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		  Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough
				 By: KOH13
			      Copyright: KOH13
Table of Contents							[TOC]

Version History					[VH]
0. Introduction					[000]
I. Disclaimer					[001]
II. Controls					[002]
III. Create a Character				[003]
IV. Out of Darkness				[004]
V. Into the Light				[005]
VI. The Hunters Wanted				[006]
VII. Old Friends, New Foes			[007]
VIII. The Coming Storm				[008]
IX. The Great General				[009]
X. Breaking Siege				[010]
XI. An Old Friend				[011]
XII. Enemies in High Places			[012]
XIII. Silence Falls				[013]
XIV. Echoes of the Past				[014]
XV. A Pride Before a Fall			[015]
XVI. Taking Vengeance				[016]
XVII. Reckoning					[017]
XVIII. Warsworn Faction Quests			[018]
	Ost’s Commendation			[WSF01]
	The Road Patrol				[WSF02]
	The Heart of Sibun			[WSF03]
	Lock and Key				[WSF04]
	The House of No Doors			[WSF05]
	The Isle of Eamonn			[WSF06]
	The Mystic Hammer 			[WSF07]
	The Mountain Prison			[WSF08]
	Khamazndu’s Gift			[WSF09]
XIX. House of Ballads Faction Quests		[019]
	Song of Sir Sagrell			[HOBF01]
	Ballard of Bloody Bones			[HOBF02]
	Two Knights, and a Troll		[HOBF03]
	What Lies Beneath			[HOBF04]
	The Champions				[HOBF05]
	Cursed Kingdom				[HOBF06]
	The Hero and The Maid			[HOBF07]
XX. Travellers Faction Quests			[020]
	The Guilded Hands			[TFQ01]
	The Silent Step				[TFQ02]
	Jailbreak				[TFQ03]
	Something Borrowed			[TFQ04]
	Going Rouge				[TFQ05]
	Mirror, Mirror				[TFQ06]
	Outside the Box				[TFQ07]
	Classic Misdirection			[TFQ08]
	The Purloined Letters			[TFQ09]
	Thick as Thieves			[TFQ10]
XXI. Scholia Arcana Faction Quests		[021]
	Trials By Fire				[SAF01]
	The Ruin of Aodh			[SAF02]
	The Unquiet Bride			[SAF03]
	Shardfall				[SAF04]
	Lighting in a Bottle			[SAF05]
	A Crowded Mind				[SAF06]
	Revelation				[SAF07]
XXII. House of Sorrows Faction Quests 		[022]
	The Sorrows Call			[HOS01]
	Voices of the Dead			[HOS02]
	A House Divided				[HOS03]
	The Eldest				[HOS04]
	The Weeping King			[HOS05]
	Such Sweet Sorrow			[HOS06]
XXIII. Achievement Guide/Trophy Guide		[023]
XXIV. Contact					[024]
XXV. Special Thanks				[025]

Version History								[VH]

February, ,2012

- Guide is created and posted on GameFAQS

0. Introduction								[000]

Hi guys I’m here with a walkthrough for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, this 
guide solely focuses on the Main Quest line and Faction Quests, hopefully 
this helps you out.

I. Disclaimer								[001]

This guide is written by KOH13. This may be not be reproduced under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
website or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

II. Controls								[002]

So these are the controls for the PS3 version of the game;

[]: Attack with primary weapon
/\:  Attack with secondary weapon
O: Roll
X: Sprint [Hold]/Interact 
L1: Block
L2: Item Wheel
L3: N/A
R1: Ability Wheel
R2: Enter stealth mode
R3: Center camera while moving/Zoom in with camera
Select: Brings up map
Start: Brings up menu
D-Pad: Hot key for consumable items
L1 + R1 [HOLD]: Use reckoning mode, after meeting with Agarth for the first 
time can you use this ablility.

III. Create a Character							[003]

So before you can start the game you can watch the intro or skip to the 
create a character part right away, there are 4 races with 5 character race 

Almain: +1 Persuasion, +1 Alchemy, +1 Blacksmithing

Fire: +6% Fire Damage/+6% Fire Resistance
Wisdom: +10% Mana
War: +5% Physical Damage/+5% Armor
Order: +5% Health/+5% Mana
Justice: +10% Health 

Varani: +2 Lockpicking, +1 Detect Hidden, +1 Mercantile 

Fire: +6% Fire Damage/+6% Fire Resistance
Water: +6% Ice Damage/+6% Ice Resistance
War: 5% Physical Damage/+5% Armor
Death: +1% Critical Hit/+8% Critical Damage 
Mischief: +6% Poison Damage/+6% Poison Resistance

Ljosalfar: +1 Sagecraft, +1 Alchemy, +2 Dispell

Earth: +5& Elemental Resistance
Air: +6% Lighting Damage/+6% Lighting Resistance
Wisdom: +10% Mana
Order: +5% Health/+5% Mana
Justice: +10% Health

Dokkalfar: +1 Sagecarft, +1 Persuasion, +2 Stealth

Wisdom: +10% Mana
Love: +5% Health/+1% Critical Hit
Death: +1% Critical Hit/+8% Critical Damage
Fate: +5% Mana/+5% Mana Regeneration Per Second
Mischief: +6% Poison Damage/ +6% Poison Resistance

IV. Out of Darkness							[004]

So we start off the game with a introduction into the world of Kingdoms of 
Amalur: Reckoning, if you can either watch it or skip [up to you] then before 
we can play the game you must create a character before you go any further 
[all the classes are above me in the Create a Class] so choose what you want 
and lets start our adventure. This is the tutorial of the game so pay 
attention so you know what the game is like.


After waking up you are completing defenceless but no worry as nothing is 
important here, run up and take the note on the table then go left to a 
skeleton to get some gold, then make your way back to the door and pick up 
the sword and equip, move into the next room and keep going till you see 2 
RATS, kill them then continue upward, you then hear a gnome yelling for help 
so jump down and kill the 2 SOLDIERS here then ENCEL will talk to you, after 
talking to him loot the bodies for armor then move up but break all the boxes 
and grab the CHEST before you leave, after seeing a little scene pull the 
lever and make your way to the weapon rack but look right when you come in 
for a CHEST.

ENCEL then tells you to grab a SHIELD which you must and equip it, after a 
bit 2 SOLDIERS come in after the wall breaks, go right beside the weapon rack 
and break the boxes for a CHEST, then move up and grab the LONGBOW, continue 
and see 2 ARCHERS, shoot them with your bow and move through the gate, there 
are 2 SOLDIERS up top and a CHEST below, move up and collect the DAGGERS and 
look left and break boxes for a CHEST, run up and perform a stealth kill then 
moves up and perform a another stealth kill on 1 of the ARCHERS then kill the 
other then open the door.

After entering the room you can use magic which is a LIGHTING BOLT, grab the 
CHEST here and continue down, loot the CHEST at the end then you fight a SPIDER 
which is nothing, go left and collect the staff and quip it so you can burn 
the web here, move into the next part and 3 SPIDERS attack you, loot the 
SPIDER SAC and move up and burn the web, then 2 more SPIDERS attack you, loot 
the CHEST and move up where you meet survivors.

After meeting the survivors ENCEL will leave you, you can try and persuade 
him to come with you but the chances of him coming are nearly impossible, 
collect the 3 CHESTS here before leaving, then make your way to the next 
part and open the door to HUGHES.

After talking to HUGHES the soldiers break in and HUGHES leave so you must 
continue forward, up the stairs and 2 SOLDIERS are here, look right for a 
CHEST, after opening the door you encounter the boss.


This is actually quite simple since it’s the tutorial level, the boss is 
with 3 SOLDIERS so take them out first then since the boss, the boss has 
2 attacks; 

[1] Charging attack which you simply just roll out of the way before he 

[2] Standing swipe, just simply roll out of the way or just block it

The weapon you should use is the LONGSWORD as it is the most effective 
weapon on the BOSS, before it dies you enter a state which gives you more 
XP and a cool finisher, rapidly press the corresponding button to receive 
more XP [4 ranges 25%-50%-75%-100%]

After killing the boss loot him and exit the tower. You will complete the 
quest receiving a nice XP reward as well as levelling up, you also get the 
'Reborn Trophy'

V. Into the Light							[005]


So before you start you start moving level up first and break all the boxes 
for some gold, then go into the water to the left of you and swim into the 
cave, there you will fight 4 rats that cause poison damage and hurt a lot 
but fight one on one and its simple, in here are 2 Locked CHESTS, SKELETON 
and 1 WARD CHEST here is where you first learn about lockpicking and 
dispelling. Exit and swim to the other side look for a bubble spot for some 
items then get out and go straight to a shrine and get the blessing then 
you hear someone calling for help so go kill the bear and talk to him, you 
then have the choice of killing him or letting him go, continue down and 
you’ll meet the Fateweaver AGARTH.

Here AGARTH will talk to you about fate and destiny then after some talking 
you fight 3 SOLDIERS then 3 ROUGES you will learn the ability RECKONING 
MODE which allows you to slow down time and do twice the amount of normal 
damage you would do. After all that have him read your fate then choose 
your destiny card, he then tells you to head to a cottage to meet another 

After all that go up the path and find a CHEST and a LORESTONE (Dalentarth), 
continue moving and you’ll reach the town of GOHART, here is where you 
should stock up on some items and sell all the stuff you don’t need, you 
can do side quests here if you think your not ready to move forward but if 
not lets continue. After you reach the cottage you see a dead guy with a 
woman over him, she talks to you and leaves then AGARTH comes in and talks 
to you, he then tells you that you need to go to the Theatre of Fate, 
while talking to him you have the choice of him following you or him meeting 
you there.

