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SACRED LAKE (second time)

Secrets: 1*

SMALL POOL WITH TWO OBELISKS ON AN ISLAND: There are 3 scorpions lurking about the 
pool, so stay alert. (NOTE: Even if you explored here during your first time through 
this level, there will still be one scorpion.) There's a box of shotgun shells on 
the bottom of the pool and a small medipak in an underwater alcove on the opposite 
side of the pool from the shells.

If you haven't been to this area before and want all the pick-ups, go into the hole 
in the northeast corner and through the crawlspace back toward the SACRED LAKE. In 
the hallway you'll find some flares. (If this is your first time through, there will 
also be a scorpion here in the hallway.) Get them then come back to the small pool.

Combine the SUN DISK and SUN GODDESS to make the SUN TALISMAN, and use this at the 
short, pointy object between the obelisks. (NOTE: If you are missing the SUN DISK or 
SUN GODDESS, you'll need to go back for whichever you don't have.)

Cut scene: Electricity crackles between the obelisks and the golden ovals above each 
doorway. The Sun Talisman rises into the air between the obelisks, and the four 
doors around the pool open.

The NORTH DOOR contains a crawlspace with a small medipak. The EAST DOOR is a dead 
end. The SOUTH DOOR leads to a pole. Take a diagonal standing jump from the doorway 
to grab the pole. (Use the Look button to make sure Lara is lined up precisely 
before jumping.) Climb not quite to the top and turn so Lara's back is toward the 
ledge. Back flip to land there and pick up the flares. Take a standing jump from the 
edge of the ledge to grab the pole. Slide down. Pick up Uzi clips on the bottom of 
the pool. There are also items in the two underwater passages below the base of the 
pole. On one side you'll find a box of shotgun shells. On the other, wideshot shells 
and a small medipak. Near the medipak is a square door. Position Lara at the middle 
of the door facing the gray panel. Press Action and she'll open the door. Swim 
through two narrow openings to find a secret (30/70): a room with three pedestals 
displaying wideshot shells, a large medipak and explosive arrows.

Return to the pole, climb back up and once again back flip onto the small ledge. 
From there, take a running jump to the doorway. Head back out to the POOL WITH TWO 

Last, go through the WEST DOOR to a ROOM WITH HUGE PILLARS. On the left side is a 
raised alcove containing shotgun shells, Uzi clips and a small medipak.

In the middle of the room is an angled square block. Climb on top of it. (One corner 
is low enough to reach when standing on the floor.) Jump up to grab the handholds on 
the ceiling and start traversing toward the opening high on the far wall. A couple 
of bats fly out. As soon as you hear squeaking, drop to the floor, kill them, then 
climb up and traverse across again. (NOTE: Lara will take a little damage when she 
drops, but not as much as swinging all the way across the room while bats are biting 

When you reach the opening, make sure you traverse forward until Lara is right up 
against the wall. Release the Action key briefly then press it again to grab the 
edge of the opening. Crawl in and go up the ramp. At the top there are two 
crawlspaces. The one on the left contains Uzi clips. The one on the right leads to 
the room above.

Take a running jump across the wide gap to grab the ledge. Pull up, cross the ledge, 
and drop down into the next room, watching out for the openings in the floor. You 
are now in the upper level of the ROOM WITH HUGE PILLARS. Turn left and take another 
running jump to grab the edge of the opening with the sloped, pink ledge. Pull up 
and kill 2 bats. Hop down into the room beyond. Then safety drop down into the room 
below. (NOTE: You can avoid taking damage by dropping onto the ledge in the corner.)

Pick up flares and the UZIS (or Uzi clips if you already have the guns) from the 
pedestals in the room off to the side, then exit the building. Cross the sandy area 
and approach the door between the two statues of Set to end the level.

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