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Last Edited: July 9, 2004

The starting of the game, and a great mission to just learn how to get down the 
basics of the game, like the controls and how to move. There are actually no 
soldiers at the start at the game, but you will find some planes near the end of 
mission. Watch the opening movie, and you will see your allies running out the 
Run out of the room, and look to your right. Run forward, and you will see a guy 
ebing electrocuted. Go up to the cables, and look to your left. Go through the 
doorway. You will see a guy in here; follow him as he goes through another doorway 
into a storage area. He will most likely run faster than you, but you will still 
know where he is going. Run up the stairs, to see the guy again. Run and jump over 
the electric cables, like how it is demonstrated by the guy. A pole will fall, so 
duck under it and follow the guy. Keep going forward, to see an engineer. Help him 
with the hatch if you want a bonus objective. Run up the stairs on your left. Run 
the left again, and a guy will say, "Over here, I've found the exit." Fire will 
break out. Run up, and you will be given a fire extinguisher. Aim it at the fire, 
and press the shoot button to use. Put out the fire, and run forward and put out 
next one. Look at the door on your left. Aim the Fire Extinguisher at that fire, 
put it out. Run in the room, to see the cook. Te cook will want your fire 
extinguisher. He will automatically grab it off you after awhile. One the cook 
sprays out the fire, a mission objective is complete. Run up to the phone, and 
the action button to save your game. Once that is done, run out of this room, and 
to the left. Keep moving forward, and you will come to a set of stairs. Go up the 
stairs, and a short cut-scene will kick in. Wait until Gunny gives you a gun (The 
Bowing Automatic Rifle.) After that, there is some ways you can take down the 
incoming planes. There is a automatic gun near where you are, another on the next 
floor, or you can just use your B.A.R. I say use the gun emplacements. Make sure 
have your setting set right for invert axis, otherwise you will stuff this part up. 
It's all about aiming. Planes usually don't appear until the last second (well for 
me anyway) so just keep on firing at incoming planes, until it says that the USS 
California has been defended. 
Medal Strat, by BothanSpy.
Medal Requirements: Bounus Objectives - 2 Start out just running through the ship 
and once you find your guide follow him. There will be a guy shutting a door and he 
will yell something and run to the hatch. Help him close the hatch by running up to 
him and pressing the action button (default = X). Doing this will complete the 1st 
Secondary Objective. Once you get the fire extinguisher put out the huge flame in 
front of you. Just down the hall you will hear a man screaming that he is trapped. 
Put out the fire in the door way that leads to him. Inside this room you will find 
man and another fire blocking off part of the room. Put out that fire and the 2nd 
Secondary Objective will be completed. There will also be a film canister in this 
room, but it is not required for getting the Medal. Leave this room and keep 
following the path that leads to the main deck. Once you reach the deck a short 
video will trigger. Once this is over, shoot your new found gun at one of the 
that is about to fly over you. Once those two planes have passed run strait for the 
gun mount on the railing. Start shooting the planes as they approach. Learning 
the planes come from is a very useful tool. Don't continuously or that will 
significantly lower your accuracy (one of the requirements for getting a medal). 
Just keep shooting down the planes and the level will end after about a minute or 
two. If you did it right, you should get a Medal and the Skeleton Key for that 
I can't really give you an exact walkthrough for this level, for the fact that you 
can move yourself, the boat is moving, and you are only doing the shooting. This 
reminds me kinda like the level from Underground where you are on a motorbike, only 
this is more intense, due to the realism of it. If you are not in the level for 
accuracy, then just hold your finger down on the shoot button for all of the level. 
Move your view using the right analog stick (presuming you have that 
and shoot down any planes overhead. It will take afew bullets before planes are 
actually fully brought down. Just remember to try to shoot any plane before it 
shoots you. You cannot collect health in this mission, because you don't stop at 
all, and can't get out of the ship, so you need to preserve health. If you think 
are going to die early, then just restart. There is no need to preserve ammo for 
this, because the machinegun turret that you are using has an unlimited supply. 
Also, you cannot save the game during this level, there is no save points. Of 
course, you can at the end of the level, though. Just remember to keep on shooting 
down those planes. There is one time where you can't shoot, and that is the part 
where the Arizona gets blown up, they want you to see that, so that's why you can't 
move your view or shoot at that time. This level, of course has the most amount of 
planes that fly overhead. Heres a little challenge; try to see how many planes you 
can shoot down in the level. It will say at the end of the level, on the stats 
screen. I think somewhere between 70 - 75 + planes shot down is the bonus objective.
Medal Strat By BothanSpy:
Medal Requirements: Bonus Objectives - 2 All you need for this one is to complete 
both the Bonus Objectives. The Bonus Objectives are: Shoot Down 20 Planes and Shoot 
Down 75 Planes. 75 is pretty tough, but all you have to do is memorize plane 
locations and hope for a good run. You should have about 38-40 planes shot down by 
the time the Arizona blows up. From there you need to get 35 more planes. Tip: 
stop shooting after the Nevada starts talking. Keeping shooting planes in the 
distance. That's about all the tips I can give you. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
I like this level, it really reminds me of the first level of the second mission in 
Medal of Honor: Frontline. I forget the name of it though, but the one where you 
have to stow away in cargo crates. Anyway, onto the walkthrough. You will start the 
mission off by being on a bridge, with fire around you. You also get to start off 
with the Tommy Gun (Known in this game as the Thompson.) Don't worry about the 
planes flying overhead. Run to where there is no fire, and keep going. Do not run 
over fire, or you will lose health, which you of course don't want to happen. Keep 
on moving, until you get off the bridge. On the right will be your brother. He will 
talk to you. From where he is, help take down the enemies that come. Once that is 
done, run up, and to the right. You will see a little building. Go into it, and to 
the left. A guy will come out from behind the crates; kill him. Run behind the 
crates, and grab the tank cogwheel. Now run back to the tank, just beside the gate. 
