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Secrets: 3**

Cut Scene: The traitorous guide crosses the open area ahead.

OPEN AREA OUTSIDE BURIAL CHAMBER: Enter the open area cautiously. Von Croy's 
minions (7 in all, not counting the guide) lurk behind every rock. Pick them off 
by one. You can use the stone blocks and alcoves for cover, but I found it easier 
(and less wasteful of ammo and medipaks) to run right up to the current target, 
shooting with pistols or shotgun. Run past him, roll, and finish him off from 
behind. This doesn't work as well with the one guy carrying the sword. For him, 
can switch to the shotgun and make short work of him, or continue with the 
back flipping away from him as you shoot.

During the fighting, there's another brief cut scene, in which the guide 
one of the Jeeps.

When all the enemies are dead, scour the ground for dropped items: 3 sets of Uzi 
clips, 3 small medipaks, 1 large medipak and the IGNITION KEY for one of the 
vehicles. There's a small, dark opening in the rocks to the right of the doorway 
where you exited the tomb. (One of the blue-robed bad guys emerged here.) Climb 
light a flare and you'll see a ledge at the back of the recess where you can 
up and find secret #1 (19/70), the SHOTGUN and 2 boxes of shells (or 3 boxes of 
shells if you already have the gun). These are 3 separate pick-ups, so be sure 
to leave anything behind.

The dark opening in the corner to the left of the tomb entrance is empty, but 
the ledge at the opening, you can jump to grab the stone block on the left (when 
facing out). Pull up, then climb up to the long ledge above the tomb entrance. 
is secret #2 (20/70). In all you'll find 2 boxes of shotgun shells, a small 
and Uzi clips. Slide down the greenish stone support to the ground.

JEEP RIDE THROUGH CAVES AND CANYONS: This isn't exactly a car chase, since the 
stops to wait for you if you get out of your Jeep to explore. But you can pretend 
you want to. As you drive along, you'll want to watch out for the grenades 
from the other vehicle, and take care to brake on some of the long, bumpy 
stretches so Lara doesn't get hurt.

(NOTE: You may notice as you drive along, that certain areas of the rock wall 
into passageways after the enemy Jeep passes. These openings enable you to 
the entire level on foot. However, you must have the Jeep in order to get up the 
hill at the end of the level. So unless you want to do quite a bit of 
you might as well drive the through the whole level.)

Follow the guide through the caves. When you reach the first big open area, run 
the 2 gunmen standing around. Then continue downhill and through the cave. At the 
LARGE GAP AND ROCK BRIDGE, stay to the right to drive up onto the rock bridge and 
run over another of Von Croy's henchmen. Stop the Jeep on top of the rock bridge 
just on the other side) and get out. Walk back down the ramp to the side of the 
where you started (the east side).

There's an opening under the rock overhang that juts out above the deep pit lined 
with spikes. Climb down the rock ladder into the pit, then over to the right and 
to this opening. Getting in can be a little tricky. Position Lara's hands on the 
bottom edge of the opening, release Action to let go and force Lara to lose her 
foothold. Then quickly press Action again to re-grab the opening, and immediately 
press Crouch and Forward to pull up into the crawlspace. If you can't do this 
sequence fast enough, climb to the right as far as possible, so Lara's shoulder 
against the right wall. Now release Action and immediately press it again. When 
re-grabs the edge of the opening, her legs should continue to hang. Press Crouch 
Forward to climb into the opening. (Details are shown in these screenshots.)

Crawl through, turn around and safety drop into the cave. This is secret #3 
small and large medipaks, plus (4) super grenades. Climb out of the cave and back 
the top of the pit the way you came.

(NOTE: It's possible to climb down to the bottom of the pit, sliding to the 
in the middle, where there are no spikes. But in order to get out, you need to go 
through the spikes, wasting precious medipaks, in order to grab the ladder on the 
west side. There's nothing of interest down there, though, so don't bother unless 
you just enjoy a challenge.)

Get back into the Jeep and continue past the rock bridge and into the cave on the 
right. You'll go down a hill then up another. At the top, you'll need to run over 
gunman. Soon you'll come to a deep canyon. Head to the right and circle around 
rim counter-clockwise. Run over another gunman at the end of the rock ledge, just 
before turning right and going down into another cave. As you drive up the next 
hill, the level ends.

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