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LEVEL 21: CITY OF THE DEAD (first time)
Secrets: 2*

under fire. There are 2 snipers on the building to the left: one on a ledge a few 
feet off the ground and one on the roof. You can kill both of them fairly easily by 
backing up a bit from the starting position and firing from the cover of the archway 
near the gate.

Alternately, take out the lower sniper by running across and positioning Lara very 
close to the block where he's standing. Draw weapons (the shotgun works nicely) and 
jump in place, shooting at the peak of the jump. When he's dead, climb up and take 
the REVOLVER he drops. At last! Then use your new toy to kill the sniper on teh 
roof. Combine the REVOLVER and LASER SIGHT. (You may need to first separate the 
sight from the crossbow.) Run back to the shelter of the gate near where you 
started. Draw the revolver and sidestep out until you can get a clear shot. Use the 
laser sight to target the sniper's head or chest. You'll need to be quick, since he 
can of course shoot back, but one well-aimed shot should bring him down.

While you've got the revolver drawn, you can take out the machine gun mounted on the 
wall at the corner a little way down the street. Use the laser sight and aim for the 
red spot. To conserve ammo, use the laser sight bug.

Take note of the BIG WROUGHT IRON GATE with the black switch. There's a horizontal 
crevice high on the building near the gate. You can't reach it yet, but you'll be 

There are 4 more armed soldiers a little farther along the street. The first is just 
around the corner with the machine gun. There's a second gunman in an alley with a 
sloping wall in front of it, preventing you from driving through. The third and 
fourth are a bit farther on, below a RUINED BUILDING WITH X-SHAPED WOODEN BARRICADES 
on top. You can run over two or three of them using the motorcycle. Then dismount 
and walk back to kill the one behind the low, sloping wall. Or, after destroying the 
machine gun, walk carefully to the corner. If you hang back, the first soldier won't 
notice Lara and you can shoot him from a distance with the crossbow or revolver. 
(Again, use the laser sight bug to save ammo.) Do the same with the second soldier 
in the alley with the sloping wall. Then drive on and run over the others if you 
like. One of the soldiers drops shotgun shells when he dies.

DEAD-END ALLEY WITH CRAWLSPACE: Around the corner to the right (east), just past the 
sand hill near the RUINED BUILDING WITH X-SHAPED WOODEN BARRICADES, is an alley with 
arches on the right and a white building on the left with a broken machine gun on 
top. There's a crawlspace near the block at the end of the alley. You need to open a 
gate elsewhere before going in here, so don't bother with it yet.

Use the sand pile at the corner to jump the motorcycle up onto the RUINED BUILDING 
WITH X-SHAPED WOODEN BARRICADES. You'll need to get a good running start to build up 
speed and veer to the right a bit at the top of the hill in order to land on the 
sloped part of the wall. Crash through the barricades and let the bike fall through 
the unstable floor. Drive through the room below, making a U-turn and crashing 
through the wall to emerge back on the street. Dismount, walk back into the building 
and pick up a small medipak on the ground to the right. Climb into the brick alcove 
and drop into the pool below. Climb out of the water and follow the passageway past 
the torch to the next room.

ROOM WITH MANY COLUMNS AND ARCHES: Your entrance disturbs a small flock of bats. 
Kill them then pick up flares and wideshot shells in the far corners. Slide down the 

SQUARE HALLWAY WITH DEAD SOLDIER: Pick up the LASER SIGHT near the soldier. (You 
won't need this unless you missed it earlier in ALEXANDRIA.) There's a closed door 
in one corner (the southeast) and stairs on the opposite side from the ramp where 
you entered. You don't need to go up the stairs yet, but note that there's a pool of 
water at the top. (NOTE: If you accidentally fall in, follow the underwater passage 
to a ledge where you can climb out. Then drop back down into the SQUARE HALLWAY.)

Jump to grab the horizontal crevice in the northwest corner of the SQUARE HALLWAY. 
Traverse to the right (east) to a spot where you can pull up. Turn around to face 
the small opening into the center room. Don't shoot the jar on the ledge. This only 
releases a swarm of locusts. Instead aim carefully and shoot the swinging blue ball 
inside the room. (You can do this using the revolver and laser sight or, to conserve 
ammo, crouch at either side of the alcove, wait for the ball to swing to that side 
and shoot it with the pistols.) When it shatters, 2 ice elementals emerge. To get 
rid of these guys, hop down and run to the right and up the stairs. Jump into the 
pool. They'll follow, extinguishing themselves. Swim down through the underwater 
passage to a ledge where you can climb out. Then drop back down into the SQUARE 

Go back upstairs to the pool, which is now frozen so you can walk across it. Jump up 
to the ledge with the lever and use it to open the square door in one corner of the 
SQUARE HALLWAY. Return downstairs, go through that door and follow the ramp up to a 

Go all the way into the room and check the alcove on the far right for a small 
medipak. Backtrack to the first alcove near the entrance and use the CROWBAR to pry 
open the blue wooden door. This is secret #1 (55/70), a large medipak and Uzi clips.

Climb the block steps near the blue door. Keep climbing until you reach a 
crawlspace. Go through it to emerge above where you started the level. Crawl out 
backwards and hang from the ledge. Traverse to the right along the crevice until you 
can pull up. Turn around and take a running jump to grab the black switch.

This opens the BIG WROUGHT IRON GATE. There's a soldier with a grenade launcher just 
beyond the gate. Kill him and take his small medipak. You'll need to do a bit of 
business before continuing. So, return to the motorcycle. (If you followed this 
walkthrough, you left it near the RUINED BUILDING WITH X-SHAPED WOODEN BARRICADES.)

