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                             This document Copyright Ó Jack Da Rippa

____________     ____________              ___               _      _   
______        ______     |      ______________                 /          
\                 |  \      /   |
            |      |                  |     
|                                          /     ___  \               |    
\   /      |
|      |                  |     |_________                       /     /     \   
\             |      \ /        |
|      |                  |      _________                     /     /____\   
\           |    |\       /|    |
|      |                  |     
|                                      /     /           \   \         |    |  
\   /   |    |
|      |                  |     
|                                     /     /             \   \       |    |    
\/      |    |
|      |                  |     |______________        /     /               \   
\     |    |              |    |
            |___|                  |________________         /__ /                 
\__\   |__|               |__|                                      

_____             ___       ___                            _______________      
______________                ______
|         \            |     |      |     |      |\           |\       |_____        
_____ |     |   ____________               |   ___    \
|    O   \           |     |      |     |      |  \         |  \                 
|     |                 |   |                                        \   \    \__\
|           /          |     |      |     |      |    \       |   \                
|     |                 |   |_________                       \   \
|          /           |     |      |     |      |      \     |    \               
|     |                 |   _________                         \   \
|         \            |     |      |     |      |  ()  |    |  () |              
|     |                 |   |                                           /   |
|          \           |     |      |     |      |     /      |    /               
|     |                 |   |                              _          /   / 
|     O   /          |     |___|     |      |   /        |  /       _____|     
|_____       |   |____________     \  \___/_ / 
|_____/           |_________|      |/           |/        |_____________|       
|______________      \_\____/  

First sent on August 4th 2002 

Note: This guide is updated as I go through the game. Only E-MAIL me for questions 
if I                                                                             
finish the walkthrough AND I missed something.

Disclaimer: This is the walkthrough for the English version of Team Buddies for the 
Playstation game consol. This is MY VERY HARD WORK. Please show me some respect, and 
don’t copy it in ANY FORM. If this walkthrough is found on ANY other website, tell 
me, and I’ll show you my gratitude. If you OWN a website, and WANT to have it, E-
MAIL me at  [email protected] or [email protected] , and we’ll talk 
about that (or for any other reason you may have). I do have IM capabilities. 
E-MAIL me if you have questions that I haven’t covered here or if you think I should 
add something, and I’ll show you my gratitude.   


1 Basic controls
2 Buddy types and abilities
3 Skins you can win
4 Build orders
5 Hostile animal list 
6 Status abnormalities   
7 Things you should know
8 Walkthrough
9 Updates

CONTROLS (these controls are default)

Circle: Get into\out of vehicle. Note: Some vehicles have more than 1 seat, so 
remember to make sure that the arrow is over the seat you want. Kick open crate. 
Note: If the crate you kick is on a stacking pad, a weapon will appear. If you kick 
one off a stacking pad, heath and\or ammo will appear. Taunt (for fun). 

Square: Pick up crate )(must be standing near one)or animal(capture mode). Drop 
crate. Note: You can walk while carrying a crate. Fire held weapon. Note: Only fire 
a weapon while the crosshair is over target. While in vehicle: Fire vehicle’s 
weapon. Note: with no weapon in hand, Active Buddy will use hand ability.

X: Jump. Note: You can THROW a crate by picking up a crate, jumping and pressing 

Triangle: Change controlled Buddy 

L1: Action order. Must be next to target\in binoculars mode to activate (lets call 
this selecting). Press L1 while selecting Enemy things to attack, Ally things to 
protect, Neutral things to attack, Vehicles to get in it, crates to bring to drop 
zone, Land to move to selected spot (BI mode), and to auto protect on controlled 
buddy, Hold (all allies will respond), or tap(one will respond) L1 to activate. 

L2: Make build order. Hold to make FREE build order. Note: Buddies will not fight 
while a free build order is issued, to cancel a free build order, press L2 again.

R1: Turn turret on vehicle. Strafe.  Note: To sidestep, only push left or right 
while holding R1. Strafe lock. Note: To use effectively, Hold R1 while crosshair is 
shown fire, and follow target.

R2: Binoculars mode, use directional pad to look around. Note: When you look at 
something in binoculars mode, Yellow square mean vehicle, Red square means enemy, 
Blue square means ally, White square means land or hostile animal.

Directional pad: Walk. Note: Walk over weapon to pick it up. While in vehicle: Up: 
Forward, Right: turn right, Left: turn left, Down: reverse. Change color of 
domination point (domination mode).

