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                           TABLE OF CONTENENTS
                             -HEART PIECES
                              -CLOCK TOWN
                              -DEKU PALACE
                              -WOODFALL TEMPLE
                              -MOUTAIN TOWN
                              -SNOWHEAD TEMPLE
                              -GREATBAY COAST
                              -PIRATE FORTRESS
                              -GREATBAY TEMPLE
                              -IKANA CANYON
                              -IKANA CASTLE
                              -STONE TOWER
                              -FINAL BATTLE
                             -SIDE QUESTS


Shortly after saving the land of Hyrule from the Evil Gannondorf, Link was returning 
home upon his trustful horse, Epona. After a mysterious boy in a very strange mask 
steals the Ocarina of Time, Link is thrust into a strange world and appears to have 
been transformed into a Deku Scrub.
Even worse, a quick glance to the sky reveals a very sinister looking moon that 
appears to be on a collision course with the planet. Link only has three short days 
(72 hours) to save the planet and figure out who - or what - the strange masked boy 
really is.


Majora's Mask isn't your typical Zelda game. Instead of giving you a linear quest, 
you are pressured by a 72-hour time limit. If you do not save the world by the end 
of the third day, the moon will smash into it - killing all that call this realm 

The game also assumes that you have already played through the Legend of Zelda: The 
Ocarina of Time, so it doesn't waste time teaching you how to control Link and 
interact with the world. If you don't know the basic controls, you can find them 
listed below via some handy graphics.


If you have never played a Zelda game before, here is a quick rundown on how to play 
the game.

Zelda is an Action-RPG, which means that while it shares some RPG elements such as 
magic and treasure, all of the battles take place in real time. You can find the 
controls that you will need to save your hide below, but there are still a couple 
things to go over before you dive into moving Link around.

Link's life is saved via the number of hearts he has. He starts the game with three, 
but by collecting heart containers he gains one more heart. These can be found by 
defeating bosses, or collecting four heart pieces.

Health is re-filled by small hearts, potions, milk, and fairies.

The other part of Link is Magic. Early in the game, a Fairy will grant Link the 
ability to use magical energy. Some items such as the Lens of Truth and special 
Arrows also use up this power.

Magic is refilled by green bottles and potions.


Link has five main action buttons. Depending what is going on, A and B will have 
different functions, while the Left, Down, and Right C buttons can be assigned to 
any item or mask that you choose.


Once you get used to Link's various moves, the next aspect of the game is your 
inventory screens.
Map Screen: This screen shows an overhead map of Termina, including all of the major 
areas that you have already visited. A layer of clouds obscures areas that you have 
yet to see. 

Select Item Screen: You can view all of your items on this screen. The top shows you 
bow and the various arrows, the bottom shows your bottles, and the bar on the right 
is for specific quest items that are found throughout the game.

Quest Status Screen: From this screen, you can view your progress throughout the 
large quest. It gives you access to your Bomber's Notebook, shows you how many heart 
pieces you currently have, what bosses you have defeated, the spells that you know, 
and what sword, shield, quiver, and bomb bag you currently have.

Mask Screen: The final of the pause screens shows what masks you have collected. The 
three masks on the right bar are the transformation masks that turn Link into a 
different form. 


A common mainstay in all Zelda games in the Heart Piece. If you gather four of 
these, you will receive a full Heart Container, which will add to your life total. 

-On top of ledge on the Clock in Clock Town. Give the Deku the Moon Tear (found at 
the observatory), and then use the launcher to reach the heart piece. 
-Inside the inn at night. Take the Land Deed given to you by the Deku at the clock, 
and go into the inn after midnight one night (use the flower launcher to get on the 
roof to get in). Go downstairs and give the guy who's hand is sticking out of the 
toilet the paper. 
-In North Clock Town on top of the tree. As normal link, jump from small platform to 
platform and then jump across to the tree. 
-In West Clock Town, complete the expert sword training by slashing all of the logs 
with the jumping slash technique. 
-Complete the dancing couple's mini games in East Clock Town three days in a row. 
-In the Deku Palace. Follow the left maze and avoid the guards to find a heart 
-In Woodfall on in a chest out in the open. 
-Get another Moon Tear and give it to the Deku salesman in clock town again. Take 
the land deed to the Southern Swamp and give it to the Deku in front of the first 
shack. Then use the launcher to get the heart piece. 
-Repeat the steps for the last heart piece, and then take the green land deed to the 
Deku in front of the Goron town. 
-Take a picture of the Deku king with the camera and then give it to the man in the 
first shack in the swamp. 
-Dance with the Rosa Sisters by using the Kamaro Mask. 
-Kill the Like Like at the bottom of the waterfall pool in Great Bay as Zora Link. 
-Kill the second Axe Knight (found during the 2nd night in the graveyard cavern). 
-After you thaw out the mountain, swim under the lake (as Zora Link) near the 
bridges that lead to Goron Town to find a chest with the heart piece. 
-Complete the East Clock Town Maze game as the Goron. 
-As you are infiltrating the Pirate Fortress, you will see it in a cell. Use Goron 
Link to smash some barrels to find a switch, then put on the Bunny Hood to run down 
to the heart before the door closes again. 
-Use your Bunny Hood and complete the postman's training exercise on the afternoon 
of the first or second day. 
-Shoot the colored skulls in the 2nd Spider dungeon in this order: Yellow, Blue, 
Yellow, Red, Green, Yellow. 
-Get the All Night Mask, listen to the Old Lady's 2-hour story in the inn, and 
answer the (easy) question correctly. 
-Climb the tree guarded by bats near the entrance to the Southern Swamp. 
-Wear the Keaton Mask at the bushes that run away from you (like the ones in North 
Clock Town or Milk Road), and answer the Keaton's questions. 
-Go near the entrance to Milk Road and find a patch of tall grass to the right of 
it. Look for some butterflies hovering over the grass to drop into a hidden hole. 
Defeat the Pea Hat inside for the heart piece. 
-Blow up the rock near the entrance to Great Bay, and drop down in the hole. Shoot 
the beehives, then dive underwater as Zora Link to get the heart piece. 
-Drop down into a hole near the entrance to the Mountain Village and defeat the two 
-Re-unite the seahorses in Great Bay Coast. 
-Re-unite the frogs. 
-In Termia Field, there are many holes in the ground. At the North, West, East, and 
South parts of the map there are holes that lead you to a room with four of the 
strange marker stones (the West hole is under a boulder). Drop down in each hole as 
Deku, Goron, or Zora Link and play their respective songs that opened their 
respective dungeons. 
-In Snowhead pass, use the Lens of Truth to see some platforms. Hop across them, 
then play the song that you taught the Scarecrow, and then use the hookshot to reach 
the heart piece. 
-Wear the All Night Mask to listen to the second story at the inn, and answer the 
question wrongly for the heart piece. 
-Use the telescope to watch the Deku Salesman hide in a hole near the observatory. 
Then go inside and haggle with him to buy a heart piece for 100 rupees. 
-Open a mailbox once you have the Postman's Hat for a heart piece. 
-In North Clock Town, complete the Deku Playground mini-game three days in a row. 
-Get a perfect score in the East Clock Town shooting gallery. 
-Get a perfect score in the Southern Swam shooting gallery. 
-Get a score of 20 or better in the Boat Cruise Shooting Game (after you complete 
Woodfall Temple). 
-In Zora cape, use the hookshot to get to the second level in Zora Hall and go into 
Mikau's room. Read the song ideas in the diary, and then go to the Bassist's room. 
Finally go to the bandleader and play the songs. 
-After you get the bottle from the beavers, race both of them again and beat a time 
of 1:50. 
-Get the Mountain Title deed from the Deku in Clock Town, and give it to the one in 
the Great Bay. 
-Use the Mask of Truth to win the Dog Race in Romani Ranch. 
-After the Great Bay Temple is cleared, you can find this one by scoring 20 points 
in the fisherman's mini-game. 
-Kill all four of the Ghosts in the Ikana Canyon Ghost Hut in less than 3 minutes. 
-Once you have the Light Arrow and 16 Heart Pieces total, you can access the secret 
shrine in the Canyon (it's behind a waterfall). Defeat the mini-bosses for the heart 
-Feed the big fish in the Great Bay lab five smaller fish. 
-Give the Ocean Title Deed to the Deku in Ikana Canyon as Zora Link. 
-Near the Pirate's Fortress, you'll find a hookshot target. Use that to reach some 
soft soil, where you plant a magic bean and use the plant to reach a spot where you 
use the Scarecrow Song and then the hookshot again to reach the heart. 
-On a ledge that you access from the roof of Ikana Castle. 
-Wear the Couple's Mask in front of the Mayor. 
-When your Bank Account hits 5,000 Rupees, the Banker will give you a Heart Piece. 
-Found in the Odolwa Child's endgame dungeon. 
-Located in the Ghot Child's dungeon. 
-Found in the Gyorg Child's dungeon. 
-Found in the Twinmold Child's dungeon. 


Adult Wallet: Give banker 200 Rupees (or more) to get this item that allows you to 
hold up to 200 rupees.
Giant Wallet: Complete the 2nd Spider Dungeon to get this item that will allow you 
to hold up to 500 rupees.

Hero Bow: Found in Woodfall Temple, this item allows you to shoot arrows. It 
includes 30 arrows when you first get it.

Large Quiver: Beat the current record in the East Clock Town shooting gallery to get 
this item that will allow you to hold up to 40 arrows.

Largest Quiver: Complete the East Clock Town shooting gallery with 100% to get this 
item that will allow you to carry 50 arrows.

Fire Arrows: Found in Snowhead Temple, they allow you to melt blocks of ice and set 
enemies and torches on fire.

Ice Arrows: Found in the Great Bay Temple, they allow you to freeze enemies and make 
floating blocks of ice in the water.

Light Arrows: Located in the Stone Tower, they allow Link to cast magical light on 

Mirror Shield: Can be received by completing the Bottom of the Well mini-quest in 
Ikana Canyon. It can be used to reflect light and other magical attacks.

Magic Beans: Bought from the Deku in Southern Swamp and originally received from the 
man in the hole in the Deku Palace Maze. Plant one with fresh water to make a 
floating platform.

Deku Nuts: Found by killing Deku Babas, these nuts can be used to stun enemies. 

Deku Sticks: Kill adult Deku Babas to get this item that can be used to light 
torches and fend off enemies for a limited time. 

Bombs: Buy a Bomb Bag in West Clock town to be able to collect Bombs and blow stuff 

Large Bomb Bag: Save the Lady from the Bomb Shop from the burglar in North Clock 
Town during the first night, and it will be for sale in the Bomb Shop in night two 
or the Curiosity Shop in night three. It increases your bomb capacity to 30.

Largest Bomb Bag: Go to the Goron Town and find the Deku there. As Goron Link, give 
him your Large Bomb Bag and 200 Rupees to get this item that increases your bomb 
capacity to 40. 

Bombchu: These are small bombs that run along the ground. You can find them in a 
hole in the ground to the east of Clock town (near where you enter the cemetery - 
blow up a rock to find it), and another hole along a cliff wall in Great Bay Coast 
(near the fairy fountain). 
Razor Sword: Visit the smiths in the cottage in Mountain Village after you complete 
the Snowhead Temple, and pay them 100 rupees. The sword will disappear if you travel 
back in time.

Gilded Sword: First, get the Razor Sword. Then win the Goron Races to get Gold Dust 
that will allow the smith to forge you this sword. It will not vanish if you go back 
in time.

Great Fairy's Sword: Return all 15 fairies from the Stone Tower to the fairy shrine 
in the Ikana Canyon to get this sword. It is a C-button item, and you cannot use 
your shield with it. 

Camera: Save the witch in the Southern Swamp. You can take pictures with this.

