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              ___          _    __         __    ____     _ __  ___
             / _ \___ ___ (_)__/ /__ ___  / /_  / __/  __(_) / |_  |
            / , _/ -_|_- | 1 |  ! 2 !-> | 2 |   | 3 |      | 4 |
                !   !   |   |  !   !   |   |   |   |      |   |
                !   !-> |   |  !   !-> |   |   |   |      |   |
                !   !   |   |  !   !   |   |   |   |      |   |
                !   !-> |   |  !   !-> |   |   |   |      |   |
                !   !   |   |  !   !   |   |   |   |      |   |
                =====   +---+  =====   +---+   +---+      +---+

  Go back into the concealed area and pick up the Bishop Plug from the plate.
  Head through the double doors on the bottom floor of the library and you'll
  be on the balcony of the main room of the station.  Run to your right (when
  looking away from the door you just came out of), killing the zombie and
  release the emergency ladder once you get to it.  Continue running to the
  right, kill the two zombies ahead and go through the door at the end of the

  Pick up the small key on the chair, read the secretary's diary, save
  if you wish and dump off any items you won't be using for a while (ex.
  Bishop Plug, small key) and make sure you pick up the two red jewels from
  the storage box as well.  Go on through the next door, ignoring the zombies,
  and through the door straight across from it.  Go down the corridor and turn
  left.  You can find some handgun ammunition on the dead police officer, but
  make sure the birds don't attack you.  As you turn the corner, birds will
  break through the windows and start attacking you if you don't run for it.

  Once at the end of the corridor, open the door and go past the burning
  helicopter, down the flight of stairs.  You can either kill or run past the
  zombies here, as long as you make it to the shack at the end.  Once inside
  the shack, pick up the handgun ammo. from the desk and the valve handle on
  the floor, then run back past the zombies and up the stairs to where the
  helicopter is burning.  Go behind the chainlink fence and use the valve
  handle on the pipes to send so much water pressure to the tank, it explodes,
  putting out the fire on the helicopter.

  Go back inside the room with the crows, run past them and back into the room
  where you came from.  Kill the two zombies walking around then go into the
  room adjacent to the destroyed helicopter.  Place a red jewel into each
  of the small woman statues and the knight's armor will open up revealing the
  King Plug; take it.  You'll also need to pick up the Diamond Key to the left
  of the knight and you can find some shotgun shells on a shelf to the left of
  the door you used to enter this room.

  Head back into the waiting room and drop off the plug and valve handle in the
  item box and make sure you take out the small key and the shotgun (if you
  didn't get the shotgun shells, I'd suggest you go back and get them now, as
  you'll need them.)  Once you're all ready, you can save at the typerwriter
  if you want, otherwise leave the room back onto the balcony, avoid the
  zombies lurking around here and go back into the library.  Exit through the
  single library door on the bottom floor and use the small key on the desk
  just outside to get the handgun parts.

  As you'll soon come to notice, the zombies which were feasting earlier are
  now roaming around.  You can either kill them with your shotgun, handgun or
  try to avoid them -- whatever you choose, just get past them.  Make your way
  back downstairs to the first floor of the station, equip your shotgun and
  enter the door which requires the diamond key (near the dark room.)  Yes,
  there should be about five zombies right in front of you and no I didn't tell
  you to go into the wrong room.  Use your shotgun to blast them away (try to
  align your shots so they target more than one zombie, this way you'll save

  Don't bother with the two zombies in the back of the room, just go through
  the door and into the room where you talked to the police officer earlier
  (the one who gave you the card key.)  Pick up your memo from the desk if you
  want, check the locker for some handgun ammunition and then go into the
  office where you'll find the same officer sitting on the ground.  He turns
  into a zombie and comes after you.  Blast him with your shotgun to kill him
  then pick up the heart key from the desk.

  Exit back out into the main room of the station and head through the door to
  the right of the station entrance.  Ignore the zombies and run through the
  double blue doors to enter the main office where several zombies are lurking
  about.  You can either kill them or dodge them, just don't take too much
  damage.  Go inside the enclosed room and open the safe (combination: 2236)
  to get the map and the shotgun shells.  Exit through the back and use the
  heart key on the door to unlock it.  Follow this corridor until you come to
  some stairs; behind the stairs is a shelf with some shotgun shells -- collect
  them and head down into the basement.


