soon as you can and you will be charged by 2 Saxon soldiers. Kill them and then grab another Exp reward here. Now turn back around and go out to where you just killed the 4 Saxon guys to save your last Villager.  Approach the stone blockage and you will see a couple of Saxon soldiers attack you from the right. Go threw the opening where those soldiers were and you will pick up a Max Melee reward. You will end up freeing another Villager from killing the 2 soldiers that you killed before you picked up the Melee reward. That will leave you with only one more to rescue.

After you enter this last section you will have to kill 2 more Saxon Soldiers and that will free the last Villager. Finally they are all rescued. Now to the right of the last Villager you just rescued is another Exp reward so grab it. Now you will be told from the game that you need to seal one last breach in the Fortress. Man how much more do they want from us?

OK so lets go and seal it I guess. Go back out of this last section and turn left. Go forward just a td and turn right as soon as you can and you will have to squeeze threw a narrow alley here. You will know you are in the right section when you see about 5 shielded Saxon soldiers come to attack you. Kill them all with your Special move (L2) to get rid of the as fast as you can. Once they are all dead move forward out into the street and turn left. Move past the blue, yellow and red canvases covering the little stands on your right. As you round the corner here going left you will be attacked by 3 more soldiers so kill them.

Now you will see a set of steps behind you. You can’t miss them because Saxon soldiers will be coming down them to attack you. Kill every Saxon that moves and work your way up those steps now. You will see a lever at the top of the steps on your left. As you get close to it, more soldiers will come pouring out of the guard house next to the lever. Kill them and then pull the darn lever. Now that really does finally finish this long level. You will be treated to a gruesome scene from the real movie after this level ends. Oh do enjoy won’t you?

Road To Vengeance

Fighters: Arthur

Mission Objectives: Many Bodyguards Protect Cerdic. Fight Your Way Through Them To Meet Your Destiny.

You will start this level off on the battle field with flames to your left stretching as far as you can see. You need to take down 40 of Cerdic’s bodyguards throughout this level. You will need to kill 4 soldiers right off the bat here. Kill them however you want and move forward. You will see 1 Archer shooting at you on your left with a crossbow. He is hiding behind what looks like a rock wall. Shoot him and move past the 2 rock walls here. 

Now you will be attacked by 5 shield soldiers that will come down the hill from your right. Kill them all and then take out the lone Archer up to your right a little. Now continue forward past the mounds of hay burning in the field. You will arrive at a wreaked set of wagons to your left. You will have to battle at least 6 regular shielded soldiers when you first arrive in the middle of this area. Then you will be bombarded by regular soldiers coming at you from everywhere.

You will have to kill 5 of Cerdic’s bodyguards here as well. They have the usual green health bar above their heads. You will probably end up taking some of them out as you are killing the regulars soldiers. Just go bloody crazy here because it is a no holds barred fight here. You will be attacked hard so you may as well give it right back at them.

After you survive this fight you will see a small section in front of you that you can go between the hay that are on fire. There are some health jars as you pass threw there as well. I am sure you need them after that fight. You should be down to where you need 35 more bodyguards to hunt down and kill. As soon as you pass by the flames you will see 3 wood barrels on your right. Smash them because 1 of them holds a Exp reward in it.

Now continue forward and you will be attacked again but this time it will be by Archers. There are 4 of them up on a ledge to your right. Just start shooting at them with you own arrows and aim for any of the red barrels behind them. They will explode killing all the Archers at once. After they are dead proceed straight towards the covered wagons in front of you. You will see a good bunch of regular soldiers attack you here. You will have 15   Bodyguards here as well. This fight is even bigger than the 1st fight earlier. They just keep coming and they come from all angles. Do your best here to kill and stay alive because it is not easy by any means. Just move around a lot and never stay still for very long or it will be lights out in no time. If you survive this part you will be down to needing to kill 20 more of Cerdic’s bodyguards.

OK after this section is cleared out of bad guys, you will see the next section you need to go too be blown open by a boulder on fire. It will smash up one of the covered wagons a head of you opening up a way for you to go. Go threw their now into the next section.  As you continue forward you will come across 4 Archers shooting at you from behind a wall for cover. Take them out. Now go threw the walls they were hiding behind and you will see the camera angle of the game change.

In this next section you will be attacked by 4 regular soldiers here. Kill them all. On the right side of the screen next to the big brown column, you will see 3 barrels. Smash them open to get another Exp reward. Now you will see a big Crossbow mounted in the middle of this section. Go behind it and press the ([]) button to take control of it. Now move the crossbow and take aim at the covered wagon on the right off in the distance. Not the one that has red on it but the one to the right of that one. Hold down the (X) button almost all the way back and let go of it. It will shoot the covered wagon and blow it up.

