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(Im SO sorry it's taking a long time for me to do this 2nd part of the game, 
i had some things to do anyway this is my 2nd part now, Hope you enjoy it!)

Destiny Islands(cont)

since i forgot to tell you were the items are for the first day, i'll tell you 
1. Log - can be found on the beach and near riku where u fight him on day 1.
2. Rope - is on the bridge where Tidus was on Day 1.
3. Cloth - the cloth is inside the tree house to the right when you go in there.

after you gave them to Kairi,and select let's go home, you go on the second day 
after the cutscenes. however some of the other characters are someplace else now, 
(except Selphie, who's still on the boat raft thing.)so you can go through the 
that Kairi was in front of in day 1 to reach the cove. There Riku will be here 
when you talk to him, you have to decide on what the raft's name will be but you 
can decide on any name. Then you'll have to race Riku,if you lose the raft will 
named what riku named it, if you win then the raft will have your name and you 
a pretty stone, which i dont think it's any use, then Kairi will be by the raft 
now you have to collect 5 items

1. Drinking Water - You can get the water from the waterfall in the Seaside Shack 
or in the Cove under the bridge.
2. Seagull Eggs - Behind the Seaside Shack, there's a thin tall palm tree,climb 
it and you'll get it.
3. 3 Mushrooms - you'll find one of them in a small cave near the raft, you have 
push the boulder aside so you can get it, another one is in the bushes next to 
tower and the other one is in the Secret Place where there'll be a cutscene with 
hooded man,ooooooooooo!
4. 2 Coconuts - you can pick every tree in the cove to get some coconuts, just 
attack a tree and just pick up 2 golden coconuts since those are the ones you can 
only take.
5. 3 fish - these fish can be found in shallow waters so you can go in there and 
lock on, when you see some fish, you have to grab them.

After you end the day there will be some cutscenes and after them your island's 
having a Storm! the storm is making shadow heartless pop out, you cant kill them 
yet since you only have a wooden sword and at the moment you can't open the door 
that leads to the Secret Place, you have to go see Riku first. where he was on 
1, he will be there now and then you get the Keyblade. NOW you can kill the 
with it and now you can go through the door to the Secret Place.

    attacks: summon heartless,laser rays,dark orbs, hand slam
 remember when you were in the awakening and you had to face a giant shadow 
heartless? yep, he's back and he's got more hp and xp but is still easy. you can 
attack his hand again when he spawns heartless out and avoid the laser rays by 
going behind his legs, and he has new attacks as well, he sends out orbs ( which 
made a mistake on the 1st part, should have been laser rays, sorry) and then he 
slams on to the ground. Jump to avoid the tremor and then attack his head because 
it will give you tech. points. Repeat attacking him and avoiding his attacks 
you beat him.

Traverse Town

you are now in a different world. after the cutscene with Donald and Goofy (BTW: 
bought this game because i LIKE Disney i like EVERY Disney film.)go straight 
until you reach the center of Traverse town, you can talk to the people if you 
to then enter the shop, you'll speak to Cid, the shop owner and there's a save 
point near the chimney so you can save your game, if you wish and then go outside 
and go to the left to go to the 2nd district. there you'll see a man's heart 
stolen from a new type of heartless. Then Shadows attack again, u have to defeat 
them and they keep attacking you from different places. the 2nd District, the 
Alleyway, the Gizmo Shop and the 3rd District. then go back to the accessory shop 
then go out. you're going to meet a familiar person for those who've played FF.

     attacks: Sword slash, fireball
     More than a duel than a Boss fight, but it's a bit tougher than fighting a 
regular enemy, Leon will attack you with his sword so try and dodge it and watch 
out when he sends out a fireball, unlike ALL of the other bosses, you don't HAVE 
beat leon the story just continues whether you win or lose.

(im sorry but im going to have to do a third part since iv nearly done this 
so sorry BUT i will continue with this game so dont worry, if you are worrying)


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