                                                   ________|________   |
                                                  |        |  |     |  |
                                               ___|        |  |     |  |
                           _____              |   |        |  |     |  |
                 _________|     |             |   |        |  |     |  |
                |         |     |__________   |___|________|  |_____|  |
                |         |                |  |  ______________________|
   _____________|__       |                |  | |             |    |
  |______________  |      |                |  | |             |    |
  |         |    | |______|                |__| |             |    |
  |         |    |________|                 __|_|             |____|
  |         |             |                |
  |_________|             |                |

  There are three large guard dogs in the basement, so I suggest you just stay
  put until the first one approaches you.  You can blast it twice with your
  shotgun to kill it, then move forward and take care of the remaining two.
  Head through the door at the end of the path on the right and walk a bit
  through the parking lot to have a shot fired at you -- it's Ada Wong.  Watch
  the short FMV and help her push the truck that's blocking the door out of
  the way.  Go on through the door and chase after Ada.  Follow the path
  until you reach a table and a switch.

  Take the handgun ammunition from the table and go through the cell gates.
  In the first cell you come to, you can find a blue and green herb.  Walk
  a bit further and you'll find Ben, who locked himself in a cell to protect
  him from the zombies.  After the FMV is finished, grab the manhole opener
  and go through the only other door in this area which leads to the kennel.
  Be quick, as there are loose dogs running around.  Use the manhole opener
  on the manhole and climb down the ladder to enter the sewage disposal area.



                            [ASCII map coming soon]

  As you enter the sewer, you'll be greeted by two large, hairy spiders.  Run
  past them as quickly as possible to avoid a poisoning then walk up the steps
  out of the sewage and onto the ground floor.  Go into the septic room ahead
  of you then proceed back out.  Once you exit the septic room, you'll meet up
  with Ada again.  After giving her a boost into the ventilation, you'll have
  to play as Ada to recover two items in the next room.  Go through the door
  and avoid the dogs (or kill them if you want.)  Run to the other side and
  take the elevator down to get the shotgun shells.

  Take it back up, run to the right and go through the door straight ahead of
  you (if you're injured by the dogs, you can use the first aid spray) and
  hop down the large steps to the area where the boxes are.  You'll have to
  arrange the boxes so they're all three lined up against the wall.  Push the
  lone box straight up against the wall, hop over the box on the left and push
  the one behind it to the right (up against the one you just pushed) and
  finally, hop back over the box on the left and push it against the wall.

                                +-------+    =========
                                |       |->  !       !
                            ^   |   2   |->  !   1   !
                            |   |       |->  !       !
                            |   +-------+    =========
                         +-------+               ^
                         |       |               |
                         |   3   |               |
                         |       |               |
                         +-------+               |
                                             |       |
                                             |   1   |
                                             |       |

  Once that's done, climb back up the large steps and activate the switch to
  flood the room, thus causing the boxes to rise up, forming a bridge for you
  to cross.  Cross the bridge of boxes and pick up the Club Key from the shelf
  on the other side.  Now that you've collected the two items, you can go back
  and give them to Leon.  Exit this room, avoid the dogs and run back to the
  first room where Ada will toss both items over to Leon then goes in search
  of an alternate way out of this area.

  Now that you have control of Leon again, pick up the key and shells and
  backtrack to the storage room (word "storage" painted in front of door in
  white paint.)  Drop off the handgun and its ammo. in the item box (as the
  shotgun will be much more efficient from now on) and pick up the crank before
  leaving.  You can save your game at the typerwriter here if you wish, then
  head back down into the sewer.  Avoid the spiders, climb back up the ladder
  to the kennel, avoid the dogs, go through the door and back into the parking

  Cross the parking lot and go back into the basement where there'll now be
  lickers in place of the dogs; use your shotgun to take them out.  Go into
  the power supply room and head over to the panel.  Push the first switch
  up, second switch down, third up, fourth down and fifth up to get to 80,
  which will turn the power to the card reader back on. Exit this room and use
  your club key on the autopsy room.  Ignore the zombies on the ground and run
  over to the cart against the wall.  As you approach, the doors of the body
  lockers will pop off and zombies will begin popping out.

  As this happens, the zombies on the ground will come to life so grab the
  red card key from the cart immediately and dash through the zombies (you
  may need to take a few out before getting to the door) and exit back into
  the main hall of the basement.  Run over to the electronically locked door
  and use the red card key to open it.  You can pick up a side pack or
  machine gun in the locker (machine gun will drop your rank, but the side
  pack always helps.)  Pick up the shotgun shells on the counter then exit
  back into the main hallway of the basement.