Men will get in the tank. The tank is practically indestructible, but the men on 
ground and in high places will shoot on you. Keep a look out on your right and left 
all the time, enemies can sometimes appear from nowhere. Ignore the planes flying 
overhead, they really don't provide a big threat to you, only the soldiers on the 
ground. The tank will also take out some of the soldiers, which is good, but you, 
mainly, have to do all of the work. Just keep following where the tank goes, and 
proceed to taking out the soldiers. Watch out for snipers. When you get to a bit 
with huts, it is better to take out the men inside them by throwing a grenade in 
there to kill them. When the tank gets to the end, let the guy speak to you. You 
have to do the rest of the mission on your own, pretty much. Look behind, and kill 
the enemy troops. Retrace the enemy's steps by going to the left. Go past the huts 
(there is soup in the one on the end, which will give you some health back.) and 
turn to the right. Keep on running forward, taking out the soldiers as they come 
towards you. Keep on running forward. Sometimes a tank comes around the corner 
Battling it is useless, since it will just be a waste of valuable grenades. 
approach the building on the left, and wait until you hear a plane coming overhead. 
Stand back, and the plane will bomb the door. Go through the door. If you are 
waiting for it to explode and trying to avoid the tank, keep strafing and moving, 
because the tank's turret takes time to move around to get you, and never fires at 
the ground to inflict splash damage. Anyway, enter through the blown out doors on 
the left. Next tot he stairs will be a save point, so save your game. Go up the 
stairs. Go out of the window, and onto the planks, and slide down. Because the guy 
using the machinegun hasn't seen you, kill him with a headshot, or go up to him and 
hit him with your gun. If you want to, you can use the machinegun, and a lot of 
soldiers will come out. Kill them all. The machinegun has unlimited ammo. Once that 
is done, head down the road. Turn to the left, and kill the enemy soldiers. Run up, 
and you will see a locked door. To the left and right of the door are sewer 
trenches. Go down them, into the sewer system. When you get to a fork in the road, 
head right (which is the only way you can go.) Go up the stairs, and you will 
in a baseball field. Shoot enemies that appear, watch out though, because some are 
behind the crates, hiding. Once those enemies are killed, run over to the stands of 
the baseball ground. Go up the stairs on your right, and you will see a booth. Kill 
the guy in here, and the Radio command post will be disabled. Run back down the 
stands. Run over to where you can see a door. Watch out though; you can be ambushed 
from behind. The door will open, and guards will come out. Kill them all, and go 
through the doorway. Run to the right, and the gate will now be open. Keep going 
down the street, watching out for snipers. Head down the road to your left. Take 
path on the right, and grab some health and ammo, then keep on going forward, and 
into the school. Go into the room on the left. Run up the stairs, and get to the 
rooftop. To do this, go to the right when you go up the stairs, and up the next set 
of stairs, and you will be at the roof. A new objective will appear, and it is to 
protect Donnie and the other guy. Just use the machinegun embankment to shoot at 
tank and all the soldiers that appear. Then run back down both sets of stairs, and 
to the newly opened gate, and you will be at the town square. You will then be able 
to see Donnie. Run over, and you will also be able to see the lost explosives truck 
that you need to ride in. Talk to the guy, and a new objective will pop up, it ois 
signal the demolition team. Run into the church, and save your game. The phone is 
all of the seats. Run back to the stairs (that are still in the church) and take 
stairs to the top. Right at the top will be ropes. Take the path around, and press 
action to ring the bell. Demolition team has been signalled. Run back outside, and 
to the demolitions truck. Press action to get in the demolitions truck. Move your 
view so that you are looking outside, and shoot every soldier that appears. Donnie 
will come to help. Use your machinegun for this part, and keep on shooting the 
soldiers. A tank will come behind you. It shots will not harm the explosives truck. 
Wait to the tank gets close, then throw grenades at it. Hold down the grenade 
to throw it long. About 4 direct hit grenades should destroy it. Proceed to killing 
the rest of the soldiers. Some soldiers are next to explosive barrels, so shoot 
for an easy kill. Ge the explosive truck on the bridge, and the mission is complete.
Medal Strat: By BothanSpy
Medal Requirements: Bonus Objectives - 2 Accuracy - 75% or higher Hits Taken - 
100 Proven Medal strat As soon as the level starts, run towards your brother. 
down behind the sandbags and take out the first wave of soldiers. Try as hard as 
can to not miss any shots. It doesn't matter how long it takes because time is not 
requirement. Once the first wave is gone, run out and crouch behind those barrel 
things. Take out the second wave. Run intothe area right in front of you and go 
around the boxes to find the tank part (forgot exact name). When running around the 
boxes, an enemy will pop up in front of you. Shoot him. Once you have to item, run 
back to the tank. There will be a guy in a window of the building across the 
Shoot him. Repair the tank. The tank will start moving on it's path at this point. 
Shoot all the enemies on the first street trying not to miss any shots. Once you 
turn the corner, there will be a guy standing on the second level of a broken down 
building. Shoot him. Soldiers will start running towards the tank with explosives. 
You want to stand right next to the tank and shoot these guys as quick as possible. 
Shoot the rest of the enemies while running towards the end of the street. The tank 
will go around a U turn near a fountain. There will be a guy with a machine gun in 
the middle of the street after the turn. Shoot him with one shot. Grab the health 
pack in the doorway of the building on the right if you need it. There will be 
another ruined building soon. There is two guys you need to watch out for. One with 
a rifle and one with a machine gun. Shoot them with as little bullets as possible. 
Just keep escorting the tank until it reaches a dead end. You will get a new 
objective. Run back down the street until you see the tank. The tank will shoot out 
the door of a nearby building and it will also quickly shoot at you. Just keep 
running into the buliding. Run to the left of the stairs and shoot the guard by the 
door in the head. Run up the stairs and to the room on the left. Shoot the three 
soldiers on the roof of the building. Run out of the room and across the wooden 
bridge and slide down the second plank. Shoot the guard by the mounted gun in the 
head. Don't mount the gun or else a lot of guys will appear and that will increase 
you hits taken and lower your accuracy. Run towards the blue building and throw a 
grenade in the open doors. Shoot the two guards on the ground then the two guards 
the balconies. Go into the sewer and go on the right side tunnel. Once you get out, 
there will be a guard right in front of you and a guard behind the boxes to the 
right. Take them both out. Run backwards so that you go towards the announcer's box 
that holds the radio. Either throw a grenade in there or shoot him quickly. Go into 
the box and break open the small box on the floor using your melee attack. Grab the 
item. Bonus Objective 1 completed. Run towards the other announcer's box and down 
towards the crane. Find the three guards by a tunnel exit. Kill the guards before 
they can close the exit. Go into the exit and run until you reach the pipeline. 