Hook Shot: Found in the Pirate's Fortress. It acts like a grappling hook, and will 
allow Link to pull himself to far objects. You can also kill enemies with it. 

Lens of Truth: Follow the owl across the hidden platforms in the Goron Town to a 
cave. The lens will reveal that which is normally hidden.

Powder Keg: Bought in Goron Town for 100 rupees after you complete the seller's test 
by carrying one to the Goron Race Track and clearing the entrance. You can also buy 
one for 50 Rupees from a Goron in the Clock Town Bomb Shop if you are wearing the 
Goron Mask.

Bottles: Link can carry a total of six bottles that can be used to hold various 
things. The locations of all of them are listed below:

1. Get the medicine for the sick witch in the Southern Swamp. It will come in your 
first bottle. 

2. Complete Romani's notebook entry at the ranch to receive the third bottle full of 

3. Win the Goron races and you will get a bottle filled with gold dust.

4. Win the Beaver races in Great Bay (you need the Hookshot to get above the 
waterfall where they are held) to get this bottle.

5. Complete the cemetery side-quest to get this bottle.

6. Complete Madam Aroma's epic notebook entry to get the final bottle. 


One of the key aspects of the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask are the unique masks 
that Link will find throughout the game. Some will transform Link into new forms, 
while others have very limited uses. There are a total of 24 masks in the game.

Link begins the game with this mask. As the Deku Shrub, he can hop on top of water a 
couple times, as well as shoot bubbles at enemies. Also, the Deku Shrub can burrow 
into flowers and then shoot into the air - gliding down slowly.
A: Spin
B: Shoot bubble

Play the Song of Healing for the old Goron ghost after following him to the Goron 
Shrine. The mask turns Link into a Goron, complete with increased size and strength.
A: Curl (hold down A, and then press up to build speed).
B: Attack.

If you hold down A and then press B, you will do the Goron Stomp.

Push the sick Zora to the shore in the Great Bay, and then play the song of healing 
for it. The mask turns Link into a Zora. 
A: Swim
B: Dive
R: Energy Field


Bremen Mask: Link receives this mask from the weird guy in the Laundy Pool area of 
Clock town at night during the first or second days. It is used to herd chicks in 
the ranch, which will get you the Bunny Hood.
Great Fairy Mask: You get this mask by returning the second lost fairy to the Great 
Fairy. It can attract Stray Fairies in dungeons.

Bunny Hood: When wearing this mask, Link runs at an increased rate. You get it by 
using the Bremen Mask and herding all the chicks in the Chicken Coop of the ranch 
during the day.

Mask of Scents: Follow the Deku through the tunnel (use the Bunny Hood to keep up) 
that is to the left of the Deku Palace. The mask can detect scents such as mushrooms.

Romani's Mask: Complete both Romani’s and Cremia’s notebook entries. This mask gives 
you access to the Milk Bar in Clock Town.

Kamaro's Mask: Play the song of healing for the guy dancing on top of the mushroom 
to the north of Clock Town. He is only there at night, and the mask allows you to 

Blast Mask: Stop the thief after midnight during the first day in North Clock Town. 
You can blow up objects using this mask – just like a bomb, but you will loose one 
heart per blast.

Kafei's Mask: Speak to the woman in the Mayor’s House in East Clock Town. Used in a 
couple notebook quests.

Captain's Hat: Defeat the sleeping skeleton in the graveyard. The Hat allows you to 
speak to the undead.

Mask of Truth: Complete the first Spider Dungeon. It allows you to speak to the 
weird stones around the world.

All Night Mask: Stop the thief on Day 1, then buy it for 500 Rupees from the 
curiosity shop on Day 3. It allows you to stay up late and listen to the old lady's 
stories in the inn.

Giant's Mask: Kill the Eyegore in the Inverted Stone Tower. This mask makes Link big.

Stone Mask: Use the Lens of Truth near the entrance to the graveyard to find a 
soldier. Give him a red potion to get the mask. Some enemies will not notice you 
while wearing this mask.

Keaton Mask: Go to Kafei's house in the afternoon of the third day after you take 
the pendant to Anju. Wear this mask and slash at the bushes that move (like the ones 
in North Clock Town) to make Keaton appear. Answer his quiz questions correctly to 
get a Heart Piece.

Don Gero's Mask: Light all the torches in the Goron Village, then use the Goron roll 
to destroy the barrels on the chandelier. Take the chunk of meat to the shivering 
Goron in the mountain village. The mask will allow you to speak to frogs. See the 
Frog Locations below.

Garo's Mask: Ride Epona into the racetrack on Milk Road, and win the race to get 
this mask. This allows you to get into the Canyon area.

Postman's Hat: Can be used to open mail boxes in Clock Town. You get his mask by 
going through the Kafei notebook entry until you get the letter to Aroma. Give it to 
the postman, and then talk to him about it.

Circus Leader's Mask: Go into the Milk Bar, and help the Zora with his sound check 
by playing the instruments while wearing each of your three transformation masks 
(Deku, Goron, Zora) and as Link. If you wear the mask during Cremia's notebook entry 
there will be no attackers.

Couple's Mask: Complete Anju's notebook entry by recovering the stolen mask. Wear 
this and speak to the Mayor after 10pm for a heart piece.

Gibo Mask: Play the song of healing for the mummy in the Canyon house to get this 
mask that will allow you to speak to Gibdos.

Fierce Diety Mask: First gather all of the other masks in this list. Then, complete 
the mini-dungeons at the end of the game, and you will get this mask. It turns link 
into Oni Link.

Frog Locations:

Laundry Pool 
River Ride 
Woodfall Temple in mini-boss room 
Mountain Village after Snowhead Temple is cleared 
Great Bay Temple in mini-boss room 
Once you locate all of the frogs, use Don Gero's Mask to speak to them. Re-unite 
them in the Mountain Village after you defeat Goht to get a Heart Piece.


Just like in Ocarina of Time, Link is able to learn different songs that will become 
useful throughout the game.



You receive the notebook by going into the tunnel that leads to the observatory and 
turning left at the stream. Bomb the cracked wall to get 100 rupees, and then exit 
to receive the book from the bombers gang.


After the introduction where Skull Kid steals Link's Ocarina and rides away on 
Epona, you will once again have control of Link.
The small groups of bushes in front of the tree trunk tunnel can net you some Rupees 
if you slash them with your sword. Then, continue forward through the tunnel, and 
jump across the tree trunks to enter the weird mushroom building.

Once inside, Link will fall down a deep hole where he will come face to face with 
Skull Kid and Link will be transformed into a little Deku shrub. 

You can use this small area to get used to controlling Link as a Deku, but as soon 
as you slash through the bushes they will begin to move - a hint that things in this 
place are not quite normal.

Open the large door and run to the end of the hall, where you will be introduced to 
your Farie companion for this game, Tatl. After you two team up, she will explain 
how Link (as the Deku) can use the flowers that are on the ground to glide across 
large gaps.

Glide over to the door on the other side of the room, and enter it to access a large 
canyon with many platforms. Dive into the first flower and glide over to the 
platform in front of you. Once there use the flower to get to the platform to your 
left, where you will find a treasure chest containing a Deku Nut.

After collecting that, turn around until you can see a platform peeking out from 
behind a large pillar. Use the flower to launch yourself into the air, and fly 
around the pillar to land on the platform. Then use that flower to once again fly 
into the air, around the two pillars in front of you, and onto the small rectangular 
platform. From there, you can easily access the exit.

When Link passes through the weird twisting room, he will find himself in a slim-
covered area with a large water wheel. Run up the stairs to the left and you will 
come to a small room with a door. As you approach that door, the owner of the Happy 
Mask Shop will speak to Link. He will say that if you get the precious item 
(Ocarina) back, he will be able to turn Link into his normal self again.

Exit through the door to access Clock Town.


As soon as you enter the town, Tatl will tell you to go to the Great Fairy who is 
located in North Clock Town. Toget there, run around to the back of the clock tower, 
and you will find an entrance to North Clock town. 

The Great Fairy's room is located up the small ramps at the far end of the area. 
When Link enters the center of the room, he will be told to locate the one missing 
Fairy in Clock Town and to return it to the fountain. 

To find it, run through East Clock Town until you get back to South Clock Town. In 
the corner directly across from where you enter, you will find a small ramp that 
leads to an exit, go through there to arrive in the Laundry Pool area. You will find 
the Fairy floating above the water, but thankfully the Deku Link can hop across the 
stream to capture the Fairy.

 With the lost Fairy in hand, return to the Great Fairy shrine to receive the 
ability to shoot bubbles - something that will be very useful to you at this point 
in the game. When you exit out of the Fairy Shrine, you will find a small boy (Jim) 
who is trying to pop a balloon with a very familiar face on it. If you use your Deku 
bubble attack to pop the balloon, Jim will allow you to play a game that will give 
you access to the secret passageway that will lead you to the observatory.
Jim will call five friends, who will then go hide and you will need to find them. 
The first two are in North Clock Town where you are, and they usually like to hide 
in the corners. Numbers three and four are located in East Clock Town. One will jump 
off a roof with a chicken, and the other is located on the roof of the inn, and you 
will need to use the flower to launch yourself up and scare him off. The final boy 
is in West Clock town, near the top of the area.

With all four found, you will be given a passcode (be sure to write it down, as it 
is random) that will give you access to the secret passage in East Clock Town. 

Speak to the boy in East Clock Town, and give him the passcode that Jim and friends 
did to access the passageway to the Observatory.

Once inside, you will need to hop from platform to platform over the water. Against 
the far wall, a Spider will drop down. You may recognize these from Ocarina of Time, 
and they are defeated the same way here. When its back is turned to you, fire off a 
bubble to kill it. Then make your way around the corner into a large room with 
another balloon (which just so happens to be blocking a ladder).

Pop the balloon with another bubble and climb the ladder to access a new room with a 
familiar character inside. If you played Ocarina of Time, you will recognize the 
Scarecrow. Just as in the previous game, you can teach him a song, so be sure to 
make it one that you can easily remember!

Climb the brightly colored stairs to arrive at the telescope. Speak with the old 
man, and then look through the telescope when you have the chance. Turn the 
viewfinder until you see the clocktower, and zoom in to find Skull Kid on top of it, 
then a blue object will shoot to the ground outside. Exit out of the telescope mode, 
and go out the small door to find the Moon Tear. 

Go back to the center of town to the flower launcher to trade the Moon Tear to the 
Deku for a Land Title Deed. After the trade, the Deku will fly away and you will be 
able to use the Flower Launcher to shoot yourself into the air and glide over to the 
clocktower to find a heart piece. 

Now that you have the Land Deed, it is time to get another piece of heart. Wait 
until after midnight one night, and use the launcher to get on the roof of the inn. 
Go inside and run down to the bottom floor. You will find a hand coming out of the 
toilet asking for a paper. Give him the land deed to receive a heart piece. 

Since you can't really do anything else to advance the plot until the night of the 
third day, you may want to run around the town and explore a little bit. In North 
Clock Town, you can find Tingle who is being held up by a balloon. Pop the balloon 
and he will sell you a map of Clock Town for five rupees. 

 To progress the story further, wait until after midnight on the final day and you 
will see a cut-scene of the clocktower opening. Use the flower launcher to get to 
the opening and run inside to confront Skull Kid. You will only have five minutes to 
save the world, so shoot Skull Kid with a bubble to knock the Ocarina out of his 
hands. When Link picks it up, he will have a flashback of Princess Zelda teaching 
him the song of time. Since you cannot defeat the masked menace yet, play the Song 
of Time to return to the first day.
Tip: You can play the Song of Time backwards to slow down time. 

