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 *King's Multi-throws*

 Author: Kent Dela Pena
 Email: [email protected]
 Version 1.1

 This FAQ is copyrighted (c) Kent Dela Pena 2001

 I can't really believe I have to say this, but this work is not to be used for
 profit and doing so bequeaths you the title of poor sad loser who must find a
 real job.  Really, there's better ways to make money out there.

 Don't try to reproduce it and write it off as yours.  You'll never amount to
 anything in life if you're out there copying FAQs and saying it's yours. 
 are better and more important things to plagiarize.  Do not go out there
 claiming to be me either, or an FAQ writer for that matter.  Although I know
 these moves, I am not the greatest player, nor should I recommend living my
 life.  It's something you don't wanna do.  If you knew me, you wouldn't wanna
 be me.

 This FAQ is in English and the only foreign language I can speak is French.
 I'm sorry if you can't understand it or get any of the jokes (there's jokes?)

 This FAQ should be posted on unless you ask me for permission
 to post it on your site (chances are, I'll say yes, especially if you baked

 This FAQ can also be found on the following sites:

 *Table of Contents*

   1. Introduction
   2. Legend
   3. What?
   4. Who?
   5. Why?
   6. How?
   7. When?
   8. Breaking them
   9. Credits
  10. Version History
  11. Final Words


 This FAQ is for all those players who use King or want to use him and know
 about his multi-throws.  I bet the reason we all use this Mexican wrestler
 is for his multi-throws.  If you want to know about his other moves, you won't
 find them here.  Check out the other King FAQs.  This one focuses on his      

 I'm writing this because after all, these are Frequently Asked Questions. 
 FAQ can mean other things, but there could be children reading and I've
 corrupted enough youths.


 I'm assuming that you know the conventions such as 1_2 and so on.  Here's just
 a rundown on all the buttons and directions.  I think the illustration below
 insults your intelligence, but if ya stil need them...

     1P                                   2P

 UB  U  UF                            UF  U  UB
   O O O                                O O O
    \|/     (1)  (2)  (5)                \|/     (1)  (2)  (5)
 B O-O-O F                            F O-O-O B
    /|\     (3)  (4)                     /|\     (3)  (4)
   O O O                                O O O
 DB  D  DF                            DF  D  DB

 I'm guessing that you're aware of the PSX and PS2 buttons, so I won't use
 an illustration here.

 u,d,f,b: Tap direction                   U,D,F,B: Hold direction
      CD: Crouch Dash (f,N,d,df)                N: Neutral(no joystick
     qcf: Quarter circle forward (d,df,f)      SS: Side step (u_d, N_b)
       1: Left Punch                            2: Right punch
       3: Left Kick                             4: Right Kick
       5: Tag                                 ALL: Must I explain?

 Throw Chart (Starter name)

 X. Throw Name (Command) Damage, (Escape)
 Comments and rating(Out of 5*)


 A multi-throw is a series of throws executed on an opponent.  After the
 a series of buttons are pressed so that you will perform another throw on your
 victim.  This is also known as a chain throw.


 There are 4 people in Tekken Tag Tournament that I know who can execute them.
 They are King, Armor King, Nina, and Bruce (I've never seen it happen).  For
 this FAQ, I will be discussing King's multi-throws.


 Do we really have to ask here?  You all have your own reasons, but one thing's
 for sure, THEY LOOK SO COOL.  This is why I started using King in the first
 place.  Most result in heavy damage and can win you matches out of nowhere
 it looks like you're down and out (Believe me, I've come from behind and then
 won games with these).  It makes your opponent look like your bee-yahtch while
 King's having his way with their fighter.


 Here are all of King's multi-throws.  There are about 6 of them, but I won't
 add the Irish Whip (chances are, you'll only use it as a tag in with Armor
 King).  Some are good, some are bad.  Though the names differ from each
 one in each FAQ, I will be using the pro-wrestling terms for the moves if I
 know them.

 Now for the chains...