Follow the pipe. When you come out, you will see a guard on the left. Shoot him. 
There will also be a guard on a building across the street. Run towards the 
end of the ruined building. There will be a hole in the wall on the right. Look 
through it and shoot the guard you see. You will see another box on the ground. 
Break it with your melee attack. Keep going until all the boxes are broken. A 
will appear. Grab it. Bonus Objective 2 completed. Crouch down so you can get under 
the small hole through the wall. You will eventually see a guard by the opening in 
the wall. Shoot him. There will be another guard by the opening. Shoot him also. Go 
into the building and go directly left through the doorway. go up the stairs and 
shoot the guard right in front of you. Go up the second set of stairs until you 
reach the mounted gun. Use this gun to destroy the tank then use your rifle to 
the remaining soldiers. Go back down and out of the gate. Meet up with your guy and 
ring the bell in the church. Go and grab all the ammo you can carry and get in the 
truck. Once youstop, throw a grenade at the mounted gun to kill the enemies there. 
Once you start going again a tank will follow you. Keep throwing grenades at it 
until it is destroyed. Now, don't shoot anything else except for the guys running 
beside the truck. You should have about 75% accuracy. Throw grenades at enemies to 
kill them until the level is completed. If everything was successful, you will have 
a new medal and Skeleton Key. Good luck!
Your first jungle level, although you do start off in the water with a pistol and 
also a sniper rifle. I suggest equipping your pistol, and sticking with it for the 
first part of the mission. You just have to watch as the boat and your men float. 
Wait until you see some men on your right, and shoot them. Your teammates will 
Keep floating, and later on, more men will come to your left, kill them also, and 
press the action button to go on shore. You don't have to though. It's actually 
better to go on land than to just stay afloat in the boat, as you will get killed 
the machinegun if you don't take it out by going on land. Keep on following the 
jungle path around, shooting the guards when you see them. Keep moving and kill the 
flood of guards by the woodpile section. Also, you will see a machinegun bunker 
is firing at your friends in the boat. Shoot the machinegunner, and then get back 
the boat. That just saved you a lot of health. Press the action button to get on 
boat. Just let the boat take you. There are guys in a tree up farther, but ignore 
them because they don't pose much of a threat, and are too hard to hit, so just 
ignore them, and don't waste your accuracy. In a second, Anderson will get hit, and 
fall back. Look at him. He will say that there is something in the water, and a 
crocodile will come out and grab him. He's dead. Get out of the boat when it 
land, and follow the squad. Kill the machinegunner up here first, before anyone 
else, as he is the biggest threat to you. On your right will be a hill, take the 
path around to meet some more enemies. Kill them and grab the intelligence 
Run back and find the tunnel. Run into it and save your game on the left. Now go up 
the hill and back out into the jungle again. Kill the two guards up by the fire and 
grab the health. Run up farther and shoot the guy with the machinegun. Walk around 
the truck and shoot the guards in there. Watch out for the guards with the 
they can easily kill you here. Keep moving past the truck, and watch out, a guard 
will come from underground and start shooting at you. Shoot him back, and kill him. 
Keep moving, and shooting. When you come to a place with two ways to get, left and 
right, head left and save your game. Then go to the right. Move forward some more, 
and you will reach the outpost. Shoot the guards who come towards you. Keep moving 
forward past the crane. Shoot the guards who come. There are some explosive barrels 
on the right that you can shoot to make them explode. Inside one of the huts is an 
intelligence document, which is part of a bonus objective. Now run back, keep 
forward. There will be two ways to go, left and right. Right is the way you came 
so go left. Kill the guards you see, and sniper off the two guards in the double 
story hut. Take the path on the right side of the hut, from when you first saw it. 
Kill the guys with bayonets by the fire on the right, and head left. Before the 
tunnel, a guy comes on the left side from underground. Shoot him, and go into the 
tunnel. Shoot the guard in the tunnel, and come out the other side, and you will 
a big hut. Shoot the guards in front of the hut first, and then go inside and shoot 
the rest of the guards. You can look out the window of the hut and kill enemies 
are outside. Run back outside after collecting health and other goodies. Three 
enemies will spawn on the right, kill them, and run up and keep going forward. Kill 
the guards behind and in front of the truck, and then move past it. In another 
Rockey part on the left side will be a save point. Save your game. Just keep on 
following the jungle path around, and around, and eventually you will get to 
machinegun embankment. Shoot the guard in there first. Take the path on the right 
around, and into the tunnel on the right. If you want an intelligence document, 
instead don't go into the tunnel, go forward and into the machinegun bunker, and 
collect the document. Then go into the tunnel. Kill the guards in the tunnel and 
out of it. Follow the jungle path around again, killing the guards when you see 
them. In the rocky section on the left up here is another save point. Save your 
game, then go out of the rocky section, and go forward. Now run back out of the 
tunnel, to the machinegun bunker. There is a tunnel by this, go down it. The only 
reason I told you to go down the other tunnel is to save your game. Go through the 
tunnel and come out the other side. Kill the enemies by the trucks, or shoot the 
barrels if the enemy is in front of them. On the right up ahead will be a 
Throw a grenade or two at it, and then run out the way and let it explode. Bonus 
objective completed. Keep moving forward and through the jungle area. Not too much 
farther to go now. Go into the hut, and first clear out the bottom floor, killing 
the enemies when you see them. Out the window you will see a tank; leave it for 
there is nothing you can do. Run upstairs, and shoot the guards up here. To access 
the next area, there are stairs on the right side of the big room. Go down the 
stairs on the right, kill the guards, and run out onto the big open land. There is 
tank here, so run to the right (east) kill the guard when you see them. On the 
is an AA Gun, press action to take control of it, and use it. Kill the guards that 
come, and look to your right and shoot the Ammo depot supplies. It will explode. 
