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Ling Xiaoyu
Character FAQ For TTT
Version 1.1
Copyright © 2002 Ed Delaney
Completed: 8/25/02
Email: [email protected]


This document is copyrighted material and
is the sole property of Ed Delaney. You
MAY NOT reprint, alter, link to, or in
any way use this document in a website,
strategy guide, or anything else without my permission. If I find that anyone has in fact done this, I will take immediate legal action. Honestly, it is not hard to send an e-mail and ask me if you can use my FAQ. I will more than likely say yes. Tekken Tag Tournament and all Tekken characters are © 1994, 1995, 1996 Namco
Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or comments
about my FAQ, you can reach me at [email protected], or you may know me on various Tekken forums as either CycoCrazy, or Arveleg. Please do not email me with questions like: "How do I do this move?" "It is really cool". If there are any moves that I have left out, then by all means...ask away. Otherwise, read the FAQ before you ask about the


 1. Introduction
 2. Button Conventions
 3. Normal Stance Moves and Strategy
 4. Art of Phoenix Moves and Strategy
 5. Rain Dance Moves and Strategy
 6. Hypnotist Moves and Strategy
 7. Throws
 8. Juggling, Okizeme
 9. In Depth Strategy
      1. Some Things To Note...
      2. Blocking and Countering
      3. Evasive and Offensive Switching
      4. Psychological Strategy
10. In Closing...
11. Special Thanks 


This FAQ is intended to provide to it's readers a description of some of the strategy and techniques that I have learned to incorporate into my Ling game, as well as a quick look at the psychological strategy necessary in a Ling arsenal against certain types of Tekken players. You will also get a lot of lectures. I tend to ramble on sometimes, so just remember where your scroll commands are. Obviously, I will also take you through Ling's move list and give you my opinions and strategies related to them. Everything else is listed in the contents. If you are new to Tekken, a lot of people will tell you Ling is too hard to learn, and having used her for years I can tell you she is not easy to learn, but if you want to win games you will have to practice constantly with any character, so do not let them discourage you. Anyway on with the FAQ...

Button Conventions:

It is absolutely imperative that you learn these conventions. You will not be able to understand the FAQ without them. It is important you memorize them as well. Going on forums and asking what d+1 means may very well get you flamed. There are more terms and abbreviations not listed here. These are just the ones used in this FAQ.

1 = LP Left Punch or Circle
2 = RP Right Punch or Triangle
3 = LK Left Kick or X
4 = RK Right Kick or O
5 = Tag
F = Hold forward
B = Hold back
U = Hold up
D = Hold down
f = Tap forward
b = Tap back
u = Tap up
d = Tap down
D/f = Hold down and forward
D/B = Hold down and back
U/F = Hold up and forward
U/B = Hold up and back
d/f = Tap down and forward
d/b = Tap down and back
u/f = Tap up and forward
u/b = Tap up and back
N = Neutral. No direction being input. Hit nothing!
, = Input these commands one after
+ = Input these commands at the same time
~ = Input next command after first with no delay.
I mean NO delay.
FC = Full Crouch
WS = While Standing (from a crouch)
RD = Rain Dance stance
AoP = Art of Phoenix stance
CH = Counterhit

Normal Stance Moves And Strategy:

4 - Standing Right Kick
Use this move often! It is incredibly fast and can surprise an opponent.

1,2 - Bayonet
One of the most important moves in your poking game, and also very useful in the middle of strings. I usually use this move after a successful parry. Very fast indeed.

2,1 - April Showers
Not a bad move at all. The second punch hits mid and leaves you in Rain Dance. Be very careful as to how often you use this move.

1,d+2 - Bayonet McTwist
Another helpful move in a mix-up game. The second punch hits mid.

d+3+4 - Right Spinner
3+4 - Left Spinner
Ling spins around the opponent to either side. I do not use these moves very often as they are very slow and get predictable easily.

1+2 - Birds Flock
This move can be good to throw in there every so often when the timing is right.