So travel to the ruins, you’ll encounter a town that looks in pretty bad 
shape, you then fight SPIDERS then after the villager gives you the quest, 
continue pushing forward, when you reach the ETTINAMERE stay to left till 
you reach the outpost where you’ll encounter a BRUTE SHAMAN, it’s pretty 
easy just avoid the attacks and then make your way to AGARTH but collect 
the items around you before going down.


Open the door and go down where there are 4 WOLVES and 1 BRUTE, take out all 
the WOLVES first before the BRUTE, go left to fight 3 BRUTES which you can 
sneak kill one of them and finish off the other 2 then come back up and go 
into the other room where there are 3 WOLVES and 1 BRUTE, loot the CHEST to 
the left and then open the door, CHEST to the right then 3 KOBALTS, sneak 
attack one then kill the rest, keep going down where you see one so sneak 
kill it but then 6 KOBALT ROUGES come out so have fun, grab the CHEST then 
open the door where there are 2 more. Then there are 7 guys so sneak kill 
one then fight the other 6, open the door and 2 BRUTES and 3 KOBALTS fighting 
each other so either wait for them to kill each other or help them out, 
loot the CHEST to the right and then boss time.


This can be pretty annoying if you are just fighting it with just regular 
attacks and abilities but can be done, it has the same moves as a regular 
BRUTE but has a LIGHTING BLAST ATTACK so just be careful, if you have 
RECKONING MODE then this is no problem as you can finish it in 10-15 seconds 
then you perform your finisher with/without RECKONING MODE, loot the body 
and continue.

After the boss you come to a room with 2 spots with treasure, the right room 
has a CHEST and a WARD CHEST while the other room has a CHEST, go up the 
stairs where there are 4 SOLDIERS, sneak kill 1 then kill the rest, open the 
door then when you reach the second symbol on the floor 4 ROUGES pop up so 
kill them and climb the winding tower.


Go down where you fight 2 NISHAKU, easy so no problem, grab the CHEST to 
the right and then touch the stone where a cutscene happens.

After you fight like 7-9 guys and ALYN SHIR and AGARTH help you of course, 
finish the quest after this and you get 2 ones 'Old Friends, New Foes' 
which is ALYN SHIR quest or 'The Hunters Wanted' which is AGARTH quest

VI. The Hunters Wanted							[006]

After reaching the fortress you have the choice of going through the front or 
the back, I choose the front and forgot to save another file so some please 
help me with the back section.


After entering run up and you’ll encounter like 5-7 guys, simple so keep 
moving where you face 3 more SOLDIERS, look left for a CHEST and right for 
a PILE OF ROCKS (POR). Move up and 2 ARCHERS, sneak kill the guy ahead and 
stay to the left, 2 guys at the bottom and 3 up top, there is a CHEST at 
the bottom and a POR to the left before you go up the slope, before going 
down look right for POR, then 5 SOLDIERS meet you down there. After you reach 
the part with 1 MAGE, sneak kill him then AGARTH will talk to you, break the 
RED STONE and then the bad guy GADFLOW will appear, after this you complete 
the quest and get 2250 XP reward.

After this happens go do ALYN SHIR quest, but explore the back part for some 
treasure and CHESTS.

VII. Old Friends, New Foes						[007]


Go to the House of Ballads, if you haven’t been there yet listen to the 
person talking then talk to him to get a quest, go right to meet SHIR. She 
tells that this person can translate the CODEX so talk to him, after done 
talking to him talk to SHIR who tells you to talk to another person so make 
your way there. While travelling there you encounter a lot of SPRITES and 
SPRITE CHAMPIONS which can be annoying.


Run to the orb which is called NYRALIM, he’ll eventually tell you that the 
FAES time is ending but needs someone to deal with a little problem first, 
which is dealing with the TROLL CHIEF: GNARSH. Head to the cave but you need 
to cross the bridge first where a ROCK TROLL and 2 SPRITES are waiting, fight 
them on the  bridge and after that BOGGARTS are up ahead, then when you reach 
the cave another ROCK TROLL comes out so kill him and enter the cave.


ALYN SHIT is waiting for you and will talk you and follow you after done 
talking, search for POR the continue up where there is a ROCK TROLL and a 
POR, move up and there are 4 guards and another 4 up ahead and search the 
POR to your right, loot the PILE after the 3 CRABS to your right. You’ll 
see 2 guys so sneak attack one of them but don’t hit the TROLL to make him 
aware of you, then sneak attack the TROLL and search the POR where the 
TROLL was digging. Move up and there are like 4-5 ROUGES and then a TROLL, 
look right for a POR, there are 2 MAGES and a TROLL here so sneak attack 
one MAGE and kill the other one before attacking the TROLL, look behind you 
for 2 CHESTS, move up and see stairs, look right for 3 CHESTS and go up for 


GNARSH is like any other TROLL but with extra ATK/DEF/HP/STR, she has 2 

[1] Lunge: GNRASH will dash at you with the club

[2] Smash and Twirl: While standing still GNRASH will strike the ground but 
will follow up with a twirl with the club to catch you off guard so roll 
backwards to dodge it.

The fastest way to kill her is to use RECKONING MODE which will take like 
15-20 seconds then finish her for the bonus [I suggest getting 100% for 
9350 XP Bonus] then go back and talk NYRALIM which you can persuade for his 
ring, you then travel to YSA to finish your quest and get a 3884 XP reward.

VIII. The Coming Storm							[008]


Go talk to the HIGH KING to decipher the CODEX and listen to his saying, he 
then gives you 10,300 Gold and a FATE POTION as well as the 'UNWRITTEN ONE' 
TWIST OF FATE CARD and will receive a 3800 XP reward for completing the quest. 
You also get the 'No Destiny, All Determination' TROPHY

You then have the choice of doing 2 quests, 'THE GREAT GENERAL' from ALYN 
SHIR and AGARTH 'AN OLD FRIEND', it doesn’t matter what you pick as you will 
have to go to do both of them to advance in the storyline.

IX. The Great General							[009]


Travel to the place where you suppose to be where you encounter a lot of 
LEANSHE before entering a new scenery. When you enter the new place you’ll 
encounter a lot of bandits then you reach the twon so go into the inn and 
talk to ALYN SHIR, she then tells you the GENERAL is in exile so you need to 
find her first, travel to her then you will see a CRADLE OF SUMMER STONE a
nd some enemies before jumping down, move up and till you reach her.


After talking to the GENERAL she gives you a WIND CHIME which is used to 
activate 5 gates, so go behind to the first one where you fight 1 NISKAU 
BLOODHUNTER, then go back to her where she tells you that you need to go 
to the other 4 before you can enter. This is the order in which I did the 
4 chimes.

[2] This one is the closet to you so travel to this one first, while 
travelling there a lot of LEANSHE and BARGHEST, reach thes pot and use 
the CHIME and 2 NISKAU BLOODHUNTERS show up so kill them.  

[3] Go to the one in TALA-RANE where you see people already there, 1 MAGE 
which you should kill first then 2 people with SPEARS and after that 4 
SOLDIERS come with 1 JOTTUN, use the CHIME and to the next one.

[4] Head to the closet one from the 3rd CHIME, this time you will face 4 
NISKAU BLOODHUNTERS, and now onto the last one.

[5] This probably the hardest one so save before attempt this, after you 
fight you, take out all the small guys before fighting the TYRANT or 
just use RECKONING MODE to do this part, after this return to the 


After entering URUL-TUSK run up till 3 NISKAU BLOODHUNTERS pop up, before 
going down look right for CHEST, then before down the stairs look right for 
POR then left for a CHEST to the left, then go down and 2 BLOODHUNTERS, go 
down more and 2 more BLOODS and look up for a CHEST, keep moving and see 4 
RATS then 3 more after this, keep moving till big symbol on door, then boss 
up the stairs.


Before you can fight the boss you must defend her from 2 BLOODS then 3 BLOODS 
and then comes the boss, you should have experience on him as you fought one 
already but if used RECKONING MODE the hears the attacks;

[1] FIREBLL: Spits a ball of fire which can be easily blocked or dodged

[2] FIRE BREATH: He will breath a long breath of fire in which this can be 
easily dodged or blocked

[3] RAM ATTACK: If to far from him he will try to ram you so just roll

[4] STRECTHY ARMS: I think he ate Mr. Fantastic, his arms will extend and 
hit you but is easily avoidable 

[5] TAIL SWIPE: He will use his tail to swipe you away when doing to much 

[6] NUKE: When he takes way too much damage he will stop all attacks and 
charge an attack which is hard to get away as the radius is big.

You get 2383 XP for killing him, after you kill him GENERAL TILERA will 
retrieve the SPEAR and you finish the quest. Loot the boss and grab the CHEST.

