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Kirby air ride guide 
1-Air ride mode
2-Top ride mode
3-City trial mode
4-The checklist and unlocking certain things
6-Legendary machines
7- Copy abilities
8-Free run
10-All the fun of the game!

Welcome to Kirby Air Ride! In Air Ride there are 8 courses you can race in at the 
moment-Fantasy Meadows, Celestial valley, Sky Sands, Frozen hillside, Magma flows, 
Beanstalk park, Machine passage and Checker knights. 
  Fantasy meadows- A straight-forward circuit for beginners. If you want to clear 
lots of laps for the checklist, this is the one.
  Celestial valley- A dark course along rivers and rails. Sometimes tricky to 
prevent falling into pits.
  Sky sands- a bumpy desert course. Like all the courses, this one has LOADS of 
  Frozen hillside- An icy area that was probably once a beautiful meadow. Very, very 
  Magma flows- Recommended for advanced plyers, most of this level is down to being 

lucky and choosing the correct alternating path.
  Beanstalk park- Bright and jolly. If your machine flies well, this one's in the 
  Machine passage- A series of long tunnels, this one is best suited by a good 
  Checker knights- Long and wild! There are many rail shortcuts waiting to be used...

-TIP ATTACK- to unlock the final course, Nebula Belt, you must first race over 100 
laps in total from all courses. Nebula belt is fairly boring, but you're bound to 
unlock it sometime, anyway. Its main features are lots of question marks (copy 
chance wheels) that will magically and randomly give you a power as if you sucked up 
an enemy(see chapter 7)

Start here and make your way around things. Pretty soon you will have unlocked 
machines like the Wagon Star and Wheelie scooter. Ride these and try to find out 
what they're good at, but if you're not sure, check chapter 5. It's boring to be 
told how you play the videogame that you bought, so let's just move onto the next 

Top ride is a mode where things are seen, well, from the top! The courses are fairly 
small, but correct usage of boosts sends you flying for great competition. The 
courses here are:
  Grass- Knock the trees to make bombs fall from them.
  Sand- Take machinee to watch out for the sand monster, and take the lower bridge 
to speed. Watch the dancing cactus!
  Sky- Boost at the correct time to jump the shortcuts!
  Fire- Watch for a certain sort of gas. It levitates you over the sharp corners- a 
sweet shortcut!
  Light- take shortcuts only when the rails appear (mainly luck!)
  Water- The boring course, going into waterfalls is the only shortcut here.
  Metal- Never press 'A' on this course to obtain a checkbox!
Once again, there is the random question mark icon where you don't know what to 
expect, but no secret courses. When you play, you'll notice there are two types of 
machine and you only unlock rules for special bonuses. Top ride is an easy section 
indeed, and you're sure to clear it faster than the others once you get the hang of 

City trial is the fun version in Kirby Air Ride. Collect items and get better 
machines to battle out in stadiums. The power-up items are:

  Boost- The extra speed you accellerate when landing.
  Top speed- Sets your maximum speed higher.
  Turn- Makes turning easier.
  Charge- Reduces the time needed to charge up
  Glide- Increases time suspended in the air every time you get into the air.
  Weight- Useful for battles, doesn't affect your glides.
  Offence- Also good for battles.
  Defence- Raises defence.
  HP- Raises your maximum health.

There is a twist in this mode, as you can see, and it is very different from the 
other standard racing modes. Lots of magical events can happen in the city if you 
have the rule to do so on. These events can give you items, take away items, or do 
both unless you're skilled enough! Here's what you can expect:

  A giant pillar has appeared in the city! Break it to get items!- Smash open the 
pillar by fully charging your tank(hold 'A') and then releasing the energy, or 
Turning the control stick round and round near the pillar.
  The rail stations are burning out of control!- Not good. Avoid the rails here.
  Tac stole items and fled the scene! He's hiding somewhere.- Tac the robber is 
hidden in one of these places: Green Greens(the forest) underground, The underground 
in the middle of the city, the volcano underground(go down the rail NEAR the rail 
station), or the castle. These are his most common places. Hit him to get items. To 
find his exact position, use the map on the screen.
  The secret chamber in the castle hall has opened! Get some items!- Hurry to the 
castle and find the chamber. There will be six of a certain item here.
  A mysterious flying machine is approaching!- This is possibly the best bonus, and 
tricky to know what to do. From the top of the volcano, go across the bridge and 
into the harmless volcano to get taken to the top of the world, the garden in the 
sky. Wait until the flying machine is about to pass under the garden, then jump off 
to the top of the flying machine. In the middle there is always and ALL(An item that 
gives you 1 of every power-up) to collect, and if you're lucky, another ALL 
somewhere else in the UFO. Collect lots of items as quickly as you can!
  Danger! Danger! Huge meteors are incoming!- The meteors come in different sets 
each time: Lots of quick and small meteors; Around 15 medium speeded and sized 
meteors; or a few large and slow meteors. There is always a big meteor to end with 
that contains LOADS of items, if any. Many meteors also have items in, so make use 
of the oppertunity!
  The mystery bird Dyna Blade appeared! Aim for his head!- Dyna Blade appears in one 
of these places: Near the volcano by the big rock, above the underground in the 
city, near the island(The 4 floored thing), or near the forest. To get his head, 
follow these instructions:
1 From the big tree in Green Greens, Whispy Woods, Go to HIS LEFT to head towards 
the volcano.
2 Past the first volcano, turn RIGHT to go near the edge of the city. Somewhere 
nearby is an air vent which takes you on a building.
3 From here, find Dyna Blade's position(using the map) and try hitting it.
If Dyna Blade is near the island, get to the top floor and fly off it- simple.
  A restoration area has appeared somewhere in the city!- Find the healing patches. 
They make a space- aged sound when you near them. Get a checkbox by using up one's 
power fully!(i.e. get someone to have a fight with near the patch and heal yourself 
  A dense fog has covered the city!- You'll have to spend a minute or so in fog. 
Sorry, not much to do here!
  The items are getting rubbery! They're bouncing!- A real pain. Just do something 
not related to items now.
  Some power-up items are fakes! Be machineeful...- Memory time. My top tip is this: 
don't go for the fakes!
  Not fair! The boxes all contain the same items!- If it's an amazing item inside 
almost EVERY BOX, it's definitely fair! Stock up or use the item, depending on what 
it is.
  Air ride boost tanks have run amok!- Get on the rails with an opponent and have a 
strength competition as you go FAST!
  Air ride formation approaching!- Rather boring unless your accuracy is high enough 
to knock down a machine floating randomly in the city. the 5 machines are moving, so 
be warned!
  The city lighthouse has turned on!- Annoying. Heal yourself near the lighthouse if 
you can be bothered.

Quite a lot. See free run mode(chapter 8) for details of what to do in the city. In 
the stadium later, you will do one of the following: Drag race, Air glider, High 
jump, Target flight, Single race or vs. King Dedede. The outcome can be confirmed in 
the rules('Z' on the select players screen).
  Drag Race- A straight forward race along a straight forward track.
  Air glider- how far can you glide? Find out here.
  High Jump- jump high. Hold down on a good flying machine to go up!
  Target flight- A bit like human darts, where you're the darts. Hit the 100 for 100 
  Single Race- Race around a random track from Air Ride mode.
  Vs. King Dedede- Fight King Dedede to your full! Use the power-ups around the 
Collect 3 pieces of legendary machines(see chapter 6)that match from inside red 
boxes to get that Legendary Machine- Hydra or Dragoon, new to City Trial mode!