  Climb back up the steps and use your club key on the door where you got the
  shotgun shells earlier.  Inside, you can find some more shells in the locker
  and a magnum on the nightstand of the (now deceased) watchman.  Read his
  diary if you wish then exit back into the corridor.  Go back to where you
  opened the safe and go through the double blue doors.  You'll have to clear
  the area of all zombies to get through, then go through the door at the other
  end.  Use your club key and diamond key to open both doors.

  Inside the club door, go over to the back where the furnace is and light it
  to activate the torches.  Turn each one on in this order: 2, 3, 1.  Doing so
  will make the cog fall from the picture on the other side of the room -- go
  collect it.  Exit the room and open the heart door at the end of the path.
  Go inside, ignore the cord and first aid spray (unless you have lots of
  extra space to spare) and go pick up the Rook Plug from the shelf.  As you
  leave, a licker will break through the glass (frightening, isn't it?); avoid
  it and leave the room.

  Exit back to the main room of the police station and climb the emergency
  ladder (watch out for the licker on the balcony) and go into the library
  again.  As you enter the library, zombies will climb through the windows
  of the hallway where you met your first licker (that is, if you didn't use a
  cord to close the windows, which you probably didn't.)  Ignore them, as they
  can't harm you and climb the steps of the library.  Go through the door and
  over into the clock room.  Use the crank to lower the staircase and climb
  up to place the cog in its spot.

  Grab the Knight Plug and jump down the chute that opened, which will take
  you down to the basement again.  Something will attack Ben, and you'll be
  left to play again.  Go see what happened with Ben and after a rather
  gruesome cut scene, Ada will come in and talk to you.  Once she leaves, head
  back into the kennel and down the manhole into the sewer.  Run past the
  spiders and climb up the steps.  You can stop by the storage room to get
  both plugs and drop off any unnecessary items you have (and save.)  If you
  have the magnum, make sure it's equipped, then go into the septic room.

  I strongly suggest you ignore the little bugs the main boss spits out here,
  as they don't do much damage if you toss them off.  Instead, just fire 7
  shots into the boss from your magnum to kill it (or whatever weapon you have)
  then go over to the panel and insert the two remaining plugs.  Go on through
  the door and walk forward.  You'll meet with Ada again, and she'll now
  follow you wherever you go.  Hop into the sewage water and go through the
  electronic door.  Walk through more sewage water and hop up onto the ledge
  then go through the next door into the Control Room.



                            [ASCII map coming soon]

  You can save your game here if you wish as well as take out/store any items
  in the item box.  Make sure you take the valve handle out of the item box
  before proceeding.  Once ready, go down the elevator in the corner of the
  Control Room and walk forward a bit.  A woman wearing a white lab coat will
  fire at Ada, but Leon takes the hit for her, so you'll be playing as Ada
  again.  Chase after the woman who shot Leon; go through the door, up the
  ladder, through the ventilation system (the vermin inside don't do much
  damage, so don't worry about them) and down the ladder.  Turn the corner
  and view the long, well-done FMV about the G-Virus and John.

  After a brief wrestling match, the woman in the white lab coat is tossed
  over the railing, to her death, courtesy of Ada (too bad) and you'll be left
  to play again.  Cross the bridge and go down the ladder in the next room.
  As Ada is either frightened or attacked by something in the water, Leon
  regains consciousness, and you can play as him again.  Go through the door
  and turn left (you can't go up the ladder, as the fans are now turned on)
  to find two dead guys in an alcove.  Take their shotgun shells and the Wolf
  Medal then go back the other way through the sewer water.

  Run from the spiders to ensure you aren't poisoned and make a left to find
  a door -- go through it.  Run past a few more spiders, hop up onto the ledge
  and go through the double doors.  Use the vale handle in this room to lower
  the bridge, cross it and use the valve handle again on the other side to
  raise it again.  If you have an ink cartridge, you can save here, otherwise,
  forget it.  Pick up the shotgun shells on the table and go through the door.
  Follow the corridor until you see Ada shooting at a gator in the water, it
  then comes after you.

  Run from the gator all the way back to the switch on the wall (which is now
  red); press it to release the gas canister and once the gator has it in its
  mouth, shoot it with your shotgun to kill him.  Run back over to where Ada
  was and release the locks with the switch.  Go through the door, wade through
  the sewage and view the cut scene with Ada (who patches up Leon's wound.)
  Once up the ladder, run up the ramp to the left and check the corpse for the
  Eagle Medal.  Run back down and slow the ventilation fans using the valve
  handle, then go on through the ventilation system.

