Liu Kang & Kung Lao Moves - Guide for Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

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                           Mortal Kombat
                           Shaolin Monks
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                            Liu Kang 
                       Finishing Moves
           Shaolin Soccer: Down,Left,Up,Right,[]
           Bonebreak Combo: Left,Up,Up,Right,[]
           Firekick Combo: Left,Right,Down,Down,[]
           Flipping Uppercut: Up,Right,Down,Left,[]
           Dragon: Down,Right,Left,Left,[]
           Giant Stomp: Left,Left,Left,Up,[]
           Head Clap: Right,Up,Right,Up,[]
           Arm Rip: Down,Left,Right,Up,[]
           Fire Trails:Up,Down,Up,Down,()
           Dragons Fury: Left,Right,Up,Up,()
           Rage Mode: Right,Up,Down,Down,^
                           Kung Lao
                       Finishing Moves
           Body Slice: Right,Right,Right,Right,[]
           Mid-Air Slice: Up,Up,Up,Right,[]
           Friendly Rabbit: Up,Up,Up,Down, []
           Arm Cutter: Left,Right,Left,Down, []
           Head Toss: Left,Right,Left,Left,[]
           Many Chops: Up,Up,Left,Up,[]
           Headache: Up, Down, Up, Right,[]
           Buzzsaw: Right,Right,Up,Up,[]
           Very Unfriendly Rabbit: Left,Up,Right,Right,[]
           Tornado: Up,Right,Down,Left,()
           Hat Control: Left,Right,Right,Left,()
           Razor Edge: Left,Left,Up,Up,^
Unlock Scorpion in all modes:Hold L2 and press:
Unlock Sub-Zero in all modes:Hold L2 and press: 

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