REWARD: 3685 XP, 13,300 GOLD, “BREAKING SIEGE” quest

X. Breaking Siege							[010]


Meet GENERAL TILERA in RATHIR, when you get there she will tell you to talk 
to the nab ELUND CARTH, so go to the UPPER PART of the city and talk to him, 
you can try and persuade him for help which is his ring '+10% Physical Damage, 
+5% Gold Drops' then travel down to the docks and talk to the guy and 
cutscene. After this talk to the COMMANDER, then talk to him again when your 
ready then cutscene.


After talking to GENERAL TILERA you split up so go the way your suppose to, 
up the stairs is 1 SOLDIER and 3 more, open the door and CHEST to the right 
then 2 MAGES and 2 Easy CHESTS here, open the door and watch for the TRAPS 
and which are SPINNING BLADES then after this you see ALYN SHIR, there are 3 
guys which will keep coming back till you destroy the LADDERS here, then 
after a guard comes in so go through the gate. Go down and 2 CHESTS here, go 
right and sneak kill him so that you can sneak into the next room to take 
out the 4 SOLDIERS before they kill the POWS, open the door and 4 guys and 
break all the LADDERS before proceeding, move up and EASY CHEST then down 3 
CHESTS, open and MAGE + ROUGE, then run to GENERAL TILERA.


He is pretty much a basic soldier you fight, the only difference is that he 
can keep attacking while taking damage, he will also teleport away when 
taking to much damage and will call on the BALOR to attack you with its 

[1] 3 STRIKES: He will do 3 basic slashes which is easy to dodge or parry

[2] CHARGE ATTACK: Pretty much the charge attack with a longsword

[3] TELEPORT: He teleports in the air and will call on the BALOR to attack 
you, after the BALOR is done attacking he will come back down.

After you kill him you get to watch a cutscene


After you done watching the scene, loot then enter the door, you’ll see 
AGARTH fighting a MAGE and SOLDIER, move up and see 2 ARCHERS then up the 
stairs and sneak attack all the people up here then 2 SOLDIERS and a 
PRISMERE TROLL, there’s a CHEST here before opening the door, talk to the 
CAPTAIN and try and persuade him to help you, move up and see the BALOR 
using its OPTIC BLAST, wait for it to shoot from left to right and stop in 
the middle then make you way to the door where a CHEST is here, go down and 
fight 2 ZEALOTS then fight a MAGE which summons a TYRANT, save before 
opening the door as it is the boss.


The BALOR is actually quite despite its size, here’s a list of its attacks;

[1] SWIPE: The BALOR will being back one of its arms and swipe at you, so 
wait and roll into arm to dodge it

[2] OPTIC BLAST: The eyes start to glow so run to its body to avoid it

[3] OPTIC BLAST SHORT: The BALOR will shoot near its body if near it too 
long so just move back

[4] ROAR: The BALOR will shout at you will is hard to tell as it happens to 
fast but doesn’t do that much damage

[5] CLAW CRUSH: The BALOR will drop one claw to hit you which is so easily 

[6] DOUBLE CLAW CURSH: The BALOR will drop both claws to attack you

To beat the BALOR you must hit the CLAWS that stick in the ground to damage, 
after you do enough damage the BALOR which lie on the ground which will now 
do regular damage. Then finish the BALOR and enjoy the kill which gives you 
15,000 XP if 100%.

Talk to the COMMANDER which asks where GENERAL TILERA is, you can tell the 
truth or lie, after talking you finish the quest, now onto AGARTH quests.

REAWRD: 2793 XP, 13,300 GOLD, Sceptre of Voracity, 'Siegebreaker' Twist of 
Fate, Hero of Mel Sesnir Trophy.

XI. An Old Friend							[011]


Travel to the place where your suppose to go, before you can talk to Octienne, 
you must fight a SLUG and 3 BODYGUARDS, you must kill the SLUG first or else 
the BODYGUARDS keep coming back then fight 3-5 SON OF LAZ, then head up the 
cliff and talk to him, he tells you that HUGHES is in his old research lab and 
you must go find him, so jump down and head south to the lab.


Enter the lab and move up see 4 FAER, a Hard CHEST to the left and another 
CHEST behind some boxes, then continue and fight 4-5 SON OF LAZ, inspect the 
corpse and then open the door, 4 SON OF LAZ then inspect the dead GNOME to the
left and Average CHEST then move up and watch out for the TRIPWIRE, then 4 
FAER, Hard CHEST but can use the key if you looted the dead GNOME, go right 
and 2 SON OF LAZ but careful of FLOOR SPIKES and CHEST here, then move up and 
5 SOL then 4 SOL then dead GNOME right then open the door, use key in CHEST 
and look left for a CHEST and 3 FAER, talk to HUGHES.


After talking to HUGHES you will fight 5 ASSASSINS which will come in 5 
waves, grab the CHEST and loot bodies then jump down and kill the ASSASSINS 
at the entrance.

Reward: 3515 XP 

XII. Enemies in High Places						[012]


HUGHES tells you to go to the GNOME CITY ADESSA, head right into MENTYRE 
then to APOLTRE, you fight a lot of SPIDER along the way then reach the city. 
After entering the city a man will talk to you, say your with HUGHES and 
he’ll give you the key to the SANDSTONE VILLA which is to your right when you 
come down, [this gives you a place to store your things, rest, change your 
looks], head to the TEMPLAR and talk to her, she will then shut you down and 
leave the building but before you exit, one of her friends will come down 
and talk to you saying she needs more evidence to convict him. Head to where 
OCTIENNE is and confront him about this where 2 GUARDS attack you, then head 


OCTIENNE is fairly easy but can be annoying at some times as he is a MAGE, 
attack him then kill the ARCHER here, chase him till a barrier comes up and 
3 ASSASSINS attack you, kill them first before you can chase him again, 
continue and a ASSASSIN and ARCHER are here then chase him till another 
barrier is up, this time there are 4 ASSASSINS, move up and 2 ARCHERS and 
some ASSASSINS, then 3 ASSASSINS and time to finish him off, you get to do a 
finisher which gives you 2628 XP if 100%.

REWARD: 3895 XP, 16,320 GOLD, 'Unraveller' Twist of Fate, Turning the Tide 

XIII. Silence Falls							[013]


Talk to HUGHES then to AGARTH for an update in the quest, travel to MEL SESHIR 
and exit where you meet CYDAN, travel to the destination from CURSEWOOD 
heading NORTH, you’ll then meet a guy who gives you the quest 'SORROWS CALL', 
enter FOE”S HEARTH and talk to CYDAN.


He tells that’s GADFLOW controls most of followers with special crystals and 
that these need to be destroyed to make his army disorganised.

[1] Head to the closet one to, after coming out of the cave there are 3 
SOLDIERS and 2 JOTTUN RENEGADES, head up then take the left path where 3 
JOTTUNS and 2 CHIEFS and 1 RUNEWIELDER are here, continue moving up and 2 
MAGES, 2 SOLDIERS and ZEALOT, talk to GADFLOW then destroy all the small 
crystals here, Hard CHEST to your left and CHEST to your right, leave and 

[2] Head down to the dirt path which is known as BALORS CROSSING, move down 
and fight 2 BLOODHUNTERS then up more and TYRANT and BLOODHUNTER, then after 
are 4 SPEARS, hug the wall till you reach the crystals then fight 5 ARCHERS.

[3] Run past all the enemies to the next part and fight 2 ROUGES and 3 
SOLDIERS, after this return to CYDAN and talk.

REWARD: 6570 XP, 22,370 GOLD, Cydan Faeblades

XIV. Echoes of the Past							[014]


Meet with ALYN SHIR then you walk into the fog, you then fight like 5-7 SOL 
before you enter the lab. After entering you fight 3-4 SOL, upstairs is a 
TRIPWIRE which drops rocks then fight 2 FAER then ALYN SHIR defends the bridge 
as you look for the GNOME. CHEST left then up and 3 SOLS then up more and SOL 
and 3 FAER, go around for a Very Hard CHEST, up and 2 ANCIENT LEANSHE and 4 
FAER fighting each other, then up and loot 4 CHESTS with one being a HARD one, 
talk to him where he tells you to defend him as he needs to do stuff, 2 SOL 
and FAER then 1 SOL and then 6-7 SOLS then 5-7 SOLS + 2 ANCIENT LEANSHE then 
scene starts to fade to black.

REWARD: 5490 XP, 20,300 GOLD, Soul Lens

XV. A Pride Before a Fall						[015]


Go back into the fog and then fight a lot of enemies then talk to AGARTH and 
then to VENTRINIO, you then get the ESSENCE OF VALOR then head for DREN, you 
can avoid fighting him by persuading or can just kill him and help liberate 
his house. Enter the house where there are 5 guys here, then open the door and 
5 more then 4 more and then 3 MAGES, CHEST, then 5-6 guys and a BRUTE and a 
CHEST, a guy talks to you and then a mini boss. Fight the WITCH KNIGHT which 
casts spells and summons FAERS, move up and kill the MAGE to the right and 
SOLDIER here and break the CRYSTAL, go back and talk to the guy and now enter 

REWARD: 4675 XP, 19,300 GOLD, 'Unstoppable Force' Twist of FATE 

XVI. Taking Vengeance							[016]


You have to meet the group at the rendezvous spot, but go right when you 
come down from the cap to a ALABASTRA STONE, then go to the N part of FULGEN 
for the path as if you try to cut across there is a gap which you cannot 
cross, move up and little later you’ll meet VENTRINIO a WINTER STONE and a 
little further a guy gives you the quest 'ARID CAMP', you’ll see some 
SOLDIERS then more up ahead after that there are 2 ARCANE BARGHEST and 3 
and 5 SOLDIERS attack you, you then meet CYDAN, talk then get the ALABASTRA 
into the camp and 2 MAGES with 2 ARCANE BARGHEST .

