Level 14 - Alexandria - Guide for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

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Secrets: 1*

Cut scene: Lara standing in a train yard.

Go through the area with the posters on the walls to the dark corner at the foot of 
the staircase. Kill 2 black scorpions and pick up a small medipak from the ground. 
Go up the stairs to the street.

Follow the blue-robed bad guy who crosses the COURTYARD WITH THE FOUNTAIN. He heads 
into an alley on the right, then enters the first building on the left, a WAREHOUSE 
containing many wooden crates. Kill him and 2 of his buddies lurking among the 

Backtrack out to the street, turn right then left at the COURTYARD and enter the 
BUILDING WITH THE BLACK DOOR. (Press Action to open the door.) This is a library or 
reading room of some sort, and another bad guy waits inside. Take care of him, then 
note the closed door at the back of the room. This is a secret room, but it can't be 
opened from here. Go back out to the courtyard and notice the black switch high on 
the outside of the BUILDING WITH THE BLACK DOOR. This will open the secret door. Now 
you just need to get to it.

Cross the COURTYARD WITH THE FOUNTAIN to the building with the columns and balcony. 
Around the other side of the building, in a short alley to the right, is a locked 
cage with a MOTORCYCLE inside. You can't open the cage yet, so open the door of the 
building with the columns and go upstairs to JEAN-YVES'S STUDY.

FMV Sequence: Lara enters Jean-Yves's study and finds her friend working at his desk.

After Jean resumes his work, pick up a few items lying around the study: shotgun 
shells on the floor between two of the bookshelves, as well as the LASER SIGHT, 
arrows and more shotgun shells on the small chest of drawers on the other side of 
the room.

Go out onto the balcony and head to the left. Two snipers start taking pot shots at 
Lara from the next building. Kill them, then take a running jump over to where they 
were standing. Pick up the Uzi clips dropped by the sniper on the left. Take a 
running jump to grab tiled roof of the BUILDING WITH THE BLACK DOOR. Traverse to the 
right, around the corner, then release and re-press Action to let go and grab the 
black switch on the way down.

Go back into the BUILDING WITH THE BLACK DOOR and enter the back room for secret #1 
(44/70), a large medipak and 2 quivers of arrows. Exit and go around the building to 
the right, into the alley and past the room with crates. Continue to the end of the 
alley, killing another blue-robed bad guy along the way. He drops a small medipak. 
When you reach the end of the alley, you'll enter the COASTAL RUINS level.

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