When you arrive back in the first day, go inside the lower entrance to the clock to 
encounter the Mask Merchant. He will see that you have the Ocarina and will teach 
you the Song of Healing, which will transform you back into Link. He will then tell 
you the story of Majora's Mask.

Even though you can now leave the town as normal Link, there are still a couple 
things to do here. Firstly, you can get a new mask by going to the Laundry Pool area 
at night. Talk to the guy there (who will look very familiar if you played Ocarina 
of time), and listen to his guilt to get the Bremen Mask. 

Also, during the night of the first day you can find another fairy floating around 
East Clock Town. Use the Flower Launcher to get it and then take it to the Great 
Fairy to get the Great Fairy Mask, which will attract stray fairies throughout the 

Next, you are able to get the Notebook, which is an extremely useful item to keep 
track of what quests you have completed, as well as ones you have not yet completed. 
First, go outside and slash bushes until you get fifty rupees. Then, go to West 
Clock Town and buy a Bomb Bag from the bomb shop. Head over to the tunnel to the 
observatory in East Clock town and use the same passcode as before to get inside. 
Instead of going the same direction you did last time, take a left at the stream to 
find a ledge in the wall guarded by a spider. Plant a bomb at the cracked section to 
find a chest that will net you 100 rupees. Once you have those, exit the area and 
the bombers will make you a member of their gang, as well as give you the Notebook.

Whenever you complete an important event or meet someone important, it will be 
recorded in this book. If you check it out, you will see that the passcode has been 
recorded in it, so you don't need to keep it written down if you ever need to go 
back into that tunnel. The book will also give you the time of day, which is pretty 

The final thing you should do is get the Bunny Hood. To do this, exit the town 
through the West Gate and head towards the ranch, which is located on the South West 
corner of Termia Field. During the day of any of the days, head into the Chicken 
Coop, and speak to Guru-Guru. After a short chat, put on the Bremen Mask and use 
it's marching ability to herd up all of the chicks in the area. Once you have all of 
them in a line, they will turn into chickens and Guru-Guru will give you the Bunny 

Note: You can only enter the ranch on the third day until you have completed the 
Snowhead Temple

There really isn't much more you can do in Clock Town at this point in the game, so 
exit out the south entrance and head directly south into the Southern Swamp.


This next part of the game will take you through the Southern Swamp and into the 
Deku Palace and Woodfall for the first major dungeon of the game. 

As soon as you enter the swamp, head left through the water until you come to a 
large pot and a sign with more pots on it. Go through that canyon to come to the 
witches' store. Here you are able to buy healing potions and such, but there is a 
way to get a free bottle here as well as safe passage to the Deku Palace.

Go into the cave behind the building to encounter a little monkey who will ask you 
to follow him. The following sequence is just like the Lost Woods in Ocarina of 
Time, but the directions that the monkey moves are always the same. However, if you 
return here on the second or third day, the directions will be different.

 At the end of the trip, you will encounter an injured witch. After speaking to her, 
return to the building and climb up to the entrance. Speak to the witch inside, and 
she will give you a potion in a bottle to take to her injured friend. 
Re-enter the cave and follow the above directions back to the witch, give her the 
potion when prompted and she will be healed. You will also get to keep the bottle, 
which will be useful later on.

Exit from that area and back into the main swamp. Run back the way you came in and 
climb up to the large building. There is a Deku up there who will sell Deku Link 
some Magic Beans (once Link learns how to use them, which will be soon), but your 
main goal here is inside.

Enter the building and go to the small shack in the corner and speak to the witch 
inside. She will give you the Photograph Box, as well as allow you to ride her boat, 
which will take you to the Deku Palace.

Since this Palace is for Deku only, you'll need to be Deku Link to get in. Go 
straight ahead and enter the throne room. Speak with both the King and the Monkey, 
and then exit. 

The doorway to the right of where you came in leads to a maze where you have to 
avoid guards (like in the castle in Ocarina of Time), that ends in a hole that will 
lead you to the Magic Bean seller. After buying the beans, you need to plant them in 
a soft patch of land, and then water them with a bottle of spring water (one of the 
many uses for the bottle). Fill up your bottle with some water in the pond, plant 
the bean in the tan square and then water it. A large plant will appear that you can 
use to reach a chest high on the wall, which contains some rupees. Fill up the 
bottle with more water to use later and buy more beans, then exit out of that area, 
and enter the other maze across from the one you just completed to find a heart 
piece at the end of it.

 Leave the gates, and hop across the lilypads to the right of the boards to come to 
a small area with another patch of land where you can plant another bean. Do that 
and water it to form another lift. Ride it up to find a flower shooter. What you 
need to do, is launch yourself from flower to flower until you reach the cave 
opening that will lead you to the monkey's cell. The only opposition you will find 
will be Deku Shrubs on about every other platform, which will fire off Deku Nuts at 
you. You can either bomb them from above with a nut of your own, or fire a bubble at 
them before gliding to their platform. The second strategy is a lot safer, thus is 
the recommended one. 
When you reach the Monkey's Cell, show him the Ocarina and he will teach you the 
Sonata of Awakening, which will open up the entrance to the Woodfall Temple. After 
Link is tossed out of the throne room, once again leap on the lilypads to the right, 
but this time head to the small ledge. From there, you need to glide from giant 
flower to giant flower while avoiding or killing the giant bugs flying around.

Halfway through the area, Link will meet up with the familiar owl that is standing 
on a tablet. After he flies away, examine the tablet to learn the Song of Soaring, 
which will allow you to travel to any owl statue that you have hit with your sword - 
a very handy song.

After you reach the Woodfall area, hop to the area to your right, and follow the 
walkways (while defeating the enemies on the way) to the platform in the center. 
Switch to link and hit the Owl with your sword and then use it to save your game. 
Then stand on the center marker and play the Sonata of Awakening to reveal the 
entrance to the Woodfall Temple. Finally, switch to Deku Link to glide over and 
enter the dungeon.


Stray Fairy Locations

Directly in front of you as you enter the dungeon. 
From the entrance, glide to the platform to the right and open the chest. 
In the second room (with the large mechanical looking flower in the center), run 
down the ramp to the left and kill the piranha flower to find Fairy #3. 
Again in the second room, on the platform with the five pots in the corner. 
Defeat a spider in the corner of the push-block room. 
Hidden in the beehive under the middle upper platform in the push-block room. 
Floating in a pink globe in the big flower room after you defeat the mini-boss and 
get the boss key. 
Located once again in the big flower room, glide over to the switch on the tree as 
Deku Link, and turn into normal Link to depress the switch. The chest will appear 
near the entrance to the room. 
In the push block room, after you turn the water normal, swim under the middle 
In a beehive next to the door where you fight the Gekko. 
Easily missed in the room with the Black Boes. Kill all the Boes to make a chest 
In the final room before the boss, in a pink globe in the fire. Use your bow to pop 
it, then the fairy mask to lure it to you. 
In that same room, on one of the ledges to the right of the entrance. 
Same room, on another ledge to the right of the entrance. 
On a ledge to the left of the entrance in that same room. 

Special Items

1 Small Key
1 Boss Key
1 Map
1 Compass
1 Hero Bow

From the entrance you can grab the first Stray Fairy by putting on the Great Fairy 
Mask. Then, switch to Deku Link and glide over to the right platform to open the 
chest and find a second Stray Fairy. Next glide from platform to platform to reach 
the exit on the opposite side of the room. Ignore the two spiders there, and enter 
the door to find a very large central area with four exits.

 Defeat the plant, and then run down the ramp to the left to kill another plant and 
find Fairy #3. Then climb back up the ramp and jump off the far edge (toward the 
pots below) as Deku Link. Destroy all five pots to find the fourth Stray Fairy. 
From there hop across the water to the doorway that is bordered by three pillars, 
and go inside. In this next room, you will find a flower launcher surrounded by four 
of the red plants. Hop to one of the plants, and then to the flower. Launch yourself 
over to the platform with the chest and open it to find a Small Key. Finally, use 
the flower to launch you over to the other door in the room to encounter a small 
mini boss.

This room contains three Snappers, annoying little Turtles that spin at you as their 
attack. The way to defeat them is to drill into one of the flowers, and then pop out 
as soon as they are passing over it. Repeat that for all three Snappers and then a 
chest holding the dungeon map will appear in the center of the room. 

Return to the big center room (with the mechanical flower), and hop over to the 
locked door and use your key on it. The next room will be referred to as the push-
block room, as there is a giant block that you can push in the center of the room. 
Shove it forward and then head to the right and follow that path around. Defeat the 
spider in the corner to find a Stray Fairy, and then run forward to encounter the 
block once again. Push it forward and then run to the right and head up the stairs. 
Face the center platform and shoot the beehive as Deku Link. When if falls to the 
ground, put on the Great Fairy Mask to lure the sixth Fairy. 

Go back to the lower floor, and run over to the corner where you fought the spider. 
Get a Deku Stick out, and light it on fire. Run over to the barred door, and light 
the torch there to open it. Go inside to fight two Dragonflies (you can either shoot 
them with bubbles or launch out of the flowers to hit them in mid-air), and then you 
will get the Compass when they are defeated.

 Re-enter the push-block room, and light a stick at the torch. Run up the stairs to 
the left and light the torch at the top (then put away the stick to conserve it. 
Turn into Deku Link and shoot the beehive under the middle platform then put on the 
Fairy Mask to get another Stray Fairy. Then light another stick as Link and jump 
forward, then left, and burn the spider webs with the fire. Put away the Deku Stick 
to preserve it, and run up the stairs.
In this next room, darkness and a hoard of Black Boe's will greet Link. In the 
center of the main room is a torch. Light a stick, and then run around the room in a 
counter-clockwise fashion to light three other torches, which will then unlock a 

When you reach a large room with floating flower platforms, switch to Deku Link and 
go down to the lower level to kill the Dragonflies. This will make hovering from 
flower to flower much easier. At the far side of the room is a set of stairs that 
will take you up to the second level of the large mechanical flower room.

After climbing the stairs turn to your right to find a fairy in a pink globe, 
collect it then run to the other doorway (as Link), and stand on the switch to make 
two ladders appear. Enter the door, turn right and then enter yet another doorway to 
meet another mini-boss, Dinofols. This battle is actually pretty easy. As Link, keep 
the lizard Z-Targeted and circle around him with your shield ready. When you have an 
open shot, hit him with your sword. If he begins to breathe fire, back away before 
moving in close again. After three hits, he will be defeated and a chest holding the 
Hero Bow will appear!

Exit the room, and then shoot the yellow diamond on the far wall with an arrow. The 
small flower launcher in the middle of the room will begin to move up and down, 
which will allow Deku Link to reach the far door.

 Inside you will encounter a Gekko, who will call in a Snapper friend of his after 
you hit him a couple times. He will ride around the room on top of the turtle, so 
you need to use Deku link to knock him off the same way you defeated the Snapper's 
earlier in the dungeon. Once he is off, he will crawl along the walls and ceiling, 
so switch to Link then Z-Target him, and shoot him with an arrow. Repeat this three 
times to unlock to door at the far end of the room to find the Boss Key.
Return to the big mechanical flower room and stand on top of the switch you stepped 
on earlier. Arm the bow and aim through the fire at the unlit torch in the center of 
the flower. By lighting it with an arrow, the flower will begin to rotate, rise out 
of the water, and cure the poison.

Next either use Deku Link or normal link to get on top of the flower, then aim 
through the torch to light another torch on a tree in the corner of the room. This 
will open a door giving you access to the second to last room in the dungeon.

Inside here use Deku Link to climb up the ledges to the right of the door. At the 
final ledge switch to Link and fire an arrow at the far crystal. This will put out 
the fires on the two center pillars. Switch to Deku Link and glide to the first 
pillar. From there, turn around and hop down to the flower launcher under the small 
room. Launch out of that one; hover over the first pillar and land on the second. 
Use that launcher to reach the far roof, where the final launcher will give you 
access to the boss door. 