Now this will send about 6 regular soldiers out to attack you. I just used the big Crossbow to kill them all. It’s easy and it’s fun. Now that they are dead get off the Crossbow and now go threw the opening you just created for yourself. Once you arrive into this area you will be attacked by a dozen or so regular soldiers and then after that wave a few more. You can mount this big crossbow but it for the most part is not worth it. You can kill these guys a lot fast on foot than using the big crossbow. After they are dead go and pick up the Exp reward between the 2 covered wagons next to the fortress wall.

Now head over to the left of your screen and you will have to kill a few more soldiers here as well. You will also see another big crossbow here. We want to use this one. Go over and mount it. Now turn it to the left until you are lined up with the covered wagon in front of you. The wagon looks just like the other one you blew up before. Now shoot it and it will blow up as well. This opens up another section for you to be able to go threw. Go threw there now.

Now in this section you will have regular soldiers attacking you as usual. There will be explosive barrels rolling down the field towards you as well. So needless to say avoid them at all costs. You will see way off in the distance the place where those explosive barrels are coming from. We need to blow that section to kingdom come to stop the barrels from coming. In order to do that you will need to go over to sling shot mechanism and take hold of the lever. Now keep shooting with it until it blows up the spot where the barrels were coming from. You will need to keep a close eye on the barrels while you are using the sling shot. Once you have blown up the area where the explosive barrels were coming from head over to that area. Now to the left of that area you will see another sling shot there. Go and approach it and get attacked by a few soldiers here. Kill them and then take hold of the lever of the sling shot. Now just barley shoot the boulder to hit the covered wagon in front of you. This will blow it up and open another section for you to go threw. Go threw there now.

As you get to the middle of this next section you can pick up another Exp reward. You will hear Arthur say…”this ends now.” Well this is going to be the final fight of this level. You will be hit and attacked from every direction. All the rest of the bodyguards you have been hunting down will come for you as well. So it may very well end now. Question is…for who? You or them? My bet is on you because if you have made it this far in the game then I bet you are pretty good at killing by now. Well have at it Arthur. Fight until there are no bodyguards left to kill.

After all the bodyguards are killed in this last fight you have reached the end of this level. Good job!


Fighters: Arthur

Mission Objectives: The Final Battle. Defeat Cerdic

Well this is it folks. This is the final stage of the game. The final BOSS fight as well. You now get to finally go head to head against Cerdic. As you can imagine…Cerdic is not going to be easy to take down. He is no push over. You will have a few regular soldiers that will get in the way here and there but nothing you can’t handle really.

Now you just need to use similar tactics on Cerdic like you do the Shielded Soldiers. You can either hack and slash and back off avoiding his hits as much as possible of run around and take shots at him with your arrows. Your main goal for this 1st part of the fight is to get Cerdic’s shield away from him. Once you have destroyed it the game will take over with a little Cut Scene. You will see Cedric kind of pout once his shield is gone. He will run over to a big stump with a double bladed spear wedged in it. He will pull out the blades and you will see yourself and Bors run into the burning building for the next section of this fight.
Cerdic packs quite a wallop with his new weapon in hand. He is pretty good at blocking some of your blows with it as well. Just run in and take a few slashes at him and quickly back out to avoid getting to slashed up. You can always use your arrows if you are getting slashed up to much. It takes longer to take him down this way but it is much easier to avoid getting hit by him as well. It your call on which method you use.

Once you get his health to about half way down you will see a mini-Cut Scene of Cerdic being thrown threw the wall. He lands on his back. Take that sucker. He will get back up and you will now enter round 3 of the fight. Use the same exact tactics her until you drain his health all the way down. Here is a little tip that might help speed things up for you a bit. If you look around this section where you are fight in, you will see some red explosive barrels sitting around on the ground. What you can do is draw Cerdic over to one and then shoot the barrel causing it to explode and it may even be enough to take Cerdic out completely. I know it will kill him if you can get him caught by to of them. It worked well for me so give it a try. Once his health is totally gone you will have ended this final fight and level. You can be proud now because you my friend have beaten the game.

You will a nice closing scene but sad scene from the real movie. **You will also have unlocked the movie: Making of Chapter 6. You will unlock the movie: Making of the Game. You will have unlocked the Arena battle 6 as well.

Now you will see the final part of the real movie as the ending scene to the game.

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