Lakebed Temple to Arbiter's Grounds Walkthrough - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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We have just gotten the third Fused Shadow and its time to go beat Zant! But 
Zant has other ideas about the Fused Shadows. I won’t explain it all here so 
scroll down to see the explanation and the walkthrough. This is also the first 
encounter we have with Poe’s and it starts the Poe Soul Quest. Let’s begin the 

-Fishing Rod
-Empty Bottle #1
-Empty Bottle #2
-Empty Bottle #3
-Gale Boomerang
-Hero’s Bow
-Bomb Bag #1
-Bomb Bag #2
-Bomb Bag #3
-Giant Bomb Bag
-Frog Lure
-Sinking Lure
-Ordon Sword
-Ordon Shield
-Hylian Shield
-Hero’s Clothes
-Zora Armor
-Big Wallet
-Scent of Ilia
-Pieces of Heart: 20/45
-Fused Shadows: 3/3
-Mirror of Twilight: 0/4
-Golden Bugs: 20/24
-Letters: 6/16
-Poe Souls: 0/60
-Hidden Skills: 3/7
-Total Number of Heart Containers: 10/20

1)Master Sword
2)Piece of Heart 21/45
3)Letter 7/16
4)Piece of Heart 22/45
5)Hidden Skill 4/7
6)Piece of Heart 23/45
7)Piece of Heart 24/45
8)Letter 8/16
9)Magic Armor
10)Great Fairy’s Tears (Empty Bottle #4)
11)Big Quiver
12)Piece of Heart 25/45
13)Auru’s Memo
14)Hidden Skill 5/7
15)Small Key 1/1
16)Piece of Heart 26/45

1)Male Snail
2)Male and Female Dayfly

Faron Province: 3
Eldin Province: 7
Lanayru Province: 19
Desert Province: 8
Dungeon 4: 4
Total: 41

After you warp out of the Lakebed Temple, you will be at the Spirit’s Spring. 
You will turn around and run into a figure. It is Zant! He stands still and 
raises an arm. He tries to hit Midna with his magic, but you jump in front of 
it and block it. A small shard gets embedded in your head! Zant then takes the 
Spirit’s power. The Lanayru Province is back to Twilight! Midna appears and 
tries to stop Zant, but he locks her up and he takes the Fused Shadows! He 
tells her that she seriously thought she could use that withered magic and use 
it against him? His power is different. It was given to him by a god. He 
punishes Midna and returns her to the Light World. He uses Lanayru to blast a 
full shot of light at Midna. You are still a wolf and Midna is knocked out. You 
are warped to North Hyrule Field. Midna tells you to hurry to Princess Zelda!
Run as fast as you can to Castle Town from the west gate in West Hyrule Field. 
There are a few enemies along the way. Just ignore them.
Go all the way to the entrance of Telma’s Bar. Attempt to enter the bar as a 
wolf. You will be immediately kicked out. Walk back out into the small area and 
Telma’s cat, Louise, appears. She knows who you are. Midna pleads for the 
Princess. Louise tells you to go through the bar to the sewers. She opens a 
small gate and tells you to go through there. Against the wall is a crate. Push 
against the crate to be against the other crates, and from there, use A to 
climb up to the opened gate. You will now be on top of the bar. Walk along all 
the tight ropes while avoiding to knock down pots. If a pot is in your way, 
pick it up, then set it down. Continue all the way to the next small opening. 
You can optionally listen to the people talking in the bar. You will enter a 
room full of treasure with a floating lamp. Talk to the still figure to your 
left. This is Jovani. He tells you to defeat  the ghost. Go over to the lamp 
and turn on your senses. You will see a small ghost with a scythe. Hit him 
twice or use Midna’s area-attack once to have him fall on his back making a 
small ball protrude from his body. L-Target him and press A to finish him off. 
You rip your fangs into the small sphere and rip it out. You got a POE SOUL! 
That is the first of sixty. Now go over and talk to Jovani again. He says he 
sold his soul for money. He says to find twenty and bring them to him. He says 
his cat is frozen to his head. He opens the way to the castle sewers from a 
treasure chest. It opens. Drop through into the sewers.
You are in a small water way with several gates. Go north and find the chain. 
Pull on it to open the way north. Slide down the water way to a large pool. 