Boss: Odolwa

The first main boss of the game looks a lot more intimidating than he really is. In 
addition to hopping around and trying to hit Link, Odolwa will summon a ring of 
fire, as well as bugs to annoy you. The fire is easy to avoid, just stand in the 
center and wait for it to disappear. Use Z-Targeting to lock on him and strike him 
with your sword whenever you have a clear shot. 

About halfway through the battle, Odolwa will begin to summon bugs to help him out. 
These are easily dealt with by placing a bomb on the ground. Like a moth to a flame, 
they will surround it until it explodes, thus getting rid of them all at once. 
Continue hitting Odolwa whenever you get the chance and he will fall.

 After you defeat the boss, be sure to grab the heart container BEFORE getting the 
mask-like object, then a cut-scene will be shown and Link will learn the Oath to 
Once that scene ends, Link will find himself in a small room with the Deku Princess 
behind some vines. Slash the vines with your sword, put the princess in your bottle 
for transport, and then return to the palace. 

Location of Fairy Shrine: After you collect all 15 Stray Fairies in the temple, you 
need to turn them into a fairy shrine. The one in woodfall is located not far from 
the location where you played the Sonata of Awakening. It is against the wall in a 
large cave that you need to use the launchers to get to.

With the princess safely returned, you can continue on your quest. Leave the temple 
and hop on the lily pads to the left of the entrance. Make sure you have at least 
one arrow, and then enter the cave at the end of the lily pad path. Inside you will 
find a Deku who will have you follow him through some tunnels. As long as you have 
the Bunny Hood, you will be able to run right along side the Deku throughout the 
entire tunnel system. Toward the end, you will find another crystal that you will 
have to shoot with an arrow to proceed, and when you reach the end you will receive 
the Mask of Scents. 

Head back into the swamp, and put on the Mask of Scents near the owl statue. When 
you see a purple cloud of smoke, use your bottle to capture a mushroom. Take that 
mushroom to the witch in the hut to get a heart piece if you return to her later.

It's now time to move onto the next section of the game, where Link will travel to 
the showy mountains, encounter the Gorons, and bring spring back to the land.


Either run back to the town, or use the Song of Soaring to get there (the song is 
much faster), and then exit out of the north gate. Head to the blue ramp, and use an 
arrow to shoot the icicle twice, which will open up the path to the Mountain Village.

The first path on your way to the village will be blocked in one section by a wall 
of giant snowballs. Pull out a bomb and use it to blast your way past, and then 
continue on your way. When you reach the area with the cabin, run through the 
passageway behind it (the one with the two giant snowballs) to reach the trail 
leading to the Goron Village.

Follow the rope bridges, and when you arrive in the Goron area, seek out the Owl. He 
will speak to Link, and then fly over a large chasm. As he flies, he will drop 
feathers on what appear to be invisible platforms. Jump from platform to platform 
until you reach a cave. Inside, you will find the Lens of Truth that will allow you 
to see hidden objects such as platforms, ladders, doors, and even people. 

 Leave the cave, and use the Lens of Truth to view all of the platforms. When you 
finish crossing them, Link will see a ghost of an old Goron through the lens. Speak 
with him, and then follow as he asks you to.
The ghost will lead you out past the cabin, and over a pond with floating slabs of 
ice in it. Use the Lens of Truth to see a set of ladders leading up the cliff. At 
the top, enter the cave and speak to the ghost. He will give Link the Goron Mask if 
you play the Song of Healing for him.

If you pull the stone that is in the center of the room as Goron Link, you will make 
a hot spring appear. By using a bottle in the water, you will receive a bottle of 
hot spring water that will stay warm for a couple minutes. If you do not use it 
within the time limit, it will become a normal bottle of spring water. 

Fill a bottle, and run outside. Use it on the frozen Goron to thaw him out. Return 
inside and fill up another bottle. Put on the Bunny Hood and run back to the area 
leading to the Goron Village (the one with the robe bridges. Jump to the lower left-
hand area and run along until you see a giant snowball that Tatl will turn green 
over. Switch to Goron Link and smash the snowball to reveal an old frozen Goron. 
Quickly use the warm spring water to thaw him out, and then talk to him. Keep 
talking to him, as a Goron, and he will teach you the first part of the Goron 
Lullaby (you may have to show him your instrument to get him to do so). 

Go to the Goron Village and speak to the first Goron you see when you enter the 
area. He will stomp the ground and the door to the inside of the village will open. 
Jump off the cliff to your right to reach the door before it closes.

 When you get inside, you will be greeted by the incredibly annoying crying of the 
baby Goron. Follow the ramp upwards, and go through the doorway to find the upset 
baby. Play the first part of the Lullaby that you learned, and the baby will teach 
you the remainder and finally shut up.
Use the Song of Soaring to go back to the Mountain Town, and find the sign that says 
Snowhead. Go through that exit, and then turn into Goron Link as soon as you get to 
the other side. What you need to do here is use the Goron's super fast charged Spin 
Dash to roll up the hills and over the ramps. To do this move, hold down B while 
pressing up as far as the analog stick can go. When the Goron grows spikes, he will 
be moving as fast as possible and will be able to jump across the gaps.

At the top, you will find another owl statue so you will never have to go through 
that whole ramp jumping sequence again. Then you will be at Snowhead, with one more 
task to complete before you can enter Snowhead temple.

If you try walking on the narrow walkway, poor little Link will be blown away by a 
powerful wind. Even with the increased strength of the Goron Mask, he cannot pass by 
the blizzard. If you use the Lens of Truth, you can see that the cause of the wind 
is actually a giant Goron. Play the Goron Lullaby to put him to sleep and allow you 
to pass.

Run up the walkway to the left of the mountain to reach the entrance to Snowhead 


Stray Fairy Locations

In the room where Goron Link spins across the bridge, it is in a bubble under a 
In that same room, it is in a bubble inside a pillar. You need to shoot this one 
from below - shooting from above will not work. 
In the lower room with the lava pools, step on a switch and then grab the chest as 
Goron Link. 
Located in the room with the Real Bombchu where you get the Dungeon Map. 
Once you have the fire arrows, return to the Real Bombchu room and shoot the eye 
switch to raise the center platform. Run over to the side of the room without a 
door, and use the Lens of Truth to see steps that will lead you up to the fairy that 
is in a chest. 
Through the first small key door, use fire arrows to melt the ice around the block 
and the switch. Then use the switch to make a chest appear. Push the block so Link 
can leap to the ledge and open the chest to find a fairy. 
In the same room, toss a bomb at the box on top of the pillar. 
Once again in that room, push the block so that you can leap to the opposite ledge. 
Go through the door to find yourself in the room with the double push-block from 
earlier. Jump over to the opposite ledge and open the chest to find the fairy. 
In the room with the pillars with frozen blocks on top of them, use the bunny hood 
to leap over to a hidden ledge (you can see it using the Lens of Truth), and open 
the chest to find the fairy. 
Located in the small puzzle room with the round pillars that you stomp on, use the 
Lens of Truth to find it in a bubble at the ceiling. 
Melt all the ice enemies in the room through the green door. 
Found behind a hidden wall in the room with the snowball monsters before the lizard 
Kill both lizards in the room before the boss key. 
Kill both lizards in the room before the boss key. 
Once you have the giant center pillar pointing toward the boss room, use the Lens of 
Truth and look over the edge to find a hidden room. Do a running jump with the Bunny 
Hood on to reach the room and find the fairy in a chest. 

Special Items

1 Dungeon Map
1 Compass
3 Small Keys
1 Fire Arrows

From the entrance go through the blue door on the right side of the room. In the 
next room, put on the Goron mask, charge up a roll, and spin across the bridge. Go 
through the blue door to the left, and then turn right and go down a set of stairs.

If you are wearing the Goron Mask, you will be able to walk over the lava here. In 
one of the pools you'll find a switch. Step on it as Goron Link to make a chest 
appear that holds a fairy. Run back up the stairs, and back through the blue door. 
Switch to normal Link and jump over to the small ledge to the right. In the next 
room, you will find a Real Bombchu, a fairy, and a chest that holds the Dungeon Map.

 Exit this room, and then go back through the blue door. Run across to the yellow 
door, and go inside. Find the two gray boxes and pull them backward to reveal a 
small room with a chest. Open the chest to find the first small key of the dungeon. 
Then push or pull the two blocks all the way to the far end of the room where it 
will drop down into the ground slightly and a chest will appear on a ledge above.
With your newly acquired small key, return to the entrance room and go through the 
locked door. In this next room, you can get two fairies (as detailed on the fairy 
location list). Then, bomb the cracked wall in the back of the room to reveal a 
staircase to the next area.

In this area, you will find pillars with frozen blocks on top of them. To get past 
them arm your bow and look toward the ceiling. Shoot the icicles at the top of the 
room, and they will fall down and destroy the blocks, clearing a path for you. Jump 
from pillar to pillar to reach the giant snowball. Turn into Goron Link to smash the 
snowball and find a chest holding another small key.

Exit through the locked door to find yourself in a small puzzle room. Turn into 
Goron Link and stomp the gold platform to make two appear, one in front of the exit 
door and another making a platform that you will be able to reach the other side of 
the room with. Switch to Link and jump from the platform to the far ledge, then turn 
back into the Goron. Pound the blue platform, then switch back to normal Link to run 
back to the large gold one that you jumped on a few seconds ago. Stomp it as the 
Goron to reveal the door. As Link, use the lower blue platform to haul yourself up 
the ledge and exit the room. 

After you enter this area switch to Goron Link and roll across the bridge. Then roll 
along the snowy slope to your left, and then over one more bridge to reach a mini-

 This guy isn't too tough as long as you wear the Bunny Hood. He will teleport 
himself around the room, and then stop on one square and shoot a freezing spell at 
you. If you hit him while he is spinning, you can prevent a lot of pain and 
suffering. After you hit him a couple times, he will teleport even more around the 
room, which is why you want to be wearing the Bunny Hood. As soon as he solidifies, 
hit him with your sword, and then wait for him to reappear to repeat your pummeling. 
When you defeat him, Link will receive the Fire Arrows. 
Now that you have the Fire Arrows, you need to get the final small key. Return to 
the first room where you rolled across the bridge. Equip the fire arrows and melt 
all of the ice in the room to make a chest appear. Open the chest to get the final 

Next you need to find a way to get to the top of the center "silo", so return to the 
big round area with the white platform in the center. Melt the ice around the green 
doors and go inside. Light the torches using arrows to open a door, and melt the ice 
monsters to make a chest holding a fairy appear. Go inside the newly opened door, 
and stomp it as Goron Link. The giant pillar will race to the ceiling. 

Then work your way up the room by going through the Real Bombchu room (if you go the 
other way, your path will be blocked by the pillar). Shoot the switch to make the 
platform rise, and use Goron Link to roll along the showy walls as you climb up the 
center silo. Before you reach the top, you will enter a room with two Dinofols. 
Defeat them the same way you did the single one while in Woodfall Temple, and then 
you will receive two hidden fairies.

At the top, you will see the white platform once again. Run across it and you will 
have to fight the mini-boss a second time. The strategy to defeat him this time is 
the same as before, except he has more teleporters to zip around to. 

When you defeat him this second time, a door will open which will give you access to 
the Boss Key, but you will have one more thing to do before you can reach this 
temple's minion. Since the large central pillar has risen to the top of the central 
room, it is blocking the path to the boss's door. What you need to do is make your 
way up to the blue portions of the pillar and punch them as Goron Link.

