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Starting Inventory: Pistols (unlimited ammo), binoculars, 3 flares, 4 small 
medipaks, 2 large medipaks Secrets: 5*

Cut scene: The guide lights a torch and precedes Lara down into the cave. We get 
glimpse of something shiny on the ground in front of Lara.

DARK CAVE: Pick up the flares (12) ahead on the left and more flares behind Lara 
the right.

(NOTE: Flares are fairly plentiful in this game, but there are quite a few dark 
areas. You can conserve flares by saving your game, exploring an area using 
then reloading if you don't find anything. Or, use the binoculars for light. 
the Action key while looking through the binoculars to light up Lara's view. 
ways of getting through dark areas include using pistol fire for light and 
up the brightness on your monitor/TV.)

Farther ahead of the starting position, along the main path, in a shallow 
depression, is theSHOTGUN loaded with 6 shells, which you saw in the cut scene. A 
bit farther on, you'll find a large medipak guarded by a red scorpion. At the top 
the sloping rock ledge to the left of where you found the medipak (left when 
downhill), there's a a box of (6) shotgun shells.**

(NOTE: The red scorpions bite, doing a small amount of damage, but they aren't 
poisonous. Later on, you'll encounter black scorpions, whose bit is toxic. If you 
like, you can lure the scorpion toward the guide, who'll kill it with his torch. 
This doesn't work with all of the scorpions in this level, but it's fun to watch.)

The next depression has a red scorpion only, no goodies, and there's another red 
scorpion in a deep pit down the hill a bit on the right. You can avoid these if 

Cut scene: As you continue down the hillside, a brief cut scene warns of an 
approaching enemy.

This turns out to be a red-eyed wild dog. After killing it, continue downhill. 
There's another red scorpion in a shallow pit on the left side of the path. At 
bottom of the hill, you'll find a large medipak on top of a rock outcropping near 
the doorway with the carved black walls. After picking it up, follow the rock 
down and continue straight ahead toward the cave wall. (The deep pit will now be 
Lara's right.) When you reach the alcove in the rock, climb onto the block on the 
right. Turn and jump up into the concealed alcove. Congratulations, you've found 
secret #1 (9/70): a small medipak. Drop down and return to the doorway with the 
carved black walls. There's another small medipak in the dark corner to the right 
the doorway. Get it, then follow the guide down the hallway.

ROOM WITH RED STARS PAINTED ON THE CEILING: As you approach the guide, the 
closes, the carved stone block recedes and 2 red scorpions crawl in from opposite 
corners of the room. Pick up 2 packs of flares from the dark corners to the right 
each closed door.

In this room there are 3 small niches in the wall and a ramp leading down. 
There's a 
large medipak in the single niche to the left of the doorway. The right niche of 
two in the same wall contains a switch, but wait to use it or you'll miss a 
The left niche of the pair does nothing.

ROOM WITH EMPTY PIT: For now, go down the ramp. (Note the opening in the ceiling 
the hallway. You can't reach it from below, but you'll come through it from the 
other direction later.) Drop down into the pit and pick up the small medipak from 
the pedestal. Then go into the alcove on one side of the pit to find secret #2 
(10/70): shotgun shells guarded by 2 red scorpions that sneak in from behind. 
getting the items, use the pedestal climb out of the pit and return up the ramp 
the room where the guide waits. Use the mechanism in the right niche on the wall 
with two niches to fill the pit room with sand. Return there and walk across the 
sand to the ledge on the far side. Take the FIRST EYE PIECE and small medipak 
the pedestals. Taking the EYE PIECE opens the exit door up in the room where the 
guide is. Go through.

ROOM WITH PEDESTAL AND DANGLING ROPE: Note the receptacle for an artifact in the 
alcove on the right. You'll be back. For now, follow the guide down the stairs to 
the room ahead. Be sure to wait for the guide to go ahead, as he will disarm the 
slicing blades. You can then go safely up the middle of the stairs, get the 
EYE PIECE, and come back down without injury. Return to the room above.