Climb the stairs and defeat the Skulltula. Grab a stick nearby and light it 
with the torch to burn the web. Keep going with the lighted stick and light the 
next torch in the next part of the room. If it goes out, relight it from the 
previous torch. Keep going north and light the next lanterns. Defeat the Bulbin 
Warriors in here as well as a few Keese. Go to the right and with the stick, 
light the web to continue. You can now drop the stick. Continue north to a dead 
end with a few Bulbins. After you beat them, dig in the middle of the dirt area 
to drop into the sewers where we first started the game. Continue straight 
ahead then to the right to the winding stair case. This time up, there are a 
few Bulbin Archers and Bulbin Warriors. Defeat them while avoiding dropping to 
the bottom. Continue to the top using all the tight ropes. When at the top, 
defeat the enemies and go through the same way we did earlier in the game. You 
will then be on the castle roof.
Follow the same and only path on the map like before while defeating the 
enemies along the way. When you come to the part where we used Midna to jump on 
the roof, keep going straight and wait for the wind to blow the broken bridge 
up. Run on it and then drop to the roof below. Follow on the top of the roof to 
avoid falling off. Enter the same way in to the other staircase. Walk up into 
Princess Zelda’s keep. Midna asks her how Link can be saved. She says to go to 
the Sacred Grove in the Faron Province and find the Master Sword. Only the 
sword can release the evil that is different from the power that transforms you 
when you walk into Twilight. After that Midna also asks her to tell him where I 
can find the Mirror of Twilight. That is the last link to Zant. Princess Zelda 
then realizes just who Midna is. She gives Midna some of her power though she 
did not want it. Midna is revived! Princess Zelda then disappears. You then 
appear exiting Castle Town as a huge, dark barrier surrounds the castle. Uh oh, 
that is not good. After the scene, press Z to talk to Midna. Use her to warp to 
North Faron Woods. 
Walk north towards the Forest Temple when a monkey comes jumping from another 
area. Behind her appear four weird monsters called Puppets. Defeat them using A 
which works the best. After they are defeated, the monkey points out the next 
way to go. Go to the left some to a platform. Midna notices the other way to 
go. Use her to jump across the next few limbs to another ledge. When the 
rotating platforms rotate the correct way, jump on them and then wait for them 
to turn again to get on the next ledge. Now walk across the tightropes and 
dodge the swinging tree things. You will then be on another ledge. To the left 
is another howling stone. Howl the rhythm. It is high, low, high, low, middle, 
high. You will then be warped to the small ledge. Howl it again to call the 
White Wolf. This song is the Prelude of Light from Ocarina of Time. After this, 
walk straight ahead into the Sacred Grove.
In here, to the left is another howling stone, but this one has a Triforce 
carved on it. Howl near it. The rhythm is middle, high, low, middle, high, low. 
This is Zelda’s Lullaby from Ocarina of Time. This summons a strange figure 
from the center tree. It is a Skull Kid! He blows a horn and several Puppets 
come for attack. Defeat them and continue the way Skull Kid opened up. Follow 
this guy into the next area. He isn’t in here, but he is to the left. Go that 
way and follow the path and to the left is a ledge with a tree on it. Climb up 
and behind the tree is the Skull Kid! Strike him with your fangs! He disappears 
again. Hop off the ledge and go to the left again. He is in this room on a high 
ledge. Swim across the water archway. Climb up the series of steps to where the 
Skull Kid is. Attack him again. He will again disappear. Follow him! Backtrack 
to the right back to the first room his was in, then go out the next room 
through the only way. This room has several ways to go, but go straight ahead 
to a room where the Skull Kid is on a ledge. In here, go to the left at the 
stone doorway. This leads to a new room and up to the ledge where the Skull Kid 
is. Hit him and he will drop down and go through the stone doorway. Follow him. 
In this room, go the only exit to a circle arena where the Skull Kid waits. 
There are several rock platforms here. The Skull Kid jumps on one and blows his 
horn. Defeat the Puppets and stay back from the Skull Kid. Wait for him to blow 
his horn and then attack. If you attack before, or if your timing is off, you 
will miss and he will transport to another platform. Repeat twice to have him 
open another way and disappear. You will appear in a large area with two 
statues and a Triforce symbol in the middle. Go to the Triforce symbol and 
press A to howl Zelda’s Lullaby again. The two statues come to life! They tell 
you to put them back where they were to open the way forward. This will take a 
while without my help. Here’s how to do it: jump right, down, left, left, up, 
right, up, up, right, down, down, left, and up. The door forward creeps open! 