Air Ride checklist

Red checklist blocks(unlocks something):
1: Time attack(chapter 8): frozen hillside: Finish in under 
03:14:00!                                          M   PRIZE: FORMULA STAR
2: Machine passage: Shoot 3 characters out of the cannon at one 
time!                                              S   PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Machine' MUSIC
3 Magma flows: Bump into a flaming 
dragon!                                            B  PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
4: Air ride: Checker knights: Finish 2 laps in under 
03:05:00!                                          M  PRIZE: SLICK STAR
5: Make your lap's last two digits the 
same!                                              S   PRIZE: RESULTS SCREEN MUSIC
6: Race over 100 
                                              ~  PRIZE: NEBULA BELT, THE LAST COURSE
7: Swallow 200 or more enemies in total!      B       PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
8: Free run: Sky sands: Do 1 lap under 01:05:00 on Bulk Star!  
                                                         K PRIZE: BROWN KIRBY
9: Magma Flows: Use all the volcano rails and finish in 1st place!
                                                         M PRIZE: TURBO STAR
10: Air Ride: Celestial Valley: Finish 2 laps under 
02:20:00!                                          K     PRIZE: WHITE KIRBY
11: Free Run: Fantasy meadows: Finish 1 lap under 
00:21:00!                                     S     PRIZE: 'FANTASY MEADOWS' MUSIC
12: Glide for a total of more than 30 
minutes!                                            M   PRIZE: META KNIGHT
13: Air ride: Machine passage: Race over 1,400 metres(change rules) in 2 
minutes!                                            M   PRIZE: JET STAR
14: In any mode other than Free Run, reach the goal a total of 3 
times!                                              M   PRIZE: WAGON STAR
15: Free Run: Frozen hillside: Finish 1 lap in under 
00:58:00!                                           S   PRIZE: 'FROZEN HILLSIDE' 
16: Air Ride: Start the final lap in 4th place and move to 1st to 
win.                                                M  PRIZE: WHEELIE SCOOTER
17: Air ride: Magma Flows: Race over 1,400 metres in 2 
minutes!                                            S PRIZE: 'MAGMA FLOWS' MUSIC
18: Free run: Celestial Valley: Finish 1 lap in under 
00:57:00!                                           S PRIZE: 'CELESTIAL VALLEY' MUSIC
19: Sky sands: break all of the coral and finish in 1st 
place!                                              B  PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
20: In one game, drop from the cliffs 3 
times!                                              B PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
21: Defeat 100 or more enemies in total with exhaled stars(spat out 
enemies)                                            M  PRIZE: REX WHEELIE
22: Race all of the standard(ones you start with) air ride 
courses!                                            M  PRIZE: WHEELIE BIKE
23: Free run: Beanstalk Park: Do 1 lap under 00:58:00 on Winged 
Star!                                               S  PRIZE: 'BEANSTALK PARK' MUSIC
24: Defeat 10 or more enemies in total using the quck 
spin!                                               M   PRIZE: SHADOW STAR
25: Defeat 1,000 of your enemies!                   M  PRIZE: KING DEDEDE
26: Celestial Valley: Use the Copy chance wheel on top of the 
tree!                                               B  PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
27: Air ride: Finish in 1st place while flying in the 
air!                                                M  PRIZE: WINGED STAR
28: Air ride: Sky sands: Finish 2 laps in under 
02:05:00!                                           M  PRIZE: SWERVE STAR
29: Swallow Sword Knight(sword-wielding enemy) 3 times or more and take 
1st!                                                K  PRIZE: GREEN KIRBY
30: Sky sands: Open the trapdoor exactly 3 times and finish in 1st 
place!                                             S PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Sky Sands' MUSIC
31: Celestial valley: Over one race, ride on both the left and right bridge 
railings!                                          S PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Celestial' MUSIC
32: Time attack: Celestial Valley: Finish in under 
03:20:00!                                           M PRIZE: BULK STAR
33: Race over 300 laps!                             S  PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Nebula' MUSIC
34: Time attack: Sky Sands: Finish in under 
03:10:00!                                           S  PRIZE: SKY SANDS MUSIC
35: Checker kinghts: Use spin panels 7 times or more and take 1st 
place!                                              S  PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Checker' MUSIC
36: Time attack: Fantasy meadows: Finish in under 
01:00:00!                                           S  PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Meadows' MUSIC
37: Glide for a total of over an 
                                                ~  PRIZE: BONUS MOVIE: Machine Intros
38: Time attack: Machine Passage: Finish in under 
03:10:00!                                           S  PRIZE: MACHINE PASSAGE MUSIC
39: Air ride: Beanstalk Park: Finish 2 laps in under 
02:18:00!                                             K PRIZE: PURPLE KIRBY
40: Free Run: Machine passage: Finish 1 lap in under 
01:05:00!                                           M PRIZE: ROCKET STAR
41: Fill in over 100 checklist 
                                                    ~ PRIZE: ENDING

That just kept going... anyway, I haven't quite finished all of this mode, but if I 
get anymore checklist blocks in red I'll put 'em in.

