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These only work during online game play!

Xbox Live Multiplayer Upgrades
By playing online and winning, you'll be able to unlock upgrades for your 
character. Read below to find out the conditions you need to meet and what you'll 
get for unlocking them.

All 6 Class Medals: Only veterans can handle this kind of language.
1000 Kills (Long Ranger Class): Steadier aim, Nimbler reload
1000 Kills (Sky Jockey Class): Quicker targeting, Quicker Breech
1000 Kills (Demolisher Class): Increased Strayfur clip, Guided Rocket boost
1000 Kills (Thermophile Class): Recharger Boost: thermo weapons
1000 Kills (Sneeker Class): Snoopa. Improved cloaking
1000 Kills (Grunt Class): Clip extension, Self-heal overcharge
50 Kills Total: Avatar Pack II
500 Kills Total: Avatar Pack III
1000 Kills Total: Avatar Pack IV
500 Mobile Unit Kills: Bonus Avatar Pack
All 6 Specialist Medals: IR enhance, Booster plus, Quicker Tank breech, Improved 
2000 Healing Points (Specialist): Enhanced healing speed
500 Mine Kills (Specialist): +1 Mine per loadout
500 Backstabs (Specialist): Instant Detonate: Snoopa
500 Fire Damage Kills (Specialist): Sinurator tank capacity increased
500 Headshots (Specialist): Overcharge power boost
1500 Repair Points (Specialist): Kinetic Seal: Increased repair efficiency
500 Marshalls Assassinated: +1 Primary Grenade slot
500 Generals Assassinated: +1 Secondary Grenade slot
1500 Kills Total: Projectile Coulour - Golden bullets
3000 Kills Total: Projectile Colour - Regal purple bullets
4000 Kills Total: Re-spawn penalty modifier 1/2 reduction
1000 VC Points: Hacking Device: Speed chipped 

Unlock Potty Mouth . Beat the game on 1 player mode!

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