Kill the rest of the guards, and the tank wil now approach you. Keep shooting at 
just keep pounding it with bullets. Try to destroy it before it's turret gets 
to you. once that has been done, the Ammo Depot has been secured. Run to the left, 
save your game on the right path. Now you are at the very last part. Run to the 
machinegun, and just shoot everyone here. Accuracy doesn't count on these guns, so 
just blast away and shoot everyone! Once everyone here is dead, the mission is 
This level is actually smaller than I first thought it would be, well, that's what 
think anyway. In this mission, you have a lot of objectives, but most of them are 
easy, like cross bridge, you know, stuff like that. You can actually go back from 
the start, but there really is not point, because there is nothing there. Walk 
forward. Instead of killing all of the guards here, run to the log part on the 
right, and jump over it. Shoot the guard hiding behind it. Take the path up, and 
shoot the two guards you see in front of you. When you see two or three ways to go, 
head right and take out the machinegun bunker on your right also. Now look left, 
you will see some friends. Fight off the enemies, and speak to your teammates. They 
have found some of your mates. Follow the guy as he runs up, and finds a secret 
door. Run through the door. Now you are in a cave. Save your game at the phone in 
the last room. Now go out of the cave. Follow the guy out, and you will see some of 
your teammates being held captive, with guards surrounding them. Wait until the men 
get in position, then shoot the guards. Go behind the hostages and undo their ropes 
by pressing action. The middle hostage will talk to you. There is some ammo on the 
front part of the hut, and if you go behind, you can crawl under the hut and grab 
the Machete. Wait for a while, and an air strike will blow away a fence. Go to 
this fence was and go up the hill. Go all the way to the top of the hill. The 
airstrikes wont hit you. Run to your right and kill any guards in your way. Run to 
the top of the hill on your left. This is where the Howitzer is. Watch out, because 
grenades fly down. It is easy to dodge them, just look at where they are, and run 
the direction where they are not going. Get to the top of the hill and kill the 
enemies by the howitzer. Use the howitzer if you want to. It's best to get off the 
howitzer, kill the guards, and then get back on and shoot the tank. Make sure you 
get the tank full on, not hit the ground, otherwise you will probably die. Once 
enemies are all dead, run down the hill, and to the left. Shoot the guard by the 
machinegun, and you will end up next to a river stream. Keep moving up, and be 
prepared to fire upon the enemies that come. Shoot them all, Duck back if you need 
to. On the right will be a path, which leads to a save phone. Keep going up through 
the jungle and shoot the guards behind the log. Watch out in this next section, as 
enemies seem to come from underground. Run up the hill on your right, and shoot the 
snipers. Run back down and shoot the other guys. Keep running forward. Watch out on 
the next path, as more guards will come from underground. Get to the river stream 
and waterfall, and you have rendezvous' with Martin Clements. Go across the river 
stream, and follow the path. Like usual, shoot any enemy you see. You will get to 
another section where Martin is speaking to you. Run to the right and collect ammo 
and health, then follow him up the hill. Go into the cave and around all the 
The cave isn't unguarded. Shoot the guards in here, and run up to the first part of 
the Pistol pete artillery. A great way to take out all of the enemies in this 
section is to throw a grenade in there. Boom. All enemies will (hopefully) be dead. 
Let Harrison set the charges, and then press the action button by the remote to set 
of the charges and destroy one piece of Pistol pete Artillery. A new door will open 
on your left; go through it. More guards will be through the door. Walk up, and go 
along the bridge. Throw a grenade down at the machinegunner. Run to the end, take 
out the guards and run down the hill. Run through this section until you find 
yourself outside. Aim at the soldiers on the stairs and shoot at them. Run across 
and go up the stairs. Grab the health that is on the stairs also. Shoot the guards 
by the machinegun, and be sure to move back so you don't get hit. More guards will 
come to the machinegun, so be careful. Harrison will throw a grenade into the 
machinegun bunker, destroy the door. Go through the doorway, and to the right. Let 
Harrison rig the piece of Artillery, and then move back. Watch it explode. The door 
will now open. Shoot the guards and run through. Shoot the guards in the head that 
are hiding behind the crates (because that's all you can see of them.) Get to the 
next piece of Artillery, and Harrison will rig it again. Follow Harrison across the 
bridge. I think there is a way you can save Harrison, but I can't do it. The bridge 
will collapse, and the mission will be completed.
Firstly, here's some info from Duncan: Also, after the rickshaw crashes and Tanaka 
talks to the guards, you don't have to kill them. He says something about you being 
a German officer and they walk off. Maybe it was because I used stealth and the 
Welrod at the docks so I didn't kill many soldiers. I also stayed well back when 
Tanaka talked to the Japanese. You start the mission off with a Welrod pistol, and 
another pistol. Don't use the Welrod, it takes too long to reload, causing you to 
pretty much be shot when reloading. The other pistol is good. Anyway, on with the 
walkthrough. Shoot the first guy looking the opposite direction in the head, then 
move on to the bridge and kill the next enemy, who is usually walking away from 
Kill the guy by the crates, and take the path across the water. Shoot the guards. 
Kill all of the guards near the boxes, be careful, and take cover when you need to. 
Walk around the corner, and you will see a guy with tanaka on the back of his cart. 
There is pretty much nothing up the end of the street (no ammo, guards, etc.) so 
press action to get on the cart. Tanaka will brief you here, so just sit back, 
your view, and ignore the passing guards, as you cannot shoot. Watch the scenery go 
by. After awhile, the puller of the cart will get run over, spinning you upside 
down. Let Tanaka go and speak to the guards. When the talking fails, pull out your 
gun and kill them all. Head down the road to your left, grab some ammo and health 
and kill the guards. Go right, kill the rest of the guards here, and supply 
yourself. Run up the road, collect ammo and supplies, then kill all the guards by 
the gate. Run into the bar area on the left, and take the door out to the next 
past the gate. Save the game just before this in the room, and speak to Tanaka. He 
will say that Shima will turn the town upside down looking for them now, so you 
bet is to split up, and lose the guards in the alley. I hate stealth, so I'm not 
going to do the next bit in stealth. Just run up and shoot all of the guards here. 
If you like doing it in stealth, you can crawl through the sewers and guards wont 
see you. Keep running up, and turn the corner to your right. Hide behind the wall, 
and peek out and shoot the enemies here. Move forward. If you are looking for some 
supplies, head down the street on the left, and kill the guard. Anyway, keep going 
down the street, killing the enemies when you encounter them. Go down the very last 
street on the left, and you will see someone opening the door. Run to him. He is 
Bromley. Follow him as he gets to the stairs, and introduces himself to you. When 
that is done, follow him down the stairs, and kill all of the enemies you 
He is trying to do it in stealth, but ends up getting seen anyway, and shot upon. 