Once that is done, you will finally be able to reach the boss door.

Boss: Goht

Compared to Odolwa, Goht is relatively easy. When you first enter the room you will 
have to melt the ice around the beast by using an Ice Arrow. Then, turn into Goron 
Link and begin to roll after him. You need to charge up to full speed, and then 
continually slam into the mechanical farm animal. If you run low on Magic, there are 
bottles all over the track that will refill you. After a few hits, he will fall on 
the ground. Instead of stopping your roll to punch at him, you can pin yourself 
between its legs and get multiple hits off by continuing to roll.

As you damage him, Goht will begin to throw more and more attacks at you. First he 
will throw lightning and rocks, followed by bombs. Simply steer around these and 
continue to hit him.

 When Goht is defeated, you will gain another heart piece, and its remains. Gather 
up the heart piece and then stand in the blue light to see spring return to the 
Location of Fairy Shrine: After you collect all 15 Stray Fairies in the temple, you 
need to turn them into a fairy shrine. The Snowhead shrine is located on the 
same "mountain" that the dungeon is. Instead of running up the ramp to the entrance 
of the temple, run along the back of the mountain to find the shrine.

Note: If it is not still the first day, you may want to travel back in time and 
quickly defeat the boss again since this next quest is time-sensitive.

Go inside the cabin in the mountain village and speak to the blacksmith inside. For 
100 rupees he will upgrade your sword. Pay him that, and then use the Song of Double 
Time to fast forward to the next day. When you get your new sword, they will tell 
you that this upgrade will not last long. If you travel back in time, your sword 
will be back to normal.

However, if you bring them some Gold Dust, they will be able to permanently upgrade 
your sword. You can get this magic dust by competing in the Goron Races, but giant 
boulders block the entrance.

Turn into Goron Link, and go into the village. Against one of the walls is an 
entrance where you can get a Powder Keg. If Goron Link can carry it to the entrance 
to the Goron Races, you will gain the ability to use the Powder Keg and it will show 
up in your item screen.

Carry the keg out of the village, and over the rope bridges. Place it on the ground 
in front of the boulders, and then wait for it to blow up (or shoot it with an arrow 
as Link). Inside, you are able to compete in the Goron Races. Roll into a ball and 
charge to full speed to try to win. It may take a couple attempts, but when you 
finally win you will receive another bottle and it will be filled with Gold Dust.

Take the dust and your sword back to the blacksmiths and allow them to do their job. 
Fast forward to the next morning to get your fully upgraded sword. 

Get Epona: Now that you have the Powder Keg, you can blow up the blocked entrance to 
the ranch. Go there to speak to Romani, and help her fend off the ghosts until 
morning. When that is complete, you will have finished her notebook entry, and she 
will teach you Epona's Song, which will allow you to ride Epona once again! 


After Link has been re-united with Epona, you can access a couple of new areas. The 
first one you should hit is Great Bay Coast. Not only will you get the Zora mask 
here, but also there are two dungeons that are located here as well as some small 
quests to do. 

Your first task is to get to the Bay. Exit out of West Clock Town and call Epona. 
Ride down the beach at a full gallop to jump over the barriers and enter Great Bay 

Once you arrive there, you will be in an area with two buildings. The one to the 
left holds another Spider Dungeon, which you can read about in the Side Quests 
section. Out in the water is a building on a wooden platform. If you swim out there, 
you can hit the owl statue to allow you to return to this point via the Song of 

To get the Zora mask, swim out in the bay until you are about halfway between the 
building and the beach. You should see an injured Zora floating in the water. Push 
him to the shore and then play the Song of Healing for him to receive the Zora mask. 

Now that you can swim underwater, you can get inside the Pirate Fortress and get the 
Hookshot as well as some items that are needed to learn the next important song.

Swim underwater near the cliff walls (from the right of the beach) and you'll see 
four wooden boards. Use the Zora's special power to smash open the second board from 
the left, and then swim through the tunnel. 

When you get into the next area, there will be four boats patrolling the bay. They 
will all four be on one side at a time, so that will give you a clear path to dive 
into the water. You need to swim over to the left side of the bay, wait until the 
boats are not near, then get out of the water and stomp a switch as Goron Link. That 
will open a grate that will give you access to the lower levels of the Pirate's 

The first area of the underwater portion of the fortress is a maze of sorts. Smash 
through the wooden door, then pull the block in the corner backwards. Smash through 
two more wooden barriers and then push another block forward to swim to the end of 
the maze and up a small current.

 In the next hall run along the ground and around the mines to avoid a current that 
will push you out into the bay. At the end of the hall, swim up and go through the 
door. Carefully swim around the mines, and then climb up on dry ground. Run up the 
ramp and shoot the crystal with an arrow to open another door down below for a short 
period of time. 
TIP: There is a heart piece in this area, which you can get by using Goron Link to 
smash some barrels to find a switch, then put on the Bunny Hood to run down to the 
heart before the door closes again.

Swim through the door quickly then slowly wade your way through the surface of the 
water and around more mines to avoid another annoying current. 

When you reach the next room, you need to step on the switch to open a grating. Then 
stand on the round drain, and shoot an arrow at the crystal to start a water 
elevator that will raise you up to the upper level. In this final room, drop down to 
the floor, climb the ladder, and shoot the crystal with an arrow that will open the 
door below.

Run through that door to find yourself outside, and run up the ramp to get to the 
central part of the fortress.

Your goal here is to climb up the ladder in the middle of the area. The problem is, 
there are Pirates patrolling the entire fortress. You can use your arrows to 
incapacitate them until you pass by. KO any that may see you, then climb the ladder. 
Pelt the one Pirate at the top with an arrow, and then run through the door. Inside 
you will see a small cut-scene, and after that you will be able to look through a 
grate. Fire one arrow at the beehive in the room, and the pirates will run out.

Leave this hall and jump down one level. Enter the room that you were just looking 
into, and then you will find the Hookshot.

Since you probably only have three bottles at this point (one from the witch, 
another from Romani Ranch, and the third from the Goron races) it's time to get the 
fourth bottle to make the next part of the game much easier.

Leave the fortress and run along the beach until you come to a waterfall. Down in 
the pool under the waterfall is a Like Like that you can kill for a heart piece.

Next look around until you see ledges on the cliff walls with palm trees. You can 
use the Hookshot to go from palm tree to palm tree until you get to the top of the 
waterfall. Once there, race the beavers twice. After winning the second race, they 
will give you the fourth bottle.


Return to the fortress and since you now have the hookshot, you no longer need to go 
through the underwater section. Right across from where you stomped the switch 
earlier is a Hookshot patch, and you can use that to grapple over to the entrance. 

To the left of where you enter, there is a square pillar up high. Use you hookshot 
to grapple up there, and then turn around to see yet another pillar. Grapple up 
again and go through the door.

Inside, wait for the pirate to pass by (or shoot her with an arrow), and then run 
past using the bunny hood and enter the door at the end of the hall to fight a 
Orange pirate. After about two or three hits, she will be defeated and you will gain 
access to a room that has a Zora egg in a tank. Use the Zora mask to dive down to 
the bottom and place the egg in a bottle.

 When you exit that room, quickly run across the yard, grapple up two more pillars, 
and then enter the door to your left. Inside you will have to avoid another Pirate, 
only this time she has very sensitive hearing. The guard can hear you when you run, 
so you need to walk VERY slowly, and try to pelt her with an arrow if you can. 
Through the next door you will face the Green pirate, who is about twice as powerful 
as the previous fight. The next egg is right past this battle, then exit the room, 
and grapple over to the pillar directly in front of you.
Run back across the yard, and grapple back up the first pillar that you used 
earlier. Then get up on the second and turn around. You'll see yet another pillar. 
Use your hookshot to get up there, then quickly shoot the Pirate up there with an 
arrow. Run across the bridge and enter the door. Inside shoot the three Pirates, 
open the chest, then run up the ramp and enter another door to fight the Purple 

The final Zora egg is located in the same room where you got the hookshot, so you 
already know how to get in there.

Before you leave the Fortress pull out your camera and try to get a good shot of one 
of the Pirates. Then leave the fortress and go back to the beach. 

TIP: If you already have the stone mask, it is easier to get a shot as the Pirates 
will ignore you with the mask on.

Enter the building where the owl statue is, and dump the eggs into the tank. You 
must be standing in the middle part of the grate for them to go in the water. 

Exit and go to the two buildings on the beach and enter the right one. Speak to the 
seahorse and the man will tell you that if you bring him a picture of a pirate, he 
will give you the seahorse. Show him the picture (if it is bad, he'll ask for a 
better one and you'll have to return to the fortress), and he will give you the 

Swim out to the two pillar-like rocks and go between them. When you enter the next 
area, free the seahorse from his bottle, and he will lead you safely to Pinnacle 
Rock. Kill all of the sea snakes using the Zora magic attack (R while swimming) and 
you'll get a heart piece as well as the final three Zora eggs. 

Take the final three eggs back to the tank where you dumped the first four, and you 
will learn the New Wave Bossanova, which is needed to enter the Great Bay Temple.

Run along to beach to the second area, and swim out to the place that looks like a 
giant fish fin. Go inside, and then run out to the back where you will encounter a 
quiet Zora. Play the New Wave Bossanova. A giant turtle will appear, and he will 
take you to the Great Bay Temple if you use the hookshot on the palm tree and get on 
his back. 


Stray Fairy Locations

Light the four torches in the room where the turtle drops you off to make a chest 
Underwater in a bubble right after the entrance. 
In a spider high up in the corner in that same room. Use an arrow to kill it. 
In the room with the big rotating propeller, at the bottom of the water in a bottle. 
Shoot it with an arrow, and then lure it up with the fairy mask. 
In a large barrel in that same room, use Goron Link. 
Located in the room where you get the Dungeon map. Shoot a bottle with the hookshot, 
then lure it with the mask. 
In the hallway leading up to the room where you get the first small key, kill all of 
the plants to make a chest appear. 
Found in a pot in the waterway to the right of the door where you find the small 
key. Use the Hookshot to smash the pot. 
Located in the room where you turn the green crank. Make an ice platform in the 
north corner by the yellow pipes, and use the Hookshot to pull yourself up to the 
ceiling where you'll find the fairy chest. 
In the room with the second water wheel. Stop the wheel then hookshot yourself to 
the chest while standing on one of the wheel's blades. 
In that same room, hookshot over to it while standing on the horizontal moving 
Found in the room with the teeter totters, have Zora Link swim under the first 
teeter totter to find it in a large barrel. 
In that same room, have Zora Link climb along the pipe to the south of the crank, 
and then drop down into the small caged-off area. Use the hookshot to reach the 
Located in the room right before the boss, under the large green crank in a bubble. 
Pop it with an arrow then lure it with the mask. 
In that same room, in the tunnel that leads back to the giant propeller room. Pop 
the bubble with Zora Link's boomerangs and then lure it to dry ground with the Fairy 

Special Items

1 Dungeon Map
1 Compass
1 Small Key
1 Boss Key
1 Ice Arrows

The Great Bay Temple is not quite has tough as previous dungeons, but it is more 
reliant on puzzle-type situations. 

Your first puzzle greets you once you pass through the first door. To the left and 
right of you will be moving platforms that will take you up to the upper level. The 
problem is, there is a big gap that you cannot jump over. 

 Put on the Zora mask, and swim to the far right corner of the room. Underwater you 
will find a crank. Push that to make a waterspout appear that makes a bridge that 
will allow you to cross the gap on the upper level.
Run along the walkway into the next room where you see a giant propeller stirring a 
current. This is one of the main rooms of the dungeon, as many of the other areas 
are accessed from here, thus it will be referred to a lot in this walkthrough.