D/F+1 - Belly Chop
I love this move. It can really irritate your opponent to no end. It hits mid, it is fast, and if you just tap d/f instead of holding it, you end up in Rain Dance. Play insane mind games with this move.

d/b+1 - Storming Flower
Classic Ling Xiaoyu. The Storming Flower is one of the best moves in her arsenal. Use it to punish your opponent during bad recovery times. It also works well to ward off a charge (use this strategy sparingly), and on CH you get an automatic taunt (very worthless unless you like to rub things in). The key is to know it's range and speed. It will not take long at all. Use it often.

d/b+3 - Knee Cracker
Use it in your custom strings. It has a short stun.

d/b+4 - Nutcracker
Another very useful move in custom stringing. Ling does an instep and drops your opponent on CH.

d/f+2 - Butter the Bread
The uses for this move are endless. I string it in alot. It comes out very fast for the damage it does and often takes your opponent by surprise. Use this often as well.

d/f+2~1 - Cross Lifting Palms
Ling's new juggler. This move is ok, but not one of my favorites. It comes out pretty fast but has horrible recovery. I have heard some people swear by this move however. Maybe because of the high priority this move has. Experiment with it.

u+4 - Cyanide
This can sometimes be a suprising move. Use it sparingly.

b+4 - Phoenix Twin Kick
Ok move, but you should be using the standing 4 alot more often than this. If both kicks are blocked, you are in trouble. Hold B to cancel RD.

b+1 - Great Wall Left
b+2 - Great Wall Right
These two moves are ok when someone is literally in your face and you need some breathing room to counter. It is a good idea to cancel the RD on these moves if they do connect. Use sparingly.

u+1 - Single Fan
Fast, but barely even worth it. There are better pokes to choose from. Ends in RD. Cancel RD by holding U.

u+1+2 - Double Fan
Ok now we are talking. Throw this in there every so often as a counter and throw your opponent off.

u+1+2,2 - Hydrangea
You can use this as a mix up, but most of the time I would stop at the Double Fan.

u+1+2,2,1 - Fortune Cookie
Most players will see this coming a mile off. I cannot remember the last time I used this entire combo.

d+1 - Sunset Fan
Thank you. This is what I am talking about. This move is fast, has great priority, and if you hold D you will end in the great AoP stance. Use this move often.

f+3 - Cloud Kick
This move does good damage, but is pretty slow. You may suffer too if it is blocked. Put this one in your mix-up list.

f+1+2 - Cartwheel Left
Another move that I barely ever use. If you love style points be my guest, but I am not responsible for what happens to you.

f+3+4 - Dive Roll Right
Now THIS is a good move! It seems to position you alot better than the Cartwheel and it can end in RD depending on where your opponent is. Use this as an evasive tactic against dashers (I am not talking about Wave Dashers!), I am talking about people who like to charge in from just out of range...this move can surprise them sometimes. If you surprise them enough you can follow with a throw.

f,f+3+4 - Front Layout
Very handy. Very handy indeed. This move and the Back Layout are a few of the most underestimated moves in this game. I will explain more in a later section.

f,f+1+2,1+2 - X Marks The Spot
Good move, but not one to just throw out there without a plan. Very useful in juggles.

f,f+3 - Raccoon Swing
Yes Indeed. The Raccoon Swing. Another beautiful RD starter. Be careful using this move against a standing opponent. I mostly use it for Okizeme. Do not overuse it for Okizeme either. It is a great move if used well. Learn how an opponent may get up..and you will be ok.

f,f+4 - Step Kick
Too slow, but it may be good as a RARE mix-up the list.

WS+2 - Sunflower
My favorite move has been ruined. This only juggles on CH or if you plan on tagging out. WS+2~5. Tap f after the 2 to spin around completely. This move is now a deathtrap for Ling. Use only if you know what you are doing! If you are sure of a CH...then by all means juggle away, but don't mess up....

WS+4 - Skyscraper Kick
Ah yes, my new favorite WS move. It comes out very fast and will punish an opponent after a low block. Follow up with Okizeme every time you get a chance.

FC,D/F+2,1 - Lotus Twist
I have mixed feelings about this move. It can be surprising, but more often than not it can get you into trouble. Use it wisely.

FC,3,2,1,4 - Fire Dancer
Interesting combo, but your chances of connecting the mistrust are slim. If you do connect however, there is a tag add-on FC,3,2,1,4~5. Try just doing the first 2 or three hits, and mix it up after that. Try this: FC,3,2,1,1+3. Buffer the throw, or stop with 2 and buffer 4. You get the idea.