 Throw Chart (Reverse Armdrag Take Down or Vertabreaker)

         |               |
         |               --------J
         |             |
         |             ----------J

 A. Reverse Arm Drag Take Down (f,df+1+3_2+4) 25 (1_2 depending on command)

 This path leads you to King's longest chain, but it isn't really a good
 series.  If your opponent tried to break the initial start up, chances are,
 they'll escape the next throw.  I can't really do the throw and it's
 one I stay away from.  Doesn't it look like Paul's shoulder throw?  (**)

 B. Vertabreaker (SS+2+4_df+1+2_df+DF,2+4) 28 (1+2)

 Probably the multi-throw starter you'll see most often, especially the
 side step version.  You'll see scrubs do most often.  The side step
 version is cancellable by tapping b, which ironically, can be more useful
 than the actual throw.  the (df,df,2+4) will only catch a crouching opponent.
 On a side note, this is a real move invented by one of the members of the
 Guerrero family and currently used by Shane Helms of WCW.  (***)

 C. Backdrop (2,1,1+2) 18 (1_2 same as A)

 If your opponent couldn't escape the Reverse Arm Drag, all they have to do is
 tap the other punch button to escape.  In other words, it's the same escape
 as the Reverse Arm Drag.  Looks like the suplex counter off a side headlock on
 tv.  (*)

 D. Cannonball (2,2,1+2) 18 (2 only after Backdrop)

 This move is guaranteed after you do it from the Vertabreaker.  Not much to
 say here.  Buffer the move to increase the chances of doing it.  Tap 2
 twice and hold it then tap 1.  You'll get this move if you tried a SS
 Vertabreaker, but caught them on the side or from behind.  (***)

 E. Inverted Atomic Drop (3+4,1+2,1+2+4) 17 (2)

 Common move you see in wrestling.  This is the scrub's move of choice (or at
 least they know) after the Cannonball.  Taking this path results in greater
 damage, but this is one sequence most people know.  (***)

 F. German Suplex (3+4,1+2) 18 (1)

 It looks better on TV and by Chris Benoit.  Can't comment much 'cause I've
 never done it in a match.  At least it's follow up is inescapable when you
 use this.  (***)

 G. Powerbomb (1,2,3+4) 22 (1 only after Cannonball)

 Nice standard wrestling powerbomb.  More damaging than the Inverted Atomic
 Drop, but only 1 follow up after that.  Some reason, I connect with this
 part of the sequence more often than the Inverted Atomic Drop.  (***)

 H. Sit-down Powerbomb (1,2,3+4,1+2) 20 (None)

 Different looking powerbomb, but at least it's inescapable.  This and the
 Inverted Atomic Drop adds up to more damage than the Powerbomb, plus it
 has one more move to go.  (****)

 I. Giant Swing (2,1,3,4) 27 (1)

 Move you see in old school wrestling, women's wrestling, and midget
 wrestling.  Not as much damage as the other follow up, plus it can be
 tech rolled.  To make matters worst, this is the most common follow-up
 and the one scrubs use most often.  Do it only when your opponent
 escapes the Muscle Buster often, expects it, or just taps 2 when caught
 in a chain throw.  (***)

 J. Muscle Buster (3,1,2,3+4,ALL) 35 (2)

 Most damaging final move of this series.  Looks cool and you can follow
 it up with a Moonsault or a Blind kick.  I normally go for this move,
 but there are times when people will break it.  I don't think it's
 possible for someone to execute this move on TV, but I could be wrong.

