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(hopefully i will finish this walkthrough on this 3rd part, since it's taking a lot 
of time)

After you watch the cutscenes with Yuffie and leon as well as Donald and Goofy, you 
appear in the green room with Leon and Yuffie and you learn more about the Keyblade 
and the Heartless. You can try out the chest with a keyhole on the table, and 
there's also a save point so you can save if you want to then when you tell Leon 
you are ready the new heartless you saw when you were in the Second district 
appears: Soldiers. Then you have to fight your way to the third district where you 
meet donald and goofy, then several Soldiers appear.

Hp: 24
Str: 8
Mp recovery: 8
items dropped: Potion = 2%, Spirit Shard = 8%, Protect Chain = 1%
The second type of heartless you meet, they're stronger than the Shadows, but they 
are really easy to defeat so keep on attacking them!

Once the Soldiers are defeated, you face a giant heartless, dont worry it's not 
Darkside, It's Guard Armour!

BOSS: Guard Armour
      Hp: Armoured Torso = 700, Gauntlets = 84, Hammerlegs = 196
      Exp: 110
      attacks: Fast arm spin, Body slam, Foot stomp, Foot slam, arm punch,     
tornado spin
      Guard armour's kind of easy, but watch out for his first attack but you can 
      avoid it by attacking his arms, having a Tech. point and then attack
      at it. He sometimes jumps and slams down so you can jump to avoid it, he also 
seperates his body so run away from his feet and arms because they can take quite a 
lot of hp. You can either attack his arms or his legs first and dont worry if your 
low on health, Donald and Goofy will heal you and if you destroy the arms or legs, 
lots of hp balls will appear. Once the arms and legs are gone, Guard Armour has 
another attack, he spins around like a tornado doing damage, so wait until he 
stopped, then attack him again until he's defeated.

once Guard Armour is dead and after the cutscene you can save your game if you like 
and you can equip your new ability: Dodge roll, which can help you dodge attacks 
from now on. and you can do whatever you want to do, when your job in Traverse Town 
is done. it's time to go on the Gummi Ship and go on to a new world.


When you land, follow the white rabbit to the room where there's a cutscene with 
you and the talking doorknob, the doorknob tells you to drink the blue bottle to 
shrink and drinking the red bottle makes you grow to your normal size but before 
you drink the blue bottle, push the bed aside and you'll see a passageway. now 
drink the blue bottle and go through the hole. you'll encounter a cutscene with the 
Queen of Hearts and Alice, you have to go find some evidence that Alice didnt try 
to steal the Queen's heart. NOTE: Before you go to the Queen of hearts you are 
attacked by a new type of Heartless: the Red Nocturne.

Red Nocturne           
Hp: 24
Str: 9
Mp recovery: 6
Items dropped: Ether = 1%, Blaze Shard = 6%, Fira ring = 0.5%
These are the 3rd type of heartless you meet and the first spellcasting heartless 
you encounter. They attck with fire so they absorb fire attacks so dont use your 
fire spell, since they'll absorb it and fire it at you.

Now go into the Lotus Forest,there you'll first meet the Cheshire Cat who'll tell 
you there are clues to find. You will find a yellow flower near you who asks for a 
Potion. if you have one or more, you can give it to the flower and he'll make you 
bigger now step on the Tree stump and take the nut from the tree in the middle of 
the forest to shrink again. here is where the evidence is:

Footprints - Near where a blue trinity is, near the mushrooms (i may be wrong so i 
apologize if it's wrong).
Claw Marks - Jump on a mushroom and then jump onto a leaf platform to the other 
leaf near the entrance, jump to that and then go through and then when you land on 
the tap jump across the other side where the Cheshire cat will give you a new 
spell: Blizzard which you can use to kill Red Nocturnes as well as attacking them.
Antenna - on a leaf platform near the end of the forest.
Stench - jump onto the tree where the nut was and then go through and then you will 
land on the fireplace where stench is.

then after you fight the monsters to the queen's castle , you have to pick a box. 
if you pick one with donald and goofy, then you'll have to fight alone, if you 
picked one with a heartless, you have to fight anyway.

(im sorry again, hopefully i will finish on the 4th part since i will do nearly all 
the worlds in the 4th part.)          

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