Key: M= machine
S= sound
B=box check off
K=kirby color
~=Special bonus

Top Ride checklist

1: Top ride: Fire: Cause a huge eruption 3 times or 
more!                                        B   PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
2: Top Ride: Finish all courses without using 
Boost!                                       B   PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
3: Top ride: Light: Take 1st and grind the rail 5 times or 
more!                                        B  PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
4: Top ride: Metal: Take 1st place without using 
Boost!                                       S   PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Metal' MUSIC
5: Cross the goal 20 times or 
                                             K  PRIZE: GREEN KIRBY
6: Top ride: Sky: Take 1st and hit the Isle knob 5 or more 
times!                                       S   PRIZE: SKY MUSIC
7: Top ride: Water: Finish 5 laps in under 
01:02:00!                                    S   PRIZE: WATER MUSIC
8: Top ride: Sand: Go in Ant Doom(the sand beast) 50 times or more in 
total!                                       B  PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
9: Time attack: Water: Finish in under 
00:56:00!                                      R  PRIZE: EXTRA RULE: Attack item set
10: Free Run: Sky: Do one lap in under 
00:09:00!                                      S   PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Sky' MUSIC
11: Top ride: Take 1st place on all courses!   R  PRIZE: EXTRA RULE: Diagonal camera
12: Top ride: Grass: Finish 1st and hit 5 or more Dash 
panels!                                        S   PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Grass' MUSIC
13: Top ride: Metal: Finish 1st 5 seconds or more faster than 2nd 
place!                                         K   PRIZE: WHITE KIRBY
14: Top ride: Water: Finish 1st 5 seconds or more faster than 2nd 
place!                                         S   PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Water' MUSIC
15: Top ride: Collect 500 items or more!       ~   PRIZE: NEW ITEM: Who? Paint
16: Top ride: Fire: Finish 1st while holding the Fire 
item.                                          S   PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Fire' MUSIC
17: Time attack: Light: Finish in under 
00:33:00!                                      S   PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Light' MUSIC
18: Get over 18 different types of items!      ~   PRIZE: NEW ITEM: Chickie
19: Top ride: Water: Take 1st and enter the waterfalls 5 times or 
more!                                          R   PRIZE: EXTRA RULE: Device Quantity
20: Top ride: Light: Race more than 100 
laps!                                          S   PRIZE: LIGHT MUSIC
21: Top ride: Metal: Take 1st and break 5 or more gear 
walls!                                         S   PRIZE: METAL MUSIC
22: Top ride: Grass(no "zero items" rule): Take 1st place without using 
items!                                         S   PRIZE: GRASS MUSIC
23: Top ride: Sky: Finish 1st with CPUs set to level 5(hint: use 1 
CPU)!                                          K   PRIZE: BROWN KIRBY
24: Top ride: Sand: Take 1st place without using 
boost!                                         S    PRIZE: SAND MUSIC
25: Free run: Water: Do one lap in under 
00:10:50!                                      R   PRIZE: EXTRA RULE: Side camera
26: Top ride: Sand: Take 1st place without using 
boost!                                         S    PRIZE: SAND MUSIC
27: Free run: Light: Do one lap in under 
00:07:50!                                      S    PRIZE: RESULTS SCREEN MUSIC
28: Top Ride: Compete in more than 50 multiplayer 
races!                                         K    PRIZE: PURPLE KIRBY
29: Time Attack: Sand: Finish in under 
00:29:00!                                      S     PRIZE: SPECIAL 'Sand' MUSIC
30: Top ride: Fire: Take 1st place 10 times or 
more!                                          S     PRIZE: FIRE MUSIC
31: Top ride: Race 1 lap without hitting a wall and finish 
1st!                                        R     PRIZE: EXTRA RULE: Mystery item set
32:Fill in over 100 checklist 
blocks!                                                 ~    PRIZE: ENDING

This will hopefully be useful. I can guarantee (unless I forgot something!) that 
this contains every detail of red blocks for Top Ride.