FC,d/f+4,4 - Double Map Sweep
A good move to mix up your crouching game if your opponent is expecting a WS+4.

FC,D/B+3+4 - Low Back Turn
RD switch.

1+4 - Parry
Learn this!!!! Do not sit there and complain that it is too difficult. Learn it and expand your horizons. Parrying is essential to Ling's game.

d/b_d_d/f+1+4 - Low Parry
Don't make me repeat myself.

1+3+4 - False Salute
2+3+4 - Greetings
Worthless Taunts.

b,u/b - Backflip

Art of Phoenix Moves and Strategy:

d+1+2 - Art of Phoenix Stance
This stance is my absolute favorite. The mind game that can be played from this position is amazing. If timed correctly, most moves will fly right over Ling's head, giving you time to counter with devastating juggles. Take the time to learn all she can do from this stance, as it will make your Ling game unpredictable. Please note that all the following moves start from this stance.

1+2 - Wave Crest Quick
Input command immediately after entering AoP. This can be used a number of ways.

1+2 - Wave Crest Power
Words cannot describe the importance of this move. When your opponent whiffs an attack over your head, launch them with this. One of my favorite juggles.

d+1+2 - Wave Crest Heavy
Use on whiffs that leave your opponent open for a long time.

1 - Left Handful
2 - Right Handful
I consider these mediocre and a waste of time. Wave Crest!

3- Knee Stabber
Interesting mix up move. I like the range on it, but it comes out slow.

u+4,4 - Flower Power
Ok move to use when your opponent ducks.

f+4,4 - Flower Garden
Funny looking kicks, but they are a great mix-up with the Waves. Be careful: executing second kick will leave you in a crouch.

u/f+3,3 - Double Barrel Shotgun
I really don't have a use for this. The second kick never connects anyway. Fear the Wave Crest.

u/f+3,4 - Double Scissor Kick
Same goes for this move.

u,N,3 - Sky Kick
u,N,3 - Jumping Pirouette
u,N,4 - Crane Kick
The timing on these moves is different. Try all three.

4 - Back Kick
This I find very useful on AoP haters. Use it as they are charging in for the sweep. Hit b after 4 to end in RD.

4,3 - Firecracker
Alot of people hate this move and I don't know why. Sure it has horrible recovery after a block, but this move should not get blocked. This is the type of move you use when your opponent thinks they have you figured out. Guess again. It comes out pretty fast. Hit u or d after command to rise.

d - Butterfly
Good move for those with good reflexes. Ling ducks down to the floor to avoid more hits.

u - Take a wild guess

f+1+2 - Back Turn
Rain Dance again.

f+3+4 - Roll Ball
Ling does a roll ending in a crouch. Use with caution.

1+2,D or 3+4,D - Cradle Throw Cancel
Useful as a confusion tactic. DO NOT overuse. For desription of the throw...see {Throws}.

Rain Dance Moves and Strategy:

b+3+4 - Rain Dance Stance
Another great stance with alot of mix-ups. There are many other ways to get into this stance. This particular way is a SS as well, and a good one at that, for it can be very tricky. Note again that all following moves are performed from this stance.

4 - Mistrust
You will be using this move so often that you will see it in your sleep. It is fast, hits mid, and juggles high. Learn to use this effectively and your opponents will not know what to do.

f,f+3+4 - Back Layout
Yes Indeed. Another layout...this one from behind.

f+3+4 - California Roll
A pretty good move if you know what to do with it. There are many follow ups to this. Mix them up.

f+3+4,3+4 - Moonshot
Ah Yes...another great juggle. Use this as a mix-up with the back layout.

f,f+3 - Peg Leg
Ling takes a step and does a back kick. Hits mid. Use this to bait a slow opponent.

2,1,4 - Dark and Stormy
Remember the Fire Dancer? Well use the same strategies on this move. Add on the Mistrust only if you think it will hit. If the first hit is a CH, all other hits will connect as well.

d+3 - Back Circle Breaker
Makes a good add-on for Okizeme as well as a good poking tool. Hold D to turn around.