Turn into Zora Link, dive into the water, and then swim with the current and go 
through the upper passageway that has both green and red pipes going into it. In the 
next room, swim until you see a passageway with two blue hands. Swim towards them 
and use the Zora magic attack (R button) to kill them. Speed through the passage, 
climb out of the water, and enter the door. 

In the pool in the middle of this room, there is another hand at the bottom as well 
as a chest that holds the Small Key. Kill the hand and loot the chest. If you jump 
into the swiftly moving current by the door, you will be taken back to the propeller 
room (exactly where you want to go).

Again, swim along the current and then enter the bottom passageway with the single 
red pipe going into it. Climb up onto the red pipe, and enter the locked door. The 
next room will have twelve pots and two slimes. The slimes will continually re-
appear so you can fill up both your magic and arrows before you exit out the far 
door to fight the first mini-boss.

Your first boss fight in the Great Bay Temple will be against a Wart. When you enter 
the room, look toward the ceiling to begin the fight. Then when it begins, use your 
hookshot or arrows to pull the pink eyes away from the center mass, and then shoot 
the eye with an arrow or hookshot when you have a clear path to it. After three 
hits, the rest of the eyes will drop off and it will start to roll around the room. 
Slash through the eyes with your sword and then slash the Wart in its eye when it is 
open. Two hits will do it, and then you will receive the Ice Arrows!

 Exit out of the room, through the one with the slimes, and back into the room with 
the large red crank in the center of it. Now it is time to put those new Ice Arrows 
to use. Run down the red pipe and shoot one of the Octoroks with an ice arrow to 
turn it into an ice block. You can then use that block to reach the red crank and 
turn it, which will cause water to flow through some of the red pipes in the 
Return to the propeller room through the blue-ish passageway and once again go 
through the top tunnel with the red and green pipes. Get out of the water and shoot 
ice arrows into the water to form stepping stones that you can use to reach the far 
door. Go inside and shoot the slime with another ice arrow to turn it into a block 
that you can push against the red crank and hoist yourself up. Push the crank to 
cause water to flow through the remainder of the red pipes. 

Head to the room where you got the Small Key, and use Ice Arrows to reach the hall 
with the icicles. Melt them and the ice block with a fire arrow, and go inside to 
fight another Gekko mini-boss. When you have a clear shot, fire an arrow at him. 
When he sticks to the ceiling, fire an ice arrow at the blob to freeze it and cause 
it to crash to the ground. Repeat that process until he is dead and the door to the 
Boss Key will open. 

Go back to the big propeller room, and climb out of the water. Jump on to the 
propeller and pull yourself up onto the walkway to get back to the first room. Turn 
to your right and use the hookshot on the panel on the ceiling to get on top of the 
waterspout. Leap over to the red crank and turn it. Then drop down and turn the 
yellow crank. That will reverse the current in the propeller room. 

Return to the propeller room and get across to the far platform. Freeze the 
waterfall and climb the ladder. In the next room, use Ice Arrows to make platforms 
in the water to reach the crank, then turn it and go back to the propeller room.

Dive into the new direction of the current and enter the other tunnel with the red 
and green pipes. Speed through it to reach a new room with another propeller. Get on 
the vertically moving platform, then freeze the waterfall to stop the propeller and 
get access to the next room.

This room has many teeter-totters scattered about, which you use to reach the green 
grank by using a combination of fire and water arrows to stop and start the 
waterfalls. To get out of the room, go the the one near the entrance and stand on 
the end closest to the ground, and then shoot a fire arrow at the icy top to cause a 
waterfall to raise you up to the walkway. Enter the door to the next room, then work 
your way up to the crank. Turn it to make a new waterspout appear, then enter the 
boss door. 

Boss: Gyorg

This boss can be a pain, but he can also be easy if you act quickly. 

There are two ways to defeat this guy:

The easiest way is if you are full on magic, shoot an arrow at the fish as normal 
Link to stun it. Then dive into the water as Zora Link and drill into it using the R-
button attack. Repeat that three or four times to defeat him. 

The second way is a little harder, and only should be attempted if you are 
completely out of magic. Dive in as Zora Link and punch him repeatedly.

Fairy Fountain Location: The fairy fountain for this temple is located on the cliffs 
to the right of Zora Cape. Use the hookshot to cross the palm tree islands, then use 
a Powder Keg to destroy a giant rock and open the path to the fountain. By turning 
in the 15 Great Bay Temple fairies, you will gain the white outlines around your 
hearts, which increases your defense.

With the Temple cleared, you can go inside the concert hall to view a concert, then 
you should make your way to Ikana Canyon, where you will encounter more mini-quests 
and the final Temple.


Your final task in the game before facing off against Majora's Mask will be to 
travel east of Clock Town to Ikana Canyon and solve the mystery of the Stone Tower.

To get into the canyon, you must first have Epona (which you should by now), the 
Garo's Mask, and the Hook Shot.

Ride Epona east of Clock Town and jump over the two fences to get to the large 
cliff. The guy at the top won't let Link in, but if you put on the Garo Mask, he 
will make a Hook Shot target appear, which you can use to get into the canyon.

From there, walk forward and use Ice Arrows to turn the Octorocks into frozen blocks 
and then jump across to the dock on the other side. After that, use your Hook Shot 
on each target on the ledges to reach the top of the cliff. Once up there, you can 
activate the Owl Statue to never have to go through that again.

 Tip: When Tatl says something about sensing something that cannot be seen, put on 
your Garo Mask to fight a Garo. Upon defeat, he will give you a small tip about the 
After activating the Statue, run to the far rear of the area and enter a cave. 
Inside, you will encounter another ghost - only this one will continually damage 
you. The way to get past this part is to simply pull out your Ocarina and play the 
Song of Storms (taught to you in the Ikana Graveyard side-quest). When you play it, 
the pain will stop and the river will be restored.

Return outside and you will see a girl playing by the river. You now need to get 
past her to get another mask. If you have the Stone Mask you can simply put it on 
and run into the music box house. If you do not have the Stone Mask, you need to 
plant a bomb to distract her, then run into the house.

Inside you will encounter a mummy, instead of attacking it - play the Song of 
Healing and he will give you the Gibdo Mask.

Once you have that, your next task will to be to dive into the well on the north 
section of the area. Before you go in you should have the following items: 5 Magic 
Beans, 10 Bombs, 10 Deku Nuts, 1 Bottle of Milk, 1 Blue Potion (you can buy it from 
the Deku in the Canyon), 1 Bug, and 1 Bottle of Water.

All of those you can get outside of the well (as well as inside, but it is better to 
go in prepared). There are a couple items that you can only get inside, and they 
are: 2 Fresh Fish (in pools inside), 1 Bottle of Hot Water (you can get this 
outside, but by the time you get back to the well it would have cooled), 1 Big Poe.

And the final thing you need is the Gibdo Mask, which will allow you to speak to the 
mummies inside the well.

 TIP: All of the items that are needed for the well are much easier to get if you 
have all six bottles. The locations are: 
1. Get the medicine for the sick witch in the Southern Swamp. It will come in your 
first bottle. 
2. Complete Romani's notebook entry at the ranch to receive the third bottle full of 
3. Win the Goron races and you will get a bottle filled with gold dust.
4. Win the Beaver races in Great Bay (you need the Hookshot to get above the 
waterfall where they are held) to get this bottle. 
5. Complete the cemetery side-quest to get this bottle.
6. Complete Madam Aroma's epic notebook entry to get the final bottle. 
You need the above items to barter with the Gibdos inside the well to pass through 
the doors that they are guarding. When they ask for an item, give it to them and 
they will let you pass. At the end of the well you will enter a room where there are 
four unlit torches. Use your Fire Arrows to light them and a chest containing the 
Mirror Shield will appear. 

With the Mirror Shield in hand, you are now ready to tackle Ikana Castle and then 
move on to the final dungeon of the game.


As soon as you exit the well, you will be in Ikana Castle, but you are not yet fully 
prepared to complete this part of the game. You need a Powder Keg, so teleport back 
to Clock Town to buy one as Goron Link, and then return to Ikana Canyon. 

To get back into the Castle once you get back, run over to the castle, and go 
through a small crack in the rocks. Hit the switch inside that will cause light to 
appear, then use your new shield to reflect it back to the sun panel to clear a path 
back into the courtyard.

With your Gibdo Mask on, go through the main entrance and shoot the two switches on 
the pillars with fire arrows. Then go through the left door and turn into Deku Link. 
Hit the switch in the corner, then run to the flower that is the closest to the 
pillar. Dive into it and as the ceiling is collapsing, jump out to make it rise up 
again. Then dive in again and hover over to the switch on top of the pillar. Turn 
back into Normal Link and step on the switch. Then you can jump over to the newly 
unlocked door. 

 In the next room use Deku Link to hover over to the switch to the left and then 
depress it as Link. Use your arrows to kill the two spiders ahead of you, then use 
the Lens of Truth to see a platform that you can use to jump from platform to 
platform to reach the door. 
Run through the next room and onto the roof. Climb up on the ledge and inch your way 
until you get to the center area where you can jump down to a flower launcher. Use 
that to reach the switch on the pillar, which will open up a skylight on the east 
side of the building.

Put your Gibdo Mask back on and return inside through the front entrance. This time, 
go through the right door and use your shield to reflect light onto the Sun panel. 
Run through the door to fight another teleporting wizard (like the one in Snowhead), 
and defeat him just as you did before. When he is down, put your Gibdo Mask on and 
run through the next room and back onto the roof.

Go to the center area and stand on the cracked part. Put on your Goron Mask and 
place the Powder Keg to make a new skylight. Drop down and use the light on the Sun 
panel to gain access to the boss chambers.

At the start of the fight, use Fire Arrows to burn away both of the drapes that are 
blocking the sunlight from entering the room. Then lure the two skeletons near the 
light and knock each one to the ground. Once they are on the ground, reflect light 
onto them to cause them to die.

The large Skeleton is a little tougher. He will jump around a lot and occasionally, 
he will detach his head and that will fly around a lot. He is weak against trusts 
with Link's sword so do that while keeping him Z-Targeted and then reflect light on 
him when he hits the ground to kill him.

When he is defeated they will teach you The Elegy of Emptiness, which is the final 
song of the game. 

Exit the Castle, and you are now prepared to enter the Stone Tower (it's the big 
face where you have to run up the Tongue).


Stray Fairy Locations

Located in the first room of the normal temple, shoot the switch in the eye and then 
use the Hook Shot to reach the chest. 
Found in the room with the first small key. Look at the ceiling for a Hook Shot 
target that will lead to the chest. 
In the room where you have to align the mirrors with light, it is found by shining 
light into a sun panel on the wall. 
Found in that same room, behind a Sun Block. 
Located in the lava room after the mirror room. Drop down into the lava as Goron 
Link and stomp the switch. Then quickly roll to the foot switch on the other side of 
the room to make a chest appear. You get that chest as Deku Link. 
In that same room, on a ledge to the left of the entrance that Deku Link hovers to. 
Defeat the Eyegore after the battle with the Garo Master. 
In the water room where you got small key #2. Hit the far switch with a bomb, and 
then shoot the Sun Block near the entrance with a Light Arrow to get to the chest. 
Found in the entrance room after you invert the temple, you have to shoot the sun 
switch in this room when it is not inverted to make it appear. 
Located in the inverted version of the formally underwater room. 
In that same room. 
In the room where you fight the teleporting wizard. 
After you complete the inverted version of the temple, switch it back to normal to 
find these as the hookshot targets that you made. 

Special Items

4 Small Keys
1 Compass
1 Dungeon Map
1 Boss Key
1 Light Arrows
1 Giants Mask

The first part of the Stone Tower has you jumping across blocks and grappling to 
Hook Shot targets. Whenever you get to a part with three switches, play the Elegy of 
Emptiness with Link, Zora Link, and Goron Link to make a bridge out of three blocks.

