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Secrets: 4**

Get out of the Jeep in the room with the rectangular block in the center. Pick up a 
large medipak and 2 boxes of wideshot shells. Get back in the vehicle and drive up 
the steep ramp to an open area with huge statues along one side. Pass by the statues 
and drive through the opening in the rocks ahead.

FIRST OPEN AREA WITH SCAFFOLDING: There's a gunman up on some scaffolding in the 
next area. Drive through the poles supporting the right side of the scaffolding to 
dump him to the ground. Then make a tight right turn to circle around, avoiding the 
deep pit and coming back to run over the gunman. Continue to the hole in the rocks 
on the opposite side from where you entered this area (i.e., the southwest corner). 
Before going through, stop the Jeep and get out. Climb up to the crawlspace just to 
the right of the opening in the rocks. Crawl in for secret #1 (22/70), a large 
medipak. Get back in the Jeep and continue to the next area.

AREA WITH SCAFFOLDING AND GATE: Drive into the T-shaped clearing and make a left 
between the buildings. Drive along the left wall to knock the scaffolding out from 
underneath another gunman. Make a tight circle to the right to swing back around and 
run him over. Get out of the vehicle. Note the closed gate at the end of the T. 
You'll need to open this.

First get the large medipak in the small, dark alcove to the left of the gate. 
Depending on how you explore this area, you may meet another of one of Von Croy's 
thugs. He climbs over the wooden box near the southwest corner of the scaffolding, 
but only if you first walk over the middle-level scaffolding between that corner and 
the opening on the long side. So, if you want to avoid him, first climb through the 
opening on the long side of the scaffolding (below the rope, on the left side if 
Lara's back is to the gate). Walk to the left along the middle-level scaffolding to 
get some shotgun shells. Walk back to the opening and drop to the ground.

Now climb up onto the same scaffolding at the corner. Climb over the wooden box and 
drop down to the ground inside the scaffolding. The chime sounds for secret #2 
(23/70). Go all the way to the end near the gate (below where you found the shells) 
to pick up small and large medipaks. Return to the opening near the box and climb 
back to the middle level. Go to the corner and climb up onto the upper-level 
scaffolding. Follow it toward the gate. About halfway there, you'll see an alcove on 
the right with a large medipak.

After getting the medipak, turn around and take a running jump to grab the dangling 
rope. Swing and jump from the rope to land on the scaffolding on the other building. 
At the left end is a switch high up on the wall. Jump up to grab it, and Lara's 
weight will pull it down, opening the gate.

Drop down from the scaffolding and walk through the open gate to a rectangular area 
with large reddish stone pillars. Two of the raised alcoves contain items: a large 
medipak in the one to the left of the door, Uzi clips in the middle one on the right.

RAMP WITH SPIKE CLUSTERS: Return to the Jeep and drive through the open gate and up 
the ramp. Three clusters of spikes drop from openings in the ceiling above the ramp 
and roll down. You can swerve around them by starting the run on the left side, then 
moving to the right and back to the left as each spiked ball passes. Stop at the top 
of the ramp and get out.

Walk down to the first opening in the ceiling (where one of the spiked balls came 
from). Stand beneath the opening facing uphill and position Lara's feet on the seam 
in the textures just below the upper edge of the opening. Jump straight up to grab 
the edge of the opening. Pull up onto the ledge above. This is secret #3 (24/70), 
(4) grenades. Safety drop down and return to the Jeep.

(NOTE: If you have trouble grabbing the opening, try grabbing the lower side, which 
is made of climbable rock. Climb nearly to the top then back flip to land on the 
ledge. If you've overshot this secret and driven down the hill, you can return here 
on foot. Use standing jumps to get up the green sand dune at the opening to the 

Drive on carefully to avoid the various deep pits with spikes at the bottom. When 
you come to the U-turn, get out and investigate the large, L-shaped pit. One side 
has a rock ladder. Climb down to the small opening and either climb around it and 
back up to it, or climb down so Lara's hands are at the top of the opening, let go, 
and quickly re-grab the edge. With Lara's hands on the edge of the opening, climb to 
the left as far as you can (so her shoulder is against the wall). Release Action 
briefly and re-grab so her legs are hanging free. Now press Crouch + Action to crawl 
into the opening. Inside you'll find secret #4 (25/70), wideshot shells and arrows. 
Back out of the crawlspace, climb to the right then up to the top.

Return to the Jeep and continue on, avoiding the spike pits. After you pass under a 
rock arch, look for a small opening on the left before the dead end. Drive through 
into a green, sandy area.

GREEN SANDY AREA: Head over the dunes to the north. Watch out for the spike pit just 
over the first dune on the right, and another pit beyond the second dune on the 
left. After cresting the third dune, turn left and follow the rock wall, keeping it 
on your right (you'll be heading west now). There's one more pit on the other side 
of the next hill. Stay to the right to clear it and continue on toward the stele 
with scaffolding supporting another shooter. You can get out to kill him, or just 
drive around the base of the stele a few times to knock the scaffolding down and run 
him over.

Drive along the rock wall beyond the stele, keeping it on your right (you'll be 
heading south). Near the end of the rock wall, you'll see a dark opening with 
carvings around it. Drive in to end the level.

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