Walk straight ahead to a small circle area with a lone pedestal with the Master 
Sword in it. Go to it and press A. The sword glows white and a wave of light 
blasts out from the sword! The shard comes out of your head and you pull the 
sword from the pedestal! The sword accepts you as its owner. You got the MASTER 
SWORD! Midna holds the evil shard. She decides to keep it so you can transform 
to a wolf at anytime! This also means you can warp at the spots we battled 
Twilight Messengers! Before you leave the Sacred Grove, return back to the room 
where you did the small puzzle. Walk south and then to the left. In a corner is 
a Golden Bug. Use your Clawshot to retrieve it. You got the MALE SNAIL. Make 
sure you take it to Agitha later! Now return back to the room where you fought 
the Skull Kid. In the center of this room is a large rock. Bomb it and a Poe 
comes flying out! Turn into a wolf and uses your senses to collect another POE 
SOUL! That is two out of sixty. The rock also reveals a dig spot. Turn on your 
senses and dig at the spot to enter a cavern. Defeat all the Baba Serpents in 
the room and open the revealed chest for a PIECE OF HEART. Collect four more 
for another Heart Container! Now you can warp to the Ordon Spring. 
You can optionally talk to some friends back at the village, but for now go to 
the ranch.
Walk into the barn and at the back, turn into a wolf and dig into another 
cavern. In here is a super rare, Rare Chu Jelly. Defeat it and scoop its 
remains for some Rare Chu Jelly! This stuff restores all health and boosts 
attack power until you are hit! Now exit the cavern and warp to the South Faron 
Go back to the foggy part of the woods and turn into a wolf. Use Midna to jump 
across the platforms like you were going to get those three bugs that held 
Tears of Light. In this central platform is a Poe. Defeat it for another POE 
SOUL. That is three out of sixty. Now warp back to the South Faron Woods and 
call Epona. Use her to go to South Hyrule Field
In the center of the field is a bridge. Go underneath it and use your Clawshot 
on a point underneath it. Drop down and open the chest for an Orange Rupee 
(100). Get out by Clawshotting the medallion in the center if the bridge. As 
you run around the field. The mailman will appear and give you another LETTER. 
Stay in this field until night time (the only time Poe’s appear) to hunt for 
more Poe’s. In the middle of the field near a tree is another Poe. Defeat it 
for another POE SOUL. That is four of sixty. Now continue on into Kakariko 
To the west is a fenced in area and a tree and a Poe. Defeat it and claim his 
soul. You got another POE SOUL. That is five out of sixty. Now return back to 
the east of the field and enter the cavern you were in earlier to claim a Piece 
of Heart. Follow the same path like you were going to the Piece of Heart, but 
go to the left at the final fork to find your Poe. Defeat him for his POE SOUL. 
That is six out of sixty. Now leave here and go to Kakariko Village.
It might not be night still, so exit the village to the field if you need to 
pass time. If not, go in front of Barnes Bomb Shop and use the Goron to launch 
to the top of the shop. Now go over to where you defeated three Twilight Bugs 
by blowing up someone’s house. In the remains is a Poe. Defeat it and claim 
your POE SOUL. That is seven out of sixty. Now stay up here and go to the 
entrance of the lookout tower. In front of it is another Poe. Defeat him for 
his POE SOUL. That is eight of sixty. Now go to Death Mountain.
Walk up to the first Goron and use him to jump up, but launch to the west. If 
it is night, the Poe is to the left of where you landed. Defeat him for his POE 
SOUL. That is nine out of sixty. Now if it is still night, go to the Kakariko 
Walk to the center of the Graveyard to see another Poe floating about. Defeat 
him for his POE SOUL. That is ten out of sixty. Remember, Jovani wants twenty 
so we are halfway there! There is one more Poe here. Push a tombstone to the 
right from where you entered. A Poe will come out. Defeat him for his POE SOUL. 
That is eleven out of sixty. Now go back to Kakariko Village. 
We are now going to start the side quest of obtaining the Magic Armor. Here’s 
how. Go to Malo Mart in Kakariko. To the right when you enter is a Goron elder. 
