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CHAMBERS OF TULUN (second time)

Enter from the TRENCHES and turn left (east) toward the deep pit. Do not jump the 
pit at this time. Instead line up the motorcycle for a long run-up along the east 
wall toward the northeast corner. Use the nitro boost (Sprint key) for extra 
Race up the right side of the BROKEN STAIRS, jumping into the opening with the 
sloped edge.

Dismount and enter through the yellow-and-white door to the left. Take out the 
soldier waiting inside and slide down the ramp.

ROOM WITH RED SPRINKLER HEADS, ROPE AND PULLEY: Go straight through this room 
the hall opposite (north). Kill the soldier in the next room and pick up the 
TORCH on the floor. Return to the previous room then go down the ramp to the 
of where you entered (southwest corner).

Press the draw weapons key twice to drop the torch and pull out guns to kill the 
soldier in the hallway. Don't bother picking up the torch again immediately, 
you have a little more to do first. Continue through a yellow-and-white door. 
right and press Action to open the gray door. Kill another soldier inside the 
Go back for your torch, then bring it back here to light it on the burning torch.

(NOTE: If you explored this area on your first pass through this level, the gray 
door will be open already and the soldier dead.)

Return up the ramp to the ROOM WITH RED SPRINKLER HEADS, ROPE AND PULLEY. Go up 
ramp on the east side of the room to the ledge below the sprinkler heads. Stand 
below the first sprinkler head and press Action to use the lit torch to set off 
sprinklers. This opens the remaining yellow-and-white doors. Go through the door 
near the sprinklers and use the lever to activate the pulley, carrying a box into 
the next room.

(NOTE: Seting off the sprinklers also opens third yellow-and-white door in the 
at the bottom of the ramp, where you lit the torch. However, there's nothing 
that room.)

Return through the PULLEY ROOM to the room to the north. The box that came in on 
pulley is now stacked on top of one of the others. Climb onto these boxes to and 
take a running jump to grab the high ledge. Climb over it into a ROOM WITH MANY 
CRATES. All but two of the crates can be broken by shooting them (crouch if 
necessary). Inside you'll find a small medipak, normal arrows and wideshot 
Shoot the padlock on the barred door to break it. (NOTE: I found that standing on 
the low step near the door and crouching let me to use pistols for this, rather 
wasting revolver ammo.) Reach into the niche in the barred alcove to get the ROOF 

Climb back over the wall and return to the PULLEY ROOM. Go back up the ramp near 
sprinklers, exit through that door and return outside to the motorcycle. Drive 
bike back over the sloped ledge to the street.

If you haven't already done so, you might want to go back to the CITY OF THE DEAD 
(second time) to get the second secret in that level. Otherwise, return to the 
TRENCHES (second time) now.

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