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                          How to Get

    So ya want Latios and Latias, eh? In my opinion these pokemon are the hardest in 
the game to get and they are not even worth catching unless you really want a full 
pokedex and have an eon ticket. Alright, to get them you must first beat the Elite 
Four and hopefully have the master ball from the Magma Hideout. Once you beat the 
Elite Four, you go through those long dumb credits and eventually end up in your 
house. Now when you go downstairs, your dad will give the ticket to the S.S Tidal. 
Then your Mom makes you watch t.v and it tells you there is a bzzt colored pokemon 
in flying around. Your Mom asks you what color the pokemon was if you say red, 
Latias will be availible in the wild. If you choose blue, Latios will be availible 
in the wild. Pick your fave.
    Now just go to my other faq and do what I said. You might want to just walk 
around or walk to the place of the legendary you want and you might just stumble 
across your legendary bird. But don't fly every time you fly they fly to another 
route. You can use that to your advatafe though, keep flying to the same city and 
eventually be in a route near you. Go to that route with a level 40 pokemon 
[exactly] at the beggining of your party and use a max repel [s] until you find it . 
Repeat. Also, once you come across it for the first time it becomes available in 
your pokedex and you can track it.

                                How to Catch 

If you ever find it use a Master Ball. If not, just get it down to 1hp and use Ultra 
Balls. If it runs away, don't worry it'll pop up somewhere else. My suggestion is 
use a trapinch at the beggining of your party and try to catch it from there. You 
have a chance to throw 1 ball before it runs away without a pokemon that prevents 
wild pokemon from running away. Do your worst!

                              The Other Other Other Other Legendary Bird 

     Great, now you caught your legendary bird give yourself a pat on the back. If 
you want the other you have two expensive options: If you have an eon ticket AND an 
e-reader you can scan it through and it'll open up an island with the opposite bird.
It'll be a high level but, it won't be hard to find at all, it's the only pokemon on 
the island and it doesn't run away.
    Your second option is to beat the game on ruby [if you picked red]or sapphire if 
you picked blue. Then beat the game catch the legendary bird and trade it to Emerald.
    Thank you for reading my faq. Put in a good word!

Soon to come the Regis and Rare Pokemon!


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