1+4 - Parry
Yes, she can parry from RD as well. Very useful.

3+4 - Spinning dodge

Hypnotist Moves and Strategies:

b+1+2 - Hypnotist Stance
This stance is interesting. Unlike the other stances, this one is not permanent. Ling walks around your opponent for a limited period of time. You can pretty much unleash any normal move from this stance, so keep your eyes open for a greedy opponent. The following moves are performed from this stance (did I hear that somewhere before?).

2 - Spin Sticker
Too slow. Never will it happen in a high level game, but have fun with a distracted opponent.

1+2 - Thunder Strike
Ling's unblockable. Good move to use if your opponent gets up to go get a drink, or if he/she falls asleep during a match. Both these moves do more damage the longer you delay.


1+3 - Jade
2+4 - Ruby
Standard throws. Quick and smooth. Use every chance you get.

AoP,1+3 or 2+4 - Cradle Throw
This Throw is EXTREMELY easy to avoid. Better to cancel the throw (D) and follow up with something a little less detectable.

RD,1+3 - Jade
RD,2+4 - Ruby
These moves are just as effective from Rain Dance...if not more so. They are unexpected.

RD,f,f+1+3 - Windmill Throw 1
RD,f,f+2+4 - Windmill Throw 2
These throws are bound to make you laugh if you haven't seen them yet. Ling does some crazy arm flailing move and skips over to your opponent to grab them. Do not overuse these as your opponent will see it and bash you in the face (quite literaly).

1+3 or 2+4 enemy's left side - Arm Flip
45 Damage

1+3 or 2+4 right side - Dump the Bucket
38 Damage

1+3 or 2+4 from behind - Crank Up
50 Damage

RD,f,f+3+4 - Back Layout Skull Smasher
If you do a Back Layout and land DIRECTLY on a standing opponent facing the same direction, you will pull off an impressive throw with no escape.

f+2~1 - So Shoe Me
Ugh. Very low damage. You can use this as a tag throw.

d,d/b,B+2 - Dislocater
Great throw if timed well. Does good damage. Use this one often.

Juggles, Okizeme:

I guess I should start off this section with a little about juggling. It is one of the most important parts of Ling's game since she is one of the weakest characters as far as damage goes. If you do not know how to juggle with Ling, learn to. Not only will juggling deal more damage to your opponents, it will often frustrate them and/or make them flustered, especially with ling and her little "taps" that she does. I have had people literaly lose their cool after a successful d/f+1,2,2,2,2,4 juggle and charge at me with no plan but to smash Ling out of the history of the game, only to get countered and juggled again. This usually only works on the average Tekken player who is not used to fighting against Ling, but you never know when someone will get emotional too easily and make hasty mistakes. Whether it irritates them or not, you need to juggle. I am not going to write a big list of juggles because there is much material on juggling in many places, and many FAQS dedicated to it. I will however provide the juggles that I do often ...and will tell you why I use them. Keep in mind that these are not the most powerful juggles that she is capable of (nor are they weak either), they are off a few points, but they are long, and most importantly...they are as annoying as can be. I am not saying that I like to irritate people, but I do like to bait them into making a mistake. Anyways here they are...


You can see that these are pretty much all the same. There are a lot more starters of course, but you get the idea d/f+1,2,2,2,2, and so on. The key here is the 2. Nothing is more annoying than that 2. *tap *tap *tap *tap *tap. Okizeme is just as important as juggling. The Raccoon Swing: f,f+3 is probably the best Okizeme move that Ling has. I abuse it quite often, but be wary when you go against people who know how to get can whiff horribly and be vulnerable. Her standard sweep is the way to go sometimes as well, and I also use her RD,d+3 quite a bit. Learn when to use each move and you will be alright.

In Depth Strategy:

Some Things To Note...