Now, if you like, you can go after a secret. Otherwise, pick up the walkthrough 
below at the section titled EYE OF HORUS.

position Lara directly below the dangling rope. Jump straight up and press Action 
grab the rope. Don't climb any higher on the rope, though; you want Lara to be at 
the very bottom of the rope. Turn to face the blue lit doorway high on the wall 
opposite the door with the artifact receptacle. Now press the Sprint key once 
hold it) to start the rope swinging. Then, when you see Lara's legs come back up 
around the rope, wait for the back swing (when she's closest to the door with the 
artifact receptacle), then press Sprint again, to make her pump her legs to go 
higher. At the highest point of the arc, press Jump (and continue to hold Action) 
make Lara leap off the rope and land in the doorway. Ta-dah! It's secret #3 

(NOTE: If you're only interested in having the secret count, you can exit back to 
the rope room once you've heard the chime. Otherwise, continue for the goodies.)

You're now at the bottom of a tall, circular room with a set of blades revolving 
around the outside edge. Wait until the blades pass, then climb onto the ledge on 
the right. Take a standing jump up the slope to land on a flat spot. Then stand 
close to the base of the next ledge and wait for the blades to pass again. Climb 
onto the ledge, grab the small medipak, then stand against the back wall to wait 
the blade to pass once more. When it does, climb onto the ledge to the left. 
stand at the lower side of the ledge near the back and duck when the blade comes, 
turn to face the center of the room, then quickly take a running jump from the 
higher side of this ledge to grab the ledge at the right side of the central 
structure. Pull up.

You're safe for now. So climb up to the top of the central structure, where 
find some flares. Hop down onto the ledge at the back left (just below where the 
flares were found). Wait until the blades pass then take a standing jump to the 
raised block in the doorway below. Immediately get off the block to avoid being 
hacked by the blade on its next pass.

A red-eyed dog charges from the passageway ahead, and 2 more dogs appear when you 
round the corner. Continue to the end of the hall and slide down the ramp at the 
left side. If you slide at the right, you'll land in a pit with 2 red scorpions. 
the floor opposite the pit are the UZIS, loaded with 30 rounds. (You didn't think 
you went through all that just for a lousy medipak and some flares, did you?) 
Drop/slide down to emerge in the hallway leading up from the sand-filled room. 
Return to the upper room, then on to the ROOM WITH THE PEDESTAL AND DANGLING ROPE.

EYE OF HORUS: Combine the two EYE PIECES to form the EYE OF HORUS, and use this 
the receptacle to open the exit.

As you enter the next room, a pair of red-eyed dogs charge down the ramp. Kill 
backing up into the previous room if necessary while shooting. Then follow your 
guide into the next area.

Cut scene: A panoramic view of the SPHINX. Watch where the guide goes; you'll 
to follow him in a moment.

THE SPHINX: Pick up a small medipak and (30) Uzi clips in the low areas on either 
side of the stairs where you enter. Head down the stairs to the left (south) and 
enter the doorway at the first landing.

(NOTE: If you want to get a little extra ammo right away, you can explore near 
sphinx to find a few secrets. Skip down to the ***. You can also get them later 
you come back to the sphinx.)

ROOM WITH TWO RAM STATUES: As you enter, the guide uses his torch to set the pool 
oil aflame, and the gate between the ram statues opens. Continue through that 
When the passage forks, the guide will go to the left and continue to a closed 
You should follow the passage to the right, which leads through a dark, greenish 
hallway to a ROOM WITH A POOL AND STATUE. On the way, pick up a small medipak 
the shallow pit in the green passageway. You'll be able to see the guide running 
against the closed gate from this side. Go through the doorway on the right and 
follow the hallway past some closed gates.

