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By:[email protected]
Date: Saturday, January 13, 2007

Remember, to find more rare items equip the two “rings of arcana” one is in the 
inverted castle and the hotter is using the gravity jump on the chair of the 
man of the library    

ENEMIE              ITEM 1                ITEM 2
Dracula             none                  none
Blood skeleton      none                  none
Bat                 potion                monster vial 2
Stone skull         none                  none
Zombie              $100                  cloth tunic
Merman              zircon                monster vial 1 
Skeleton            shield potion         monster vial 3 
Warg                none                  none  
Bone scimitar       short sword           red rust 
Merman              zircon                monster vial 1 
Spittle bone        none                  none  
Axe knight          Axe                   bronze cuirass  
Bloody zombie       cloth tunic           basilard   
Slinger             leather shield        knight shield
Ouija table         barley tea            morning set 
Skelerang           boomerang             fire boomerang  
Thorweed            grapes                strawberry   
Gaibon              none                  none   
Ghost               $400                  antivenom   
Marionette          smart potion          circlet   
Slogra              none                  none    
Diplocephalus       pentagram             tart   
Flea man            takemitsu             cheesse     
Medusa head         resist stone          medusa shield   
Blade soldier       $400                  namakura         
Bone musket         magic missile         talisman     
Medusa head         resist stone          medusa shield     
Plate lord          iron ball             neutron bomb   
Stone rose          leather shield        meal ticket   
Axe knight          Axe                   axelord shield   
Ctulhu              pentagram             bat pentagram   
Bone archer         $400                  magic missile 
Bone pillar         antivenom             ballroom mask   
Doppleganger10      none                  none   
Owl                 none                  none    
Phantom skull       felt hat              resist dark    
Scylla wyrm         none                  none   
Skeleton ape        banana                TNT    
Spear guard         javelin               iron cuirass  
Spellbook           $1000                 pentagram   
Winged guard        iron shield           javelin     
Ectoplasm           uncurse               manna prism   
Sword lord          cutlass               bekatowa    
Toad                blue knuckles         pizza   
Armor lord          rapier                saber     
Corner guard        cutlass               Damascus sword     
Dhuron              hide cuirass          rapier     
Frog                knuckle duster        pizza     
Froze shade         ice mail              ice cream    
Magic tome          $2000                 saber  
Skull lord          scimitar              skull shield   
Black crow          aquamarine            red bean bun   
Blue raven          zircon                pork bun  
Corpseweed          antivenom             potion   
Flail guard         Morningstar           pot roast   
Flea rider          turkey                ham and eggs   
Spectral sword      broadsword            bastard sword  
Bone halberd        javelin               ham and eggs   
Scylla              none                  none      
Hunting girl        were bane             cheese cake  
Mudmun              none                  none   
Owl knight          cutlass               medal 
Spectral sword      broadsword            bastard sword  
Vandal sword        holy sword            murmasa 
Flea armor          high potion           iron curras 
Huppogryph          none                  none 
Paranthropus        gauntlet              ring of valda   
Slime               none                  none  
Blade master        shotel                cross shuriken  
Wereskeleton        str. potion           garnet 
Grave keeper        miso soup             natou  
Gremlins            resist fire           fire mail 
Harpy               apple                 life apple   
Minotaurus          none                  none 
Werewolf            none                  none  
Bone ark            monster vial 3        skull shield 
Valhalla knight     estoc                 claymore  
Cloaked knight      flamberge             heaven sword  
Fishhead            resist ice            ice brand   
Lesser demon        obsidian sword        holben dagger   
Lossoth             sirloin               fire band     
Salem witch         gold circlet          shortcake  
Blade               hunter sword          gold plate     
Gurkha              combat knife          gold plate      
Hammer              hammer                gold plate  
Discus lord         chakram               jewel sword   
Karasuman           resist dark           ring of feanor   
Large slime         none                  none 
Hellfire beast      lightning mail        fire mail  
Cerberos            none                  none 
Killer fish         aquamarine            sushi   
Olrox               none                  none  
Succubus            none                  none 
Tombstone           katana                green tea  
Venus weed          coral circlet         heart refresh
Lion                gauntlet              fist of tulkas  
Scarecrow           javelin               muramasa  
Granfaloon          none                  none  
Schmmoo             ramen                 crissaegrim   
Tin man             lunch A               mojo mail    
Balloon pod         none                  none   
Yorick              monster vial 3        skull shield  
Bomb knight         TNT                   dynamite    
Flying zombie       shuriken              frankfurter  
Bitter fly          luck potion           mystic pendant 
Jack o’ bones       shuriken              flame star   
Archer              heart refresh         vorbal blade   
Werewolf            iron fist             yasutsuma   
Black Panther       meal ticket           masamune  
Darkwig bat         none                  none  
Dragon rider        none                  none 
Minotaur            sirloin               fury plate  
Nova skeleton       monster vial 3        terminus est    
Orobouious          karma coin            lapis lazuli  
White dragon        none                  none 
Fire warg           turquoise             karma coin  
Rock knight         jewel knuckles        platinum mail  
Sniper of Goth      magic missile         brilliant mail  
Spectral sword      gurthang              mablung sword  
Ghost dancer        buffalo star          stone mask  
Warg rider          none                  none  
Cave troll          neutron bomb          nauglamir     
Dark octopus        sushi                 green tea  
Fire demon          fire shield           marsil 
Gorgon              hammer                stone sword   
Malachi             dark shield           dark armor  
Akmodan 2           none                  none        
Blue Venus weed     zwel hander           heart refresh     
Doppleganger40      none                  none
Medusa              none                  none   
The creature        none                  none      
Fake grant          none                  none    
Fake Trevor         none                  none   
Imp                 luck potion           king’s stone 
Fake sypha          none                  none   
Beezelbub           none                  none 
Azaghal             covenant stone        mourneblade  
Frozen half         necklace of J         opal circlet     
Salome              wizard hat            manna prism    
Richter Belmont     none                  none   
Dodo bird           heart broach          runesword   
Galamoth            none                  none   
Guardian            great sword           god’s grab   
Death               none                  none    
Shaft               none                  none   
Dracula             none                  none

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