BUDDY TYPES AND ABILITIES (These are listed in the order you will get them)

Basic abilities (all buddies have these(unless said otherwise)) Punch, build, jump, 
and get in vehicle. Note: Stats increase when made with a super crate. 

Infantry: Lv1. No Special abilities. Full life:80

Commando: Lv2. Uppercut: advanced punch. Super strafe: advanced strafe. Full life 120

Medic: Lv3. Pump: advanced punch. Use near Allies to heal, near enemies for 
interesting effects >:)) Full life: 85

Ninja: Lv4. Sword: advanced punch. Moves quickly and jumps high. Full life: 120

Cyborg: Lv5. Electrocute: advanced punch. Damage inflicted to Cyborgs is cut in 
half. Can’t jump high and moves slow. 200

Stealth: Lv 6. Steal: advanced punch. While in stealth mode, press square near enemy 
to steal weapon and ammo, or near crate to steal crate. Invisible, walk around to 
become transparent. Note: Becomes visible when steps in water or fires weapon. Full 
life: 100 

Super: Lv 7. Laser beams: advanced punch, Throw: advanced punch, get near enemy 
buddy and press square. Can’t hold weapons. Can fly(hold X). Can’t get in vehicles. 
Full life: 200

Note: Skins vary in style depending on Buddy type wearing it. (EX. An undead medic 
is a mummy and an undead infantry is a skeleton) 
Note: Skins are for fun and have no special abilities. 
Note: Skins can only be accessed in multiplayer mode.

1: Default(default)
2: Naked(With underwear)
3: Undead(Unnnggggghhh)
4: Football(HUT!) 
5: Suits(James Bond Style)
6: Space(Aliens)
7: VR(Virtual Reality)

Note: What comes out of crate combos depends on the current world.

1 crate: Weak weapon
2 horizontal: Grenades
2 vertical: Weak buddy
4 horizontal: Strong weapon
4 vertical: Strong Buddy
8 horizontal and vertical: vehicle


World 1: none
World 2: Farmer
World 3: none
World 4: Bears
World 5: Yetis 
World 6: Lions
World 7: none

Note: All abnormalities fade after time.

Frozen, Body turns blue and sparkles: Instant kill if hurt in any way, Item, green 
question mark  
Lead Foot, Feet become huge and square: Slow and can’t jump, Item, green question 
Burning, Body is enveloped in flame: Life quickly decreases, Item, none
Fish feet, Feet turn into fish: hard to turn, but has the same effect as gun frenzy 
while in water, Item, green question mark
Bloat, Body becomes huge and round (this is the medic’s interesting effect on 
enemies:)) Item, green question mark

Gun frenzy, Ring moves up and down around body: Super speed and fast fire, Item, 
green question mark 
Armor, Glowing rainbow colors: Invincible, Item, green question mark 
Ammo cache, No visual effects: Full ammo, Item, three bullets that float   
Pumped up, No visual effects: Full life, Item, Pink light bulb

You choose:
Teleport, Spurts rainbow: arrives at random location, Item, green question mark
Fix, No visual effects: Eliminates any status abnormalities and makes base 
invincible, Item, wrench


1: Always be equipped with the current world’s heavy weapon unless you have better 
performance with some other one.

2: When building buddies only build strong ones. No exceptions.

3: Always try to build at least one vehicle, they take all the damage.

4: If you use cheats, you don’t get kill points.

Now, the part you’ve been waiting for……….


WALKTHROUGH                                                  Note: Your success 
using this walkthrough depends on your performance as well as mine.

Battle Hill: This is simple, just build 2 commandos, and save the super crates for 
bazookas. Build as many vehicles as you can, and when the opponent attacks, repulse, 
and retaliate. First, destroy their base, and then destroy them.
On Yer Bike: Ditto for battle hill, then shoot the bike until the screen shows a 
message (Bike Released) then get on it and ride to the big bike symbol near your 

That’s Rubbish: Ditto battle hill, but don’t wait. As soon as you’re heavy handed, 
KILL!! Destroy enemy base(s), then Destroy enemy buddies. Turn up all the trashcans 
and collect the rubbish (all the rubbish is near the outskirts of the map).

Bow Wow Ker-Pow: Get heavy handed, but only build a vehicle for YOU. As soon as you 
do, order all of your teammates to guard your base, while you go kill the enemy. 
(Don’t worry about the dogs) First the base, then the enemy.

World 2 coming soon……………

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