 When you reach the top, hit the Owl Statue so you never have to go through that 
again, then get to work on opening the temple. Stand on the center switch and play 
the Elegy, then stand on the right then left switches as Goron and Zora Link to do 
the same and create a bridge to the entrance of the temple. 
This temple is different than others, as you must play it normally, as well as 
inverted. The first time you enter the temple, it will be normal and later on you 
will be able to invert it. Throughout the dungeon you may notice some chests hanging 
from the ceiling. Don't worry, you will be able to get these - just not until you 
invert the temple. 

In the first room, shoot the switch in the eye with an arrow, which will make a 
chest appear. Use the Hook Shot to reach that chest to get the first Stray Fairy, 
then jump down and use the ladder to get back to where you started. Avoid or kill 
the enemies and then go through the door to your left.

The next room holds three Real Bombchus as well as multiple switches on the ground. 
Eliminate the Bombchus so they will not bother you with what you are about to do, 
then run to the wall with a crack in it. Plant a bomb to reveal some boxes, then 
roll into the boxes to reveal two crates that you are able to pick up. Pick up one 
at a time, and place them on two of the switches that are around the room. Then turn 
into Goron Link and step on the large switch and play the Elegy to make it stay 
down. Finally step on the last switch as Link and play the song again to make the 
door nearby open.

Walk out into the new area, and place a bomb on the patch of dirt that doesn't have 
any plants on it. When the skylight opens, drop down and put on the Goron Mask so 
the lava won't bother you. Punch or roll into the Armos Knights and defeat four of 
them to make a chest holding the first small key appear. 

Run upstairs to find yourself in the same area that you dropped down from, and use 
the small key on the far door. Go inside to find a room with a large pool of water 
that you need to swim through as Zora Link. Leap out of the water as Zora Link to 
reach a chest on the other side that contains another Small Key and then go through 
the open underwater passage. 

 In the next room, there is one thing you should do before you surface. Sink down to 
the bottom and hit the foot switch and a chest will appear that you cannot get until 
you play through the temple inverted. Then get out of the water and shoot a fire 
arrow at the frozen switch to make another inverted chest appear.
Once you do all of that walk over to the lighted spot and reflect a beam of light 
into the mirror. Hold the beam on the mirror for a minute or two to charge it up, 
then run forward into that light beam and reflect light a the Sun Block that is in 
the hallway. 

Go into the next room to be presented with a large pillar in front of you. Use Goron 
Link to punch away the portions of it to reveal a light pillar. The way to get out 
of this room is to reflect light into each of the charge mirrors until you are able 
to finally reflect a beam into the Sun Block at the far end of the room.

After you get past that you will enter a room with a large pool of lava, and vents 
shooting a current into the air. Turn into Deku Link and hover from vent to vent 
using the currents to keep you airborne. The final one is the toughest, but as long 
as you keep pressing forward as you fall, you should be able to reach it without a 
problem and get to the next door.

Enter the next room to encounter the first mini-boss of the dungeon, the Garo 
Master. Unlike previous Garo that you have fought, you cannot block this guy's 
attacks and then counter attack. Instead dodge his attacks and then swipe at him 
with your sword when he is confused. Repeat that until he is defeated to get the 
Light Arrows.

Exit out the next door, and use your Hook Shot to unmask the bug and kill it to 
continue onto another small battle. To defeat the Eyegore, Z-Target him and shoot 
him in the eye with a light arrow, then shoot him with the Hook Shot when he is 
blinded, repeat that until he is defeated and you are able to get a Fairy Chest. 

Once that is done, play the Song of Soaring to get back to the dungeon entrance, and 
grapple over to the empty chest and shoot the Sun Panel with a light arrow (it will 
make another upside down chest appear), and then go back outside. Use the Song one 
more time to warp over to the Owl Statue and then make the bridge as you did to 
first enter the dungeon. Move to the left or right of the bridge and then fire a 
Light Arrow at the red scarab to invert the temple. 

Return inside and open the chest that you made appear by shooting the sun panel 
earlier, then go through the door to the right. You'll find yourself in the inverted 
version of the underwater room where you earlier stepped on a switch as Zora Link 
and melted a frozen switch with an arrow. In here you can shoot another sun switch 
with a light arrow to make another up-side down chest appear that you can get once 
you beat the temple's boss and restore it to normal. Then you can use the vents to 
propel Deku Link into a small alcove in the wall where a foot switch will reveal the 
small key chest. Grab the key and use the vents to launch yourself up to the locked 

In the next room, you need to shoot the red scarab with a light arrow, and then use 
Goron Link to roll over the fire. Then enter the door to find a puzzle. You need to 
push the block while rotating the room until you can have the block drop down on top 
of the switch that will unlock the door. 

 Once you do that, go through the door where you will have to fight another Wizrobe 
(the teleporting wizards). Use the bunny hood again and chase him around to defeat 
him as you have defeated all of the other versions of this enemy. With him down, use 
the Hook Shot to reach the ledge with the chest and then exit via the stairs. 
Continue on, and use the Deku Flower in the next area to launch yourself across the 
giant gap. Then use the flower on the other side to propel yourself into the alcove 
to the right of the platform. In here, you will find Armos knights patrolling the 
maze so put on the Stone Mask so they will ignore you. When you find a switch, play 
the Elegy to make a statue and keep it depressed, then grab the small key from the 
chest and return to the big gap room and go through the door.

The next room presents you with another large gap, but this one is a little trickier 
to cross. Firstly, use arrows or the Hook Shot to disable the mines guarding a small 
alcove to the left. Then glide over there as Deku Link to find another flower that 
you can then use to get to the far door. 

Enter the door and run through the hall while avoiding the skulls. Smash the pots on 
the other side to fill up your magic bar, and then arm your Light Arrows and enter 
the door to fight another mini-boss.

Gomess isn't a too tough opponent if you keep him Z-Targeted and avoid his scythe. 
The pattern to defeat him is to shoot him with one Light Arrow, run in and slash 
him, then back away as he tries to attack you. Repeat that and you will receive the 
Boss Key for defeating him.

Go back to the room where you disabled the mines, but before you go through the far 
door, hang a left and go through that door. Inside you will see a foot switch 
guarded by another Armos. Hit him with a Light Arrow in the special panel, and then 
slash him with your sword. Step on the foot switch to make another up side down 
chest appear, which you can use as a Hook Shot target.

Look up and pull yourself to it, and then prepare to fight another Eyegore. This one 
is defeated the same way as before, but he uses a new laser attack that you can 
block with your shield. Defeat the Eyegore to receive the Giants Mask, and then 
enter the door. Hit the switch to make the final chest appear, and then use it as a 
Hook Shot target to reach the boss door. 

Boss: Twinmold

It did seem a little convenient that you got a brand new mask right before a boss 
battle, and that is because the new mask is the key to beating Twinmold.

Put on the mask, and slash at the worms heads and tails. Be sure to keep an eye on 
your magic bar (the mask will drain it), and if you get low smash some of the 
buildings around you. Switch back to Normal Link to pick up the magic bottles, then 
put the mask back on to continue slashing at the boss.  

After both of the worms have been defeated, you will receive a heart container and 
the final of the four boss remains that you need to confront Skull Kid. 

Fairy Location: The Fairy Fountain for the Stone Tower is located in its own 
building to the right of the dungeon. Turn in all 15 Fairies to get the Great 
Fairy's Sword.

With all four boss masks in hand, you are now finally ready to return to the Clock 
Tower in Clock Town and save the world, but first you should be sure that you are 
ready. Before you go, you may want to have all of the masks in the game so that you 
can complete the four final tasks and become Oni Link. Be sure to check out the 
Masks section in this guide for the location of every mask in the game.

Once you are ready, go to Clock Town on the third day, and then wait for midnight to 


Link has gone through a lot in this strangle land known as Termina. He has gone back 
in time more than enough times to give him permanent jet lag, and now he has arrived 
at the final confrontation with Skull Kid.

If you are completely ready for this battle, go to Clock Town and wait until 
midnight of the Final Day. When the clock tower opens, go inside and play the Oath 
of Order in front of Skull Kid. You will then view a long cut scene of the four 
giants arriving to stop the moon from falling. 

When the mask is revealed to be controlling Skull Kid, it then detaches itself and 
causes the moon to take on a life of its own. Of course, Link is the hero so he 
decides to follow the mask into the moon and defeat it once and for all.

 Once you have control of Link again, you will find yourself in a large field with a 
big tree in the distance. Run up to the tree to find five children playing, each one 
with a different mask on. Four of the children are wearing the boss masks (Odolwa, 
Ghot, Gyorg, and Twinmold), and the fifth is wearing Majora's Mask. 
Get Oni Link: If you have all of the masks in the game, you can get the 24th here. 
You can do that by speaking to the four children wearing the different masks and 
playing through a very short dungeon for each of them, as well as giving them a 
certain number of masks (don't worry - you'll get them all back). Also, the final 
four heart pieces in the game are located in these final four "dungeons".

Odolwa: The Odolwa child asks for a total of two masks: one before the dungeon and 
one after. His dungeon is a simple exercise with Deku Link and hovering from flower 
launcher to flower launcher.

Ghot: The Ghot child asks for a total of four masks: two before the dungeon and two 
after. His dungeon is for Goron Link. Line yourself up along the first path 
perfectly in the center, and then roll at high speed across the gap. If you release 
the control stick, Goron Link will ricochet from chest to chest all the way to the 

Gyorg: The Gyorg child asks for a total of six masks: three before the dungeon and 
three after. His dungeon is for Zora Link, and is the toughest of all of them. You 
need to swim through a large maze with a VERY fast current. To get the heart piece 
take the first left, then the second right, then left again. To get out of the maze 
take the first left, then the second right, then straight.

 Twinmold: The Twinmold child asks for a total of eight masks: four before the 
dungeon and four after. The final child sends Link through battle after battle 
against familiar enemies. If you use your Great Fairy sword, most of them will fall 
pretty quickly:
Room 1: The first room only contains some bottles.

Room 2: You will fight a Lizalfos in here, one hit from the Great Fairy's Sword will 
do him in.

Room 3: Nothing but a Gossip Stone.

Room 4: The battle here is a Garo Master. Defeat him the same way you did in the one 
of the Stone Tower and then use the Hook Shot to reach the chest above.

Room 5: see #3.

Room 6: You'll fight another Iron Knuckle in here, and get Bombchus as the reward. 
Look at the wall and release a Bombchu so that it explodes on the crack, then shoot 
the switch to make a ladder appear.

Room 7: Look to the ceiling and again release a Bombchu so that it will explode on 
the crack to open the door and give you access to the end of this dungeon.

Once you have played with the four children (and given up all of your masks except 
for four transformation ones), speak to the child wearing Majora's Mask to receive 
The Great Deity's Mask. Then agree to "play" with him to be taken to the final 

FINAL BOSS: Majora's Mask

There are two different ways to defeat Majora's Mask; the easy way and the hard way.

The easy way is to put on the Great Deity's Mask, Z-Target the baddie, and just 
slash away until it is dead. There is really nothing it can do against the fury that 
is Oni Link.

The hard way is for those who did not bother to get all of the masks in the game. 
You should have a couple recover fairies ready to go, as you will take quite a 
beating. DO NOT use the Greay Fairy's Sword here, while it is temping for the power 
you WILL need your shield for when the mask spins around the ground.

 Majora's Mask has a couple forms. The first one is the mask itself, and it can only 
be hit from the back. This form is really easy to defeat, and the only time you may 
have some trouble is when the four boss masks start to hover around. You can knock 
those out using arrows, and then continue to focus on the mask itself.
When the Mask spouts legs use arrows to stun it, then run in and slash it with your 
sword. Keep your shield to block its attack.

