Level 27 - City of the Dead (Part 2) - Guide for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

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CITY OF THE DEAD (second time)

ACROSS THE DEEP PIT TO SECRET #2: Enter from the CHAMBERS OF TULUN and turn right 
(west). Follow the road past the building with the onion domes. If you didn't 
explore this area on your first pass through this level, you'll meet a sniper around 
the next corner on a low ledge and another soldier down the hill a bit farther on. 
You'll need to dismount to kill the guy on the ledge. Beyond this is a steep hill 
leading up to a very deep pit.

Position the bike for a long run-up on the left side of the hill. Use the nitro 
boost (Sprint key) for the extra power needed to jump the pit. Run over a soldier on 
the other side and dismount.

Climb up on the ledge with the short wooden columns. Hop down into the depression 
behind the columns. Jump to grab the lower edge of the angled block nearest the fat 
wooden pillar. Try to position Lara so she's hanging from the middle of the block. 
Pull up and immediately press Jump to back flip and land on the angled block behind. 
Continue to hold the Jump key and Lara will spring off that block, onto the next 
one, then from there to a break in the wall ahead. Hop down into the area below for 
secret #2 (probably 59/70). Pick up super grenades, a large medipak and explosive 
arrows. Climb out the way you came and safety drop to the ground.

Jump the motorcycle back across the very deep pit on the left side. Be sure to get a 
nice, long run-up and use the nitro (Sprint). Return along the street to the wrought 
iron gate in the northeast corner. Drive through the gate and up the hill into the 

If you haven't already done so, you might want to pick up the ROOF KEY on your way 
back through the CHAMBERS OF TULUN (second time). This key will help you complete 
the level TRENCHES (second time).

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