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LEVEL 7: TEMPLE OF KARNAK (first time)
Secrets: 4*

(NOTE: This level, along with the next two, the Great Hypostyle Hall and the Sacred 
Lake, are like one big level made up of linked parts. You can go between them as 
many times as you need to, but twice through each level should be enough if you 
explore thoroughly.)

Cut scene: Lara drives into the ruins at breakneck speed, swerves to a stop and hops 
out the Jeep.

COURTYARD WITH OBELISK: The level begins in an open area with pillars. Turn left 
(west) and climb over the ruined wall into a courtyard with a pointed obelisk Two 
black scorpions emerge—one on the ground to the left, one from behind the obelisk.

[NOTE: Unlike the red scorpions in earlier levels, these guys are poisonous. If Lara 
gets bitten, her health bar will turn yellow, showing that she's been poisoned. Her 
vision (and yours) will start to blur and waver—an interesting effect and worth 
experiencing if you've got a medipak to spare or have recently saved your game. 
She'll continue to take damage from poison until a medipak is used.]

Pick up the small medipak on the step near the obelisk. Now survey the scene: To the 
left (south) are THREE GOLDEN DOORWAYS. Ahead (to the west) is a HALLWAY LINED WITH 
COLUMNS. And to the right (north) is a stone wall with a gap in it, leading to 
another open area.

THREE GOLDEN DOORWAYS: Enter the middle one. Climb onto the low wall, then up onto 
the ledge on the right. Jump over to the next ledge to get a small medipak. Jump 
back to the middle ledge, then jump to the next (shorter) ledge and pick up some Uzi 
clips. Finally, jump to the little ledge for a box of wideshot shells. Drop into the 
room below. Drop into the pit and crawl through small opening. As soon as Lara can 
stand, draw guns and kill a black scorpion. This is secret #1 (26/70).

Go up the steps to a room with various jars. The first jar contains shotgun shells. 
In the next room, 3 more black scorpions lurk behind the pedestals. So take care of 
them, then climb up onto the ledges with the light colored jars and shoot them to 
get the items inside: a large medipak, wideshot shells, Uzi clips and flares. Crawl 
out the way you came in and return to the OBELISK COURTYARD.

Turn left and look for two worn blocks, one low, one higher, to the left of the 
entrance to the HALLWAY LINED WITH COLUMNS. The taller block is sloped on the left 
side, flat on the right. Grab onto the front edge of this block. Traverse to the 
right as far as possible without traversing around the corner and pull up to stand 
on the right side of the tall block. Angle Lara a little to the right and take a 
standing jump to grab the ledge ahead. Pull up and get some wideshot shells. Drop 

HALLWAY LINED WITH COLUMNS: Enter the building here. Note the square, gray door on 
the right. You'll be back here at the END OF THE LEVEL. Continue up the ramp. There 
is a pool at the top of the stairs, but Lara will look up to the right—a none-too-
subtle hint. Use the block to climb onto the ledge above. Turn around and jump over 
the opening in the floor to the walkway in the center, then to the far walkway. Pick 
up Uzi clips and shotgun shells in the corners. Then jump back to the center walkway 
and and use the mechanisms in the 2 niches to open the gated alcoves.

Inside the left alcove is a small medipak on the floor and a SHOTGUN (or shotgun 
shells) on the pedestal. Inside the right alcove is the FIRST CANOPIC JAR on another 

Cut scene: When Lara takes the canopic jar, we see a room with wide stairs and an 
ornate bowl. Guess that's where we're headed.

Drop down and jump into the pool. Swim down and retrieve some flares from the 
bottom. Get air, then swim down through the opening in the side wall. Swim through 
the passageway until you come to a square door. Position Lara facing the gray square 
at the center of the door and press Action. She'll then open it. Swim back for air.

Now swim down through the crack again, then through the door you just opened. Follow 
the passage and when it turns left, look up in the ceiling for a small square 
opening where you can get air. Climb out onto the ledge for secret #2 (27/70), Uzi 
clips and arrows (two separate pick-ups).