As you have probably noticed by now there has been no mention of tenstrings. I only mention them now to tell you that they are not worth mentioning. Once you stop trying to figure out what I just said, maybe you will just agree with it. Okay...I hear all of you tenstring lovers now "but when I get to Yoshi's 3 sword slashes there is nothing they can do." That may be so....but when you fight good Tekken players you will not get even remotely close to finishing a string, and will most likely be hearing "round 2" before you know it. Just forget them. Learn to break them up and counter them in practice mode, but don't bother doing them yourself. I think I am starting to repeat myself so I will just move on.
Ling has a massive arsenal of lightning fast moves that can make even the most confident of Tekken players start to worry. She is here, then she is there. One thing you MUST learn is the SS. Ling has one of the fastest side steps in the game, and it has made the difference for me in many matches. Learn to mix up what you do after a SS and you will retain the advantage. Her b+3+4 is an awfully deceptive SS that will sometimes put you in good position for a throw, or leave you in Rain Dance ready to commence the punishment. Unfortunatley a mistrust will not juggle an opponent if it connects with his/her back, so be selective about what you throw out there. You can fight effectively with Ling whether you are a defensive player, or an offensive player. She is an evasive character as well as an aggressive one. I usually keep up the pressure when I feel my opponent getting restless, and take a defensive posture when necessary. Keep in mind that while blocking is obviously very important, there are many times when it is better to parry, or go into AoP, or just plain duck. I will try to describe them to you, but you will best learn them through experience.

Blocking and Countering:

Ling has some great moves for doing just that. First off all, you have to know how to read your opponents moves well and catch an opening in their game. Secondly, you need to know what to do with that opening. The d/b+1 Storming Flower is an excellent way to punish a whiff or a blocked attack with bad recovery. Always be ready to use one of these when you see a large enough window. Ling's Sunset Fan d+1, is a great way to stop an attack that has just begun. The priority this move has is amazing and it should be at the top of your inventory. Poking is always a good thing to do with Ling, being that she is one of the fastest characters in Tekken. Throw in a 1,2 or a standing 4 every so often to break up your opponents strings. If you get a small window go with a u+1+2 or a d/f+2. The key is to know your moves and their timing. When you block low, you will get MANY, MANY chances to send your opponent flying with a WS+4. This move is essential. Always have it ready when you block most moves that require your opponent to be crouching; they often cannot stand up quick enough after the recovery, and end up eating this one time and again. Remember to NOT use the Sunflower WS+2 unless you are sure it will CH or if you want to Tag juggle.

Evasive and Offensive Switching:

This is where it all is. Ling has an amazing ability to make moves whiff, leaving the opponent helpless and standing on the back button trying to block. One of the most important parts of this ability is the Art of Phoenix stance. When you see an opponent go into a predictable string and you know the next move is high, AoP. When you know their next attempt is going to be a throw, AoP. When they fall into a high hitting pattern, AoP. There are so many instances in which to use this move it is crazy. You will learn them quickly if you AoP often. You WILL also know when you do it at the wrong time as well, and you may be caught up in a pretty ugly juggle. Many advanced players will fake you out and make you believe their next move will be high, and as soon as they see the AoP they will eat you alive. DO NOT be predictable. This is where the parry 1+4 comes in. Use it often and use it well. I usually do a 1,2 after a successful parry, and sometimes I will do another 1,2 directly after it as a mix up, and since this often leaves the opponent blocking, you can buffer a throw in there as well if you are feeling lucky. DO NOT try a throw directly after a high/mid parry as this can and WILL be shoved down your throat. Parrying can only be learned by practicing, just like any other aspect of the game. You will find that when you use these tactics effectively, you will have many chances to take the offensive. Let's start with AoP. As stated earlier, when you know a high attack is on the way, do a quick wave d+1+2, 1+2 and you will launch your opponent. I almost always go with the d/f+1,2,2,2,2,4 afterwards. You can follow up with a Raccoon swing, f,f+3 and you will be left in RD. From this position (opponent some distance away) there are so many options it is rediculous. You can elect to just stay where you are in RD, ready to counter an attack, you can wait for them to advance and try a f+3+4,3+4 for another juggle, you can simply turn around, or you can go for a f,f+3+4 in RD. If you choose the Back Layout, you must be careful; if you execute the command immediately, you will have a harder time tracking. If you delay the move until your opponent starts to get up (note how of course, and cancel if necessary) you will have a much better chance of connecting with the move. What you do when you hit the ground all depends on where and the situation. I have caught many people unawares by
simply throwing them as soon as I hit the ground to the left or right of them because they usually are expecting a mistrust. Sometimes I do a Front Layout knowing I will land way ahead of them and simply do a standing 4 when I land (they are usually waiting for you to land so they can mop the floor with you) they never expect the kick to come out so fast. If you happen to land directly in front of them it is often a good idea to duck, usually they whiff and you get a WS+4. There are many situations that can arise even a back throw for those who try to dodge the layout by moving TOWARD you...which is not going to happen in a high level match. Just practice it and you will know the distances you will travel and the time it takes to execute these Layout moves. Sometimes you may even chance it and have no delay...leaving you in a surprising position and a throw possibility, but if they rise correctly...oops. Of course, there is the annoying truth that if you do this move too are dead. End of story. I usually avoid the Layouts when a player knows how to snuff them out most of the time. They are still very useful against a dash (mostly for avoidance). Just time it right. Getting back to the AoP...whenever you enter this stance without a sizeable frame advantage from a whiff, you will have to mix it up. Never delay in this position unless you are far enough away, or you REALLY know what you are doing. If you enter AoP and they do nothing, sweep. If they whiff, Wave. If they rush in, Back Kick, you get the general idea. The key to Ling is mind tricks. Don't go into a Firedancer and finish with a Mistrust EVERY single time you do it. Always change the ending to something else, or change the middle. Simple tricks will win you the match. SS often, Parry often, learn to poke and counter effectively and you are on your way to mastering Ling, she may have a great offense, but it means nothing without defense.