Just a note, you can't kill Bromley, which is a good thing, if you have a bad aim, 
or don't know who is on your team. Follow him all the way upsatirs, and he will 
brief you on some German guy. Bromley will give you Caltrops. Walk up into the 
a bit, and when it says action to throw the Caltrops, throw them! The car will go 
spinning off into the wall. Run to the car, and grab the uniform, so that you can 
in disguise to the axis meeting. This is as far as Bromley is going. Run up the 
stairs, and save your game. Run up the next stairs, into a rooftop with glass rooms 
everywhere. Shoot all of the guards here. It is definitely better if you don't use 
your welrod here. Progress to the next rooftop, and eliminate any guards here, and 
run down the next set of steps. Kill any guards, go along the wooden platform and 
look to your left. Kill the guards and rescue the P.OW and grab the health kit. 
right and shoot the guards on the ground, then jump down to the next area, shoot 
guards up top, then jump onto the crates and get up there. Run down the next set of 
steps into a room. Kill the guards looking out the window. Go through the doorway 
your left. Look right, and you will have rescued a P.O.W, grab the ammo by him as 
well, then look the opposite direction and run forward. Turn the corner, to find 
Tanaka in an enemy Uniform, so he wont be shot at by the enemy. He will take you, 
and your newly acquired uniform to the hotel, where you can infiltrate the hotel 
find out their plans. All weapons have now been taken away from you, so you can't 
shoot in this part, and you don't need to anyway. Press action to get into the car. 
Tanaka will take you all the way. Walk up to the guards. They will pull their 
out. Don't worry, this is just a sign of respect to which they think it a colonel, 
they are not trying to kill you. Run up the left set of stairs and take them to the 
top. When you are at the top. Do a 180-degree turn, and go forward on the upstairs 
path, through the door. The next bit is automated. Here is where you learn their 
plans. Just listen through this bit. The real colonel will come in, and say that 
stole his uniform. If you look up, you will see a guard. Bromley will kill the 
guard, who will fall through, and then Bromley will come down and kill everyone, 
except you. Run out the door, and back downstairs. Kill every guard you encounter, 
also. Run the opposite way to where you came in, and you will go into a big room. 
through the first door on your right, straight away, and kill the cooks in the 
kitchen before they kill you. Go into the next room and press action to save your 
game. Run upstairs and help Bromley out by shooting all of the guards here. Exit 
bar area, and walk forward down the hallway, shooting the guards when they come. 
Exit through the room on the right, go outside, kill the guards on the right and 
up there, and the mission is complete. You and Bromley will get onto a bus type 
Watch the opening movie, which shows the plane with Tanaka (?) in it going down. 
must find this plane, as well as doing a lot of over objectives. I prefer using the 
Shotgun for this level, and using the sniper of the far away guards. You also have 
some teamates on this level. Walk forward and shoot the guards just ahead. Walk to 
the left, ans shoot the guards in this jungle part. Take the path around and kill 
some more enemies. Basically, the rest of the Jungle part is just like this, so 
sorry if I'm boring you, just read ahead. Take the path around, kill the enemies 
then turn left. Shoot some more enemies, and watch out for the guards with the 
machineguns, attempt to take them out first, before anyone else. Use the sniper and 
snipe the enemies far away. Keep walking, and you will come to a place with a hill 
going up, and a hill going down. Take the hill coming up, this way you can Sniper 
down at the enemies. Kill the guard at the top, and melee attack the crates and 
some ammo. Now shoot down at the enemies, using your Sniper. Run back down the 
do a 180-degree turn, and run down. Run to where the guards were, that you 
When you get down here, it will trigger more guards; shoot them all, especially the 
one at the machinegun embankment. Run forward, shooting the enemies. Keep going 
forward, and you will find a save point. Save the game, and break the crates in the 
corner. Now, collect what is under them and go to the left. Run up through the 
jungle, and shoot the guy and the machinegun. There are A LOT of machine gunners 
here, so be careful, and use your machinegun for this section. Watch out for the 
on the hill, who uses a machinegun to shoot down at you. Take him out with he 
Rifle. Shoot him not the barrel. Once everyone is dead, run forward, take out the 
next guy with a machinegun. Keep going through the jungle, and save your game at 
phone. Turn to your right, and you will come to the crashed plane, which will then 
explode. Turn left, and run up to Tanaka, who will tell you afew things. You get a 
new objective, which is to rescue the pilot. Continue into the jungle. Keep going, 
and you will eventually reach the entrance to the temple, guarded by Guard towers 
and ground soldiers. Use your Sniper Rifle to take the guards out, but if you have 
low ammo, or none at all, run to the wall, then peek out with your Shotgun or 
Machinegun and fire. Tanaka will give you covering fire. You cannot kill Tanaka, 
which is good. Run up, shooting all of the guards that come down the stairs. Now go 
up the stairs, and you are in the temple. Run into the temple, and when you can, go 
left, shoot the crates and grab the Bazooka. Now run back right. Kill all of the 
guards in the room witht he Buddah. Run to the left, shoot the guards again, and 
Tanaka will help you kill them. There are some crates in here as well, so break 
if you need some ammo or health, then go to your left. Keep running around the 
corner, shooting the guards. Run into the room with the Buddha, and kill everyone. 
In the hands of the Buddha is a flower; you will automatically grab the lotus 
when you approach it. Open the door, turn the corner to the right, and kill the 
guards, blah blah blah. Eventually you will come to another door. Open it and you 
will be outside. Hide behind the rocks and peek out to kill the guards. Let Tanaka 
take care of the guards on the ground, although you will have to do some work. When 
that is done, run to the right. Run into the next part of the Temple. These crates 
cannot be struck open. Open the next door, and shoot the guards sitting down at the 
table. There is two ways to go here, left or right. The right way just leads you to 
the kitchen area, which has a few cooks in it, and also Sake barrels, which is a 
secondary objective if you destroy 5. To progress on with the game, head left. Keep 
going forward until you hear an explosion. Your view will turn upside down, well 
actually it will spin, and you wil fall through a hole and find yamashita's gold. 
