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Secrets: 1*

MAIN TUNNEL WITH HAND RAILS AND PITS: Follow the tunnel down to the first deep pit. 
To get across, take a diagonal running jump from the right side to the left, where 
the ledges protrude farther. Despite all the conniptions you had to go through to 
get here, Von Croy's henchmen have arrived first. Kill the blue-robed bad guy, and 
his comrade in red and black who comes down from the passage to the right. Enter the 
side tunnel where the assassin came from, kill another blue robe waiting there, then 
continue up the ramp to a gate.

(NOTE: Poisoned arrows work quite well on the assassins. They seem to get past the 
whirling knives quite easily. I'd recommend using them if you've got any left.)

The tunnel beyond seems to have collapsed, leaving ramps on two sides. There's 
another assassin, along with a pesky bat or two, at the top of the ramps. Kill both 
and advance cautiously along the lower hall (between the ramps). A little way in 
you'll activate sliding block traps. To get through, position Lara at either side of 
the sliding block, rather than in the center, about one walking step back from the 
block and squarely facing the other side of the opening. Take a standing jump just 
as the block slides away toward the other side of the opening. Repeat this for the 
second block.

ROOM WITH MARBLE BASIN: Enter this room and kill the 3 wild dogs lurking inside. Go 
around to the back of the basin to get inside it. Pick up the small medipak and 
WOODEN TORCH. Use the torch to light each of the four unlit torches on the wall. 
This opens the alcove on the west side of the room.

Pick up wideshot shells in the alcove and use the switch there to open a door 
elsewhere. Doing this also lets 3 more dogs into the room. Kill them, then return 
past the sliding blocks to the tunnel with the two ramps. (You may meet another bat 
here if you didn't kill two of them earlier.) Go to the top of the ramps, where 
you'll find the gate you just opened. Enter the blue room.

Cut scene: A panoramic view of the room with its four skylights and four star-shaped 

ACTIVATING THE SHAFT OF LIGHT: Place each of the 4 SHAFT KEYS in its proper 
receptacle, activating four beams of blue light. When you place the last key, the 
beam of light blows a hole in the floor.

(NOTE: If you are missing the EASTERN SHAFT KEY, you can go back to the previous 
level now to get it. See the note on MISSING SHAFT KEYS at the bottom of this page.)

Use the switch on the wall between two of the receptacles to open a gate down in the 
passage below, letting in 2 of Von Croy's minions. If you wait for them to come to 
you, you can kill both with a single grenade as they enter. One drops a box of 
shotgun shells.

Return down the ramp, then through the hallway between the ramps past the sliding 
blocks to the ROOM WITH THE MARBLE BASIN. Now the east (right) alcove is open. Go in 
and pick up a large medipak. Then use the switch to open a gate down near the SHAFT 

Exit past the sliding blocks, then through the gate and down to the MAIN TUNNEL. 
Here you'll encounter 2 more blue-robed baddies, one on each side of the doorway as 
you re-enter the MAIN TUNNEL. The one on the left drops a small medipak when he dies.

Continue downhill. Shoot a bat and pick up some Uzi clips just before the next pit. 
Take a standing jump across the gap. (A running jump is too long and will make Lara 
overshoot the ledge.) Kill another bat. Then take a running jump across the next 
pit. From here you can kill another bad guy in the hall ahead.

Before jumping across the next pit, turn around and use the light in your BINOCULARS 
or a flare to see a small alcove down inside the dark pit. Take a standing jump down 
to this alcove and pick up a CROSSBOW (or arrows if you already have the weapon). 
This is secret #1 (70/70). Congratulations if you've found all the secrets! Take a 
standing jump from the edge of the ledge to grab the opposite rim of the pit and 
pull up.

Take a standing jump over the next pit to another narrow ledge. Hop down to the 
ledge just below, where you'll find a large medipak. Now take a running jump across 
the last pit toward the gate. (It should be open if you used the switch in the east 
alcove of the ROOM WITH THE MARBLE BASIN.) Enter and kill a few more bats.

Climb down inside the opening with the SHAFT OF BLUE LIGHT. Partway down on the west 
side is an opening. Climb in and follow the passage to the next level.

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