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LEVEL 9: SACRED LAKE (first time)

Secrets: none*

(NOTE: The Temple of Karnak, Great Hypostyle Hall and Sacred Lake, are like one big 
level made up of linked parts. You can go between them as many times as you need to, 
but twice through each level should be enough if you explore thoroughly.)

LAKESIDE: Climb out of the pit and go through the door on the left to an open area. 
There's a small medipak on a low block in plain sight—perfect Lara-bait to distract 
her from the hungry crocodile that crawls in from the left. The dark area to the 
right harbors 2 bats. Another crocodile comes out of the pool when you explore a bit.

(NOTE: The crawlspace in the southeast corner leads to a SMALL POOL WITH TWO 
OBELISKS ON AN ISLAND in the center. There are a few pick-ups and scorpions there, 
but you're missing some items you need to use in that area. I recommend waiting 
until later to explore to save yourself a trip.)

Take a swim in the lake. Climb out on the broad, sandy ledge on the west side and 
kill 2 more crocodiles. Note the closed gate on the building in the middle of the 
pool. You'll need to open that. Walk around to the north side and go through the 
doorway of greenish stone. There are 2 bats lurking inside. Drop through the opening 
in the floor at the back (north) side.

(NOTE: The other openings will either drop Lara onto a series ramps and deposit her 
in a pool at the bottom of the room below, or break her bones outright. If you end 
up in the pool, either reload an earlier save, or follow the underwater passage back 
to the lake and try again.)

TWO CLIMBING POLES: Walk down to the lowest step and face the striped pole. Step off 
the edge and slide down the slope (don't jump) to land at the base of the longer 
pole. Climb up to about the level of the horizontal stripe carved into the wall. 
Turn Lara so her back is toward the base of the second pole. Then press Jump to back 
flip and land there. Climb up the second pole and back flip onto the small ledge. Go 
through the crawlspace to a room. Pull the chain.

Cut scene: The gate back at the building in the middle of the SACRED LAKE opens, 
releasing a pair of crocodiles.

Return through the crawlspace to the ledge above the pole. Take a standing jump from 
the edge of the ledge to grab the pole. Press back/down while holding Action to 
slide down the pole. Take another standing jump from the base of the shorter pole to 
grab the longer pole. Slide down. Drop into the square hole to the left to land in 
the water below. Grab a small medipak from the bottom. Swim out to the pool and get 
some flares from the bottom before following the underwater passage back to the 
LAKE. Remember, there are 2 crocodiles on the loose now, so quickly swim to a ledge 
where you can climb out of the water and kill them.

BUILDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE: Swim in through the now open gate. Climb onto 
the ledges to get a small medipak and 2 boxes of shotgun shells. Then look for an 
underwater lever beneath the overhang between the two ledges. Position Lara below it 
and press Action to make her pull it. This opens the square trapdoor on the bottom 
of the pool nearby.

UNDERWATER PASSAGEWAY AND MIRROR ROOM: Swim down through the trapdoor. When you come 
to the square door, position Lara in front of the gray square at the center and 
press Action to make her open the door. Go back for air. (NOTE: The next area 
requires some skillful swimming, so you might want to save your game here just in 
case. It's easy to get disoriented and drown the first time or three.)

Swim down through the trapdoor again, then through the open door. Continue along the 
passage as it turns left, swim through a narrow gap, continue forward, then turn 
right. Swim through a section of the passage with very uneven walls. Then swim up 
and left as the passage slopes up. (Up to this point you're just following the 
passage the only way you can, but there are a lot of short dead ends and places 
where the jutting rocks impede your progress.) Now you're faced with a choice of 
swimming forward and straight up to the MIRROR ROOM, or right and up to a small room 
where you can surface. Choose the right path. Breathe deeply and pick up the large 
medipak on the bottom. Swim down and forward through the passage. When you reach the 
first corner, swim up and to the right to the MIRROR ROOM.

There's an opening in the ceiling on the left side (when facing the mirror), but it 
is cleverly camouflaged. (Oh, those crafty Egyptian architects!) However, the mirror 
image of the room clearly reveals the opening (as in this screenshot). Get your 
bearings from the mirror, then roll and swim up to the ceiling to the opening.

Climb out of the water onto the ledge and follow the passage to a room with a SECOND 
CANOPIC JAR on a pedestal. Grab the 2 sets of Uzi clips on the floor, along with the 

Cut scene: We see a gate open down in the room in the middle of the SACRED LAKE.

Follow the hall back to the MIRROR ROOM. Then swim along the underwater passageway, 
first down and to the right, then following the passageway's twists and turns, all 
the way back to the LAKE.

Swim down through the other opening in the bottom of the pool, through the gate you 
just opened. The current will carry Lara along to the next level.

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