Talk to him. They need 1000 rupees to fix the bridge to the East Castle Town 
Gate. Give them what they want to fix the bridge! This bridge connects Hyrule 
Field East to the East Castle Town Gate. Short on rupees? Go give Agitha her 
bugs or open any remaining treasure chests in dungeons. After the bridge is 
fixed, go outside Malo Mart and talk to the Goron in front of the sign. He 
wants you to go talk to the Goron sitting in front of the fixed bridge. Get on 
Epona and go to the west side of Hyrule Field East
Cross the new bridge and talk to the Goron sitting down. East is out of energy 
and he would like to have some Kakariko Hot Springwater to revive him. Go back 
to Kakariko.
Talk to the Goron again in front of the Malo Mart. He will give a jug of Malo 
Mart Springwater to take to him. The only bad thing is that Hyrule Field East 
is teeming with enemies.
To do this, just stay on the very southern edge of the field. You will avoid 
most enemies this way. Hurry because the Hot Springwater will turn into plain 
water over time. Go to the Goron and throw the water on him to fully revive 
him! He is happy and he rolls back to Kakariko Village and gets some Hot 
Springwater. He then rolls back past you and drops off a PIECE OF HEART. 
Collect three more for a new Heart Container. Now continue east from here to 
Castle Town
From here go to South Castle Town and talk to the Goron near the exit. Buy some 
Hot Springwater from him for twenty rupees. Now exit the southern gate. 
At night, there is a Poe on the steps up to the town. Defeat it for another POE 
SOUL. That is twelve of sixty. Now go down the stairs and talk to the Goron 
near a rock wall. He says he wants some Hot Springwater so he can punch through 
the wall. Give it to him and he starts to roll through the wall. Now act like 
you are going towards the town. To the right is a pillar where we found a 
Golden Bug. Climb up the vines and at the top are some rocks in a circle. Turn 
into a wolf and use your senses and dig into the small cave. In here, defeat 
all the Tektites to make a chest appear with an Orange Rupee (100). Now exit 
out and face Castle Town. To the left is a Clawshot medallion. Clawshot it and 
pull yourself up. Turn into a wolf and cross the tightrope to a chest with an 
Orange Rupee (100). Now hop down and to the left side is the White Wolf. Go 
over to him to learn your next hidden skill the Helm Splitter. To do this, use 
a Shield Attack on your enemy, then press A to jump over top of the enemy and 
strike him. Very good! You learned the fourth HIDDEN SKILL: THE HELM SPLITTER. 
Now back in the field is a giant hole. Drop down into Lake Hylia
Where you land is another Poe. At night, defeat him for his POE SOUL. That is 
thirteen of sixty. Now continue to the Spirit’s Spring. Inside, go to the right 
and use your Clawshot on some vines. Climb up then walk straight, then to the 
right through a door. Walk straight in this room and open two chests for Bombs 
(5) and a Blue Rupee (5). Now light the two lanterns to make a chest appear. 
Open it for another PIECE OF HEART. Collect two more for another Heart 
Container. Now exit out here and go to the same place where you got a Tear of 
Light in the south. Here is a Poe. Grab his POE SOUL for fourteen of sixty. Now 
go over to the west where there is a tall tower. Defeat the Poe floating near 
this tower. You got a POE SOUL. That is fifteen out of sixty. Now on a ledge is 
another howling stone. Howl the rhythm here. It is: low, middle, high, low, 
middle, low, high. This song is the Title Theme song from Oracle of 
Ages/Seasons. This White Wolf lands in the Gerudo Desert which is later. Now go 
over to where we entered a large cavern. We also found a Piece of Heart here. 