ROOM WITH CHAIN AND SYMBOLS ON THE FLOOR: Pull the chain (stand Lara against it 
press Action). This opens the gate down below to let the guide in. He lights the 
pool with his torch, causing some of the symbols on the floor in the room above 

To open the exit, you'll need to take careful jumps to land on each of the 
symbols without stepping on any of the other tiles. Except for walking onto the 
first glowing square, you should avoid stepping on the brown border around the 
of each square. When you make a correct move, one of the torches on the wall will 
light. If you make a mistake, any lit torches will go out, and flames will appear 
the glowing symbols where you stepped previously. To reset the puzzle, go down 
stairs to a small room with another chain. Pull the chain, then return upstairs 
try again.

(NOTE: Even if you do very well at this, you might want to miss once on purpose, 
since there's a SHOTGUN—or shotgun shells if you've already picked up the gun—in 
room with the second chain.)

Walk from the square with the chain onto the first symbol (a beetle); the 
torch lights. Take a standing jump from the back corner of the beetle symbol to 
symbol with the two papyrus reeds ahead on the right; the rightmost torch lights. 
Take a standing jump, skipping over the adjacent square, to land on the mouth 
symbol; the middle torch lights. Turn left and take a standing jump, skipping 
the adjacent square, to land on the second beetle; the left middle torch lights. 
Turn and take a standing jump to the mouth symbol near the gate; the last burner 
lights and the gate opens. Enter the alcove and pick up the TIMELESS SANDS. When 
do, the next gate opens. Exit here and follow the stairs to emerge near the base 
the sphinx.

ON TOP OF THE SPHINX: Follow the south wall, which is made of pinkish rock, to 
southwest corner (the back left side of the sphinx, beyond the ram statue). Climb 
the low block to find a ladder on the back wall. Just to the right of the base of 
the ladder is a small alcove barred by a gate, which you'll need to open. Climb 
ladder to a high ledge. Pull the lever to open the gate below.

Before descending, you can go after another secret. This sequence is illustrated 
this series of screenshots. Walk out onto the black-and-gold ledge that is part 
the sphinx's headdress. Take a diagonal standing jump to the left to land on the 
black-and-gold ledge that forms the top of the headdress. Walk across to the 
opposite side and turn left. Take another standing jump to land on the black-and-
gold ledge ahead, then walk onto the ledge to pick up secret #4 (12/70), shotgun 
shells. There's also a large medipak in the dark on the right. Walk back out onto 
the black-and-gold ledge and turn to face the sphinx. Drop backwards and slide 
the side of the headdress, pressing and releasing Action to grab the edges as 
slides, breaking her fall.

Return to the other side of the sphinx and climb into the alcove at the base of 
ladder. The chimes sound for secret #5 (13/70), and you find regular and wideshot 
ammo for the SHOTGUN.

[NOTE: If you've climbed down to ground level for the secrets and not explored 
other rooms off the sphinx area yet, you'll need to do that now. Climb up to the 
stairs near the entrance, taking care to avoid the spikes. Find the door at the 
in the stairway at the southeast corner (on the left if the sphinx is behind 
and follow the hallway there to meet your guide. Pick up the walkthrough above at 

BACK AT THE BASE OF THE SPHINX: Go through the doorway in the pinkish rock wall 
ground level (on the south side of the sphinx, just to the right of the torch). 
3 red scorpions as you round the corner. If the guide hasn't already gone on 
he will join you at the gate in the next room.

Cut scene: The gate opens and the guide panics and runs back upstairs. Guess 
have to go it alone from here.

SANDS ROOM: Follow the passage down to a room with a statue. Pick up the shotgun 
shells and small medipak in the middle of the room, then climb up to the statue. 
Place the TIMELESS SANDS in its hands. (Stand up against the statue and press 
Action, select the artifact and press Action again.) Doing this opens grates in 
ceiling, and the sand that was in the sphinx room cascades down into the statue 
room, revealing an opening at the sphinx's mouth.

Before hopping down from the ledge, look for a red scorpion crawling around the 
pile. Kill it, jump down, and climb/jump over to the door. Return to the sphinx, 
crawl into the mouth (Action + Crawl + Up to get inside) and continue to a ramp. 
Slide down to end the level.

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