The final form is a stronger version of the previous one, and this one has whip-like 
tentacles. Keep it Z-Targeted, and stun it with an arrow, then run in and slash it 
over and over. Repeat that tactic until it is defeated.

The Ending

The final sequence of Majora's Mask will vary depending on how many masks you 
collected throughout the game. If you got all of them, you will not miss anything. 
If you missed a mask, you will just see it rotating as the sequence that it unlocked 
plays out behind the black screen.

Congratulations, you have beaten The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. If you got Oni 
Link, and you want to have some fun, you can go back in the game and beat up any of 
the bosses with that awesome sword of his!


Throughout the game, Link will encounter a couple different events that are 
completely optional. Even so, they do reward some useful items and should be 
completed if you are going for 100% in the game. This section will give you 
walkthroughs for these side quests, as well as detailing some of the longer Notebook 
Spider Dungeons

In two areas of the game, Link will have the option to go through small mini-
dungeons containing Spiders. Whenever he kills one, he will receive a Skulltula 
token, of which there are a total of 30 per dungeon.

TIP: Play with the volume up when going through these dungeons. The Spiders make a 
specific sound and if you hear it, you know there is one in the room somewhere. 
Also, if you have stereo sound you can pinpoint the location of many spiders simply 
by listening to the sound.

Spider Dungeon in Southern Swamp

To get inside this dungeon, go to the area of the swamp where you learned the Song 
of Soaring. There is a small island with a torch and a cave blocked by spider webs. 
Use a Deku stick (or Fire Arrows if you go there later in the game) to burn down the 
webs, and then go inside. You will need at least two Magic Beans in order to get all 
of the Spiders in this dungeon.
Follow this list (in order) to find the spiders:

Spider Locations

In a jar to the left of the ledge in the first room. 
Walking around the pool in the middle of the room. 
Go through the left door in the first room, and roll into the boxes. 
See #2. 
High up on the wall on the first level in that room. Blow up the boulder and plant a 
magic bean to make a flower appear. Use that to reach the spider. 
Climb up the ladder and you’ll find him hiding behind a torch. 
The final spider in that same room is on top of the stone in the center of the room. 
Leap from the upper level to get it. 
Go through the upper door to find yourself in the top level of the entry room. Find 
this spider hiding on a far pillar to the left of the door. 
This guy is against the wall. Use the Deku Link bubble to kill it, and then use the 
launchers to get the token. 
Moving up and down on a pillar on the other side of the room. 
Go through the door on the other side of the room to enter a new area where you will 
be standing on a flower launcher. Shoot down the five beehives on the ceiling to 
find two spiders. 
See #11. 
In the same room, on the bottom floor in a vase. 
Also in that room, roll into the large vases as Goron Link. 
See #14. 
Slash the Green patch a plants in that room to find one hidden. 
Again in that room, moving up and down on the far wall. 
Go back into the main entry room, and enter the door on the wall to your right. You 
will enter a small yellow room. The Spider is on the back of a pillar in the right 
hand corner of the room. 
In a beehive on the ceiling. 
Go back into the entry room, and make your way back to the room with the five 
beehives. Glide over to your left and go through the door to find yourself on the 
top level of the yellow room. Shoot the crystal with an arrow to make a ladder 
appear on the far side of the room – right through a spider. 
Climb the ladder and use the 2nd Magic Bean to reach another spider high above a 
hole in the wall. 
After collecting the Spider, go through the hole in the wall to find a door that 
leads you to a room with a large tree in the middle. There is a beehive on the 
ceiling that holds a Spider. 
See #22. 
In the tall grass in that room. 
See #19. 
Roll into the tree as Goron Link. 
See #24 
See #24 
Capture bugs in the tree room (with a bottle) and use them in the entry room where 
you see a patch of dirt on the wall. 
See #27 
Once you have all 30 tokens, return to the man at the entrance, to receive the Mask 
of Truth.

Spider Dungeon in Great Bay Coast

To find this dungeon, go to the main area of Great Bay Cost and enter the left 
building. Bomb a hole in the cracked wall to locate the entrance.
NOTE: You must have the Hookshot to complete this dungeon, which is found in the 
nearby Pirate Fortress. Follow this list (in order) to find all of the Spiders:

Spider Locations:

In the tunnel where you first slide down, used the hookshot to get it. 
See #1. 
On the ceiling before the first door. Use a Fire Arrow to burn away the webs, then 
the hookshot to get the spider. 
On the side of the wall in the second room (the one with the masks on the walls). It 
is ducking in and out of a mask. Use the hookshot. 
Right near the entrance door on a beam near the ceiling. 
Inside a barrel in the corner that is covered by a web. Fry the web with fire, and 
then punch the barrel with Goron Link. 
Inside another barrel right near that one, punch it with Goron Link again. 
On the ceiling of the lower level of the same room, again use the hookshot. 
In a hole behind a spider web in that same room, as always – use the hookshot. 
Inside a vase on top of a stack of boxes right next to where you found #7. 
Ducking out from a mask on the lower level, just like #4. 
Inside a large barrel near a torch downstairs. 
Go upstairs and burn away the webs from the door near the entrance to enter a room 
with bookcases. In the back of the room are some drawers, pull them out to find a 
Spider in a hole. 
Use those drawers to get on top of the bookcases, and then you’ll find a Spider in 
the rafters behind you. 
Hidden behind a painting, use the hookshot. 
In a hole behind another painting. 
On top of a bookcase. 
In a small cave behind a bookcase (use Goron Link to pull out the bookcase). 
See #18. 
Go downstairs and enter the door next to the torch. It is behind a painting on the 
In the rafters above the door in the same room. 
Use Goron Link to punch a barrel in the corner. 
Goron Stomp the table to make it appear. 
See #22. 
See #22. 
Leave that room and torch the web in front of the final door. The first is behind 
some webs on the ceiling. 
Behind a boat stacked against the rear wall. 
In a vase in the upper rafters (use the hookshot to get up there). 
Under a box that you can roll into. 
Roll into a box to reveal a small cave. It is right above the entrance. 

Ikana Graveyard

This side quest takes place across all three days, with two bosses to fight on the 
first, and one boss on each of the last two days. To get here, you must first have 
Epona, then go to the area to the east of Clock Town.
Use Epona at a full gallop to jump over the first and second fences. Then dismount, 
and run over to the left side of the area to find a small ledge that you can use to 
pull yourself up. Go forward to enter the cemetery.

Day 1

During your first day in the cemetery, you will have to fight a total of two bosses. 
The first is a sleeping skeleton near the north end of the cemetery. Play the Sonata 
of Awakening in front of him to wake him up and initiate the battle. 
To defeat him, be sure to be wearing the Bunny Hood, then lock on to him and fire 
off an arrow. One direct hit will allow you to run in and slash him with your sword. 
Keep repeating that pattern, and he will be defeated, which will give you access to 
the Captain's Mask.

This mask will allow you to speak to skeletons, and that will give you access to the 
second boss of the day. Walk into the cemetery and look for some skeletons gathered 
around a tombstone. Talk to them and give them the order to dig, and they will smash 
the stone and reveal a hole.

Drop into the hole, and explore until you come to a room with a barred door. Kill 
all of the bats and then light the torches using Fire Arrows, and the door will open 
giving you access to the first Iron Knuckle.

Both this Iron Knuckle and the one you will face on the second day are tough. 

Iron Knuckle

To initiate combat with this armored foe, you can either run up to him and strike 
him with your sword, or shoot an arrow. The arrow tactic is a little safer, so that 
is what is recommended. 
Keep him Z-Targeted and circle around him to avoid the axe that he swings. One hit 
from his weapon can take off up to five hearts, so you do not want to get anywhere 
near him.

After a few hits, his armor will fall off and his attacks will speed up. You'll have 
to reset your Z-Target, so do that and use the same pattern to defeat him as before.

When you defeat the Iron Knuckle, Link will learn the Song of Storms. 

Day 2

To get underground during the second day, you must once again order the skeletons to 
smash the headstone. Once inside, you'll have a quite difference challenge than 
When you get underground, use your Lens of Truth to find a door. Go through the door 
and continue to use the Lens to find a walkway inhabited by bats and spiders. Use 
arrows to kill each enemy in one hit, and then continue to a wall where you can blow 
a hole with a bomb.

Inside, you will have to face another Iron Knuckle and then you will receive another 
Heart Piece.

Day 3

Your task underground on the third day is very different than the previous two. When 
you reach the underground area, you will run into the Gravedigger from Ocarina of 
Since it is dark in here and he cannot see very well, he needs Link and his fairy to 
lead him to each patch of dirt to dig for a spirit. You need to lead him to each 
patch until three spirits are released. Be very careful when a shadow appears over 
Link's head or a hand will drop down.

You must walk very slowly or the gravedigger will loose track of Link.

Once all three spirits are released, you will need to fight a Big Poe. As he spins 
around the room, its good to run in a large circle in the center of the large room, 
and then shoot him with one arrow when he stops spinning. Repeat this until he is 
dead to get another bottle. 

Anju and Kafei Notebook Entry

One of the largest notebook entry quests is a long quest in itself. Here is the 
information on how to complete the Anju and Kafei side-quest and receive the 
Couple's Mask. 
Anju - East Clock Town Inn

Day 1: 1:00pm to 2:00pm - Speak to Anju inside the inn between these times to 
receive the Inn Key.

Day 1: 2:00pm to 7:00pm - Speak to Anju anytime after the Postman leaves (while 
wearing the Kafei mask) to set up a meeting for 11:30pm that night in the kitchen.

Day 1: 11:30pm - Meet Anju in the kitchen, and she will give you a letter to Kafei.

Day 2: 4:00pm to 8:00pm - Give Anju the pendant from Kafei.

Kafei - Laundry Pool Day 2: 6:00am to 11:00pm - In the morning, place the letter 
Anju gave you in a mail box. Then, wait for the Postman to pick it up in the 
afternoon and follow him back to the post office. When he leaves again, follow him 
to the Laundry Pool area and sneak into Kafei's home while the Postman distracts 

When Kafei goes back into the house, speak to him to get a pendant that you are 
supposed to give to Anju.

Kafei - Laundry Pool, Ikana Canyon, and Clock Town Day 3: 1:00pm to 7:00pm and then 
7:00pm to 12:00am - On the third day, go into Kafei's house after 1:00pm. Inside 
speak to the Man from the Curiosity Shop to get the Keaton Mask and a letter to 
Madam Aroma. He will tell you about a thief in Ikana Canyon, which is where Kafei 

Before you can get into Ikana Canyon you need:

1. Epona
2. The Hook Shot
3. The Garo Mask

Head east from Clock Town while riding Epona and jump over the two fences. When you 
get to the guy high on the wall, put on the Garo Mask to make the hookshot target 

The thief's hideout is the farthest right you can go in the area, and you'll find 
Kafei hiding behind a rock. Hide there with him until the thief appears, then run 
into his hideout when the door opens.

Inside you will alternate control between Link and Kafei. When you are Kafei, you 
need to push the blocks onto Blue switches to open the door. Yellow blocks will slow 
down the conveyor belt, while red ones will speed it up (so DO NOT step on any red 

As Link you will need to slash through Deku Babas in each room. Once they are 
defeated, the door will open. 

When both Link and Kafei are in the last room, you will be able to save the mask 
that was on the Conveyor belt. Return to Clock Town and go into Anju's room on the 
top floor of the inn. Wait there, and when the clock gets close to the end, Kafei 
will appear and they will give you the Couple's Mask. Use the Ocarina and play the 
Song of Time to return to the first day and save your game.



















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