Near the entrance is a circle of grass. Turn into a wolf and use your senses to 
find a dig cavern here. Change into Link and shoot all the Water Toadpoli’s in 
the small pool. After they are all defeated, a chest will appear with an Orange 
Rupee (100). Now step into the light and return to the surface. Now enter the 
lantern cavern to claim three more Poe Souls. The first Poe is in the third 
alcove. Claim its POE SOUL. That is sixteen out of sixty. Now continue the path 
to the eighth chamber. Claim its POE SOUL. That is seventeen out of sixty. Now 
journey to the very last chamber where you found the Piece of Heart. Defeat the 
Poe in here and claim its POE SOUL. That is eighteen out of sixty. Only two 
more to go to Jovani’s goal! Now exit back to the lake. Walk on the boardwalk 
towards Fyer’s cannon. Near the hawk grass is a bird named Plumm. Talk to her 
as a wolf to start her Fruit-Pop-Flight Game. Howl on the grass to call a 
Kargarok. It will grab you and talk you to the Zora’s River. Here there are 
several balloons that you can pop with the bird to earn points. The goal is to 
earn 10,000 points. Watermelon balloons are the largest and are worth one 
point. The oranges are middle sized and worth three points. The strawberries 
are worth ten points. The goal is to hit all the strawberry balloons in a row 
to earn consecutive points. When you start, you can hit the watermelons and the 
orange for a few points. Look for all the strawberries and hit them. If you hit 
them all about half way through, you should be close to 10,000. Try to avoid 
other balloons so you can keep the consecutive hits up. If at the end you score 
10,000 points or more, you will be awarded with a PIECE OF HEART. Collect one 
more for another full Heart Container!  If you go back and beat your high 
score, Plumm will give you an Orange Rupee (100). Now get in Fyer’s cannon to 
launch to the top of the lake. Play Falbi’s game and grab a cucco. Fly off and 
use the cucco to fly back towards Falbi’s hut. There is a small ledge 
underneath here with a Poe. Remember it has to be night to see it. Defeat it 
and grab his POE SOUL. That is nineteen out of sixty. Now you can use your wolf 
senses here and enter another cavern. Turn into Link and put on your Zora Armor 
and Iron Boots. Jump in the pool of water and defeat all the Shell Blades in 
here to make a chest appear with an Orange Rupee (100). Now exit out and use 
Fyer’s cannon again to get to the surface of Lake Hylia. Now play the cucco 
game once more and fly to the Isle of Riches. Wait till night and defeat the 
Poe near the bottom of to isle. Claim its POE SOUL. That is twenty of sixty! 
All right! You got the goal of Jovani. We must go there in a minute and get our 
prize! Now use Fyer’s cannon one more time to reach the surface again. Exit his 
hut and walk towards the horse grass. Call Epona and hop on her. Use her to 
cross the Hylian Bridge and to come near a rock ledge where there are several 
Chu Jellies. Cross the small bridge to come to a ledge where there is a 
Clawshot medallion. You can’t reach it , so use a Bomb Arrow on the bomb rock 
to the left of the medallion. You will reveal another medallion. Clawshot it to 
reach a ledge. Now Clawshot the other medallion we just saw to reach another 
ledge, then to another ledge. If you are here at night, there is a Poe on this 
ledge. Defeat it to claim its POE SOUL. That is twenty one out of sixty. There 
is also a chest here with a Purple Rupee (50). Now there is also a circle of 
grass here too. Use your wolf senses to see another dig cavern. In here is a 
plethora of Bubbles. Defeat them all to make a chest appear with an Orange 
Rupee (100). Now exit here and get back on Epona and go to Kakariko Village.
Enter the Malo Mart here and talk to the Goron. They only need 200 rupees to 
open a new Malo Mart in Castle Town. (2000 if you didn’t help the lazy Goron). 
If you need some rupees, just go back and open all the previous chests 
mentioned above. Once all the donations are complete, warp to Castle Town. 
Enter and go to the new Malo Mart which is in the central Castle Town Square. 
Before you enter Castle Town, the mailman comes jogging at you with a LETTER. 
It has to do with the grand opening of the new Malo Mart in Castle Town. 
The mart is located in the southeast corner. Go inside. When you enter, you 
will notice that funky music is playing and the people inside are dancing! 
Items here are ridiculously low priced! Go here if you ever need supplies. 
Arrows cost 5 rupees, blue potions 50 rupees, red potions 15 rupees, bombs 45 
rupees, water bombs 45 rupees, and a pocket bombling for 30 rupees. But the 
most wanted of all of these is the Magic Armor! It costs 598 rupees. Open any 
chests if you are short on cash. Now buy the MAGIC ARMOR. This works as a 
shield and you don’t get damaged! Here’s the trick. The longer you wear it, the 
more rupees it uses. If you have no rupees with it on, it just weighs you down. 
Now go to south Castle Town. 
Time to visit Jovani. North of Telma’s Bar is a road with a small alcove where 
a bunch of cats are. To the left of a door is a dig spot. Dig there to enter 
inside Jovani’s house. Talk to Jovani to give him the souls. He now becomes 
ambulatory and his cat is free. The only problem is that he is still solid 
gold. He says that if you find the remaining souls, it will break the curse. He 
also gives you a bottle of GREAT FAIRY’S TEARS. Now visit west Castle Town Road.
