Level 31 - Citadel Gate (Part 2) - Guide for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

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CITADEL GATE (second time)

You re-enter this level on the motorcycle after having detonated the minefield in 
the TRENCHES. Use the nitro (Sprint) for extra power to jump the deep pit, crashing 
through the barricades. You need a long run-up even with the nitro, so start at the 
base of the hill near where you entered the level. When you get across the pit, cut 
to the right and speed along the rim so you don't slide into the pit. Turn left 
below the ledge with the taxi and run over 2 crocodiles.

Follow the street past the area with the locusts and race past the dragon. Drive all 
the way to the ledge where Sergeant Azizus is lying. (NOTE: You must approach him on 
the motorcycle to trigger the cut scene.)

Cut scene: Lara parks the motorcycle and hops up onto the ledge near the injured 
soldier. We then see Lara driving the motorcycle, with Azizus in the sidecar, up to 
the truck across from the dragon. She helps him onto the ledge. And they enlight on 
a concersation. Be ready to enter the next level, Citadel.

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