Key: S=sound
K=kirby color
B=box check off
~=special bonus

City Trial Checklist

1: Unlock dragoon parts A,B, and C on the 
checklist!                                        M   PRIZE: DRAGOON FOR FREE RUN
2: City Trial: The meteor attacks the city 3 or more 
times!                                            S    PRIZE: FLYING METEOR MUSIC
3: Stadium: Target flight: Stay airborne longer than 15 
seconds!                                          S    PRIZE: TARGET FLIGHT MUSIC
4: Stadium: Air glider: Fly more than 400 
metres!                                           P    PRIZE: DRAGOON PART C
5: Unlock Hydra parts X, Y and Z on the 
checklist!                                        M   PRIZE: HYDRA FOR FREE RUN
6: Stadium: Destruction Derby 4: In one game, KO rivals 10 times or 
more!                                             ST    PRIZE: DESTRUCTION DERBY 5
7: City Trial: In the city, destroy a Warpstar(ch.5) while riding on a Swerve 
Star!                                             S     PRIZE: LIGHTHOUSE MUSIC
8: Stadium: Destruction Derby 1: Bust both of the big 
rocks!                                            B     PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
9: Stadium: Drag Race 1: Finish in less than 
00:20:00!                                         S    PRIZE: ROWDY CHARGE MUSIC
10: City Trial: Get trampled on by Dyna Blade(the mystery 
bird)!                                            B    PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
11: Stadium: Kirby Melee 1: In one game, KO over 75 enemies by 
yourself!                                         ST   PRIZE: KIRBY MELEE 2
12: City Trial: Steal over 8 items from Tac the robber by 
yourself!                                         S    PRIZE: TAC CHALLENGE MUSIC
13: City Trial: Pick up a total of over 100 
items!                                            S    PRIZE: ITEM BOUNCE MUSIC
14: Stadium: Destruction Derby 3: In one game, KO your rivals 5 or more 
times!                                            ST   PRIZE: DESTRUCTION DERBY 4
15: City Trial: Use fireworks(the gun thing) to KO rivals 10 times or 
more!                                             K    PRIZE: GREEN KIRBY
16: City Trial: Bust the Star Pole 10 times or more in 
total!                                            B    PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
17: City Trial: Break more than 500 
boxes!                                            S     PRIZE: DENSE FOG TODAY MUSIC
18: City Trial: Destroy the big things between the city and the 
island!                                           P    PRIZE: HYDRA PART X
19: City Trial: Do some damage to Dyna 
Blade!                                            S     PRIZE: DYNA BLADE MUSIC
20: Free Run: Drive for a total of 30 minutes or more(see chapter 
8)!                                               S    PRIZE: CITY TRIAL NORMAL MUSIC
21: City Trial: Race over 100 
                                                  B     PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
22: City Trial: During one game, fly through the rings in the sky 5 times or 
more!                                             P     PRIZE: DRAGOON PART B
23: Stadium: Air Glider: Stay airborne longer than 30 seconds(use 
Dragoon)!                                         S      PRIZE: AIR GLIDER MUSIC
24: City Trial: In the city, destroy a Slick Star while riding on a Formula 
Star!                                             S     PRIZE: STATION FIRE MUSIC
25: Stadium: Destruction Derby (All): KO enemies over 150 
times!                                            P     PRIZE: HYDRA PART Y
26: Stadium: Drag Race 3: Finish in less than 
00:27:00!                                         ST    PRIZE: DRAG RACE 4
27: Stadium: Drag Race 4: Finish in less than 
00:19:00!                                         S     PRIZE: DRAG RACE MUSIC
28: Stadium: Destruction Derby 2: In one game, defeat rivals 10 times or 
more!                                             ST    PRIZE: DESTRUCTION DERBY 3
29: Stadium: Kirby Melee 2: In one game, KO over 40 enemies by 
yourself!                                         S      PRIZE: KIRBY MELEE MUSIC
30: Stadium: Kirby Melee(All) KO over 1,500 
enemies!                                          P      PRIZE: HYDRA PART Z
31: Free Run: Drive for a total of 2 hours or 
more!                                             B     PRIZE: CHECK OFF AN EMPTY BOX
32: Stadium: Play in over 10 stadium 
modes!                                            ST PRIZE: SINGLE RACE: NEBULA BELT
33: City Trial: Pick up a total of over 1,000 
items!                                            S       PRIZE: SPECIAL 'City 
34: City Trial: Break more than 1,000 
boxes!                                            M  PRIZE: META KNIGHT FOR FREE RUN
35: Stadium: Kirby Melee 2: In one game, KO enemies over 30 
times!                                            S  PRIZE: WHAT'S IN THE BOX? MUSIC
36: Stadium: Vs. King Dedede: KO King Dedede in less than a 
minute!                                           M  PRIZE: KING DEDEDE FOR FREE RUN
37: City Trial: Break a CPU's machine 5 times or more in total in the 
city!                                             K      PRIZE: PURPLE KIRBY
38: City Trial: Break 5 or more of the huge pillars that 
appear!                                           S      PRIZE: HUGE PILLAR MUSIC
39: Free Run: Change Air Ride machines 10 times or more in 
total!                                            S   PRIZE: LEGENDARY AIR RIDE MUSIC
40: Stadium: High Jump: Jump higher than 300 
metres!                                           P      PRIZE: DRAGOON PART A
41: City Trial: Pick up a total of over 500 
items!                                           ~      PRIZE: PAUSE SCREEN POWER-UPS
42: Stadium: Drag Race 2: Finish under 00:29:00 on Winged 
Star!                                            K     PRIZE: BROWN KIRBY
43: In one match, complete both Hydra and 
Dragoon!                                         K     PRIZE: WHITE KIRBY
44: Fill in over 100 checklist 
                                                 ~     PRIZE: ENDING