 Throw Chart (Jaguar Driver [a weird looking Pedigree-like maneuver])


 A. Jaguar Driver (qcf+1) 25 (1_3+4 during)

 What an awful move.  Less damage than a standard King throw.  One to stay away
 from.  I only do this by accident when trying a Giant Swing command.  Shame on
 you Namco!  (*)

 B. Pedigree or Dominator (1+2 during A.) 30 (Same as A.)

 Whether it's Triple H's or Faarooq's move, this version sucks.  So it's 5
 more points, but a standard King throw does more.  Stay away!  (*)

 C. Boston Crab (1+2,3,4,1+2) 25 (none)

 It adds 25 more, so if you get caught doing A, go for this one.  (**** only
 because it's guaranteed, but this chain still sucks)

 Throw Chart (Standing Heel Hold)


 A. Standing Heel Hold (CD+2+3) 30 (2)

 My personal favourite of the chain throws.  Decent initial damage and the
 follow ups will guarantee you at least 60 damage in total if you get one them.
 The only setback is, if escaped, you will eat 10 damage.  Do it and you'll see
 why it's the preferred throw.  (****)

 B. Indian Death Lock (1+2,1,3,1+2) 30 (1+2)

 Nice lock, adds up to 60 damage, double button escape, and there's one more
 inescapable move to go.  Great move, but don't do this too often or your
 opponent might get smart about it.  (****)

 C. STF (1,2,3,1+2) 35 (1)

 The submission of choice for William Regal.  Looks nice, least damaging
 follow up though.  I only use it when I know one more follow up will finish
 the guy.  Good for mix ups too.  (***)

 D. Scorpion Death Lock (1+2,3,1,1+3) 40 (2)

 This name makes much more sense than the Sharpshooter.  Plus Sting did it
 first.  Of the follow ups from A, this is the most damaging, but it ends
 here.  I use this when I don't feel like doing the STF, but the 2nd lock will
 finish the opponent.  Looks cool when you get the 4x ending animation.  If
 your opponent keeps tapping the 1+2 buttons during hold A, switch up to
 this one.  (****)

 E. Romero Special (1,3,4,1+2,3+4) 50 (None)

 Looks awfully painful, most damaging, and inescapable.  There's no reason
 why you shouldn't do this move, unless hold B kills them.  Looks cool
 during the 4x death replay too.  (*****)

 Throw Chart (Arm Breaker)

 |            |
 |            ---F

 A. Arm Breaker (CD+1+4) 20 (1)

 Name says it all.  I only do this move if my opponent escapes the Standing
 Hold repeatedly.  Other than that, I don't try this often, unless I'm gonna
 show off as well. (***)

 B. Cross Face Chicken Wing (2,1,1+2+3) 25 (1+2)

 Decent move, double button escape, and has most damaging follow up.  It's
 really easy to do if you buffer.  Hold 2, hold 1, hold 3.  It's that simple.
 Too bad it's a well known prerequisite for a well known move.  (***)

 C. Side Russian Legsweep (1+2,4,2+4) 20 (2)

 Looks cool and it's follow up is inescapable.  I'm not sure if people know
 about this move since the majority of the time, you'll see a Cross Face
 Chicken Wing.  Honestly, of this series, I go for this unless I'm playing
 a guy who has absolutely no idea about the Rolling Death Cradle.  (***)

 D. Triple Arm Breaker (1+2,1+2) 25 (1)

 Stay away.  Looks bad, plus it's just as easy to do B and it does the same
 damage, but there's no follow up for this move.  (*)

 E. Dragon Sleeper Hold (2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4) 30 (1)

 Nice follow up and guarantees you one more shot at your grounded opponent.  Do
 this when your opponent will try and break a Rolling Death Cradle.  (***)

 F. Rolling Death Cradle (1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3) 75 (2)

 Coolest looking move and most damage in the least amount of moves.
 Unfortunately, this is a well known move.  Every expert in the Tekken
 knows about this move and can break it.  This is a really difficult move to
 execute because of it's sequence.  I can get it about 3/4 of the time with my
own     sequence.  Here's how I do it: I press 1+3 with my trigger finger and
 3+4 with my trigger and bird flipping finger, 2+4 with trigger and thumb, 1+2
 with the trigger and bird and hold it so I can just press 3 with my thumb. 
 takes a lot of practice to do it.  (**** only because of style and damage)

 G. Arm Crucifixion (4,3,4,3+4,1+2) 25 (None)

 I can't see why you shouldn't go for it since it's inescapable.  (*****)