Psychological Strategy:

Ling is one of those Tekken characters that can really frustrate an opponent. Use this to your advantage and you will win many matches. There are many types of Tekken players out there, but the most common type I have come across are those who love to pummel you with quick, short combos and never let up. These can be the toughest to beat if they know what they are doing. Usually with these types the best thing to do is to make them whiff as much as possible. You must know the character they are using well, and parry or duck under all moves that you can predict. This usually irritates them to no end and may get them to start making mistakes. I have come across a few of these types that have not lost a match in a long time, because they have been fighting people who don't know how to block, and when they start whiffing left and right they lose their cool and their focus. Evasion is the key to these types. The complete opposite are those who stand just out of or just in range, and will reverse or parry everything you throw at them. If this is ALL they seem to do, poke at them like crazy (chickening of course) and throw them as much as possible. They seem to be so intent on the parry or the reversal that they fail to defend against you when you dash in for a throw. Make sure to keep close to these types of players, for their chosen style requires excellent reflexes, and in close quarters they get frustrated easily. Pound them down when this happens. Finally, there are those that take no predictable style in Tekken. These are the high level players. This is what you must become. Do not weigh your strategy too heavily on either offense, or defense. Granted, you want to be on the offensive as much as possible, but you must know WHEN to take over the offensive for it to even be effective. Defense before offense. Once you have learned defense, THEN you can worry about offense.

In Closing...

I have found that in many matches, it is attitude that can make the difference. If you come into a fight with a "I'm gonna wipe the floor with you" attitude, and like to talk tons of trash, you will most likely lose against an evenly matched player who is more focused on the game than showing off. If you are fighting a beginner, and decide that you are going to "do all this fancy stuff on them and make them look foolish", you stand a good chance of getting surprised. If you go into a match against someone you consider to be a "scrub", you might be in for a shock. NEVER underestimate an opponent. Doing so can make you try things that you know would not work against a good player. For are fighting a beginner and decide to do a fancy throw on them because "they are a beginner and it will be easy to pull off". You may take A LOT of damage before you are
successful. Attitude can make you reckless. Being confident is fine, but always remember to stick with the strategy that works against EVERY player: not doing what you know is a foolish move. Sounds simple enough, but you would be surprised at how many people make this mistake time and again. Anyway, I am ranting again. I hope this guide has in some way helped you, or at the very least provided some amusement. Feedback is always welcome and I wish you well in your future Tekken battles.

Special Thanks:

Popetti (poe-petty) for the countless hours of Tekken discussion, and the basement SF games. "You wanna take this outside for real?!?!"

Brando for all of the apartment matches, and of course, the ever funny... "What did you call me?!"

Last but certainly not least, Zingo for the Prototype Jack malfunction...funniest glitch I ever encountered.

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