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TRENCHES (second time)

After getting the ROOF KEY in the CHAMBERS OF TULUN level, and the components for 
the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER, you can proceed in this level. From the STREET WITH THE 
PALM TREE (near the level entrance), go on foot up the street to the northeast.

Near the stairs you'll see an alcove on each side of the street. Climb into the one 
on the left and get a large medipak. Cross to the alcove on the other side of the 
street. There's a sniper on the opposite rooftop (above where you got the medipak). 
You can take him out from here or wait until you get up on the ROOFTOPS. Open the 
trapdoor above the lower part of this alcove by standing at the edge facing it and 
jumping straight up to grab the switch. Climb through the crawlspace above to drop 
into the small room beyond. Pick up a quiver of poisoned arrows. Go through the next 
crawlspace to an opening above the STREET WITH THE PALM TREE.

Turn right, crawl up the ramp a little ways, draw pistols while crouching, and shoot 
the gray block obstructing the crevice. Drop back and grab the edge of the opening. 
Traverse to the left (this isn't possible without first destroying the obstacle) and 
around the corner, and drop onto the ledge. Use the overhead bars to traverse above 
the street to the opening on the opposite building. Use a medipak beforehand if 
necessary, since a swarm of locusts attacks on the way.

ROOFTOPS: Enter the next area cautiously so you're not ambushed by the soldier 
inside on the left. He drops a small medipak when he dies. Use the ROOF KEY to 
unlock the doors in the corner. Go through to another ledge above the street.

Take a running jump to grab the horizontal crevice on the next building. (Aim for 
the right end, where there's no overhang.) Traverse to the left until you can pull 
up. Climb up the blocks to a small, rectangular opening. If you didn't kill that 
sniper earlier from below, he'll start shooting at Lara through the opening, and 
you'll need to take care of him.

Look through the opening and locate the electrical box across the street. The 
crossbow fitted with the laser sight works well here. Hit the red light squarely and 
one normal arrow should do it. Or, you can use the pistols and just keep firing. 
(Lara won't auto-aim, so you'll have to turn her until she's shooting in the right 
direction.) When the box starts to smoke (as shown in this screenshot), you'll know 
you've disabled it. This opens a door elsewhere. Return to the opening above the 
street and safety drop to the ground.

motorcycle and drive around the corner to the northwest. You'll see two sets of 
stairs leading up to the north. To clear the area, first drive up the stairs on the 
left. Run over a soldier at the top and continue downhill, running over another 
soldier at the bottom.

Notice the huge pile of sand. At the top of the pile is a ladder. You can't reach 
the ladder on foot since the sand pile is too steep. But, in the corner to the right 
of the pile is the big door you just opened by shooting the electrical box. You can 
jump the motorcycle through here: Ride back up the hill to the two sets of stairs. 
Set up a long, straight run from the top of the hill up the left side of the right 
stairway. Use the nitro boost (Sprint key) for extra power. Race up the stairs and 
through the door you opened, landing on top of the sand pile.

(IMPORTANT: Later on, you will return to this area through the small, silver door in 
the corner. Be sure not to park the motorcycle in front of that door or you may have 
trouble getting through.)

Dismount near the small closed door and climb the ladder to the STREET BAZAAR level.

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