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TEMPLE OF KARNAK (second time)

Secrets: none

You return to this level for the second time through an underwater passage from the 
SACRED LAKE level. (See SACRED LAKE, first time). Climb up to emerge in the room 
with the pool, just beyond the room where you used the FIRST CANOPIC JAR. Go to the 
nearest doorway (just ahead on the left) and place the SECOND CANOPIC JAR in the 

Cut scene: Magic liquid pours down through the statues' long horns into the 
CEREMONIAL BOWL, causing it to tip and spill into the pool.

Go back to the pool room and try out Lara's new ability to—yes!—walk on water. Cross 
the pool to the statue and climb up behind it. Pick up some Uzi clips. Then go 
through the doorway. Follow the hall to the end.

OUTDOOR AREA WITH POOL AND ELECTRIC OBELISKS: Go to the right door and drop down 
onto a block. From here you can kill a couple of crocodiles lurking around the pool. 
There are 3 crocodiles in all, but one of them probably won't come out until you 
come down from the block. When the coast is clear, pick up some shotgun shells on 
the sand to the right and more shells on the bottom of the pool. Swim down through 
the underwater passage. Climb out of the water and press the button.

Cut scene: The cage between the obelisks lowers, revealing a golden statue on a 

Swim back to the pool and take the HYPOSTYLE KEY and the SUN GODDESS from the 
pedestal. (NOTE: These are two separate pick-ups. You can come back later if you 
miss one, but you'll save yourself a lot of time if you get both now.)

Cross the pool again and climb back up the block and into the building. Return 
through the walking-on-water room to the ROOM WITH THE BOWL. Go through the 
crawlspace on the right (east) wall, which leads back outside. (You've been through 
here before.) When you drop into the sandy area outside the ROOM WITH STAIRS AND 
PITS, one of Von Croy's goons attacks. There's another bad guy lurking inside the 
pit room. You can either go get him or avoid this area.

Return outdoors to the BUILDING WITH RED BANDS AROUND ROOFS, either by jumping over 
the sand pile or climbing over the block in the sandy area, or through the 
crawlspace from the ROOM WITH THE BOWL. There are 2 more henchmen lurking out here 
among the pillars. After dealing with them, climb through the gap in the wall back 
to the OBELISK COURTYARD. Enter the building on the right, watching out for another 
baddie in the HALLWAY LINED WITH COLUMNS. Go through the gray door on the right and 
slide back into the HYPOSTYLE HALL level.

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