A little wayinto the camp is 5 SOLDIERS and a WITCH KNIGHT then go left for 
a STONE OF WINTER and a SECRET DOOR, then back down and as you just reach 
TWILIGHT PASS a ALABASTRA STONE and 3 enemies, keep going and talk to ASHMOOR 
to get 'GASK' quest, then up and a STONE OF WINTER in between the crossing 
with SPRITES, after entering EVENTIDE go around to the left for a ALABASTRA 
STONE but there are 3 MAGES.

When you come to the U-PASS go right to continue onto the main quest and left 
is part of the GASK quest, after coming down a PRISMERE TROLL and 5 SOLDIERS 
then meet up with CYDAN fighting a PRISMERE TROLL and 2 SOLDIERS then up is 
a AMAUR STONE then talk to AGARTH for info on the assault, after that rush 
into the building but a PRISMERE TROLL, FAER and 7-9 SOLDIERS then enter.


Run up and 7-10 guys then go into the room to the right which has 2 CHESTS, 
3 GUARDS, a SECRET DOOR with 2 CHESTS , the left room has a lot of treasure 
here with like 4-9 SOLDIERS, the gate is locked so pick it, now back to the 
main part. Go into the centre room and 2 MAGES + 3 SOLDIERS then up and 7-9 
SOLDIERS, then up again and 8-12 SOLDIERS then like 3-5 guys down the hall 
and then boss time.


This guy shouldn’t pose a problem but if you have weak defence then you 
should careful, he’s a warrior/mage hybrid so careful, after doing some 
damage he will teleport and summon BLOODHUNTERS, SOLDIERS and FAER, kill 
them all before attacking him, you get 7650 XP for killing him otherwise 
in RECKONING MODE 100% is 15,300 XP, loot him and grab all the armor which 
gives a nice defense rating and bonus.

[1] TORNADO: If you fought a mage already then you know what this attack is

[2] TELEPORT/SUMMON: He teleport away and summon minions to help him

[3] HOVER: He will hover high and cast spells at you so use a projectile 
attack to knock him down

[4] 3 SLASH: The basic longsword attack

[5] CHARGE ATTACK: Longsword charge attack

Now enter to BHALIE and make your way to GADFLOW but grab all the CHESTS 
before leaving


Talk to ALYN SHIR after coming out and get the STONE OF BHALIE then down 
and another BHALIE STONE and 2 SOLDIERS and MAGE, down and the 5-6 SOLDIERS 
then up and BHALIE STONE, up some more and 5-6 SOLDIERS and then down and 
guys and MAGE then ALYN SHIR talks to you, she tells you about your past 
briefly and can persuade her at this point to learn more, enter the door and 


He is actually quite easy since he’s a MAGE but can do a lot of damage if now 
careful, he always has CLONES with him, take out all the CLONES first then 
attack him, he casts all the same spells as a regular MAGE but has a tricky 
one which casts traps all over the floor and shoot big fireballs at you. 
[NOTE: It is possible to kill him in one go which I almost did but messed 
up but you must be in the corner using the WARRIOR CLASS doing LAUNCH AND 
HARPOON to keep the chain going] 6675 XP

After you beat him you figure out he’s a CLONE, after that ALYN SHIR tells 
you to hurry up but grab the CHESTS before leaving.

XVII. Reckoning								[017]


Run down and get the CHEST and then fight, Hard CHEST, then down and right 
to CHEST then go back and fight again and WARD CHEST, then up and fight 2 of 
them, Average CHESTthen make your way to the THRONE ROOM, save before you go
up as you cannot save again till you finish the game.


After watching the scene TIRNOCH will rip out all of your FATE ESSENCE and 
summon a SPLINTER to fight you, after you charge up all the way use the 
RECKONING MODE to stun TIRNOCH then attack her then onto the next part

[2] She then rips all the ESSENCE from you again and summons 2 SPLINTERS 
now, do the same thing and fill up your bar then use RECKONING MODE to stun 
her and then attack her and onto the last part

[3] Same thing but summons 3 SPLINTERS now, after the last RECKONING MODE 
you get to finish off TIRNOCH once and for all [24,300 XP if 100%], use 
the finisher and finish the game, watch the scene and you can now play the 
game and finish off anything you haven’t completed.

REWARD: 6675 XP, 'Destiny Defiant' Twist of Fate/Trophy

XVIII. Warsworn Faction Quests						[018]

There are a total of 8 missions for the Warsworn with an optional mission 
during the last mission if you choose to. To start the faction quest you 
must talk to OST ORDURA in GOHART INN

Ost’s Commendation						       [WSF01]


Before you can join the WARSWORN FACTION you must get OST’S COMMENDATION, he 
then tells you to kill two bandits Osgar Krast, Medgar Krast. These guys 
should’nt really pose a problem, after that return and get the COMMENDATION.

The Road Patrol							       [WSF02]


Make your way to SHIELDRING KEEP, then talk to TINE DELFRIC who tells you to 
go on a patrol and head to DIDENHIL, then make your way to WARDENS BRIDGE, 
now you start your patrol, look at all the clues then someone dies, continue 
and inspect all the clues again and other person dies, follow to the spot and 
kill NISKAUS, wait then talk to OST, follow him then kill 2 NISKAUS.

REWARD: 1757 XP, 5140 GOLD

The Heart of Sibun						       [WSF03]


Follow him and then you need to jump down, avoid the BEAR/SPIKE/SWING TRAPS 
then unlock the doors, see some bodies up ahead then kill NISKAUS, loot the 
CHEST and WEAPON RACK, also SECRET DOOR here then up and watch for BEAR TRAPS, 
3 MAGES in the room and then 2 NISKAUS and OST dies, kill them and grab the 

Enter the room and watch for MINES [BEIGE COLOR CIRCLES] then 3 guys and 
NISKAUS, loot CHESTS then up and face a NISKAU TYRANT, loot him and the CHEST 
and then head back for the reward.

REWARD: 630 XP, 3650 GOLD, Stern Helm 

Lock and Key							       [WSF04]


He tells you to head to HELMGUARD KEEP, talk to GRIAN SHANE then he tells 
you to go to the ANCIENT VAULT, then meet GWYN AWRY outside the VAULT, enter 
and prepare to fight.

The people in here are quite easy, 2 SOLDIERS and 2 MAGES, after that loot 
all the bodies and take your time to loot the vault as well, go back to 
GRIAN SHANE who imprisons GWYN ARWY, talk to her then back to him you where 
he tells you to talk to a GNOME.

To visit the GNOME and enter his building, grab the CHESTS and fight off 2 
MAGES and 2 SOLDIERS then he comes out and talks to you, head back to GRIAN 

REWARD: 6440 XP, 13,560 GOLD, Havoc [GREATSWORD]  

The House of No Doors						       [WSF05]


Talk to LIVA in the prison who tells you to meet with someone she gave the 
key to, make your way there and beat him down to tell you about the person, 
he tells you to head to RATHIR, after going to RATHIR head to the CUSTOMS 
HOUSE, talk to the man here to give you the password [pay/persuade] then head 
down to the window grill, say the password to get in or fail and fight 2 
people and enter the CATACOMBS.

Go down and 3 RATS and 2 guys + CHEST, then up and 2 RATS and CHEST and a 
TRAP to the right, MAGES + 2 GUYS before talking to the guy, fight MAD HARST 
which is a MAGE TYPE with other MAGES + SOLDIERS + NISKAUS, kill him and loot 
and exit, return to GWYN AWRY in the city and done.

REAWRD: 1656 XP, 6530 GOLD, Dauntless Chausses 

The Isle of Eamonn						       [WSF06]


Talk to the captain to set sail for the ISLE OF EAMONN, go right and 3 
SPIDERS and CRUDOCK, go up and WARD CHEST right then 2 SPIDERS, 3 CHESTS near 
the FOUNTAIN, go right for SHRINE and CHEST and 2 CRUDOCK + SPIDER when you 
come back, head left and 3 SOLDIERS and MAGE, enter the place.

Run up and 2 SOLDIERS and 2 MAGES + CHEST behind statue, up and SHRINE to the 
left with 2 MAGES, then 2 MAGES then 3 SOLDIERS and MAGE, go right for a 
SECRET DOOR for 3 CHESTS then back and MAGE then 2 MAGES and SOLDIER then 
head back and 2 MAGES + 2 SOLDIERS then open the door, then 1 MAGE + NISKAU 
then 2 MAGES/SOLDIERS, then 2 MAGES/SOLDIERS again and CHEST to the right 
and then examine the wall, return to SHIELDRING KEEP.

REAWRD: 638 XP, 3650 GOLD, Seekers Plate/Chest and Key

The Mystic Hammer						       [WSF07]


Talk to him then head to EAGONS TOMB, loot the 3 CHETSS here and open the 
coffin, talk to GWYN then head south.

