Level 1 - Guide for The Sims

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This guide will help you succesfully complete level 1 (Money From Mom) and give you 
some secrets about it.

When you first wake up from dreaming study mechanical once and cooking once.Then go 
cook dinner.Have dinner and go to sleep.Each morning your motives will be down.They 
are usually bladder,fun,hygiene,and hunger.And sometimes social is down.First use 
the restroom(remember to flush)then cook breakfast(if social is down tell it to 
serve breakfast and your mom will eat with you filling up social,comfort,hunger)
Then get the paper(its okay if you forget it a few times just don't forget it 5 days 
in a row)After that do anything that needs to be done answer telephone, clean fish 
tank,feed fish,get mail etc.Then have fun and socialize with your mom until bedtime.

I stayed in the first level for about 20 days in Sim time.But if you keep 
socializing with your mom she will more likely give you more money. Say you tell 
your sim to Joke,Dance,and talk then borrow money keep doing that until you have 
1,000 dollars(she won't give you any more until you use it.)Every 1,000 dollars she 
gives you bye stuff and put it places.When the bar at the side of the screen on buy 
mode fills. Get a job and move out.

HINTS HINTS HINTS HINTS HINTS HINTS=================================================

1.The more stuff you buy the more money Mom will give you when you move out.
2.Make your mom happy so you can sleep in the same bed.(If you don't one of you will 
sleep on the couch and that doesen't replenish comfort as much as beds do.
3.Do three things with your mom and then Borrow money.
4.clean up frequently,sims don't like messy houses.
5.buy lots of stuff that will improve your skills in buy mode.
6.Chess improves logic.
7.Studying and working on the work bench improves mechanical skills.
8.Studying improves cooking.
9.painting,playing instruments,and using the carving block improves creative.
10.Swimming, playing basketball,and working out on an excersise machine improves 
11.practicing speeches in mirrors improves charisma.

Thanks for reading when I complete level 2 Reality Bites I'll write a FAQ.

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