  Climb down, turn left and wade through the now zombie infested sewage water.
  Go through the door and run up to the waterfall.  To the right is a machine,
  insert the two medals to get rid of the waterfall, then go on through the
  door.  Run across the scaffolding, through the door and over to the tram
  control unit.  Turn the power on and board the tram.  During your trip, a
  large hand will pop through the roof of the tram, which Ada will shoot at.
  Just make sure you run around to avoid being hit and get a few shots in
  yourself if you want.  It will leave once you reach your destination.  Depart
  the tram and pick up the W. Box key to the left of the flare gun.



                            [ASCII map coming soon]

  Once you have it, run through the door on the other side to enter the
  factory.  Turn left and pick off all the zombies here, then check the dead
  zombie at the end of the corridor for the shotgun parts -- combine them with
  the shotgun.  Backtrack and take the right path, go through the door, kill
  some more zombies and turn left to find a ladder; climb it.  Save your game
  if you want, and make sure you pick up the Magun ammunition and the shotgun
  shells.  Go through the door and over to the back of the train -- go inside.

  Pick up the Magnum ammunition in the small room of the train then go to the
  front to find the panel key.  Once you have the key, exit the train and use
  it on the panel to activate the turn table which the train is sitting on.
  Once back on the train, Ada will get hit by the enemy outside, knocking her
  unconscious.  Exit the train and you'll be greeted with a lead pipe to the
  head (almost) courtesy of the evil creature on top of the train.  Use your
  magnum to kill it, then hop back onto the train and it'll land.  Leon will
  carry Ada to a nearby room and lie her on the bed to rest.



                            [ASCII map coming soon]

  Save your game and store any items you wish to store, then leave through the
  door you came in.  Follow the door in the shaft and take the left, blue path
  when you come to it.  Follow the path until you reach the frozen room; go
  inside.  Pick up the fuse case from the cart and insert it into the nearby
  devise, which will produce the main fuse -- take it.  Go back to the central
  room and insert the fuse into the device to turn the power back on.  Go down
  the red shaft and through the door into the next area.

  Hit the switch next to the shutter to open it, then destroy the two plants
  inside before they poison you.  Head through the next door, kill the plant
  and go down the ladder.

  Remaining 10% (approximation) coming soon...



Blue Card Key

  You'll get this from the injured police officer once you reach the police
  station.  Use it on the computer in the main room of the station to unlock
  the electronically locked doors.  This will be the first item you collect in
  the game if you don't get the locker key.

Blue Herbs

  A blue herb will cure poison no matter if it's used alone or mixed with
  another herb.  Blue herbs may not be mixed with red herbs unless the red
  herbs have been mixed with green first.  When mixed, they will cure poison
  as well as heal.

Club Key

  After playing through Ada Wong's little side-quest, you'll receive this key.
  It can be gotten by moving the boxes up against the wall and flooding the
  room.  You can use it to unlock doors with clubs etched above the keyholes.


  There are very few cords in the game, and even if you do find one, they're
  pretty useless.  You can use them on the broken panels to the windows, thus
  allowing you to close the shutters on the windows to avoid zombies from
  crawling in.  This is useless because by the time the zombies get to the
  windows, you won't have to go through those hallways anymore.  I advise not
  getting cords unless you really want the windows shut.

C. Panel Key

  This control panel key can be found in the front of the train.  Use it on
  the panel just outside the train to activate the turn table, thus lowering
  the train down to the area below.  This is the only use the C. Panel Key has.


  The square crank can be found inside the room (which is locked with the
  spade key) in the licker hall and can be gotten by pushing the cart over to
  the shelf and hopping on top.  Use the crank to lower the staircase in the
  clock room to place the cog in its place.

Diamond Key

  In the room where you place the red jewels into the busts, you'll find this
  key lying on a box to the left of the busts.  Use it to unlock doors with
  diamonds etched above them.

Eagle Medal

  A gold medallion with a picture of an eagle etched on the face.  Use this
  with the Wolf Medal in the machine near the waterfall to turn it off, thus
  allowing you to get to the door behind.

First Aid Spray

  These cans of spray can usually be found in cases with a red medical cross
  marked on them.  When used, they'll heal your "Warning" or "Danger" status
  back to normal (or in extreme measures, back to "Warning.")  I advise not
  getting these if you're looking for a high rank, as they take up valuable
  space in your inventory when you can just use herbs.

Fuse Case

  Once you make it to the laboratory, you can find the fuse case inside the
  cryogenic room.  Place it in the machine and the robotic arm will place the
  fillings into it, thus creating the main fuse for use in powering up the
  main breaker in the central room.

G. Cogwheel

  After opening the door with the club key, complete the torch puzzle (2,3,1)
  and this cogwheel will fall from a picture on the other side of the room.
  Take it back to the clock room and put it in its place to open the chute.