Go left for a CHEST when you enter then HOKBALD then 3 more, go down and 
another 4 then 3 more and a ROCK TROLL. 2 sides to go to; left side has 4 
KOBLADS and right side has 3 ARCANE BARGHEST/KOBALD and a CHEST, now head 
for the vault, see her mother then try and enter the vault but can’t as a 
barrier is around it, it talks to you then run into again and wait for it to 
talk agai so you can proceed, loot the CHESTS and then forge the hammer and 
talk to GWYN.

Reward: 7000 XP, 14,150 GOLD

The Mountain Prison						       [WSF08]


Head to the place and then talk to GRIAN SHANE then enter, go left and fight 
2 MAGES/SOLDIERS + CHEST the right for 2 MAGES/SOLDIERS and CHEST the back 
and up 2 MAGES/SOLDIERS + POR then up and NISKAU and 3 MAGES, up and destroy 
pillar with HAMMER then 1 MAGE and 2 SOLDIERS now head into the light.

Go down and NISKAU and PILLAR, then NISKAU and PILLAR then 2 NISKAUS and 
PILLAR then 2 NISKAUS and PILLAR + POR to left of last PILLAR then boss time.


Really simple kill all the followers before you can attack him directly then 
have a choice; be good or bad.

If you choose good then you can complete the quest, talk to GWYN then head 
back to where you forged the HAMMER and talk to GRIAN SHANE to complete the 

Reward: 7000 XP, 14,150 GOLD, 'Trueworn' Twist of Fate, Warsworn Trophy 

Trueworn: +1 Might Abilities, +10% Critical Hit Chance vs Niskau, +6% Stun 

Khamazndu’s Gift						       [WSF09]


If you choose to be bad then talk to GWYN then kill her, then head back to 
where you forged the HAMMER and kill all the leaders here and loot the key, 
go back to the vault and grab the HEART OF SIBUN.

Reward: 'Forsworn' Twist of Fate, all Warsworn people will attack you on site

Forsworn: +1 Might Abilities, +10% Physical Damage, +5% Fire Damage 

XIX. House of Ballads Faction Quests					 [019]

There are a total of 7 quests in The House Ballads, to start this quest 
either do BULDING BRIDGES quest in GOHART or OLD FRIENDS, NEW FOES main story 
quest and talk to HALLAM THE WHITE.

Song of Sir Sagrell						      [HOBF01]


Talk to the guy here then off to the cave, enter and a GORGUATH STONE to 
your right when you enter, then down and talk to one of the recruits then 
either go left or right [WENT LEFT]. 3 BOGGART ZEALOTS + 4 more up ahead + 
CHEST and right to pull VINE up and 5 BOGGART TUMBLERS, left for POR, up for 
CHEST + SECRET DOOR which leads to the last GORGUATH STONE, then right and 
pull VINE then go down and 5 BROWNIES, left for POR and CHEST right then pull 
the last VINE and go back to the beginning going down 5 BROWNIES and then 5 
more and left for GORGUATH STONE and CHEST

Before the fighting the boss left is a SECRET DOOR to 4 CHESTS then fight a 
GRAVE THRESH + 2 BOGGART ZEALOTS, THRESHES are weak to fire and fairly easy 
buy can die if you screw up, then loot the place and the body here then right 

Reward: 1480 XP, Resurrection Potion

Ballard of Bloody Bones						      [HOBF02]


Head to the BALLADS ORATORY and talk, then head to UDUATH, help SIR FORRORA 
fend off some SPRITS then help free the PRISONERS. First one is to the left 
of you then the next one is just ahead with 2 BARGHEST and CHEST, right and 
free the PRISONERS POR up ahead and 2 ARCANE BARGHEST then free the last ones,


This guy is MAGES type so just melee him to death, he’s with 3 SPRITES, 
after the fight SIR FORRORA has died so use the POTION on him, grab the CHESTS 
and be sure to use the shortcut to leave.

Reward: 1480 XP 

Two Knights, and a Troll					      [HOBF03]


Talk to him and tells you to talk to TENHWA at the library, it is located 
North of HAXHI DAME, then head for SUNDUR CAVE grab the book to the south of 
the cave before going in but 4 SPRITES + FIRE CHAMPION.

Talk to the KNIGHTS here then follow them, POR behind the knight that was 
sitting to the left, another POR before you turn right and 2 BEARS and CHEST 
to left, make a stop to the left for 3 BEARS then continue ahead and 4 ARCANE 
BARGHEST and collect the book, left has 3 BARGHEST before you turn right 
then continue and 4 SPRITES then 4 more the get book.

The last book is with the TROLL, same as any other TROLL, loot the TROLL and 
head back to TENHWA who tells you to use the TRANSLATOR to DISPELL it, read 
all the books and talk to her, pick the first options the other 2 cause 
negative effects which as hurtful.

Reward: 1144 XP 

What Lies Beneath						      [HOBF04]


Talk then head to ST-ERAICS MISSION, go up and see his body then go back down 
and talk to the monk outside then head back in and loot the desk then head 
back outside the WELL and in we go.

Down and a CHEST to the right, move up and 3 KOBALDS + 2 CHESTS, then 
TRIPWIRE + BEAR TRAP and then 3 KOBALDS then more TRAPS, 4 KOBALDS, one has 
a CRYSTAL then drop down jump will hit a TRAP no matter what then 3 KOBALDS. 
Go into the water and left is a WHIRLPOOL, and one in FRONT and to the RIGHT, 
get out and 4 KOBALDS and CHEST left, then CRYSTAL guy up ahead and another 
1 + 3 KOBALDS, grab the CHEST to the left before going into the water, 
WHIRLPOOL right after the waterfall then talk to BROTHER WULF, you can either 
DISPELL or kill him to get the WHISTLE then keep swimming but sue the WHISTLE 
before swimming then head to the blue crystal and then exit and return to 

The Champions							      [HOBF05]


Go to the destination and see 2 KNIGHTS fighting, one will talk to you and 
you must kill him to get his armor [DEPENDS ON WHAT CLASS YOU ARE THE ARMOR 
IS] SUMMERS END STONE to left before you enter, then head up to the GORGE 
and SUMMERS END STONE then she talks to you but cannot cross till you fight 
the last CHAMPION so go down to the stream and revive the guy and kill him 
as he is a MAGE, then go back up and cross the GORGE where you fight the last 
KNIGHT and a THRESH then talk to her.

Reward: 4200 XP

Cursed Kingdom							      [HOBF06]


Go down and into the CHANTRY and talk to the real SIR SAGRELL, he then tells 
you that all of this is a illusion and you need to break it, use the whistle 
to locate all the CRYSTALS, the first one is just outside, go down and right 
to break it, exit town and go left to the next one, SUMMERS END STONE behind 
tree, after log look right and CRYTSAL, continue and right is a SUMMERS END 
STONE and the 4th one, head for the last one and after that all hell breaks 
loose, go back into the CHANTRY and get a key and HOUSE OF BALLADS SHIELD, 
go ring the bell and enter the castle.

The Hero and The Maid						      [HOBF07]


Talk to her and get the STONE OF WINDERMERE, then up and fight SIR FORRORA, 
try and persuade/dispel him buy most likely will fight him then 3 SPRTIES and 
5 more when you go left, up the stairs and go straight for a STONE OF 
WINDERMERE right for CHESTS and left to rescue KING WENCEN, go back down and 
to the right side and fight QUEEN and BODYGUARD or DISPELL them, then get the 
CHESTS and continue to the MAID, you will fight her alone as the KING cannot.


She is a MAGE type so be careful of the spells especially her staff, take out 
all the swarms of enemies before attacking her as they will stop most attacks 
since there is so many of them, when you finish her you have a choice of 
killing her or ruling with her, kill her for 17,883 XP then exit. Return to 
HALLAM THE WHITE and get your reward.

Reward: 144 XP, 'Iconoclast' Twist of Fate

Iconoclast: +10% Faeblade Damage, +6% Mana, +3% Chance to Steal Health 

XX. Travellers Faction Quests						[020]

There are a total of 10 quests in the Travellers Faction, to start it you 
come across GRIM ONWIG during part of the main story quest.

The Guilded Hands						       [TFQ01]


After talking to GRIM ONWIG go into STAR CAMP and talk to CRILGARIN, she 
then tells you to pray at the altar before you do your mission, go pray and 
need to steal 3 items; A MEDALLION, REMAINS, DAGGERS

MEDALLION: Go to DIDENHAL and into the INN, go to the bottom floor and 
pickpocket the man sleeping here

REMAINS: Go to ST-ERAICS MISSION and into the monastery, go loot the REMAINS 
and just leave then onto the DAGGERS 

DAGGERS: Go to VROM LODGE located south of the MISSION then talk to the guy 
and either pay him gold or pickpocket him and steal the amp in the CHEST then 
onto the DAGGERS.

After all 3 items recovered go back.

Reward: 1980 XP, 7150 GOLD, Lockpick(5), Shadow Prism, Great Assassin Potion

The Silent Step							       [TFQ02]


Once again pray at the shrine before you depart and head for AODH, then go up 
the hill and talk to ARDUATH.

Enter then talk to him, try and persuade him but if can’t, you need to kill 
him, you need to attack in 4 parts to kill him which is easy, after each part 
is a WARD CHEST, after that loot him and return.