That explosion was Bromley taking out the AA guns. Look right, and kill the guard 
who comes down with a shovel. Go up the stairs, follow the path along, and you will 
come to a hill, this is where the detention centre is. Run down the hill, kill the 
guards, go through the open gate, and kill more guards. Shoot the guards in the 
on the left. Take the first right, and shoot the guards. Release the pilot by 
pressing the X button. He will defend for himself now. If you got the flower, head 
right out here to the lying down buddah statue. Go to the little thing before it, 
and press action to put the flower on it. Collect the tool that pops up in the room 
on the right. Save your game here as well.. This will help you in other missions. 
Now run back to where you fell down that hole to, and go through the set of double 
doors. Keep running, and you will eventually hear another explosion. In the room 
after this, stay back, as the Buddha statue will fall and kill some guards. Kill 
whoever is left standing. Keep moving forward, and you will hear the third gun go 
off. Keep moving. Just keep on shooting everyone, and you will eventually get to a 
part with machineguns looking out onto a base. Use the machineguns, and shoot 
anything that moves. If soldiers are in front of barrels, then shoot the barrels to 
kill them. Also shoot the trucks. After you kill everyone, you have escaped the 
temple, and the mission is complete. Watch the movie, and then move onto the next 
The plane you are flying in hits turbulence, and you fall out. Luckily you have got 
a parachute. This is another jungle level, with many paths leading off into 
different sections. You have all weapons from last level, minus the machinegun. 
into the jungle and prepare for your first enemy. He pops up out the ground on the 
right. Shoot him. As you go down into the jungle, another enemy will do the same on 
the left. Kill him before he kills you, because he has a machinegun. When you get 
to the little bridge, kill the guards on it and cross it. If you look down to your 
right, there is a little dock. Shoot the barrels to kill the enemies down here, 
although you might need to sniper one. Cross the bridges, and go to the left, up a 
hill. Grab the health, and break the crate using a Melee attack. Collect the ammo. 
Jump down to the right, and be ready, because usually 4 enemies will come. Run back 
and strafe and shoot them with your Shotgun. Run all the way forward, and you will 
find some crates next to the train tracks. Break them, and grab whatever goodies 
under there, then continue along the train tracks. Beware of snipers, they are a 
pain in this level. If you are getting shot at and hit by a sniper, then use your 
compus to work out where they are shooting you from, or try to see where the bullet 
is coming from. They can sometimes be hard to see in the jungle. Move forward. You 
will see another bunch of crates; throw a grenade behind them as guards are here. 
Let it explode, killing the guards. Now, you can go two ways here, forward, or to 
the right. If you go to the right, you can take out the snipers that cause a 
if you were taking the railway tracks. There is also a machinegun up here, which 
be used to spawn more enemies, although you might get shot a few times, and it 
ruin your accuracy, and that's two bad things if you are trying to get a medal for 
this level. When you get to the top of the hill, shoot the guards and then look 
onto the railway track. Siper the guards by the water tower. You cannot jump down 
railway tracks from up here, the game wont let you, which is good, because if it 
wasn't like that, you would die. Run down the hill, and you will be back on the 
railway tracks. Run forward on the tracks. Just to the right before the bridge is 
another jungle path. Take it, and you will get a machinegun at the end. Run back to 
the tracks, and go right. When you get to the bridge section and start to cross it, 
different music will come in, and a truck will have enemies in at, shooting back at 
the allies. Run up and shoot the truck with your shotgun. When it explodes, it 
should fall off the bridge. Run across the bridge and meet some friendlies. Follow 
them up, and when the guy says, "Enemy troops ahead" two of them will go forward, 
and two will go to the left. Head left, and you will come to a hut. Shoot the 
snipers and all in the trees. There is a fair amount of enemies here, so be sure to 
duck when you need to. There is health on the hut on top of the hill, as well as 
some on the one on the ground. As you move forward, there will be more enemies 
coming out of trenches. Kill all (or most) of the enemies, and don't be afraid to 
throw grenades where you think enemies might be. Run to the hill, up the rocky path 
and meet some allies again. Let them shoot the snipers up top of the hill. Up 
farther, enemies will start coming from behind rocks. Throw grenades behind the 
rocks. It's best to use your machinegun in this part. A lot of guards will come to 
the guard tower, so watch out for that big machinegun on the hill, it can kill you 
quick. Throw grenades if you aren't that good of a shot, but otherwise, aim in with 
your sniper rifle and shoot the guys at the tower, then move into the jungle area 
the left. You will be faced with two ways to go, head left. Save your game at the 
phone. Now you can just keep on moving forward, to the path that would of been on 
your right when you came to the two ways to go. Watch out, as there are enemies 
pop out from underground. Before you cross the bridge, look right and peek out. 
Shoot the barrels next to the guards, and that should kill the guards. That should 
also disable the dock, which is a secondary objective. Keep moving forward and 
the guards near the crates. If you take control of the machinegun, then more 
will spawn, and you can kill them. There are some bottles of medical canteen there 
as well. Run around the crates and you will find an elephant. Press action to ride 
it. You need to ride the elephant because it can get through places you can't. It 
has a machinegun on top that you can use to fire down at enemies. Sometimes the 
machinegun wont get down far enough to get an enemy. If the above happens, then 
to the enemies run back, and then shoot them. Keep on shooting all of the enemies 
that you can see, and you will also hear air strikes. They wont get you. Just keep 
shooting, and try not to be shot yourself. The elephant will eventually barge 
through another lot of trees, and you will find Bromley. When he goes to the left, 
you go right, take out the two snipers and grab the medikit. Now go back to where 
Bromley is, and follow him. Save your game and then run up the hill. Now you must 
take control of the crane. Run over to the left side of this section, by the wire 
gates and run up the hill. Kill the guards protecting the crane, and press action 
get in. I like this bit. It is done automatically. Griffin will pick up some metal 
tracks, put them where the train is going, and then the train will come, get 
derailed and explodes. You nearly get killed as well, when a piece of debris comes 
straight for you! The crane is now destroyed. Run back down the hill and to the 
train. A new ibjective will pop up, which is to open the fuel tanks. Run towards 
bridge on the river kwai, and a door will open on the train. Kill the guards that 
run out, then go through the door. Keep weaving in and out and shooting the guards 
when they come. You will need to go to the side of the bridge a lot to get around, 
so do that. The fuel tanks look like big gas cylinders. Press action on the valve 
open. Weave in and out through the wreckage again and open the next fuel tank, 
is on the right. Keep weaving in and out, and you wil eventually get to the last 
fuel tank. Once you open the last fuel valve, a door will come open. Shoot and kill 
the guard who says that you wont take him alive. Open the door, and their Bromley 
will be. He will tell you a few things. Follow him, and he will throw a grenade at 
the guards, which will sabotage the bridge. Follow him back, as he goes on top of 
the trains. Follow him through another room, and jump down into the ocean, and the 
mission is complete. Tanaka will then come in a plane and pick you and Bromley up, 
and take you to the carrier.
