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by Jason Ariteu
Version 1.0
Last updated on Sunday, October 12, 2003 9:30:23


1: Intro

2: Your Possible Powers

3: Notice your targets

4: Characters

5. Cheat Codes

6.Game Strategy

7. copyright and notes


Scooby doo is challenging, but with months of playing, you'll get
the hang of it. Scooby-Doo is a Very poorly lighted game,
so if you have a hard time seeing stones, platforms,
or anything just adjust the BRIGHTNESS on the
screen or tv.

             Your Possible Powers

There are 10 powers in the game.
They are:

Bunny Slippers and lamp shade* (Lamp Shade Earned Seprately)
        Disguises you when monsters are chasing you

Plunger Invention - let's you walk up steep, slippary surfaces.

Boots Invention - let's you walk in tar and not get stuck

Springs Invention - Lets you Double Jump

Black Knight's Armor - Disguises you (replaces lampshade and slippers)

Knock-out - Knocks all surrounding enemys temporarily (2 seconds) unconcious.

Helmet - Activates Switches and kills enemies.

Super Smash - Smashes the item you have jumped above 
     (Works on switces and enemies).

**There are two more I have not found. I Will keep looking 
and update this faq when I find them.**
              Notice your targets
Just Like in any other game, you have stuff to Aim for. 
Now, these faqs don't allow pictures so i'll discribe them as best as I can.

+-- Enemies --+
Enemies are quite easy to kill. Use Helmet, SuperSmash and knockout to kill
them BUT REMEMBER: You may need to hit certain ones TWICE
before they are dead. Like the Giant Fish, some of the "Creepers",
cavemen, and most crabs.

+-- Switches --+
Switches are easy to find, but some can still be hard to push.
If you don't know what a switch looks like, it is like a red, round
cushion on a spring. If the switch is on the wall, you can punch it with
the HELMET invention. But if it's on the ground, you need the Super Smash
PowerUp to smash it.

+-- Snack Gates --+
Snack Gates look like spinning things in front of doors. If you run by it,
it will tell you how many snacks you need in order for it to unlock the
door. If you have enough snacks, it will take away your scooby snacks
and unlock the door. Some doors could need up to 550 snacks! My suggestion
would be to PRESERVE YOUR SCOOBY SNACKS by not opening the monster gallary until
the end of the game. It doesn't have anything that you need anyway.

+-- floor passages --+
To identify a Floor Passage, first identify the real floor. If you see 
a part of the floor that looks like someone has patched it up badly with
boards, SuperSmash it.

+-- Barrels --+
If you see a barrel that shakes back and forth(wiggles), then
smash it open. There might be a switch in there that will take
you to a secret passage.
You probably know characters from the show, but if you don't:

Scooby-Doo:the dog (likes food)

Shaggy: The Scared, Skinny one with the green shirt (also likes food)

Velma: The Smart one with glasses

Daphne: The Stylish one

Fred: The leader with the askot (also the driver)

The Groundskeeper: This guy will help you, so don't miss him!

                 Cheat Codes
Here are some cheats I know work:

Different Credits: Hold All shoulder buttons and press:
                              Square, Circle(2), Square, Circle, Square.

All Movies: Hold All Shoulder buttons and press:
                              Square(3), Circle(3), Square, Circle, Square.

Different Looks:
Change the System date to the following and when you go to
Mystery Machine Part 1 you'll get:
January 1st - Variety of Fireworks
July 4: Fireworks
October 31: Bats over the door 
December 25: The White Stuff (Snow)

To change the system date, start the system with no game inserted. You will come
to a screen with the BROWSER and SYSTEM CONFIGURATION choices. select
SYSTEM CONFIGURATION, and get to the time using the arrows. Press X and edit the
MONTH AND DAY. The year and Time is not important. Confirm and get to the main
menu, insert SCOOBY DOO and select BROWSER and select the CD Icon. Scooby will

                Game Strategy

Step 1: When you start the game, first just go to the playground and
collect all of the scooby snacks. Also, if you want monster coins, there
is one above the sand box, but there is no way to get it without the
boots invention.

Step 2: Earn the springs invention that's in the mansion.

Step 3: Go through the game, collecting every Scooby Snack, hitting every
switch, head smashing every book that sticks out of a shelf, and
experimenting. You might find a new place.

Remember one thing: This game uses a clever trick. If you are in a level,
and you see a place that you cannot get to because you don't have a 
certain invention yet, WRITE IT DOWN AND TELL WHERE IT IS because when you
get the invention you need, you will need to get back there to complete
the game. 

 This faq is:
(C) Copyright 2003 Jason Ariteu.
This faq MAY NOT be posted in any publication or
on any other website. this was made just to 
be put on

A cheatcode I recently found was one to unlock the currently highlighted 
warp gate, but I forgot it.part of it was holding R1 + R2 + L1 + L2
and pressing Square(x3), but I don't remember the rest. If you find it out,
please post it!

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