Key: S=sound
M=machine for Free Run
K=Kirby color
P=part of machine
B=box check off
~=special bonus

As before, I can guarantee this is every red block in the mode unless I forgot 
something! So, let's see... how about I explain what all this means?
  Air Ride
  machine- after choosing a course, choose the machine.
  sound- press A after selecting it on the checklist, or go to options, then sound.
  box- On the checklist, Select a purple block from the left and choose a grey space 
to place it in. There are 5 of these per mode.
  kirby- After choosing your machine, press 'X' or 'Y' to change colors.
  special- Read its explanation

  Top Ride
  sound- Same as Air Ride
  kirby- Same as Air Ride
  rule- On the Settings menu, find the rule, usually under 'Additional Rules'
  box- Same as Air Ride
  special- Read its explanation

  City Trial
  sound- Same as Air Ride
  machine for free run- Now available when on Free Run mode.
  kirby- After selecting yourself present, press 'X' or 'Y' to change colors
  stadium- Go to Stadium mode, and select it from the list.
  part of machine- Collect 3 that match, like in City Trial mode, to make Dragoon or 
Hydra allowed on free run.
  box- Same as Air Ride
  special- Read its explanation

Here are the Air Ride machines:
  Jet Star- Good at flying, taking off and landing accellerates it quickly.
  Formula Star- Starts slow but gradually gets faster. Not that good really.
  Winged Star- Slow but when it takes off... you've never seen much like it!
  Warpstar- Average. Quite good, I guess.
  Compact Star- Hello, Speed, where are you?
  Shadow- A good flier. Also noticably good at battles.
  Wagon Star- Fast to say it can't charge or boost.
  Swerve Star- Press 'A' and aim to turn corners.
  Rocket Star- Take your time charging, then break the speed limit!
  Turbo Star- Turn left! No, not that far! Right a bit! No, too far... you get the 
  Bulk Star- Too stressing. Charging is all it has to power itself.
  Slick Star- Am I still on the ice level or not?
  Wheelie Bike- Nice and fast and treads on boost ramps etc. by itself.
  Wheelie Scooter- Jumps high, but not recommended for High Jump Contests(Find out 
  Rex Wheelie- Not good on the turning side, but rather fast.

The Top Ride Machines:
  Free Star- Go wherever you direct.
  Steer Star- Turn Left and right to direct.

And the City Trial Machines:
  (All the Air Ride machines, and the following:)
  Dragoon- Good at flying(definitely!) and over average at speeding.
  Hydra- Good at speeding(is it ever!) and over average at flying.

The Legendary machines are Dragoon and Hydra, as stated above. They each have their 
own abilities and are unlocked by collecting 3 pieces that match in City Trial mode, 
or for Free Run(chapter 8) by collecting the pieces by completing certain objectives
(chapter 4).

