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Kingdom Hearts FAQ 
The walkthrough of the brilliant game
Version 23.0
made by Mark Trigg

(I may not have time to finish this FAQ,and if i don't i'll make a second part. 
also i haven't finished the game yet but i've heard what happens to Ansem so i'll 
just put it here)


The awakening (1 boss)
Destiney Islands  (1 boss)
Traverse Town (2 bosses)
Wonderland (2 bosses)
Deep Jungle (3 bosses
Traverse Town x 2 (1 boss)
Olympus Coliseum ( 2 bosses)
Agrabah (4 bosses)
Monstro ( 1 boss x 2)
Atlantica (my favourite world!) (4 bosses)
Halloween Town (3 bosses)
Neverland (2 bosses) 
Traverse town x 3 
Hollow bastion (4 bosses)
Traverse town x 4
Hollow bastion x 2 (1 boss)
End of the world (5 bosses

The Awakening
Now that you are in this dream or not place, you move forward on the Snow White 
the seven dwarves platform and then three pedestals appear and they have three 
different weapons : The sword, the staff and the shield , you are asked to choose 
one so choose well. After you choose what is the most important to you. you are 
asked to give up one, so choose carefully. Once you're done you move on to the 
platform which is the Cinderella and there you start to fight the shadow 

Hp: 10
Str: 2
Mp recovery: 0
items dropped: 0
These are the first heartless you fight, they attack you with thier claws but 
should be easy.

After you defeat them you land in another platform where you can either attack or 
throw the objects you see. Then you get asked by three teenagers, you can take 
answer you want. Then you go in the next platform with Sleeping Beauty, you then 
engage in battle with the shadow heartless. After you defeat them you get your 
first save point, then some glass stairs appear and when you go on them you 
approach the Beauty and the Beast platform where you meet Darkside.

     attacks: bring heartless, dark orbs
This is your first boss fight but don't worry, he's easy, when his hand hits   
floor, some shadows come out. You can hit darkside's hands or the heartless that 
have been summoned. His next attack is shooting some laser orbs from his heart- 
shaped stomach, you can hide between his legs and avoid the blasts.

Destiny Islands

on the first day, Kairi asks you to get some stuff needed for the raft which are 
logs, 1 rope and 1 cloth. after or before you can collect them all, you can 
challenge Selphie, Tidus, Wakka and Riku for a challenge.

Hp: 45
Exp: 1
attacks: skipping rope

Selphie's pretty easy as long as you avoid her skipping rope, but you can attack 
while selphie throws it at you hitting her back, making her unconcious, giving 
a chance to attack her.

Hp: 75
Exp: 1
attacks: ball throw, super ball throw.

Wakka's also easy, and make sure to hit his ball when he throws it at you to make 
it hit it back to wakka giving you a chance to attack. And when he says "Take 
This!" he throws the ball really fast so be prepared to hit it back to him.


Tidus is also an easy opponent, but unlike Wakka and selphie when you deflect his 
attacks, he doesn't get unconcious, but you can still attack him and carry on 
he gives in, but he will attack as well.

attacks: sword, and kick backwards

Riku is a tough opponent out of Selphie, Tidus and Wakka, just make sure to 
him and avoid him when he's fallen on the floor and try not to fall off the edge 
You will automatically lose.  

( I'm going to carry on with this on part 2 since i don't have much time to put 
of the guide down.)  



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