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                    Kings Quest The Quest For The Crown
In Kings Quest Quest For The Crown you get to be the king’s most loyal knight 
Graham. The three magical items have been stolen witch protect the castle of 
Daventry. The Magic Mirror which lets you see a little into the future. The 
bottomless chest of gold. The last item is the Magic Shield which protects you 
from most harm you must find these items. Beware there are two versions of the 
game my guide covers both the old version is where you are made out of squares 
the remake is not where you are made out of squares.

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                              Table Of Contents
Playable Character
Other Characters

                              Playable Character
Graham: Graham is a smart fellow but not very strong. He is witty with long 
ears and an adventure cap in a aqua color. He has a red shirt and some nice 
pants. He is a responisble adult with his hair covering his ears. In the sight 
of danger he uses his brain instead of mustle.

                              Other Characters
A man with little money trying to save his ailing wife. He barely has any 
possessiones other then his violin.

Woodman's Wife
A dying old lady.

The King
The King of Daventry.

Ogre: A giant green invincible creature in various parts of the game.

Dwarf: He will not kill you but he steals things if he steals a needed item you 
will not be able to beat the game.

Wizard: He freezes you.

Wolf: He eats you avoid him.

Lephracauns Guards: There are two in the game with spears.

Dahlia: The evil witch. She will continually be flying around until you kill 

Troll: A troll that blocks the bridge.

Dragon: A large fire breathing dragon hiding inside a old well.

Giant: A giant in the land of the clouds.

Giant Rat: A large rat guarding the land of the lephracauns.

Dagger: A sharp dagger.

Golden Egg: A golden egg worth a lot of gold.

Carrot: A big orange carrot.

Bowl: A bowl.

Golden Nut: A nut with gold inside it.

Pebbles: Five smooth pebbles.

Basket: A basket that you can fill with water.

Violin: A nice musical violin.

Mushroom: A magic mushroom that temporarily shrinks you when eaten.

The Magic Mirror: A mirror that lets you see into the future.

The Bottemless Chest Of Gold: A bottomless chest filled with gold.

The Magic Shield: A shield that protects you from most mortal harm.

Magic Beans: Beans that grow a giant beanstalk.

Four Leaf Clover: A clover with four leaves.

Go west across the bridge until you reach a rock push the rock from its 
northern side (if you push it from the bottom it will tumble over you and kill 
you). Then type in "look in hole" you gain a point just for looking then type 
in "take dagger" you will get a dagger out of the hole. Then go one square 
north go to the base of the large tree and type in "climb" you will climb the 
tree now go to the other end of the tree and type in take egg it will turn out 
to be made of gold! Climb down the tree and go one square east take a carrot 
from the garden then go one square north. There will be a small elf walking 
around if he is not there go off the screen and back on keep doing this until 
he shows up. Walk up to the elf and type in "talk to elf" he will help you by 
handing you a magic ring which can turn you invisible. Go one screen north and 
go take the bowl on the ground it will say fill inside ignore that for now and 
go one square west take a nut off the ground and open it, it will be filled 
with gold. Go back to where you found the bowl if you are playing the old 
version go one square north and take the pebbles on the ground then go back to 
the large rock. If you are in the remake version just go back to the rock. Now 
go one square west if you are in the new version take the pebbles next to the 
pond. Now go two more squares east go up to the stump look in the stump take 
the pouch and open it it will be filled with diamonds. Now go three squares 
south then go west south west pick a clover. Now go east, north, east, east.You 
will be in front of the witches house SAVE go inside if she is there go outside 
and go back in keep doing this until she is not there then go in here bedroom 
take the note and read it then hide SAVE. The witch will come in when she is 
standing next to her pot walk up and push her in the pot congratulations you 
killed the witch now open the cabinet and take the cheese. Go outside and eat 
the house it won't look any different but it will raise your score. Go two 
squares south there will be a well walk up to it and cut the rope you will take 
the bucket now lower the rope climb down the rope and drop into the water. Then 
dive and go to the bottom of the water and then go left and up get out of the 
water and fill the bucket. Go west there will be a Dragon guarding the magic 
mirror walk up close but not past his tail SAVE toss the bucket of water on him 
he will run away then go take the magic mirror. Congratulations you are a third 
of the way threw the game leave the cave and explore until you find a old house 
walk inside and say fill your bowl will fill with soup. Give the soup to the 
man he will give it to his wife and reward you with his fiddle go take the 
fiddle. Go outside and go left one screen and four squares south. You will be 
at a goat pen walk up to the goat and show him the carrot he will follow you. 
Go left two squares and let the Fairy Godmother sprinkle dust on you. Go north 
two screens there is a bridge you need to cross but a troll is in the way walk 
up to the troll and the goat will kill the troll. The goat will leave now cross 
the bridge there will be a gnome talk to him he will ask you what his name is 
the answer is Ifnkovhgroghprm he will give you magic beans! Go two squares east 
the ground will be dark green plant the beans a large beanstalk will grow climb 
up the beanstalk climb a little save climb a little save this is what you need 
to do. When you are at the top go east two squares south one and east two 
squares walk up to the base of the tree and take the slingshot inside. go north 
then west there will be a giant walk behind a tree and keep avoiding the giant 
until he falls asleep. (If that is to hard put on the magic ring or shoot him 
with your pebbles using the slingshot) walk up and take the magic chest 
congratulations you are 2/3 through the game! Go down the path into themountion 
one square east at the bottom go west three squares and jump when the Condor 
comes buy he will pick you up and drop you on a island. At the island go one 
square west take the mushroom on the ground then go one square east. Fall down 
the hole you will be in a cave go one square south then one square west there 
will be a giant rat give the rat your cheese he will run away. Open the door 
there will be two guards attacking you play the fiddle and they will leave then 
go one square west wait for everyone to leave. Now take the sceptor on the 
chair then take the shield then go one square west. There will be a tiny hole 
eat the mushroom you will shrink go through the hole now go one square west 
and two north. Go four squares north and walk up to the guards. Congratulations 
you have beat the game with all 158 points!

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