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Dimitri-Paris-Episode I
    In possesion of the Clockwerk TailFeathers
    Use is Forgery
Rajan-India-Episode II
    In possesion of the Clockwerk Wings
    Use is Decoration
Rajan- India-Episode III
    In possesion of the Clockwerk Heart
    Use is Spice Development
The Contessa-Prague-Episode IV
    Can't Remember if she has something in this episode
Constable Neyla-Unknown-Episode V
    (Contessa)In Posseion of the Clockwerk Eyes
    Use is Hypnosis
Jean Bison-Canada-Episode VI
    In possesion of the Clockwerk Left & Right Lungs and the Stomache
    Use is to power up the "Iron Horses"
Jean Bison-Canada-Episode VII
    In Possesion of the Clockwerk Talons(Apreggio is in possesion of the 
Clockwerk Brain
    Use is to cut down trees
Apreggio-Sky-Episode VIII
    In possesion of CLOCKWERK
    Use to become imortal

Klaww Gang Members:
    Jean Bison
    The Contessa
    Constable Neyla

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