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Secrets: none

You return to this level for the second time after completing the TEMPLE OF KARNAK 
(second time). Climb out of the pit and go up the ramp to the courtyard. There's a 
hired assassin waiting just outside on the left. Kill him and take his Uzi clips. 

on the right (the square opening with the carvings), and take out the assassin 
lurking inside. Exit through the sandy hallway at the far left. When you come to the 
bend just before the deep pit, you'll be ambushed by 2 assassins—one from ahead, one 
from behind.

(NOTE: You can avoid these two by climbing to the upper level of the DARK ROOM, 
jumping across to the sandy ledge on the south end and walking along above the 
hallway to the end. If you drop off after turning the corner, the two assassins 
won't appear.)

Take a running jump across the pit to grab the other side. Pull up and continue to 
the SMALL OPEN SPACE BETWEEN BUILDINGS. (You've been here before too.) This time, go 
through the crawlspace in the northwest corner, follow the passage to the end and 
use the HYPOSTYLE KEY to unlock the door.

several assassins lurking behind the broken blocks and ornate columns in this series 
of interconnected rooms. Depending on your combat style, you can either climb up to 
the higher levels now and traverse along some of the handholds on the undersides of 
the ledges. Or, enter each of the rooms at ground level first to clear out some of 
the vermin.

FIRST (NORTH) ROOM: Two assassins come out as soon as you enter. If you want all the 
pick-ups run to the left and quickly grab the small medipak on the low block. If you 
don't, one of the assassins will steal it and you won't see it again. (See this 
screenshot.) If you don't care about that item, you can instead run to the far right 
(southwest) corner and climb up the stone blocks to the ledge above to avoid the 
assassins' blades. One will probably draw a gun if you engage him for a while. So 
you might want to switch to a more powerful weapon at this point. The other may lurk 
under the ledge. So you'll need to change position on the lege and block to draw him 
out. The shooter drops his UZIS (or Uzi clips if you already have the guns) when he 

MIDDLE ROOM: If you enter at the lower level and approach the shotgun shells on the 
low block, a third assassin will emerge. Then, if you continue through to the THIRD 
(SOUTH) ROOM and approaching the flares, this activates the fourth assassin.

Or, if you prefer the non-confrontational approach, enter the next room via the 
upper level: Jump from the stone block in the southwest corner to the middle of the 
ledge (between the two columns). Jump to grab the handholds on the underside of the 
walkway above and traverse forward (east) then right. Drop down in the upper-level 
doorway. Enter and go through to the doorway above the MIDDLE ROOM. To draw out the 
bad guy lurking here, jump to the small square ledge to the left of th doorway. Then 
take a running jump to the next small ledge. Use the bars above to traverse across 
to the upper-level room on the right side. From here, you can start shooting at the 
third assassin below, though you may have to traverse back and forth a few times to 
draw him out. Go through the upper-level room on the right side to the opening above 
the THIRD (SOUTH) ROOM. From here, you can get a clear shot at the fourth assassin 

You can run around and make the various pick-ups now if you like (see below), or, if 
you've taken the 'high route,' wait to get them all after you finish the upper 
level. From the upper doorway facing into the THIRD (SOUTH) ROOM, grab the overhead 
bars and traverse forward and to the right (west) to drop on the ledge with the 
black switch.

Before pulling the switch, turn around to notice a black-and-red robed baddie 
traversing across the bars toward you. If you spy him in time, you can easily shoot 
him down before he reaches you. Now, jump up to grab the switch, and Lara's weight 
will pull it down.

Cut scene: The trapdoor in between the ledges high up in the MIDDLE ROOM raises.

Return to the MIDDLE ROOM and use the handholds to traverse past the now-raised 
trapdoor to the ledge at the left (west) end. Again, turn and kill another assassin 
traversing toward you. He drops some wideshot shells, but you can wait to get them. 
First pick up the Uzi clips at one end of this ledge. Then use the block at the 
other end to climb to the upper level.

Cross the ledge to the middle of the room. The camera angle goes all weird in order 
to draw your attention to the large ball balanced on the skinny pillar. Shoot the 
ball to knock it down, making a hole in the floor. Then return to where you climbed 
up. Climb down to the middle level the way you came. Drop to the floor, and if you 
haven't gotten all the pick-ups yet, do that now: UZIS (or Uzi clips) in the FIRST 
(NORTH) ROOM; shotgun shells plus the wideshot shells the traversing assassin 
dropped in the MIDDLE ROOM; a large medipak in the lower level room between the 
MIDDLE and THIRD (SOUTH) ROOMS on the west side (the entrance is in the MIDDLE ROOM 
below the door to the upper level); and flares in the THIRD (SOUTH) ROOM. When you 
have everything, head for the hole the ball made and safety drop into it.

GLOWING PYRAMID AND ROTATING NEEDLES: Grab the Uzi clips in the dead-end passage on 
the right. Then go to the left down a long hallway. Two doors lead into a room on 
the left. Here you'll find a block with a GLOWING PYRAMID on top. There's a chain on 
the east side that doesn't do anything (yet). The other three sides of this room 
have openings leading into other rooms.

Climb onto either of the ledges below the opening in the west wall and jump to grab 
it. Pull up and go inside to find flares and shotgun shells on two of the ledges. 
Return to the GLOWING PYRAMID ROOM, then climb the ladder into the north room to get 
some Uzi clips from one of the ledges. (There are no goodies in the south room.) 
Exit the GLOWING PYRAMID ROOM and follow the hallway to the left. It ends below an 
opening in the ceiling with a ladder. Climb up to the FIRST GEAR ROOM. 

In case you haven't figured it out, the huge, carved stone "needles," three in all, 
are mounted onto wheels so they spin like compass needles. The narrow ends are 
marked with a red stripe. You need to turn them so they all point toward the pyramid 
at the center. Conveniently, you can just see the needles through the holes in the 

The FIRST (NORTH) NEEDLE is pointing east. You want it to point south, so turn the 
wheel clockwise ¼ turn. That is, stand facing the side of the handle on the wheel 
and press Action to push it (it won't pull) once. (Each push is a quarter turn.)

Go out the other door and along the hallway to the SECOND GEAR ROOM. This needle 
points west. You want it to point east. So give the wheel ½ turn (two pushes) in 
either direction. Continue to the THIRD GEAR ROOM. The last needle points east. You 
want it to point north. So give the wheel ¼ turn (one push) counter clockwise.

Return through the other gear rooms and down the ladder to the GLOWING PYRAMID ROOM. 
Now pull the chain.

Cut scene: Huge hammers bang into the bottoms of the needles, causing electricity to 
jolt from the points. This bursts the glowing pyramid.

Climb up onto the block where the pyramid was and pick up the SUN DISK. Taking it 
opens a hole in the floor along the west wall. Drop through it and follow the 
passage back to the SACRED LAKE.

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