Levels One and 2 Walkthrough - Guide for 007 Racing

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By John Richardson
Mission 1: Escape to the Border
In this mission, drive up and grab the shield. Next shoot the two guards with your 
machine gun. Then, grab the rocket by the wood gates. Use the rocket to blast open 
the door that the guards were guarding. Shoot the guards inside and grab the stinger 
missile. Then wait for Cherise to come to the car from inside. Use the normal 
rockets again to clear the wood fence and drive as far up and turn right and go down 
and grab the health kit and missiles. Then go back and drive past the army tank and 
blow up the next wood fence. Wait for your stinger missile’s target to turn green on 
the helicopter and shoot it down. Across there is another army tank, drive past that 
and past the guards and make a speed start to jump the gap. Go through the tunnel 
and off the boarder ramp and when you see the helicopter blow up, you have completed 
the mission!

Level 2 : Gimme a Brake!
This is just a case of following the arrow at the top of the screen to get all the 
transmitters that stop the bomb from going off for a brief time before you have to 
collect another. When you have collected all of them, you have to drive off the ramp 
leading into the water

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