Watch the opening movie, which shows Tanaka, Bromley, and yourself in an aeroplane 
about to board a Japanese ship, with help of Tanaka, who knows a few Japanese. Your 
main objective is to try and find Yamashita's gold, which is on board. Tanaka will 
fool the guards, and use a Japanese uniform while Bromley and yourself go safely 
below, where you can sabotage some parts of the boat. Now, lets start the mission. 
Listen to the plan that Bromley says. Run to the stairs that are in the opposite 
corner to where you and Bromley are, and run down them. Turn to the left, and then 
run in the room on your left. Collect ammo, and open the vent near the other side 
the room. Run back out, and look to your left. Kill the enemies hiding behind the 
crates, and watch out, as more will come round the corner. SInce you don't have 
grenades, just continually fire upon them. Turn the corner to your left. Turn 
and in the room on your right, there is some health for you to collect. The next 
room on the right contains some health also, but you might want to save it, and 
back for it if you need it. Now, keep heading forward and kill the guards. Turn the 
corner to your left, and keep going forward and open the next vent. That is 2 out 
8 vents opened. Turn right, and in the room on your right will be some ammo, and 
also a new machinegun for you to use. Head back out. Walk forward, and the room on 
left has health. Turn the next corner, and kill the three guards here. You will now 
come to a T intersection, but there is actually 4 ways to go. Head left first, and 
go in the room on the right. Kill the guards by the table, and run so that you are 
out of site of the other room. Now, from in here, sniper off the guards who are in 
the other room. When they are all dead, run in, and press action by the vent. 3 out 
of 8 vents. In the room across from the hallway you are using to get back to the 
main path, go across into another room. Collect the health and stuff in here, and 
then return to the main path. Run around the corner, go into the room on the left, 
and shoot the guards in there. Pop out of the room if you feel you are being 
overpowered, and then use the quick peek method to go in, or let the guards come 
to you. Collect the health and ammo, and go back onto the main path. Keep going 
forward, and open the door on the left. Kill all of the enemies, and run to where 
you can see the handle. This is the vent. Press action to open it. 4 out of 8 vents 
opened. The rest of the vents are in the main ship area. Open the door, run around, 
and open the next door by the stairs. Save your game in here, and then run down the 
stairs. Kill the two guards in here, and run down the next set of stairs and into 
the ships main area. Lots of people to kill in here. Use crawl to avoid being hit 
the soldiers in the middle. Sniper them off. Run to the right and grab the ammo, 
then run back to the left. Run up the stairs on the right, and kill any enemies you 
see. Run right again for some health and ammo. Run forward, shoot the guy on the 
left, and enter to the right. Go left and into the first room. Kill the guards. 
Destroy the fuel monitor just below the vent, and it will explode. Now open the 
vent. Go into the other room, and do the same here, open the vent and destroy the 
fuel monitor. Run out of this section, and keep on going forward. On your left and 
right will be fuel valves. When it says press action to break valve, press the 
action button, and it will break. Do this to all 4. You can shoot the guards 
the windows up here, so do that. Now do the same thing that you did for the other 
two rooms. 1. Kill the guards in the rooms. 2. Shoot the fuel monitors in both 
rooms, and finally, 3. Press the action button by the vents to open them. Do all 
three of these. Then go back to the middle section, and you will see Bromley, who 
planting charges. Follow him around across the bridge part, and to another door. 
Watch out here, as guards have machineguns and can easily kill you. Go through the 
door, and into the room. What do we have here? Yamashita's Gold? Yes it is. Guards 
are in here, as well as Bromley, and something that is coming through the vents... 
which is gas! There is nothing you can do about this part. Your screen will go 
blurry, and you will eventually black out and being held hostage by Shimma, or 
whatever has name is. He will ramble on about how you have a brother, who is also 
being held on this ship. You can only move your view here, so you can't move 
you are tied up in a rope. Shima gets no information out of you. He then goes to 
other "American" so Shima calls him, when really, he isn't an American, he is 
actually British. Oh well. Tanaka is the guy on the right, in the White. While the 
guy with the sword goes over to talk to Bromley...... He sees Tanaka attempting to 
loosen your ropes, so then he grabs Tanaka, and slits his throat, while Bromley 
kills the other guard. Tanaka is dead. Bromley throws you a weapon, and you both 
part ways again. Kill both guards who come in. Follow Bromley, and he will tell you 
what to do, which is to get up to the bridge. Grab some health, and svae your game 
behind the shelves, then run to where you killed those two guards a second ago. Run 
up the stairs. Here it can be better if you aim for the barrels by the enemies, 
instead of shooting the actual enemy. Do that. You can also shoot the planes, but 
they take too long to explode, and are a waste of ammunition. Run to the door on 
right side of the hangar area. Shoot the guard on the left, and run up the stairs. 