Now that you have the Clawshot, enter the large blue tent to play a mini-game. 
You will meet a strange dude who thinks he has created an unbeatable game. Pay 
him 10 rupees to play his game. The point is to collect all the light orbs 
inside the cage in a certain amount of time. You have to use your Clawshot to 
hook on the chain wall to grab the orbs. Most of them are on ledges, but some 
aren’t and require you to get them when you Clawshot across. Collect all the 
orbs to have him give you a BIG QUIVER. This holds sixty arrows instead of 
thirty. Now exit here and call Epona near Falbi’s hut and ride her to north 
Hyrule Field.
Near the tree where you got a Golden Bug, there is a circle of grass where you 
can enter a dig cavern. Dig in and claim two POE SOULS. That will be twenty 
three out of sixty. That is about it in this cave. Now go to the bridge in this 
field. In the center of the bridge is a Poe. Wait till night and collect its 
POE SOUL. That is twenty four out of sixty. Now go back to Castle Town and in 
here, exit out the east Castle Town gate.
Near the Castle Town entrance is a Poe. Defeat it for its POE SOUL. That is 
twenty five out of sixty. Now go to Hyrule Field West.
Now remember that ledge where there was a Golden Bug flying around grass? 
Clawshot up there using the vines and enter the dig cavern up here. Defeat all 
the charging Helmasaurs in here to make a chest appear with an Orange Rupee 
(100). Now jump down and enter the very south of this field to an amphitheater. 
During the night there is a Poe floating around here. Defeat it for its POE 
SOUL. That is twenty six out of sixty. Now get back on Epona and head to the 
Zora’s Domain through North Hyrule Field. 
Jump down into the domain and swim to the area where you found a Golden Bug. To 
the left is a chest with a Yellow Rupee (10) and a Poe. Grab his POE SOUL. That 
is twenty seven out of sixty. Now move around to the other side of the domain 
and use Midna to get near the back of the waterfall. Here there is any easy to 
miss Poe. Defeat him and grab his POE SOUL. That is twenty eight of sixty. Now 
travel to Upper Zora’s River.
Next to the  river to North Hyrule Field is a ledge. Swim across the fast 
current to this ledge. When night falls a Poe is here. Defeat it for its POE 
SOUL. That is twenty nine out of sixty. Now swim down the river to North Hyrule 
Swim out and then walk up to where you left Epona. Climb on her and ride to the 
Eldin Bridge. North of the bridge is a Clawshot medallion. Clawshot it and walk 
along the high ledge and enter a lava cavern. In here you will need your Iron 
Boots. Inside, walk straight ahead and jump off the ledge to the magnetic force 
field. On the next level, defeat the enemies. Use the next ledge to jump down 
with your Iron Boots to the next ledge. Repeat this a few times to where there 
is a Dodongo. Defeat it then take the Red Rupee (20) from the chest. Now go 
down one more level and here, light the two torches for an Orange Rupee (100). 
Now to the left of where you landed is a chest with a PIECE OF HEART. You 
collected five and a new Heart Container! Now exit out here through the nearest 
exit. From this ledge, warp to Castle Town.
Go to the south road and enter Telma’s bar. (By now I hope you know where some 
of the places and shortcuts are!). Walk inside and go to the table you saw when 
you were a wolf. Talk to the person to your far left. The first time you talk 
to the person, he says nothing. Talk to him again and he will take his helmet 
off. It’s Rusl! He has joined the resistance group and is now searching strange 
things that are going on near the North Faron Woods. Hmmm, what could that be? 
To the far right is another young man who is very smart. He is researching the 
Oocca. A mysterious group of beings that live in the heavens. Talk to the girl 
in the middle. Her name is Ashei. She is a skillful warrior that was trained by 
her dad. She is now researching strange figures coming out from the Snowpeak 
Region. Now look at the map with A. Telma says that Auru was going to Lake 
Hylia. The location of him is marked on your map. Exit Castle Town and warp to 
Lake Hylia.
Go over to where there was a howling stone and the Lantern Cavern. To the west 
is a tower. Climb the ladder on the tower. This was right in front of where we 
found a Poe Soul. At the top is Auru. He says that strange things have been 
happening in the desert recently. He also says that long ago there was a tribe 
and the lands worst criminals were brought to the desert and were locked away. 
