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                               Kingdom Hearts
                                The    Easy
                                  PART 2

The reason they made this game was to make a few 50$ on a cheap game that 
gives amusement with Disney characters,and this is it.You may notice two new 
heartless or "goombas",dont you just hate the hoggish ones?I do.Anyway just 
follow that slowbut rabbit to the the room with the talking door knob.(I know 
weird).I hope youve already noticed this but this is the Alice in wonderland 
world.Okay listen to that fat queen babble.Then go to the lotus forest and 
find the clues.Bring them back choose one and nomatter what you battle destroy 
the tower.Go through the lotus forest and youll find a opening.Go in the house 
and kill the heartless and get on the to the table use blizzard on the candle 
then do the same thing on the other table.Go all the way to the door knob room 
again,and its a boss...


I dont really have a strategy for this just read a boss faq

                           Kigdom Hearts
                             The   Easy
                            PART   TWO
                             COMING SOON!

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