Reward: 1980 XP, 7920 GOLD

Jailbreak							       [TFQ03]


She tells you to go look for GRIM ONWIG as he is missing, head to the 
destination and enter and find out that he is captured and the place is 
crawling with GNOME SENTRIES.

Talk to GRIM before doing anything so he can update your quest, there is a 
SENTRY and another one later before you talk to GRIM, up and right is a SECRET
DOOR. Head to the left side and watch for SPIKE TRAPS, then 2 SENTRYS then 
another 2 and MAGE, LOCKED DOOR left then continue, then 2 MAGES + 2 SENTRYS 
then open the door SENTRY and MAGE + 2 SENTRYS with 2 WARD CHESTS, grab the 
STEALTH KIT then talk to GRIM ONWIG and head to the MOON CAMP.

The right side is nothing much but some TRAPS and JOTTUN, if you want to 
explore go ahead for some XP and some treasure.

Reward: 1980 XP, 7150 GOLD 

Something Borrowed						       [TFQ04]


The MOON CAMP is located right outside of RATHIR if you haven’t found it yet, 
talk to IRION then pray at the shrine, you then need to steal 3 items; SIGNET 

SIGNET RING: Enter the UPPER LEVEL then into the house and steal the RING 
from the sleeping guy on the bed.  

CHALICE: The chalice is the closet one to start with so go into the INN and 
upstairs and see the guy, run into the room behind him and go into STEALTH 
MODE, then roll towards him and pickpocket him

COWL: Upper Level of the city, located in the building with the HEALER, go 
in and right and talk to her then just buy it unless you have high persuasion 
as you only get one chance to persuade. 


Going Rouge							       [TFQ05]


Pray to the shrine then talk to PHASMER MUNN who then tells you to meet him 
at RITHEN, not that far from you.

Enter the building and talk to him, go right and 3 BANDITS + MAGE and CHEST 
to the right, up then talk again then pull the lever and then 4 BANDITS 
attack, run down and watch for SPIKE TRAPS, then talk again and pull the 
lever, down and 2 MAGES + 2 BANDITS with 2 CHESTS, then open the gate and 
talk to MUNN who tells you to stand on the pedestal, the door opens and he 
gets frozen.

Go right and 2 MAGES + CHESTS, watch out for the TRAPS coming up and then use 
lever to open door where GRIM ONWIG is waiting, then go back to MUNN and 
unfreeze him where you finish.

Reward: 6300 XP, 13,150 GOLD, Detect Hidden Skill Book

Mirror, Mirror							       [TFQ06]


Go to BLACKENED HALL which is located just south of you form RITHEN, go left 
as you exit then continue till you reach it.

Grab the stash as you come in and open the door and see the SPIKE TRAPS, 
use the BOOTS and then run across this and the next part as you have limited 
amount of time for it or disarm traps you have the skill high enough for it, 
then comes SPIKES AND FIREBALLS which you run in the middle and SPIKES AND 
FIREBALLS again which you run to the right side this time.

Go down and grab the CHEST then left for 2 CHESTS + SPIKE/FIRE TRAPS and 
right for 2 NISKAUS which is the way to go, SECRET DOOR at the middle of the 
hall with a CHEST then sneak attack NISKAU then 2 more but go left first for 
the CHEST as if you take too long you cannot get it anymore then go around to 
the CHEST and 2 NISKAU then make your way around them to the BOSS.

The Boss is called THE GUARDIAN or just a normal TYRNAT which can be 
dispatched easily, after you kill It place the AMULET on it then kill it 
again then OMG its still alive [NOT!!!!] loot it, grab the stuff and 2 
CHESTS, then return to beginning where GRIM ONWIG is waiting for you.

Reward: 6300 XP, 13,150 XP, Shield of Ambient  

Outside the Box							       [TFQ07]


Now head to the SUN CAMP which is just Northeast of ADESSA, talk to ARGINE 
the pray at the shrine then need to steal an item called the MASTER PICK.

Head to ADESSA then talk to the person, either pay/persuade for the 
information, then to the ARMOURY which will probably get arrested or can 
bribe you way out of it, return to ARGINE who then tells you to go to a 
SCHOLAR to the north of MOTUN MINE HEADQUARTERS, go down and unlock the door.

After entering go down and like 5 FAER, then 2 CHESTS here and run to the 
room in the middle, if locked the lever is to the right of the gate, 
activate machine which breaks the MASTER PICK so return to ARGINE.

Reward: 5820 XP, Prismere Lockpick(2), 12,560 Gold

Classic Misdirection						       [TFQ08]


Talk then pray, then fast travel to MOTUS MINING HEADQUARTERS then go south 
to the jail and unlock the door, talk to the guy here and head to SNAKETAIL 
GROTTO which is Northeast of the jail.

Enter and see bodies, loot them then go right for BANDIT, then go down and up 
and see 1 BANDIT which then 6-7 BANDITS fighting each other so kill them and 
get the POR here then head back down and down the middle path, go left and to 
door + CHEST and then 3 BANDITS which one has a key then loot the CART.

Onto the second key, go back and head down the other way which 4 BANDITS are 
fighting then 2 more then 6 BANDITS fighting each other, 2 CHESTS then head 
for the locked door and open it with the keys but fake, exit and GRIM talk to 

Reward: Grim’s Special, Shadow Prism

The Purloined Letters						       [TFQ09]


Head to ADESSA where PHASMER is waiting for you in the library, so use the 
GRATE beside him to enter the tunnels.

There are 2 SENTRYS when you enter the room, go left for a MAGE which has the 
KEY + SENTRY, get the CHEST back to the other way and open the door where 2 
SENTRYS are then down and 2 CHESTS left open the door and down we go where 
there are a lot of boxes + 3 RATS and CHEST then go up and 2 MAGES, either 
kill them or steal the KEYS the open the door, go down and then left where 
CHEST + SENTRY then down CHEST + SENTRY then left where CHEST + SENTRY the 
down and open the doors, WARD CHEST but need to do a sequence to open it 
[don’t know it so some help plz]

Open the door and go left where 2 CHESTS are and right side 2 CHESTS as well 
+ 2 SENTRYS then grab book, exit and a MAGE + 2 SENTRYS are waiting by the 
WARD CHEST, then up and right are 2 MAGES + 2 SENTRYS then head for the exit 
where 2 SENTRYS and then 2 MAGES + SENTRY are up ahead, climb the ladder 
and done.

Reward: 5432 XP, Stealth Book, 12,600 GOLD 

Thick as Thieves							[TFQ10]


After talking to GRIM go to the SUN CAMP and enter the secret cave, after 
coming down and out a little ARGINE will talk to you, so choices are to be 
made [help ARGINE/don’t help ARGINE] if you help you get the EASTERN KEY, if 
you don’t help you get the WESTERN KEY. After go up and talk to CRILGARIN who 
then tells you to fool the defence mechanism here.

Go up and 2 guards + CHEST then go up and 2 more + CHEST, go right and fight 
5 GUARDS then CHEST + POR here, go up and kill the GUARD here and loot him for 
the BAG OF WINDS, loot all the treasure here, go back down and greeted with 3 
GUARDS waiting, then enter room with torches so use the BAG OF WIND to blow 
them out an proceed down, depending and which option you chose you can only go 
into the door only.

Run up and hear GRIM and ARGINE talking, frame whichever you chose then break 
the pots and jump down then head to the exit point where you fight GNOME 
SENTRYS, you’ll come to the part where they are both fighting which there 
are 2 rooms with treasure that are both locked and bobbied trapped. Follow 
whoever you helped till they walk up the stairs and done.

Reward: Shadow Skin Helm/Vest/Gloves/Leggings/Boots, 'Temperance/The Chariot' 
Twist of Fate

Grim Reward: Shadow Skin Helm/Vest/Gloves/Leggings/Boots, 'The Chariot' 
Twist of Fate

Argine Reward: Shadow Skin Helm/Vest/Gloves/Leggings/Boots, 'Temperance' 
Twist of Fate

Temperance: +6% Evade, +1 Finesse Abilities

The Chariot: +6% Piercing Damage, +1 Finesse Abilities

XXI. Scholia Arcana Faction Quests					[021]

There are a total of 7 quests in the Scholia Arcana Faction which can be 
started in RATHIR in the UPPER LEVELS, go left as you enter the UPPER PART 
and into the mage building.

Trials By Fire							       [SAF01]


Talk to him and receive a BOOK and a KEY, now head to YSA to enter the 
trials, go down ehre there are 2 WARD CHESTS, head to the place and talk to 
SAVANT ENGAR, then enter the circle.

Start off with 4 FAER then go up and 3 more + CHEST before the circle then 
head into the light and into the next part.

Loot CART then head out waterfall where there are 2 SOLDIERS, go down and 2 
more then see a woman fighting, talk to her and persuade her if not sent back 
into reality, talk to SAVANT ENGAR.