Green Herb

  One green herb will increase your health status by one.  If you combine two
  green herbs, the healing will be stronger.  If you combine three, healing
  will be the strongest it can be.  You can also mix green herbs with other
  type of herbs for different types of healing solutions.

Handgun Ammunition

  These come in boxes of thirteen and are used with the handgun (and the
  upgraded handgun.)  Usually, boxes of handgun ammo. are hidden from view,
  but the above walkthrough points out where to find each as you play through
  the game.

Heart Key

  After getting back to the room where the dying officer (the one who gave you
  the blue card key earlier) is, you can find this heart key on the table
  after you kill the zombified officer.  Use it on doors with hearts etched
  above the keyhole.

Ink Ribbon

  You'll find these cartridges of ink next to every typerwriter, and they come
  in packs of two.  Use them to save your game (if needed) and then store the
  rest in the item box, as they use up valuable inventory space.

Locker Key

  If you take the alternate path to the police station (the lower path), you'll
  encounter a strange looking zombie.  After several shots, it will eventually
  die and you'll receive this key.  Use it on the locker inside the dark room
  to get a new outfit for your character.

Main Fuse

  This is the item that's created when the fuse case and the fuse are combined
  together.  Use it on the breaker in the central room to turn the power in the
  laboratory back on.

Magnum Ammunition

  You'll find these in clips of eight and they can be used with the Magnum
  (found on the dead watchman's nightstand.)  There are very few clips of
  Magnum ammo., as you don't get the Magnum until late in the game.  Always
  have at least two clips (one in the gun, and one in inventory) of Magnum
  ammunition when fighting bosses.

Manhole Opener

  The manhole opener has one use: opening the manhole.  Collect it from the
  shelf after talking with ben for the first time and use it to open the
  manhole inside the kennel, giving you access to the sewage disposal area.

Red Card Key

  You'll find this card key inside the autopsy room in the basement of the
  police station.  Once gotten, you can use it on the weapon storage door,
  which is also in the station basement.

Red Herbs

  These will done nothing by themselves, but must instead be mixed with a
  green herb for a much more stronger healing solution.  Mixing a red herb
  with a green herb is much stronger than mixing a green herb with another
  green herb.

Red Jewel

  There are two red jewels: one found in an oil painting, the other found in
  the hand of a statue.  Once found, place them in the statues of women to
  release the plug from the knight.

Shotgun Shells

  These will come in boxes of seven and can be used with the shotgun (and the
  upgraded shotgun.)  As with the handgun ammo., shotgun shells are usually
  hidden from view, but are easier to distinguish than handgun ammo. as the
  boxes are bigger.

Small Key

  Small keys can be used to unlock small desks.  There are two small keys in
  Leon's Scenario A, both go to small desks containing handgun ammunition and
  the handgun parts.  Store small keys in the item box until you need them.

Spade Key

  A key in the shape of a spade.  This key can be found after placing the
  Unicorn Medal in the statue in the main room of the station and can be used
  on doors with spades etched above the keyholes.

Unicorn Medal

  This can be found inside the S.T.A.R.S. office on the desk next to Chris'
  diary.  It's a round medallion with a picture of a unicorn etched on the
  face.  Place it in the empty spot of the statue in the main room of the
  station to get the spade key.

Valve Handle

  You'll find the valve handle inside the shack near the roof of the police
  station.  Use it to break the water tank, putting the fire out on the
  burning helicopter and to raise/lower the bridge in the factory/sewage area.

Wolf Medal

  A silver medallion with a picture of a wolf etched on the face.  Use this
  with the Eagle Medal in the machine near the waterfall to turn it off, thus
  allowing you to get to the door behind.



Knife - Default

  The knife is the worst weapon in the game.  You'll have a hard time killing
  even one zombie with it, and very rarely will you only encounter one zombie
  in this game.  Just ditch the knife in the item box when you reach one
  because you're better off dead if you run out of ammo.

Handgun - Default

  The handgun is going to be your primary weapon throughout the first part
  of the game (mainly in the police station.)  You can upgrade it with the
  handgun parts to fire in 3-shot bursts.  It's great for killing normal
  zombies, but not for stronger enemies such as lickers.


  As you play through the mid-end part of the game, the shotgun will be your
  most valuable weapon (you can actually dump your handgun in the item box
  when the time is right) as the enemies you'll encounter near the end of the
  game are much more stronger than normal zombies.  Use the shotgun parts to


  The magnum is very useful for the bosses you encounter near the end of the
  game.  Although it only contains 8 shots per clip, each is very powerful
  and you can kill most bosses with 7-12 shots.  Make sure you pick this up
  from the watchman's nightstand and collect all the clips you can find.