Go down the stairs and kill the next lot of guards. Run into the hangar on your 
left. There is a fair amount of guards in here. Peep out and kill them if you want 
to, or just go in all guns blazing; whichever is better for you. To get to the next 
bet, run northwest from where you entered this section (not north on your compus, 
your north, meaning up = north, left = west, etc.) Look on your right to see the 
next door, and go up the stairs. Kill the guards with the swords, and open the 
hangar door using the switch. Run back downstairs, and go to your left to see the 
new door open. Run through the door, and kill the guards. You will see the 
Commander, and a few guards on the elevator, and the son of a bitch has got your 
brother! There is no way that you can stop him getting away. Kill the new guards 
that come in here, and take the stairs up on your right. Head through the door, 
right, kill the guard and go up the stairs. Keep going, killing all the guards as 
you go along. Some of the crates have goodies under them, so use a melee attack to 
break them and grab the ammo, or whatever is under them. Keep going forward, and 
will eventually go back into the main part of the ship. Head either to the left or 
go forward here, it doesn't really matter. Kill the guards. Run into the room on 
right and get some health and ammo. Run up the stairs at the end, and save your 
in the room on your left. Kill the guards in the other room. Once again here you 
go to the left of the right. Go up the stairs at the end, press X in the room on 
left to send a false radio signal. head out of this room and kill the guards. Go 
either left or right here, then go outside and take the path around. Head up the 
stairs and kill the guards who say that the damage is too extensive. Head outside 
again using the doorway. Go to your left and kill the guards Head down the next set 
of steps, and you will see Bromley. Follow him to the plane, which is on the right. 
Press action to get into the plane, and you will start to fly off. The last thing 
do is to try and hold off the fighters from killing you. Use the machinegun on the 
back, and shoot down all of the planes that fly overhead, before they shoot you. 
to your view, this can be hard. Most of the tips that I used in the second mission 
apply here too, just keep shooting if your not in it for accuracy. Just keep 
shooting down those planes! It will take awhile to take off, and then you will see 
the ending of the game! 
Bullet shield mode: Enter TANG at the password screen at the options menu. Select 
the "Bonus" options to enable/disable this cheat. All bullets that are fired at you 
will be ineffective and will not damage you.
Silver bullet mode: Enter TILEFISH at the password screen at the options menu. 
Select the "Bonus" option to enable/disable this cheat. Silver bullet mode allows 
enemies to be killed with one shot.
Perfectionist: Enter HOGFISH at the password screen at the options menu. Select 
the "Bonus" option to enable/disable this cheat. This cheat allows the Japanese to 
kill you with one shot.
Unlimited ammunition: Enter GOBY at the password screen at the options menu. Select 
the "Bonus" option to enable/disable this cheat.
Rubber grenade mode: Enter DAMSEL at the password screen at the options menu. 
the "Bonus" option to enable/disable this cheat.
Snipe-O-Rama mode: Enter PUFFER at the password screen at the options menu. Select 
the "Bonus" options to enable/disable this cheat. This cheat allows all guns to 
like a sniper rifle.
Men with hats: Enter SEAHORSE at the password screen at the options menu. Select 
the "Bonus" option to enable/disable this cheat. Characters will have various 
objects on their heads.
Invisible soldiers: Enter TRIGGER at the password screen at the options menu. 
the "Bonus" option to enable/disable this cheat. All that you will see is their 
and helmets.
Achilles head mode: Enter MANDARIN at the password screen at the options menu. 
Select the "Bonus" option to enable/disable this cheat. The Japanese can only be 
killed with a headshot when this cheat is active.
Popeye arms: Enter SPINEFOOT at the password screen at the options menu
All missions: Enter BUTTERFLY at the password screen at the options menu.
All replay items: Enter GARIBALDI at the password screen at the options menu. 
the "Bonus" option to enable/disable this cheat.
This is what adds a lot of replay value to the game; multiplyaer. The great thing 
about this is that you can play by yourself against bots, or play with 3 friends.
Battleship Raiders - Based on "Day of infamny"
Shima Field - Based on "Fall of Phillipines"
Marauders at Midnight - Based on "Midnight raid on gudalcanal"
Solomon Showdown - Based on "Pistol Pete Showdown"
Death in the Orient - Based on "Singapore Sling"
Calumpit Chaos - Based on "Fall of Phillipines"
Idol Assault - Based on "In search of Yamashita's gold"
Boxcar Brawl - Based on "A bridge on the River Kwai"
Hangar Havoc - Based on "Supercarrier Sabotage"
Us Balanced-4-Thompson, M1 garan, Shotgun, B.A.R
Made in Japan-2-Type II LMG, Type 99 LMG
Sharpshooter-3-Pistol, M1 garand, Sniper Rifle
Boomsticks-3-B.A.R, Shotgun, Bazooka
MOH Classic-4-Pistol, M1 Garand, Thompson, B.A.R
Clandestine-3-Welrod, Sniper Rifle, Sten Mk II
Automatics-4-Sten Mk II, Type II LMG, B.A.R, Type 99 LMG
One Shot Kills-4-Welrod, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Bazooka
Pistols Only-2-Pistol, Welrod
Rifles Only-2-M1 Garand, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun 
Coll. Damage-1-Bazooka
Imported-4-Welrod, Sten Mk II, Type II LMG, Type 99 LMG
Infantryman-1-M1 Garand
Game mode: Free for all means it's everyone onto everyone, but Team Deathmacth 
it's you onto the other team.
Time Limit: Choose how long the game will go for. When the time limit is up, the 
match will end.
Kill limit: Choose how many kills before the level will end.
Friendly Fire: If on, and you shoot one of your own teammates, they will die. If 
off, they wont die, or get injured.
Character Select: Choose bots to be in your match. Here you can put bots in the 
macth, or leave spots clear.
If you like big open areas and lots of sniper spots; then this level is for you. It 
is quite big, and comprises of two battleships. One team starts on one, and the 
other team starts on the other ship. You can go up many levels on the ships, and 
because it is outside, it feels like a great level for snipering.
This is set in the Baseball Stadium in the level Fall of Phillipines. It isn't the 
same though, the sewers lead out into different places, and the baseball field is 
covered in crates. Use the crates to your advantage. I like getting up into the 
stands (the box next to the one where you disbale the post in the level) and 
the machinegun. A lot of the time you will get shot from down below, but shoot them 
back, or duck and shoot using your normal weapon, not the machinegun.
An alright level. This level is based in the jungle, like the Midnight raid on 
Gudalcanal level. It is very hilly, and there is a lot of slopes. It can be fun to 
throw a grenade from on top a hill down below, and watch the enemies die. Also, in 
the middle of the level is two machinegun bunkers that you can use to shoot out. 
This can be good, but watch out for people shooting you in the back. It can be a 
I haven't really played this level much. The first time I did play it was when I 
very first got the game.

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