 Throw Chart (Ultimate Tackle)

         |    |
         |    -------C----E
         |    |
         |    -------D----F

 A. Ultimate Tackle (WC, df+1+2_WR_CD+1+2[df must be held]) 5 (2_1+2 to

 A move I'm not too fond of doing since it can be reversed leaving you at
 your opponent's mercy.  (**)

 B. Punches (1,2,1_2,1,2) 5 per punch (1 if started with 1_2 if started with 2)

 Not much to stay, just a standard mount and punch.  I prefer to stay away from
 this move since it's easily blocked.  (**)

 C. Cross Arm Lock (1+2) 25 (1+2,1,1,1,1...)

 Standard arm submission.  I've seen Royce Gracie win many matches in UFC using
 this move, but this is Tekken, not UFC.  Easy to do, but can be reversed by
those     with an arm lock followup.  (***)

 D. Cross Leg Lock (3+4) 25 (1+2,2,2,2...)

 Same as C, but you're doing this to a leg.  I prefer this one since no one
 really sees it and it has a really cool follow up.  (***)

 E. Arm Breaker and Arm Twist (1+2,1+2) 10 (None)

 Just like all inescapable followups, you should always do this.  (*****)

 F. Arm Breaker to Cross Face (1+2) 40 (None)

 Same as E but a bit harder to do.  The way I do it is while King's starts
 for the D, tap 1+2, but hold 2 and keep tapping 1.  Looks cool too.  (*****)

 G. More punches (1,2_2,1) 5 per punch (same as A)

 It's the same as A.  Refer to that.


 Just because you now know how to do these moves doesn't mean you're a master.
 You have to know when to use multi-throws in order to be successful with them.
 If you keep trying them, chances are you're gonna get nailed.  So when?

 If you're fighting a reversal scrub, you'll land a CD series on them quite
 easily.  Once that has been established, the scrub won't reverse anymore
 which opens you up to smacking them with moves.

 If the game turns into something like just trading blocked hits (most likely
 against a scrub), crouch dash in and have your way with them.

 Establish a good poking game.  Using moves such as (d+1,N+2) will give you
 good openings and make them use standing block a lot.  Poke your opponent with
 a few high and mostly mid moves (don't forget to chicken).  This forces people
 to continually use standing blocks and open them up for throws.

 Mix up your crouch dash game.  Keep your opponent guessing if your King will
 be going for a chain throw series, just a Black Bomb, Konvict Kick and moves
 buffered from a CD, or even a crouch throw.

 If I've been playing against a guy who's been scouting me or people watch me
 rack up a little win streak, chances are, they'll be begin the round with a
 block because my 1st move is usually a (d+1, N+2).  Here's a chance for me to
 utilize a CD series and get an early lead.  It's not always true depending on
 the opponent's skill level.

 It's said often, but do it when least suspected.  Really, I don't go for
 chain throws that often.  If my calculations are correct, on a good player,
 I'd attempt a chain throw 20% of the time.  It really depends on the type
 of player I'm fighting.

 If you're playing against a pitbull or even a button mashing scrub, don't
 bother doing one.  You'll get nailed with random hits and it just won't do
 any good.  You're better off counter hitting them.

 Another questions being asked was...WHEN DO I INPUT THE COMMANDS?  If you can
 hear the sound of slams or broken joints, if not, right after you see the
 impact or the twist, start doing the command.  You can do it anytime after
 point but only as long as you input it before the current move causes damage.
 Relax, you have plenty of time (even for the Rolling Death Cradle).  Don't
 press the buttons too fast or else you it won't register.  You only have to
 do it once.  That way, it makes you look like a seasoned pro (if you're not)
 and your opponent only has 1 chance to read your fingers.

 *Breaking them*

 It's one thing doing them, but when you get caught in them, you should always
 know what to do.  King is infamous for his chain throws and every good player
 and expert knows them inside out.  It's good to know them, but breaking them
 doesn't end there.  Nobody likes to get caught in his multi-throws and I'm no
 exception.  Here's a few things to do if you ever find yourself in one.