Handgun Parts

  You can find these inside the desk near the library.  Use a small key to
  open it and combine the parts with the handgun itself to upgrade it.  When
  upgraded, it can fire in 3-shot bursts instead of single shots.

Shotgun Parts

  You'll find these parts on a dead zombie in the vacant factory.  They make
  the shotgun much more powerful, but you'll also fire it slower than you
  would without the parts.  Remember, whenever you upgrade your weapons, you
  get a free reload, so make sure you use up all your current ammo. (in the
  gun, not in your inventory) before combining the parts with the weapon.





   This letter is just to inform everyone about the recent movement of
   equipment that has happened during the precinct's rearrangement.

   The safe with four digit lock has been moved from the S.T.A.R.S. office on
   the second floor, to the eastern office on the first floor.


   Raccoon Police Liaison Dept.



                                                            September 26th

   The Raccoon Police Dept was unexpectedly attacked by zombies. Many have
   been injured.  Even more were killed.  During the attack, our communications
   equipment was destroyed and we no longer have contact with the outside.

   We have decided to carry out an operation with the intent of rescuing any
   possible survivors as well as to prevent this disaster from spreading beyond
   Raccoon City.  The details of the operation are as follows:

   Security of armaments and ammunition.

   Chief Irons has voiced concern regarding the issue of terrorism due to a
   series of recent unresolved incidents.  On the very day before the zombies'
   attack, he made the decision to relocate all weapons to scattered intervals
   throughout the building as a temporary measure to prevent their possible
   seizure.  Unfortunately, this decision has made it extremely difficult for
   us to locate all ammunition caches.  It has become our top priority to
   recover these scattered ammunitions.

   To unlock the weapon storage.

   As stated earlier, it will be extremely difficult to secure all the
   ammunition.  However, a considerable supply still remains in the underground
   weapon storage.  Unfortunately, the person in charge of the card key used to
   access the weapon storage is missing and we have been unable to locate the
   key.  One of the breakers went down during the battle and the electronic
   locks are not functioning in certain areas.  It has become a top priority to
   restore the power in the power room and secure those locks.

                                                      Recorder: David Ford

 - Operation Report -

                                                            September 27th

   1:00 PM.  The west barricade has been broken through and another exchange
   ensued.  We sheltered the injured in the confiscation room on the first
   floor temporarily.  Twelve more people were injured in the battle.

                                                      Recorder: David Ford

 - Additional Report -

   Three additional people were killed following the sudden appearance of an as
   of  yet unknown creature.  This creature is identified by missing patches of
   skin and razor-like claws.  However, its most distinguishing characteristic
   is it's lance-like tongue, capable of piercing a human torso in an instant.
   Their numbers as well as their location remains unknown.  We have
   tentatively named this creature the "licker" and are currently in the
   process of developing countermeasures to deal with this new threat.



    August 8th

    I talked to the chief today once again, but he refused to listen to me.  I
    know for certain that Umbrella conducted T-virus research in that mansion.
    Anyone infected turns into a zombie.  But the entire mansion went up in
    that explosion; along with any incriminating evidence.  Since Umbrella
    employs so many people in town, no one is willing to talk about the
    incident. It looks like I'm running out of options.

    August 17th

    We've been receiving a lot of local reports about strange monsters
    appearing at random throughout the city.  This must be the work of

    August 24th

    With the help of Jill and Barry, I finally obtained information vital to
    this case.  Umbrella has begun research on the new G-virus, a variation of
    the original T-virus.  Haven't they done enough damage already?!  We talked
    it over, and have decided to fly to the main Umbrella HQ in Europe.  I
    won't tell my sister about this trip because doing so could put her in
    danger.  Please forgive me Claire.



    September 20th 9:30 PM
    Reporter: Sgt. Neil Carlsen

    We received a report of a suspicious individual sulking around the sewers
    in the outskirts of Raccoon City.  I searched the area and located the
    individual but he ran away before I was able to question him.

    I recovered the following items:

    * A small amount of C4 plastic explosive.
    * An electronic detonator.
    * 9 X 19 parabellum rounds.
    * Infrared scope [broken].
                                                             End of report



    April 6th

    I accidentally moved one of the stone statues on the second floor when I
    leaned against it.  When the chief found out about it, he was furious.  I
    swear the guy nearly bit my head off, screaming at me never to touch the
    statue again.  If it's so important, then maybe he shouldn't have put it
    out in the open like that...