NORTH END OF THE STREET: From the area with the sand pile and RUINED BUILDING WITH X-
SHAPED WOODEN BARRICADES, ride the motorcycle up the street to the north (below the 
clothesline with hanging laundry). You can run, but the bike goes faster, and you'll 
want to go quickly because the 2 machine guns on the roof of the building ahead 
(where the road comes to a T) begin firing as soon as you come within range. Hurry 
to the wall directly underneath them where you'll be safe.

Dismount, run to the left (west) and duck into the alcove, where you'll find a small 
medipak and GRENADE LAUNCHER (or 10 grenades if you already have the weapon).

From here you can continue along the street to the right (west) if you want to, or 
wait until later to explore this area. If you do continue west, you'll run into a 
sniper on a low ledge around the next corner and another soldier down the hill a bit 
farther on. You can kill the sniper from a distance without getting shot by 
targeting him using the laser sight before he notices Lara and/or getting his 
attention then using the corner for cover.

Beyond this is a steep hill leading up to a very deep pit. It's possible with some 
fancy driving to jump the pit and get back again, but it's not necessary at this 
point. You'll have a much easier time of it later on, after getting the NITRO for 
the motorcycle.

Backtrack to the opposite end of the street, near the rooftop machine guns. If you 
haven't yet taken out the guns on the roof, dash to the building with the short 
pillars in front (on the right opposite the building with the guns), using medipaks 
as needed. Press Action to open the door and enter.

riveted on the dead soldier. Stand Lara near his head and drag him along the floor 
away from the grate and crawlspace. You can't get into the crawlspace yet, but 
you'll be back. Exit this room and return to the bike.

Ride back along the road to the south. When you reach the pile of sand, turn left 
into the DEAD-END ALLEY WITH CRAWLSPACE. Dismount and crawl into the opening above 
the block. Drop down and follow the passage to a small room with a lever and a small 
medipak. (Lara won't target the rat that scuttles across the floor.) Pull the lever 
to open the grate above where the medipak was. (This will work only if you've 
dragged the dead soldier's body off the grate, as described in the paragraph above.) 
Climb up through the opening and take a standing jump to grab the edge of the 
crawlspace. Crawl in and go up the ramp to a second lever. Use this to open the door 
above the wrought-iron grate overhead. Return to the DEAD-END ALLEY WITH CRAWLSPACE, 
either the way you came or via the street if you've already destroyed the machine 

Get back on the motorcycle and drive west then south along the street, toward where 
you began the level. Drive through the BIG WROUGHT IRON GATE, which you opened 

RUINED BUILDING WITH STAIRS AND RAMPS: Drive the motorcycle into the pit then into 
the building with the stairs. Either ride downstairs and run over the soldier on the 
bottom level, or dismount, walk down and shoot him. There's a crawlspace on one side 
containing poisoned arrows. Now ride the motorcycle all the way up the stairs to the 
top level. Here you'll find a small ramp jutting out toward the middle of the room. 
(Beyond this ramp is an opening that leads back to the street.) Use the ramp to jump 
the bike into the opening with the sloped entrance opposite. After landing the jump, 
get off the bike near the lit torch and walk up the ramp to the second lit torch. 
Approach the alcove on the left, kill a couple of bats roosting inside and pull the 
lever to raise a block downstairs.

Get back on the motorcycle and ride up the steep ramp near the second torch to get 
back to the stairway. Down on the next landing you'll see the block you just raised. 
Climb onto it and into the passage above. Continue to an opening above the street 
facing the white building with the broken machine gun on top.

ROOFTOPS: Take a running jump across the gap to grab the edge of the white building. 
Pick up some revolver ammo next to the machine gun. Here is the door you opened 
earlier from below. If you didn't destroy the 2 machine guns on the rooftop earlier 
from below, enter this area cautiously. This room opens onto the street just across 
from the guns. Use the crossbow and laser sight (you may have to first separate the 
laser sight from the revolver before combining it with the crossbow) with explosive 
arrows. Now walk out into the room just to where you can see the guns and helicopter 
on the next rooftop. Target the rotors of the chopper (as in this screenshot). One 
well aimed explosive arrow should set the chopper on fire, which will start a chain 
reaction, destroying both helicopter and guns. You don't need to do this if you've 
already destroyed the guns, unless you just want to watch a cool explosion as the 
helicopter blows. 

(NOTE: I found that explosive arrows are the only type of ammo that will work to 
destroy the chopper.)

Take a running jump from the jutting ledge to grab the opposite ledge on the next 
building. Make your way over to where the helicopter was. Pick up a small medipak on 
the ground to the left and use the lever to open a gate below. (This is at street 
level, on the right side of this building when facing it.)

Return the way you came, jumping across the street to the next building, then 
continuing through the hall to the roof with the broken machine gun. From there, 
take a running jump, pressing Action to lower Lara's arc so she lands in the small 
opening on the side of the next building. Follow the passage back down into the 

(NOTE: If you miss this jump you can return on foot to the RUINED BUILDING WITH 
STAIRS AND RAMPS. It's at the far southwest end of the street, beyond where you 
began the level.)

Get back on the motorcycle, drive up to the top level and turn right at the ramp 
where you jumped the bike earlier. Here you'll find an opening that leads back to 

Follow the streets to the right (north). Turn right at the building on which the 
machine guns were mounted. (It's safe now that you've destroyed them.) Continue 
through the open gate in the northeast corner. Drive up the hill to the next level, 
Chambers of Tulun (Part 1).

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