He gives you AURU’S MEMO. He tells you to give that to Fyer at the cannon. He 
says that he saved his life once and he owes him. Go down to the cannon and 
give Fyer the memo. He agrees to launch you into the desert. Step in the cannon 
to go to the Gerudo Desert!
When you land in the desert, Midna appears. She says that a tribe was banished 
into the Twilight Realm and she is a part of that tribe. Everything was fine 
until Zant got a power from some god and ruined the peaceful realm. She also 
says that the Mirror of Twilight is the last potential link to Zant and her 
tribe. After the scene, we can finally move around in the desert. The land is 
hilly and sandy. It has many traps and many Poes. We are almost to the next 
dungeon! As you journey around, you will see many jumping enemies. They are 
Moldorms. Use your Clawshot to pull them out of the sand and then slice them 
with your sword. Towards the south and middle of the desert is a Golden Bug. 
You can best see it at night flying around. Grab it for the MALE DAYFLY. Now go 
back to where you ended up in the desert. At the start. There is a Poe. Defeat 
it for another POE SOUL. That is thirty out of sixty. Hey! We’re half way 
there! Where the Poe was at are three skulls. Dig in the middle of them to 
enter a cavern full of Skulltulas. Defeat them to have a chest appear with an 
Orange Rupee (100). Now go to the west near a large ledge. There is a small 
trench where a Golden Bug is flying around. Pick it up for the FEMALE DAYFLY. 
Now go over and inspect the ledge. Here there is a tree with a Peahat stuck on 
a tree. Clawshot it to get up on the ledge. Then look up and target the Peahat 
flying above on another ledge. When you drop up here, you will be surrounded 
and be trapped by three Twilight Messengers. Defeat them as a wolf or as Link. 
Now go up again and here there is a Poe. Wait till nightfall and defeat it for 
another POE SOUL. That is thirty one out of sixty. Now inspect this large 
protruding item. Go next to it and use Midna to warp it. Pick the Eldin Bridge 
location. You are warped there and Midna puts the bridge in place. All right! 
Now you can cross this bridge at will! Now warp back to the Gerudo Desert. Now 
from your location, head north. Up north some you will be spotted by Bulbin 
Riders. Get your arrows out and sniper them. After all are defeated, hop on a 
boar and ride it north some more. You can run over the camps of the Bulbins if 
you like. There are a few treasure chests underneath some of the wooden 
pillars. At the very middle and very north is a embankment with a Poe here. 
Defeat it for its POE SOUL. That is thirty two out of sixty. Under the Poe you 
just defeated is a dig cavern. Dig in the middle of the skulls to enter a 
cavern. In here are two Poes. Defeat them for their POE SOULS. That is thirty 
four out of sixty. Now exit out here and go back and continue to the northwest 
of the desert. Use the boars to knock over any wooden barriers if needed. To 
the left is a Poe as well as the White Wolf. First defeat the Poe and collect 
its POE SOUL. That is thirty five out of sixty. Now go to the White Wolf to 
learn the next skill. This is the Mortal Draw. To do this, don’t L-Target the 
enemy, and press A to unleash a mighty attack. Congratulations! You learned a 
HIDDEN SKILL: MORTAL DRAW. Now keep going north to the main camp of the 
Bulbins. In this area, Bulbins will keep on coming until you shoot all the guys 
on the pillars with arrows. Walk around defeating the Bulbins until you come to 
the northeast corner where there is a roasting boar. Defeat the enemies and 
grab the SMALL KEY one was holding. Now slice the roasting boar a couple of 
times until it breaks apart. A PIECE OF HEART will come out. Collect four more 
for another Heart Container. Now go back towards the center of the camp and 
unlock the door to enter an arena. In here waits King Bulbin! This battle is a 
sword combat battle and he has a nasty axe. To beat him, just use the Back 
Slice to get around him and slice him. Watch out for his deadly spin attack 
through. After you beat him, he leaves and lights the place on fire! In the 
arena is a boar. Hop on it and crash through the north wooden gates. You will 
be lead right to the front of the entrance to Arbiter’s Grounds. First through, 
travel back south and go back into the square arena. In here is a hidden Poe. 
Defeat it for its POE SOUL. That is thirty six out of sixty. Now from the 
entrance of the next dungeon, take a left to find another Poe. Defeat it for 
its POE SOUL. That is thirty seven out of sixty. Now enter the dungeon!


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