There are many copy abilities in Kirby Air Ride. They all last a few seconds, then 
disappear, or get used up by pressing 'A':
  Wings- Sprout wings and fly!
  Sword- Swipe evil with this sword.
  Spikes- Every time you press 'A', spikes are unleashed to thorn the enemy.
  Sparks- Charge up by twirling the control stick in circles.
  Bomb- Press 'A' to throw the bomb. Hold 'A' for further results.
  Sleep- You don't really want this power!
  Tornado- Fully charge 'A' and release, or twirl the control stick round and round.
  Mike- Blasts other opponents for a second.
  Wheel- Bash enemies with this while you can! Speed...
  Fire- Burn flames in the track!
  Freeze- Wrap up warm and get out the auto- icecube machine.
You can use these abilities to fight opponents and other enemies, and they can 
sometimes help with clearing obstacles on the course. Try them all to discover which 
ones are worth getting!

Free Run can be an incredible part of the Kirby Air Ride experience. It also helps 
you to clear some checkboxes. Here's what you can do:

Air Ride Free Run
Choose Either Time atack or Free Run. In time attack, you race over 3 laps against a 
timer and try to beat your old records if you had any. Free Run brings you over and 
over trying to beat your old course records in a 1 lap never-ending session. The 
checklist is certain to have an objective ready for you in one of these places. If 
not, have a go and see what happens!

Top Ride Free Run
More-or-less the same. In time attack, there are 5 laps of the easy courses. Free 
Run lets you go around a single lap like on Air Ride.

City Trial Free Run
This is the good part! Go around the city and see what you can find. Ride the unique 
flight warpstar and soar high. Go on top of the castle and find a flower growing on 
the top. Find a flower on the secret volcano rock.

Fun hint 1: One player is Meta Knight (see chapter 4 part 3 to unlock) and the other 
is a normal Kirby. Meta knight goes underneath the volcano from the rail (on the 
summit) and follows the icy path to the right hand side. Stop near the end and get 
Kirby to try looking at Meta Knight through the wall in the underground. 
Holding 'A', slowly ease Meta knight towards Kirby, assuring Kirby is pressed 
against the wall. Meta Knight surprises Kirby by slashing at him!

Fun hint 2: Gather up your friends, all Kirbies, and get to the island. Get off your 
machines and have an on-foot race. Design the course around the city and all have a 
race without machines. It's rather fun!

Fun hint 3: Go to the garden in the sky. Get off your machines and try climbing to 
the very top! Note that you move on the top, so watch out!

Fun hint 4: One player goes somewhere in the city while the others are not looking, 
then covers the part they are using. All other players have to find the player using 
the on-screen Kirby faces and 'P1's or 'P4's to guide them!

Fun hint 5: You can disable Whispy Woods, the big tree, by ramming into him so many 
times. Have a competition to see who takes the final blow!

Fun hint 6: Use the air vent in the city to get on top of a building. Turn right and 
do a 180 degree turn while holding 'A'. In front of you you should see a question 
mark on a tile, the City's copy chance wheel. All players get a power and fight each 
other with it!

Fun hint 7: One Player gets the Hydra machine(from the underground, if not already 
posessing it) and goes onto the rails. all the other players get machines and try to 
wipe out* Hydra! *If a machine is wiped out, you can find a fresh one in the 

Q: I fell down the brook at Celestial valley and I'm wiped out. Why?
A: You have the rule on that makes you have HP. Fall and you're dead. Change the 
option by pressing 'Z' on the select your machine screen and find the life option.

Q: How do I switch off those annoying things that happen in Top Ride?
A: Again, it's a matter of the rules. Switch the features off.

Q: 120 checkboxes per mode... that's 360 checkboxes in all! How do you clear the 
whole lot? Is it worth doing?
A: Around half of the checkboxes will be awarded when you didn't realise you were 
doing anything. And there are lots of easy objectives as well as hard ones. Chapter 
4 tells you most of the objectives that you are awarded anything for. Skill is all 
you need to clear the whole lot, as well as the fact practice makes perfect. The 
endings aren't really worth it, but you've got a reward for all your efforts at 

Q: How many Kirby colors are there?
A: 8- Pink, red, yellow, blue, brown, purple, green, white.

I hope this information has been useful. It took me a couple of days to finish the 
whole thing, and it was hard work.
Have fun!

Created by Airrider

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