 If you're playing a beginning King player or a King scrub (Shame!) chances are
 they'll be going for the highest damage move in the sequence if they can do
one.    Example:  You somehow got caught in a Vertabreaker.  You can't do
anything about
 the Cannonball, so when your opponent goes for the next move, chances are, it
 will be an Inverted Atomic Drop.  Solution here is to press 2.  Escape!

 Good players will always mix up the throws.  If you're playing at an arcade
 that has the controls side to side, not the Battleship format, look at their
 fingers for the next throw.  I don't know why many people don't do that, since
 they'd rather mash every button and wiggle 'n' jiggle the joystick.  That just
 looks silly.  Example: You're caught in the Standing Heel Hold.  Look down and
 see what your opponent is pressing.  If you see the right fingers press (1,3),
 chances are, you're gonna be caught in the Indian Death Lock.  Press 1+2 now!

 Most importantly, the best way to break a chain throw is simple evasion.
 You'll never get caught in a Rolling Death Cradle if your opponent can't land
 the Arm Breaker.  Soooo...just duck (But watch out for the Black Bomb off a
 CD or a crouch throw or whatever).


 Anybody who's made a King FAQ - Showing me moves, sequences, and most
                                importantly, how to play effectively with
 Avex Honda NSX - Giving me those mercy rounds so I could practice on campus
 Every opponent - Challenging me.  Nobody likes to play the CPU
 Gamefaqs - Posting this up.  If it's not here, it hasn't been published
 Me - Need I explain?
 Namco - Making a great game to a great series with a great character
 Pascal - See Avex Honda NSX and also for getting me into Tekken
 Pro wrestling - Without you, there'd be no King
 Tekkenzaibatsu - Information on throw damage and sequences
 Tekkencentral - Having that forum for Canadian players
 York University - Having this game on campus so that I could find some time to
                  play when I'm not studying on campus.  But no thanks for
                  charging us a loonie to play!
 You, the reader - Giving a purpose for this FAQ

 *Version History*

 1.0 - Feb 10, 2001 - First time writer, long time reader
 1.1 - Feb 15, 2001 - Added more comments
                      Fixed grammar errors
                      Touched up on the Legend section
                      Thanked the reader and some more people
                      Fixed the Arm Breaker chart and other errors
                      Changed my name on GameFAQS
                      Changed Conclusion to Final Words
                      Listed some sites this FAQ could be found

 *Final Words*

 This FAQ wasn't that difficult to write.  Unless I get real bored and start
 using someone else or have reached my maximum potential with King, this FAQ
 never be finished, especially the When to use them part.  Always feel free to
 write (email's at the top of the page) and you will receive credit for any  
contributions.  Just because I am teaching others out there how to do
 Multi-throws doesn't mean that I won't learn anything here.

 If you ever catch a guy in a multi-throw and you see them going mad on the
 stick, please tell them that doing that is useless and to stop it.  Nobody
 to play with damaged joysticks.

 If you've just started using King or are currently learning him, please do not
 use this FAQ as the basis of your game plan.  I suggest that you read the
 King FAQs on this website where ever it's found.  You must learn the basics of
 King before you can get into his chain throws.  It's possible to beat other
 players without the use of his multi-throws and you'll find yourself beating
 people more often with punches and kicks than with slams and locks.

 I am not the greatest King player in the world or even in Toronto for that
 matter.  I can't even do his throws 100% of the time.  I'm sure there are some
       readers out there who can beat me using King or even my King/Armor King
 In the Tekken Central forum, I use the alias Naked King.  If you're from
 and you know Honda or Pascal, then they can tell you who  I am.  Lately, I can
only   play at York.  You'll know who I since I am the only one that I know who
picks        King/Armor King.  I play around in Toronto, but I don't have an
arcade that I play
 at exclusively.


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