Reward: 4480 XP, Neophyte Ring

The Ruin of Aodh						       [SAF02]


Open the door then 3 SPRITES + FIRE CHAMP then loot but be careful of FIRE 
TRAP MINES, then see circle but 4 TRAPS around it, CHEST to left then TRAp by 
the arch when you come down, run and then 2 SPRITES, then 2 MAGES + BARGHEST 
go left for a SKELETOn and up for 2 SPRITES + FIRE CHAMPION + POR, right for 
2 SPRITES + FIRE CHAMPION + BARGHEST, then run past all the TRAPS if you want 
or disarm them then left room has 2 WARD CHESTS + TRAPS and the room opposite 
has the same thing then continue left and 3 SPRITES +FIRE CHAMPION the down 3 
MAGES + CHEST then right 3 SPRITES + FIRE CHAMPION then prepare for boss.

Grab the blessing on either side which has CHESTS on them then confront her, 
simple MAGE with SPRITES then loot and grab CHEST, grab WARD CHEST before 

Reward: 996 XP

The Unquiet Bride						       [SAF03]


Talk to the contact then 3 BANDITS, then travel to MEL AGLIR and talk to 
another person who tells you to look in her room, read the JOURNAL then head 
to the location where some KOBOLDS are waiting before you get in.

Careful of BEAR TRAPS when you get in then 3 KOBOLDS then 3 more and some 
TRAPS, then 2 KOBOLDS and more traps, 3 KOBOLDS + CHEST and right for CHEST + 
3 KOBOLDS and then 2 FAER then talk and WARD CHEST right.

Go up and see the guy you talked to in the INN, kill him and his wife which 
is simple, 2 CHESTS then talk to her first before leaving then return to 

Reward: 4860 XP, Docent Ring 

Shardfall							       [SAF04]


Travel to EMAIRE and then run up and kill the PARAGON BARGHEST and a CRADLE 
OF SUMMER STONE here and then return for PENDANT OF WARMTH, now head to 

Enter then 3 SPRITES + FIRE CHAMPION then POR left, go up then BEAR + 2 
WOLVES, careful of ICE TRAP MINES then more TRAPS and WOLFS, left for a PILE, 
then continue see symbol on floor which has TRAPS on it then 2 SPRITES + ICE 
CHAMPION then another symbol with a MOUNTAIN TROLL then 2 WOLFS + BEAR with a 
SECRET DOOR to the left, you then see a body which you loot with a POR to the 
left then drop down and fight MAGE + SPRITES then loot her, left before 
leaving are POR then leave and talk and get GEMM CUTTING HANDWRAPS, go back 

Reward: 9720 XP, Adept Ring

Lighting in a Bottle						       [SAF05]


Go to the location where 2 BRUTES + CHEST before you enter, then 3 BRUTES + 
WOLF, watch out for LIGHTING TRAP MINES then 3 more BRUTES + more TRAPS then 
open the door and 3 SPRITES + STORM CHAMPION, open door and WARD CHEST.

There are 2 BRUTES outside and 4 WOLFS, then up and 2 BRUTES, 2 CHESTS before 
you go up hill, then 2 WOLFS + SHAMAN and CHEST, 2 BRUTES then talk to SAVANT 
ENGAR who then kills himself which you need to find the body, jump down and 
CHEST then exit the place, go to the first location which will lead you to 
another location with a possessed SAVANT ENGAR, kill him and loot.

Reward: 4680 XP

A Crowded Mind							       [SAF06]


GO to the ARCHSAGE quarters and find him knocked out, examine him and 
teleported to another part [his mind] you need to undo 2 possessions in his 
mind to wake him up.

Left leads to 3 BRUTES then talk to INDIFFERENCE which summons 3 NISKAUS, 
kill them and to right side, 4 FAER and loot the SKELTONS, continue and talk 
to AMBITION, kill AMBITION or all of them then return, ARCHSAGE then grants 
you 2 choices DISCIPLINE/FEARLESS Twist of Fate, after this return and prepare 
for final fight.

Reward: 4860 XP, Savant Ring, Discipline/Fearless Twist of Fate 

Discipline: +5% Elemental Resistance, +1 Sorcery Abilities  

Fearless: +5% Elemental Damage, +1 Sorcery Abilities  

Revelation							       [SAF07]


Before you start the final quest make sure your prepared as you fight a hard 
MAGE type boss, place all the STONES then wait for ARCHSAGE to die and fight.


If you faced the MAID OF WINDERMERE then this is a piece of cake, she 
basically only casts spells and teleports when getting hurt too much, any 
melee class will take her down in 2-3 minutes as long as they watch their HP.

For people who didn’t face the MAID OF WINDERMERE, she casts all the same 
spells as a regular with the exception of summoning things and setting spell 
traps. Also loot her before you leave. I suggest finishing her in RECKONNING 
MODE as 100% gives you 20,497 XP.

Reward: 4860 XP, Archsage Ring + Archsage Key 

XXII. House of Sorrows Faction Quests 					[022]

There are a total of 6 quests in the House of Sorrows Faction, to start this 
quest is meeting BISARANE before you meet CYDAN during the main story quest.

The Sorrows Call						       [HOS01]


Talk to the ORB and 3 ANCIENT LEANSHE and go up, woman talk to you and then 
either help her or not but fight WARPREIST + 4 BOGGART PLAGUEBEARERS +CHEST 
to the left.

Talk to the ORB again and then 3 BOGGART ZEALOTS + ANCIENT LEANSHE, up and 
CHEST to right to corridor and left CHEST inside the corridor then have a 
choice to kill/or not but kill anyways CHEST.

Talk to ORB then 2 BOGGART ZEALOTS + BOG THRESH then talk to him then talk 

Reward: 7560 XP, 14,560 GOLD, Heartstone 

Voices of the Dead					               [HOS02]


Talk to him and need to escort someone to perform burial rites for people, 
exit then follow her and fight only when to fight, you then need to defend 
her while she prays, 3 BOGGART PLAGUEBEARERS + 2 BARGHEST then 3 BOGGART 
PLAGUEBEARERS + BOG THRESH then need to head to CYRPT.

If you can see the SECRET DOOR then big shortcut, 4 SPRITES + ICE CHAMPION 
down and 3 GIANT SPIDERS then CHEST left then 2 GIANT SPIDERS and then talk 
to the guy.

The long way has 2 BOGGART in the hall then then go right and 3 BOGGART + 
talking to the guy.

After talk to the guy he attacks, he’s a ROUGE which has 3 GIANT SPIDERS help 
him then after killing him loot the place and 4 GIANT SPIDERS attack after 
killing him, exit and return.

Reward: 2520 XP, 8650 GOLD, Cowl/Handwraps/Sandals of Sorrows 

A House Divided						               [HOS03]


Talk to her then head to the PROVING HALLS, after entering the place if 
restocked with new enemies, first up are 2 BOTGAN THUGS + BRUTE then 3 BRUTES 
which you can sneak attack, then 2 ARCANE BARGHEST + BRUTE then 2 BOTGAN 
THUGS + BRUTE which you can sneak attack then 2 ARCANE BARGHEST, enter the 

Talk then head to FALLEN HALL. Enter then 3 SOLDIERS then another 3, then go 
down and sneak attack guy then unlock the 3 SIGILS. First here then go right 
and PRISMERE TROLL + 3 MAGES and 2 SOLDIERS then 2 MAGES, pull switch and 
WARD CHEST here, go back and 3 guys which you can sneak attack then left and 2 
SOLDIER + 2 FAER then CHEST left and talk to person. 3 guys at the door then 
2 more, WARD CHEST to left, then 3 ROUGES pop our, POR right, then fight 
MYRCYR which is easy but can’t kill him, CHEST to the right and SECRET DOOT 
behind the chair, SKELTONS then head back.

Reward: 5400 XP, 14,650 GOLD Robe of Sorrows

The Eldest							       [HOS04]


Before you can enter you must fight a SLUG. Go right for a CHEST, then left 
for 2 SPRITES + ICE CHAMPION, up the stairs and LEFT SIDE has 2 SPRITES + 
ICE CHAMPION, go left more and WARD CHEST and top right corner has POR, the 
RIGHT SIDE has the same as the LEFT SIDE, now head to the middle and SLUG + 
3 KOBOLDS, STONE OF AUTUMN under stairs then 3 guys up top.

Use the middle button to summon the creatures and kill them all on one of 
the symbols, talk and grab CHEST then go back and do the opposite side and 
grab the CHESTS, then choose to follow you GUY=MAGE GAL=ROUGE then go back.

Reward: 3000 XP, Sorrows Talisman 

The Weeping King						       [HOS05]


Go to the place and talk to the person you asked to follow you who gives you 
then down and 2 BOGGART ZEALOTS + BOG THRESH(STONE OF LEAF) then left for 3 
go up and remove stones, up and 3 SPRITES + STORM CHAMPION, left for a CHEST 
then corner for POR, go up and stand on PEDESTAL then press 1,3,2 left being 
1 to open the gate then grab the BRANCH and return. Betrayed so kill all 
attackers here then last quest.

