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            ZZZZZZZ  EEEEEEE  L         DDDD           AA   
                 Z   E        L         D   D         A  A
                Z    E        L         D    D       A    A
               Z     EEEEEE   L         D     D     AAAAAAAA       
              Z      E        L         D     D    A        A
             Z       E        L         D    D    A          A
            ZZZZZZZ  EEEEEEE  LLLLLLLL  DDDDD    A            A
                            Link in Termina

1. My Information
2. The Beginning
3. End Credits

1. Hi! Im' guy77 and I'm going to tell you about my FAQ of Zelda: Majora's Mask 
called Link in Termina. This is the fourth FAQ/guide that I've made. I made it 
March 4th, 2004. My e-mail address is [email protected], just incase you have 
any questions or you want to talk. If any of this info. is wrong, e-mail me and 
I'll fix it and give you credit on the revised edition of this FAQ. Enough about 
me, let's go on to the game!

2. When you start off, you'll be in a foggy forest, and the Skull Kid will take 
your Ocarina. Then you have to chase him into a dark room. There you'll fall and 
the Skull Kid will transform you into a Deku Scrub. After that you have to go 
through the door, across some platforms, and into the Clock Tower. The Mask Dealer, 
from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, will tell you that he needs his gift back in only 3 
days. When he's done talking, exit through the doors and go to the Laundry Pool. 
Get the fairy and go to North Clock Town. Take a right to the Great Fairy's 
Fountain and the Great Fairy will give you Magic Power. Then exit and blow up the 
baloon (by pressing B) with the Majora's Mask on it. The kid will be distracted and 
ask you if you want to play Hide and Seek. Agree and find all 5 kids by the next 
day. Then go to East Clock Town, give the guard kid the password that the kid in 
North Clock Town gave you, and enter the laboratory behind the guard. Go all the 
way to the telescope guy and look through his telescpoe. You'll see that Moon's 
Tear will fall from the Moon. So go get it outside and go back to East Clock Town. 
Then go to South Clock Town, and go to gold flower spot near the Clock Tower. The 
Deku Scrub will ask for Moon's Tear, so give it to him. Then, when it's Night of 
the Final Day and it becomes 12:00 midnight, go to South Clock Town, and in the 
Flower. Shoot to the top of the Clock Tower and go in it. When the Skull Kid stops 
talking, shoot him with a bubble, and he'll drop your Ocarina. Take it and play the 
Song of Time. It'll be Dawn of the First Day again, you'll go in the botton of the 
Clock Tower, and the Mask Dealer will be mad that you didn't give him his mask 
back. After that, go to the guard across form the tower, and show him your sword. 
Then go to Termina Field and your adventure begins!

3. Copyright 2004   guy77   [email protected]
              All Rights Reserved.

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