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/Intro          /

Firstly i have geen doing legaia 2 duel saga and i cant find any good FQS or 
Walkthrus for the last level.sO WHY NOT WRITE 1 MYSELF!!??It is very very hard i 
tell ya!:)I completed it only last night and i was at level 65!

/Character Brief   /
(MYSTICES):People who posses a second spirit giving them great power,and a tatoo 

(Mystice)Lang:A young boy who lost his parents to an unknown cause.He now lives in 
a 'mansion' of swordfighting.(Main Character)

(Mystice)Maya:A young friendly girl,met in a cell early on in the game.For some 
reason she cannot speak.......or can she?

(Mystice)Kazan:An old master swordsman.He meets lang and maya soon after they break 
out of their cells.Only he has more secrets than me!!!!Wich will become apparant as 
you progress.

(Mystice)Sharon:A pirot!!!Hmmmmmmm........yes!you discover this after you go 2 here 
hide out.The leeder of a pirate group.Wow you say,,,yes indeed,she becomes part of 
youur crew soon though.

(Unknown)Ayne:Amember of a tribe(i have forgotten the name):P.He is huge like the 
rest of his kind.High defence,Loads of hp and non existant speed.

/Walkthru:Level recomended:55 /
Head north, watch the cutscene. Afterwards, head to the right, follow the small
ledge, and enter the cave. When you enter the rounded room, watch the scene,
then prepare to fight...

| Velna & Vestra  |

Smack the crud out of Velna. Because, as far as I know, you can't damage her
Origin. She uses a nasty attack called Twisted Hell, taking away 2500-ish on
one character. Ouchies. Velna also uses Judgement...which doesn't seem to do
anything. After a little bit of attacking, Velna falls...she seems to only
have around 35-40k HP. Afterwards, smash up Vestra. Normal attacks won't work,
so use your Origin and (maybe) Mystic Arts. To tell you the truth, I was away
from the TV after I entered my commands...one Mystic Art, one Origin attack,
and one to heal. I came back, and I won...so I'm assuming Mystic Arts work on
Vestra. Sorry :(  If someone can confirm if you can or can't use Mystic Arts on
Vestra, I'd be very happy :)

So, after the fight you get to watch a cutscene. Afterwards, use the new Hyper
Arts scroll you got on Maya. Head to the north, and head down the elevator.

Hop off to the south, and follow the path. It's basically one-way...continue
through until you get outside.

Head to the right, hopping over the gap. Continue on until you see another cave
opening...grab the treasure chest first, then enter.

Head north, and go down the elevator. Save and rest at the tent if you need to,
then head north some more and climb the wall. Head to the left, all the way, to
grab a Heaven's Secret. Head back, then right and head down the next elevator.

Follow the path, and head right at the intersection. Grab the treasure chest,
and head north. Follow the winding path down, and continue south. Go right at
the intersection, and enter the tree. Heal up and examine the ...thing...and
get ready to fight the...

| Wicked Crystal  |

I'm not really sure this is a boss fight...it's rather easy. One Variable Arts
should kill it...if you decide to fight the long way, more power to you. Just
smack it with Hyper Arts for a bit...it uses a nice Magic combo (ala Maya) for
a bit of damage, so be prepared.

Anyways, leave the room and head south. Continue to the south until you get
outside...head right and grab the chest. Go back in. Head north and right. Go
right until you get to the elevator...go down.

Follow the path until you hit a 4-way intersection...head north. Enter the tree
and examine the thing, and get ready to fight...

| Wicked Crystal  |

This is the same thing as the last fight, only this crystal uses different
attacks than the last. Variable Arts should kill it. No trouble.

Head out and back down to the intersection. Head right, eventually going down
the elevator.

Rest, save, whatever at the tent, then continue on to the right. Grab the two
treasure chests (the one has Ayne's Hyper Art, Earth's Teachings), and head
left. Go up the elevator. Head back to the intersection, and head south. Exit
the cave. Follow the path to the right, and enter the cave at the bottom.

Take the first left you can, grab the two chests, and head back. Head to the
north. Follow the path until you see a cave opening to your north...enter and
prepare to fight another Wicked Crystal. Same strategies as before. Head out of
the cave, and to the right. Hop down the elevator.

Follow the path until the path brances. Head south, and go outside. Follow the
path to the right, and enter the cave. Open the two chests, smash the rock, use
Ayne to lift the chest, and open it. Leave, and head back to the intersection.
Head north this time, and head down the elevator.

Rest up and save at the tent, and continue to the north. Insert the three gems
you got from the Wicked Crystals, and go through, as long as you're prepared.
After the event, it's time to fight...

|     Avalon      |

Smack Avalon up with a Variable Art or two. It shoulnd't be that hard...

Watch the event. Now, it's time for the real final battle against Avalon.

This is no different than every other boss fight in the game. Beat Avalon up
with Mystic Arts, Variable Arts, and Hyper Arts. Keep up your health. Sooner or
later, Avalon will fall. Watch the scene, and prepare to fight...

|  Infinite One   |

He sure is big...dunno how they hit him. Anyways, now is time time to give it
everything you have. Use your Point Card. Use those items you just keep in your
inventory that boosts recovery rate and stats. Then, smack the hell outta the
Infinite One. Mystic Arts and Variable Arts work wonders. Revive, heal, etc...
Infinite One isn't so infinite anymore. He'll die...good luck.

After the scene, it's time to fight Avalon again.

|     Avalon      |

Keep at it with the Variable Arts or Hyper Arts. He's nothing compared to the
other Avalons you've fought so far, and he's insignificant compared to the
Infinite One.


Congrats!!!!You just beat the last level of legaia 2 duel saga!If you have any 
questions,i am an orthar and member for cheatcodes.com so youll reach me some 
how.Pat yourself on the back and dance in your under wear coz youve won legaia 
2:duel saga!!!   

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