Reward: 9150 XP, 14,650 GOLD, Crown of Weeping King 

Such Sweet Sorrow						       [HOS06]


Talk to her when you are ready for the last quest, follow her after being 
teleported which you need to disable 4 BARRIERS

[1] CAELNOD: Fight him first with 2 ANCIENT LEANSHE, same as before not really
hard, loot then disable barrier

[2] ALARANE: Rouge type with a BOG THRESH, kill THRESH first then focus on her

[3] MYRCYR: He is now a MAGE with 3 other MAGES no problem 

[4] CAEDROC: He is a MAGE type with SPRITES on his side, simple type mage


He’s pretty much like the MAID OF WINDERMERE, he summons SOLDIERS first then 
FAER, then ANCIENT LEANSHE then NISKAU and other MAGES then prepare for a 
finisher, 16,309 XP if 100%, then after that talk to THE WEEPING KING and 

Reward: 'Child of Autumn' Twist of Fate

Child of Autumn: +5% Elemental Damage, +5% Damage vs Fae

XXIII. Achievement/Trophy Guide						[023]

These are all the trophies for the PS3 version, if you want the X-Box 360 
version please tell me and I’ll post it.

A Life of Crime (Bronze): Got caught committing a crime 25 times.
How to Get: So just go around towns either killing people or stealing stuff 
to get caught while doing it.

A Wink and a Smile (Bronze): You have succeeded at 50 Persuasion attempts.
How to Get: Have like your persuasion skill at like 9-10 so you can succeed 
in any speech when prompted to.  

And Then There Were None (Bronze): Killed 500 enemies with abilities.
How to Get: Just go around killing enemies which abilities 

Big Spender (Bronze): Spent 200,000 gold.
How to Get: Easier said then done, just spend money on anything in the game, 
easiest way is to repair your equipment 

Blades of Glory (Bronze): Acquired 10 Unique weapons (Special Delivery weapons 
How to Get: This will be done overtime as you will acquire 10 PURPLE/UNIQUE 
weapons randomly 

Bookworm (Bronze): Read 50 books.
How to Get: Just go to a book store and buy every book but make sure they 
aren’t the same one

Breaking and Entering (Bronze): Picked 50 locks.
How to Get: Just pick chests or doors

Bull in a China Shop (Bronze): Smashed 1,000 objects.
How to Get: Break everything you see to get this

Cartographer (Bronze): Discovered 100 locations.
How to Get: This will take awhile as 100 places are annoying to travel 
and find them

Cleaning Up the Streets (Bronze): Killed 50 bandits.
How to Get: Just kill 50 bandits, doesn’t matter where

Crime Doesn't Pay (Bronze): Spent over 10,000 gold in crime bribes.
How to Get: Just go and bribe the guards when you get caught

Destiny Defiant (Silver): You have defeated Tirnoch, and defied destiny.
How to Get: After finishing the last quest 'RECKONING' you will get this trophy

Dominated (Gold/Hidden): You have won the game on Hard difficulty.
How to Get: Play the game on hard from start to end

Diamond in the Rough (Bronze): Crafted a Pristine Shard.
How to Get: You must have Level 6 Sagecrafting before you can do this

Elixir of Fate (Bronze): Made a potion with the Essence of Fate.
How to Get: You must Level 10 Alchemy before you get this as you can only make
a potion at level 10

Five Finger Discount (Bronze): Stole and fenced an item.
How to Get: Steal an item anywhere and sell it to the Travellers

Foiled Again! (Bronze): Parried 100 times.
How to Get: You must time the attacks of your enemies to get this

Good as New (Bronze): Repaired a piece of equipment.
How to Get: You can use a repair kit or get someone to repair for you

Green Thumb (Bronze): Harvested 10 of each type of reagent.
How to Get: This can be very time consuming as you must travel the world to 
find each different kind of reagent and harvest 10 of them

Hero of Mel Senshir (Gold): You have defeated the great Balor.
How to Get: After you killed the BALOR in 'BREAKING SIEGE' you will get it

House of Ballads (Silver): Completed the House of Ballads storyline quests.
How to Get: You must complete all 7 quests before getting this;
Song of Sir Sagrell, Ballard of Bloody Bones, Two Knights, and a Troll, 
What Lies Beneath, The Champions, Cursed Kingdom, The Hero and The Maid			

House of Sorrows (Silver): Completed the House of Sorrows storyline quests.
How to Get: You must complete all 6 quests before getting this;
The Sorrows Call, Voices of the Dead, A House Divided, The Eldest, The Weeping 
King, Such Sweet Sorrow				

It Didn't Explode! (Bronze): Made a stable potion by experimenting.
How to Get: You need Level 3 ALCHEMY before getting this

It is Your Destiny (Bronze): Unlocked a top tier destiny.
How to Get: You have 109 ability points in one of the 3 base skills [MAGE is 
the easiest as it is the strongest in attack but the weakest in defense]

Jack of All Trades (Bronze): Unlocked a Jack of All Trades destiny.
How to Get: Put 3 points in each bse class to unlock this

Jailbreak (Bronze): You broke out of jail.
How to Get: Escape jail

Juggler (Silver): Landed 5 consecutive hits on a launched enemy.
How to Get: Use the longsword and pop up the guy and attack 5 times

Loremaster (Bronze): Found all Lorestones.
How to Get: This is probably the longest trophy in the game as you need to 
explore the world and look for 31 Stones which contain 5 sets which is a total 
of 155 stones, the best way to look for them is to have DETECT HIDDEN skill at 
10 and roam the world.

Master of the Forge (Bronze): Crafted an item that uses all 5 forge component 
How to Get: You need Level 10 BLACKSMIHTING before you can get this

Niskaru Slayer (Bronze): Killed 25 Niskaru.
How to Get: This will be done overtime as you meet a lot of them travelling 
the world 

No Destiny, All Determination (Bronze): You have met High King Titarion, and 
have been confronted with the true scope of your powers.
How to Get: After talking to King Titarion in 'THE COMING STORM'

Open Sesame (Bronze): Dispelled 50 wards.
How to Get: Dispell all the chests with black aura around them

Out of Your League (Bronze): Killed an enemy 4 levels higher than you.
How to Get: Try and find an enemy at the beginning of game that has a red name
and kill it to get this

Perfectionist (Platinum): Awarded all trophies.
How to Get: You must get all the trophies before getting this

Reborn (Bronze): You were reborn from the Well of Souls, and have escaped 
Allestar Tower.
How to Get: After you finish 'OUT OF DARKNESS' will you get this

Reckoning Rampage (Bronze): Killed 5 enemies with a single Fateshift.
How to Get: Have 5+ enemies around you before going into RECKONING MODE before 
doing this.

Riposte! (Bronze): Landed 25 special attacks out of Parry.
How to Get: Must have the last tier of weapon attacks in the MIGHT class 
before you can do this

Romancing the Gem (Bronze): Crafted an Epic Gem.
How to Get: Must have Level 8 SAGECRAFTING before doing this

Scholia Arcana (Silver): Completed the Scholia Arcana storyline quests.
How to Get: You must complete all 7 quests before getting this; 
Trials By Fire, The Ruin of Aodh, The Unquiet Bride, Shardfall, Lighting in a 
Bottle, A Crowded Mind, Revelation					

Shock and Awe (Bronze): Killed 100 enemies with abilities.
How to Get: Kill 100 enemies with abilities 

Shop Class (Bronze): Crafted a piece of equipment with Blacksmithing.
How to Get: Need Level 2 BLACKSMITHING before you can get this

Some of This, Some of That (Bronze): Unlocked a two-class hybrid destiny.
How to Get: Put points into any of the 2 classes to unlock this

Streaker (Bronze/Hidden): You spoke to someone while not wearing clothes.
How to Get: Take off all your armor and talk to anybody

The Great Detective (Bronze): Detected 25 hidden things.
How to Get: You need the DETECT HIDDEN SKILL at Level 2 to achieve this 

They Never Saw it Coming (Bronze): Backstabbed 20 enemies.
How to Get: While in stealth mode you do an attack, so do it 20 times to 
achieve it

Trapper (Bronze): Killed 25 enemies with traps.
How to Get: This can be a tricky one as you need to find traps first before 
you can kill an enemy with it.

Travelers (Silver): Completed the Travelers storyline quests.
How to Get: You must complete all 10 quests before getting this;
The Guilded Hands, The Silent Step, Jailbreak, Something Borrowed, Going 
Rouge, Mirror, Mirror, Outside the Box, Classic Misdirection, The Purloined 
Letters, Thick as Thieves				

Turning the Tide (Silver): A ruse has baited Octienne into betraying the
necromantic nature of his experiments.
How to Get: After capturing Octienne in 'ENEMIES IN HIGH PLACES' will you get 

Warsworn (Silver): Completed the Warsworn storyline quests.
How to Get: You must complete the 8 quests for the Warsworn to get this;
Ost’s Commendation, The Road Patrol, The Heart of Sibun, Lock and Key, The 
House of No Doors, The Isle of Eamonn, The Mystic Hammer ,The Mountain Prison

Where's My Wallet? (Bronze): Pickpocketed 20 times.
How to Get: Just pickpocket random people to achieve this

Would You Like Fries with that? (Bronze): Landed 100 complete attack chains.
How to Get: You must do the full length of a weapon from start to finish only 
pressing the attack button

XXIV. Contact								[024]

If you got any tips or information that is useful for the FAQ, please email 
me @ [email protected], you get credited for sharing this info 
with me but make sure you check the FAQ before emailing me, it might be 
covered in the FAQ.

XXV. Special Thanks							[025]

I would like to thank some people but I did this FAQ all by myself, so I will 
be waiting for people to me make this guide so I can credit them for the work 
as well, c ya people ;P


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