    April 7th

    I heard that all the art pieces from the chief's collection are rare items,
    literally worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I don't know which is
    the bigger mystery: where he finds those tacky things, or where he's
    getting the money to pay for them.

    May 10th

    I wasn't surprised to see the chief come in today with yet another large
    picture frame in his hands.  This time it was a really disturbing painting
    depicting a nude person being hanged.  It was appalled by the expression on
    the chief's face as he leered at that painting.  Why anyone would consider
    something like that to be a work of art is beyond my comprehension...



    To Leon S. Kennedy,

    Congratulations on your assignment to the Raccoon City police department.
    We all look forward to having you as part of our team and promise to take
    good care of you.  Welcome aboard!

    From all the guys at the R.P.D.



    August 11th

    I finally had the chance to see blue skies for the first time in ages, but
    it did little to lift my spirits.  I was reprimanded by the chief for
    neglecting my duties while I was up on the clock tower.

    There's only one thing I still don't understand: the chief seemed to be
    more concerned about the fact that I was up on the tower rather than that I
    was neglecting my duties.  Why was access to the tower prohibited in the
    first place anyway?

    September 5th

    I recently talked to the old man who works in the scrap yard out back.  His
    name is Thomas.  He's a quiet man and really seems to enjoy chess.  He even
    went so far as to design a special key and lock engraved with chess pieces
    on them for one of the doors in the disposal yard.

    We made plans to play chess tomorrow night.  I can't help but wonder how
    good he is.  One thing that's been bothering me about him is the way that
    he's always scratching himself... Does he have some sort of skin disease or
    he is just rude?

    September 9th

    Thomas was a much better player than I had imagined.  I used to think of
    myself as a fairly decent player, but he did a pretty good job of humbling
    me.  About the only thing I imagine that could match his skills in chess is
    his appetite.  All the guy did was talk about food throughout the entire
    game.  He sounded fairly healthy, but he didn't look quite right... I
    wonder if he's okay.

    September 12th

    I was supposed to play another game of chess with Thomas, but we had to
    cancel it because he hasn't been feeling too well.

    He stopped by to see me, but I told him to go back and rest since he
    literaly looked like the walking dead.  He insisted that he was just fine,
    but I could tell he was really having problems.  Come to think of it, I
    haven't been feeling too good myself lately...



    To: Mr. Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.

    We have lost the mansion lab facility due to the actions of the renegade
    operative, Albert Wesker.

    Fortunately, his interference will have no lasting effects upon our
    continued virus research.  Our only present concern is the presence of  the
    remaining S.T.A.R.S. members: Redfield, Valentine, Burton, Chambers and

    If it comes to light that the S.T.A.R.S. have any evidence as to the
    activities of our research, dispose of them in such a manner that would
    appear to be purely accidental.  Continue to monitor their progress and
    make certain their knowledge does not go public.

    Annette will continue to be your contact throughout this affair.

                                                            William Birkin

    To: Mr. Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.

    I have deposited the amount of US $10,000 to the account for your services
    this term as per our agreement.

    The development of the G-virus scheduled to replace the T-virus, is near
    completion.  Once complete, I am certain that I will be appointed to be a
    member of the executive board for Umbrella Inc.

    It is imperative that we proceed with extreme caution.  Redfield and the
    remaining S.T.A.R.S. members are still attempting to uncover information on
    the project.  Continue to monitor their activities and block all attempts
    to investigate the underground research facilities.

                                                            William Birkin

    To: Mr. Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.

    We have a problem.  I have received information informing me that Umbrella
    HQ has sent spies to recover my research on the G-virus.  There are an
    unknown number of agents involved.  They must not be allowed to take this
    project away from me as it represents my entire life's work.

    Search the city thoroughly for any suspicious persons.  Detain any such
    individuals by whatever means deemed necessary and contact me immediately
    through Annette.  With these precautions, any possible threat should be

    I will not allow anyone to steal my work on the G-virus.  Not even
                                                            William Birkin



                     -User List of the Connecting Facility-

    On the first and third Wednesdays of the month, Angelica Margaret, chief of
    maintenance, will make use of the facilities.  Be sure to reduce the
    moisture levels in the facility by activating the fan, as the equipment she
    will be using is susceptible to the effects of water vapors.

    On the 28th of every month, the chemical transporter Don Weller will use
    the facility.  The chemicals he will be transporting are extremely
    volatile.  Extreme caution should be observed throughout their transport.

    On the 6th and 16th of every month, police chief Brian Irons will visit the
    facility to attend the regular meetings that take place in the lab.