Stand facing the water and jump in. Swim down and forward, through a narrow 
horizontal opening. Continue swimming forward to a larger, square passageway with 
bluish lighting. To the right is a dead end with a gate, through which you can see 
another area. To the left is a small, triangular opening. If you swim close to the 
ceiling, you can get Lara inside without getting stuck. This is secret #3 (28/70). 
Pick up the goodies—a large medipak, Uzi clips, wideshot shells and poisoned arrows—
making a trip or two back to the small, square opening for air if necessary. 

Swim back along the passage (southward), through the square door, to the deep pool 
so you can surface. Climb out and head back outside to the OBELISK COURTYARD.

BUILDING WITH RED BANDS AROUND ROOFS: Turn left and climb through the gap in the 
wall to another open area with a two-story structure. You can climb up onto the 
lower roof—more like a walkway, really—to get some goodies. After coming through the 
gap in the wall from teh OBELISK area, continue straight ahead under the walkway. 
Here you'll find a block ledge. Climb up onto it, turn around and take a diagonal 
standing jump to the left to grab the edge of the opening to the walkway above. Pull 
up and pick up some shotgun shells.

Ahead (to the left if you're facing the gap in the wall where you entered) is a low 
block with a small medipak on top. At the opposite end of the walkway, you'll also 
find some Uzi clips. After getting them, drop down.

Enter the building on the left side between the pillars. Stay alert for the black 
scorpion lurking behind the blocks. Get the flares on the block in the far left 
corner. Then drop down into the hole and follow the short passageway inside.

ROOM WITH STAIRS, PITS AND CEREMONIAL BOWL: Here you'll find a wide staircase, which 
leads down to the CEREMONIAL BOWL, which you saw in the last cut scene. The 
staircase is flanked by two large, rectangular pits.

On the left wall, just ahead of where you entered, look for an elevated crawlspace 
between the first two striped square columns. Climb in and crawl into the passageway 
for secret #4 (29/70), flares and 2 sets of Uzi clips. Return to the big room.

Down in the pit on the left, there's a black scorpion. The pit on the right contains 
another scorpion, along with a small medipak. After getting the medipak, climb out 
of the pit, stand on the highest step and jump to grab the handholds on the ceiling. 
Traverse across the pit, drop onto the block on the other side and kill another 
scorpion. Push the button in the middle of the wall above the stairs to open the 
brown door on the opposite wall, letting in yet another scorpion.

Behind the brown door is a small niche. Operate the mechanism inside to lower the 
CEREMONIAL BOWL, revealing an opening in the floor. Drop through this opening into 
the room below. Pick up the large medipak on the block.

ROOM WITH BOWL AND STATUES HOLDING LONG HORNS: There are two doors and a crawlspace 
leading out of this room. The two doors both lead to a room with a large pool with a 
statue on the far side of it. The current prevents you from swimming over to the 
statue. Go through the door on the right to get to the room with the pool. Jump into 
the water and swim underneath the ledge to find 2 boxes of shotgun shells. Swim to 
the center of the room and let the current carry you back to the BOWL, where you can 
climb out.

Now go to the left door. In the doorway is a rectangular niche. Use the CANOPIC JAR 

Cut scene: We see the gray door opening back at the room inside the HALLWAY LINED 
WITH COLUMNS (where you found the CANOPIC JAR).

Climb into the crawlspace high on the wall near the left door, where you just used 
the jar. Continue through the passageway. There are several turns and places where 
you have to climb through narrow spaces, but you can't really make a wrong turn. On 
the way, pick up some flares in an alcove on the right side of the passage. You'll 
emerge in a sandy room outside the ROOM WITH STAIRS, PITS AND CEREMONIAL BOWL. You 
can find flat spots on the sand hill that enable you to jump out of this area to get 
back outside. (Or, if you have trouble with that, go through the ROOM WITH STAIRS, 
PITS AND CEREMONIAL BOWL and out the other side where you first came in.)

Return through the gap in the wall to the OBELISK COURTYARD. Turn right and re-enter 
the HALLWAY LINED WITH COLUMNS. Inside the building on the right is the gray door 
you just opened. Enter here and slide down into the room below to end the level.

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