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                       Mission 2[Hotel]
                       Walkthrough by Covenant Killa


Description: The Hotel is a tough level, taking place in Cannes, France. Hopefully 
you've gotten used to the controls a little more, so this level shouldn't take a 
long time to adapt to. Don't get your hopes up that it will be like the Subway 
Station, because it's way tougher. There are multiple waves of terrorists that are 
very hard to defeat. There is alot of shelter, so you will not get hurt as easy. 
There are new guns available to start with and you can grab some along the way. I 
haven't beaten the level, but I have gotten a decent length into it and am going to 
share with you everything I've been at so it's easier for you.

Secure Hostages
Eliminate Lead Terrorists

Walkthrough: You are still Chavez and still have the same team. If you had damage on 
you from last level, it's gone somehow and won't come back until later in this 
level. Oh never mind, I'll get to the point. You will start in a parking garage with 
no enemies yet. You will go on the left side to the far wall, where you have to turn 
right and enter the door. There are enemies on this side of the door, so take them 
out quick. Hopefully you have a weapon with 100 power to make the battle so much 
easier. There are pillars on the left, so go either way between them. There is a 
sofa that blocks the stairs, and an enemy will come onto the stairs, so a good 
tactic to kill him is to stay behind a pillar and sneak out from it and kill him. 
Once he's dead, go to the end of the hallway and turn right to the door. Enter it 
and follow the hallway which goes right, left, left, and right. The door is there, 
so enter it like you would to any door. There are some enemies around you, so take 
them out and turn right. Take out the enemies behind the washers and dryers. Advance 
after the terrorists are dead. The door is on the end of the room and to the left. 
go through the next door you come across as there are no enemies here. There are 
stairs on the right that lead you up towards the kitchen. Go to the left side and 
open the door. Then, you will have to enter the next door you come across. There 
haven't been many enemies, but they're going to come along soon. there is a closed 
door and an open door, I recommend going through the opened door, but they lead to 
the same area. Open the next door and you will meet up with your first set of 
enemies from a long time ago. There are multiple enemies that are great at hiding, 
so they are harder to take out. Call your men if you need help killing these guys, 
but either way they should be dead after your work. Go through the next door and 
follow the hallway towards your next destination. Open the door, but do not enter 
because there will be a fire blast and once the enemies spot you, a grenade will be 
thrown. After that, there are enemies at the tables and behind them. There are also 
2 guys later on in this room that are outside, so take them out too. Once the 
enemies in this area are eliminated, go to the end and to the left. Take out the 
rest of the enemies and go to the end of this hall and to the door on the left. Open 
it up and go into a room with Frence music playing, but no enemies. Go along the 
hallway to the next door and go through. You will enter a room that has an enemy on 
the bottom floor(you're on it) and a floor above you. Take them out by sniping both 
of them and go to the sofa blocking the stairs. An enemy will be there, so take him 
out where he stands. On the right side when staring at the sofa, go over to the wall 
and the door. This door is locked, so hold A to unlock it and tap A again to open 
it. A terrorist will be in here, but he surrenders when you enter, so you will not 
get shot at. I don't trust any terrorist, so I just take him out always. On the left 
is a set of stairs and when you reach the top, turn left towards the wall. Then turn 
left to another quick set of stairs. A door will be there, so open it up and kill 
the nearby terrorists. A helicopter will come by and kill the enemies around the 
bend you haven't passed. Go to where that is an turn right. Up ahead you will see an 
overturned table with a man behind it. A terrorist will come hold him hostage, so 
this will be extremely hard. the terrorist uses the hostage as a shield, so you need 
to have perfect aim or else you will kill the hostage and lose the mission. A good 
tactic is to let the helicopter come, and after he kills all the enemies, rush 
behind the table and start shooting at the man who comes. Before you can free the 
hostage, another guy comes, so take him out. Free the hostage and then you will have 
to find another hostage. Go to the end of the hall and behind the sofa with your 
men. They come quite in handy here, but precision sniping from you, Ding Chavez, is 
the key. Stay behind the sofa and blast the enemies with your sniping skills. The 
enemies will also be hiding behind sofas, so they are hard to kill. Once they are 
done, move on and eventually you will come to the area with the second hostage. He 
will be behind a door, so lead your men into the room and have them take out this 
set of enemies. Free the hostage and go out the next door that opens. There will be 
a set of stairs. Have you ever been wondering if there will ever be enemies on the 
stairs to make this harder? Of course you have! There will be a terrorist on the 
first steps, so take him out and go up the stairs. This will soon lead you outside 
and above the stairs. Use the voices you hear as guides to tell you where the 
enemies. You will take out terrorists up here and reach an open area with something 
burning in the middle. From here, snipe enemies in that area on the right and left. 
The last enemy I found was the lead terrorist himself, on the left side when you 
enter. take him out and prepare for extraction!

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