    On the fourth Friday of every other month, William Birkin will use the
    facility to conduct a training seminar for the Chicago branch of Umbrella
    Inc.  As the probability of an attack upon Dr. Birkin will be high, take
    every measure conceivable to guard his life.

    You will be informed of all other potential visitors and the times they
    will arrive as needed.  Guide these individuals to their destination
    safely.  We expect nothing but the best from you.

                                                     Charles Coleman
                                                     Secretary Chief
                                                     Umbrella Headquarters



    June 28th

    It's been a while, but I saw Don today and we talked after completing our
    work.  He told me he had been sick in bed until yesterday.  It really
    doesn't come as much of a surprise given  how long he's been working here.

    He was sweating like a horse and kept scratching his body while we were
    talking.  I asked if he was hot, but he just looked at me funny.  What's
    wrong with him anyway?

    July 7th

    Chief Irons has been visiting the lab quite often lately.  I don't know
    what he's doing over there but he always looks grim.  The expression on his
    face has been even more unsettling than usual...

    My guess is that it's because of Dr. Birkin's impossible requests.  The
    chief has my sympathies though.  After all he's done for the town, he
    doesn't deserve this.

    July 21st

    I rarely drink because I'm on the graveyard shift, but I don't suppose I
    have much to complain about since this is how I make my living.

    August 16th

    Chief Irons came in late today, looking grimmer than his usual self.  I
    tried to joke with him to cheer him up but he wasn't amused.  He pulled his
    gun and threatened to shoot me!  I was able to calm him down, but that guy
    must have some serious problems.  He knows he can't enter the lab without
    my help and my medal.  This is what it means for the chief "to serve and

    August 21st

    William informed me that the police and media have begun their
    investigation on Umbrella's affairs.  He said that the investigation will
    be citywide and that there is a possibility they'll even search through the
    sewers.  He asked me to suspend all Umbrella sewer facility operations
    until the investigation has concluded.  The sewer will still be used for
    passage, but he stressed that I have to be extremely cautions and that I'd
    lose my job if anyone finds out about this operation.


8.  MAPS

  All maps are listed in chronological order and are match each area exactly
  due to the help of the on-screen maps for each area.  Any maps not listed
  here will be added in a future revision.


                      |                       |
                      |                 Start |
                      |     __________________|
                      |    |                              North
                ______|    |                                ^
               |      <    |                              __|__
               | Gun  |    |                                |
               | Shop |    |                                v
               |_v____|____|                              South
             __|_________  |
            |  <         < |
            |_ |_________| |
    ______    ||         | |
   |     _|   ||         |A|                                  To Station
   |   ||     ||         |l|
   |   ||     ||         |l|                                     _^_
   |   ||_____||         |y|               _____________________|   |______
   |   |_______|         | |              |                                |
   |   |                 | |              |                                |
   |__v|_________________|_|______________|_^_                             |
     |            |      Bus     |            \                            |
     |            |_^__________v_|            |\___________________________|
     |                 |    |                 |
     |_________________|    |_________________|


                        |     |________________               ______________
                        |     |B ____    ____  |             |              |
                        |     |a|    \__/    | |             |              |
      __________________|     |l|            | |             |             _|
     |          ______________|c|            | |             |         ___|
   __|         | |            |o|            | |             |        |   |
  |  |_________| |            |n|            | |        _____|____    |_  |
  |  |         | |           _|y\            / |       |          |     | |
  |  |S.T.A.R.S| |  Library |_   )          (  |       |   _______|_____| |
  |  |         | |            | /            \ |       |  |       |   ____|
  |  | R o o m | |            | |            | |       |  |       |  |
  |  |         | |____________| |            | |_______|  |       |  |
  |  |         |   ____|      | |            | |_ Wait.|  |       |  |________
  |  |_________|  |           | |            |  _| Room|  |_______|  |        |
  |____________|__|           |__\          /__|_______|__|__________|________|

                                                   ________|________   |
                                                  |        |  |     |  |
                                               ___|        |  |     |  |
                           _____              |   |        |  |     |  |
                 _________|     |             |   |        |  |     |  |
                |         |     |__________   |___|________|  |_____|  |
                |         |                |  |  ______________________|
   _____________|__       |                |  | |             |    |
  |______________  |      |                |  | |             |    |
  |         |    | |______|                |__| |             |    |
  |         |    |________|                 __|_|             |____|
  |         |             |                |
  |_________|             |                |

More to come...



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Normal Codes:




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    For hosting this guide on his excellent website.

  Resident Evil 2 Instruction Manual
    For the story of the game and the character descriptions.

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